Transcribed by Karen Hay)

 A = Arka      B = Birkoff      J = Jurgen      M = Michael      MA = Madeline      N = Nikita      O = Operations      W = Walter


The episode opens in Nikita's apartment that is in the process of being renovated.  Everything in the apartment — floor, walls,
appliances — are either in a light wood or painted white.  [[Must say I am a bit disconcerted over her apartment's
renovation so far.  It's almost frighteningly like her room at Section.]]  Music is playing from Nikita's sound system.  She
walks over to raise the volume of the song, and we see Jurgen sitting on the floor of the living room, watching her.  He smiles as
Nikita pirouettes in time to the music before dropping in a white formed chair (a mate to the one in her Section room).  As Nikita
picks up her glass of wine, she looks down at Jurgen —

     [N]     Something's bothering me.

     [J]     What's that?

     [N]     Your past ..., your life before Section. ...  Michael said what you told me wasn't true. ...  That you were
     dangerous before ..., and still are now.

     [J]     What do you think?

     [N]     I don't know.  That's why I'm asking you.

     [J]     There's nothing ... I can do or say to prove to you who I was or who I am.  I guess ... you'll have to ask
     yourself ..., why would either of us lie to you?

Nikita takes a sip of wine, then smiles and looks at Jurgen.

     [N]     Maybe ..., you both just want something from me.

     [J]     I know ... you were not a hostage for the six months you were out.  I also know that Michael had something to
     do with your return.  That alone is enough to extort anything I would want from you ..., or him.

There is a knock on Nikita's apartment door.  A brief expression of "I wonder who that could be" flashes across her face, before
she rises and opens the door — to Michael.  Nikita gives him an awkward smile, but doesn't invite him inside.

     [N]     Michael.

     [M]     I was in the area.  I thought I'd drop in to see ... how things were going.

     [N]     Its good.

     [M]     Smells like you're cooking.

     [N]     Yes, I am.

Nikita says nothing more, forcing Michael to make the next move.

     [M]     Can I come in?

Nikita pauses only a moment before she agrees, stepping aside and inviting him inside.

     [N]     Of course.

As Michael walks in he sees Jurgen, who quickly stands and greets Michael.  The camera angle changes to show Nikita's facial
("great — now what?") expression as she closes the door.

     [M]     Hi.

     [J]     Hi, Michael.

     [N]     We were just sitting down to have some dinner.  Would you like to join us?

Nikita walks over and picks up her glass of wine sitting on the coffe table.

     [M]     No, I have some things to do. ...  I just wanted to see how you were doing.

     [N]     You're sure?

     [M]     Yes.

As Michael leaves, you see Nikita turn back to Jurgen with an uneasy smile on her face.  When Michael closes her apartment
door and walks away you see the bleak expression on his face.


Michael and Jurgen are the only recognized Operatives at the briefing.

     [O]     As you know, most satellites have a nuclear power source ..., a material that could be used as a
     weapon.  Normally this doesn't pose a security threat, as these orbiters burn up when they reenter the atmosphere.

Operations pulls up a blue screen showing a video of a failed satellite launching.

     [O]     Yesterday, however, while a Norwegian satellite was on the way up ..., a booster exploded ... causing the
     payload to fall into the North Sea intact.

     [M]     What about their recovery team?

     [O]     Three choppers went down ..., no survivors.  There was a naval ship in the area that was sent in to
     investigate ..., we've lost contact with them.  (PAUSE)  Someone wants that satellite.

     [M]     Was there a beacon?

     [O]     It was destroyed.  Mr. Birkoff is in the Systems preparing a spread sheet.  Every hour that passes, chances
     of recovering the satellite are reduced by a factor of two.  ...  Get on it.  Birkoff's running the numbers now.


Michael is standing behind Birkoff as he punches up a computerized radar depiction of the North Sea.

     [B]     There's a ship in the North Sea where the satellite fell.  We've hailed them but they haven't responded.

     [M]     Start running the numbers, I want you to get me on that vessel.

     [B]     Its too far off-shore, if anything goes wrong out there, you're alone. ...  There's a NATO carrier three
     hundred kilometers away ..., let them take it.

     [M]     No. ...  Orders are to work autonomously.

     [B]     I'll see what I can do.

Walter joins them.

     [M]     Did you pull something?

     [W]     There are two connections we backed into through the satellite's manufacturer.  Both are soft, but one of
     them we know to have an interest in acquiring nuclear ... capability.

     [M]     Do we have location or personnel?

     [W]     They are working on that now.

     [B]     What do you want to do?

     [M]     Prepare a chopper and a zodiac.

     [W]     You want to use Abeyance Ops?

     [M]     No.  I'll use my Team.


A zodiac (small rubber speedboat) carrying Michael, Jurgen and Nikita approach the vessel.  Everyone is wearing amphibian suits
and armed.


Operations is watching the Mission from Birkoff's area.

     [B]     They're approaching target. ... They're at the ship.


As the zodiac pulls up to the vessel, Michael shoots a grappling hook on to the deck.  The Team climbs onboard.  They
immediately split up to search different areas of the ship

     [M]     No one's on deck.  We're going down.

     [B]     (VOICE)  Keep looking.

Michael explores the Helm, Jurgen, the various cabins and Nikita the engine room.


     [B]     The signal's coming from somewhere.


Everywhere the Team search, they find deserted.  They meet back on deck.  Jurgen shows Michael a piece of the satellite he
was able to find.

     [M]     Anything else?

     [J]     No, just this.


An alarm suddenly goes off on Birkoff's screen.

     [B]     Something's out there.  I'm picking up something in the air.

     [O]     What?

     [B]     I'm not sure yet.  Probably a commercial airline.  I'll check.  Nikita, give me a visual ..., forty degrees to the


Nikita runs over to the side and raises a pair of binoculars.

     [N]     Looks like a vapor trail.

     [B]     (VOICE)  A vapor trail?


     [B]     Whatever this is, its getting closer.  Could be a NATO plane on maneuvers?

     [O]     Not on that trajectory.  Get them off the ship!

     [M]     Michael, get your Team to exit point ... NOW!


     [M]     We have an abort condition.


The plane is close enough for Birkoff to punch up the make and type on his computer.

     [B]     Looks like you have a hostile Sukhoi thirty kilometers and closing.

There is a brief shot of the jet launching a warhead.


     [B]     We've got a live warhead aimed at you.  Get out of there, Michael!

The Team quickly abandon ship by jumping over the side.  They no sooner hit the water when the warhead strikes the ship, turning
it into a fireball.  The Team members, however, are safe and boarding their zodiac to return to Section.


Operations meets Michael as the Team returns.

     [O]     Birkoff tracked the Sukhoi ..., he'll fill you in.  Did you get any debris from the ship?

     [M]     Jurgen's off-loading it.

     [O]     Good, lets work up an analysis.

Jurgen and Nikita enter, and while Nikita continues down the corridor, Jurgen walks up and shows Operations the piece of satellite
he discovered.

     [J]     This is all I got from the satellite.

     [O]     Take this to Walter.  Play back the data on the assault ..., tear it apart ..., rebuild it until we get a clear

As Operations turns to leave, Michael calls to Jurgen, who is walking to meet Nikita down the hall.

     [M]     Jurgen ..., go help Walter run down the hardware.

     [J]     It'll take him a couple of hours ..., I'll get to it in the morning.

Nikita sees that Michael doesn't like this answer, but accepts it.  Operations who watched this exchange, ignores this exchange
and leaves.  While Jurgen walks with Nikita toward the exit, Nikita calls him on this.

     [N]     How'd you get away with that?

     [J]     I don't answer to Michael.

     [N]     And Operations?  He was standing right there.

     [J]     If it was important, I would've done it.

     [N]     So how do you get to decide?

     [J]     It's ... its complicated. ...  Let's go.


Michael keys in the door panel and enters Madeline's area.  [[I think it VERY interesting that you now need to know a key
code to be able to access Madeline's office.  I wonder if TPTB are setting the stage for a possible future episode?]]

     [MA]   How was your visit to the North Sea?

     [M]     Brief.

     [MA]   How did your Team hold up?

     [M]     There were no incidents.

     [MA]   ... And Jurgen and Nikita?

     [M]     They're forming an attachment.

     [MA]   Good.  Stay close to it. ...  Let me know when its time.


Nikita emerges from around a corner, having just entered Section, and is met by Michael.

     [N]     What's up?

     [M]     We're going out again.

     [N]     My panel up to date?

     [M]     No.  Comm's finishing up the sequences. (PAUSE)  You weren't home when I called.

     [N]     I went out for dinner.

Michael says nothing, just studies Nikita.

     [N]     Why, is that a problem?

     [M]     No.

     [N]     All right, Michael, so what is this? ...  So I went out to dinner.  Why do you care?

Again, Michael says nothing, just continues to look at her.  Nikita smiles and sighs.

     [N]     ...  Patented Michael answer ..., the blank stare.  (PAUSE)  If you're jealous, just be jealous ..., tell me not to
     see him.

     [M]     Is that all it would take?

     [N]     Maybe ..,

Nikita moves until she is almost touching him.  As the conversation continues, it is apparent that Nikita is giving off teasingly
sexual 'vibes.'

     [N]     Maybe not.  ...  But at least it would be something real, an emotion ..., instead of this cryptic game of twenty

     [M]     You're right. ...  I shouldn't have asked.

     [N]     So that's where we stand? ...  You really don't care if I see Jurgen?

Michael only response is another 'patented stare.'  Nikita returns his look with one of her own.

     [N]     See you upstairs.

[[I noticed that as Michael turns to continue down the corridor, he has a small smile on his face, like "God, Nikita,
you are SO predictable."]]


[[It seems Season Two has most of Operations' mid-Mission meetings being held in this new "War Room."  This makes
sense, as this room is obviously soundproof.  It seemed a little silly to discuss sensitive ongoing Missions in the middle
of Section's Common Area.]]  Birkoff continues to work at the terminal as Operations updates Michael, Nikita, Walter and a
couple other Operatives.

     [O]     We've distilled all the current data from the ambush attempt.  Tactical must have originated from within
     Norway.  This matches up with one of the two groups we backed into ..., the Fifth Order.

     [M]     Russian Mafia?

     [O]     They have been ... underwritten by various organized factions inside the former Soviet Union. ...  But, we still
     don't know specifically ... who ... is motivating the action.

     [W]     If they're so well financed, why go to all the trouble to steal some fuel rods?

     [O]     That's not what they're after. ...  Birkoff.

     [B]     This wasn't a LAN sat orbiter, after all.  It was a military communications satellite.  It has the hard-wired
     decryption codes of the main command and control lines to the Pentagon.

     [O]     If the Fifth Order can figure out how to leverage these codes in time ..., it would become a global security

     [M]     How much time before the Pentagon can reprogram?

     [O]     Not fast enough.  We have to recover that satellite.  Mr. Birkoff is triangulating a location.  We're on close
     quarter standby.

As Nikita moves past Operations to leave, Operations gives her a message —

     [O]     Madeline wants to see you in her office.


We join Nikita and Madeline in mid conversation.  Madeline has poured Nikita and herself cups of tea from a oriental styled
pottery tea set.

     [MA]   How are things going?

     [N]     Fine.

     [MA]   I never got a chance to congratulate you on your full return to status.  A lot has changed for you.

     [N]     Has it?

     [MA]   You tell me. ...  Want to hear it in your own words.

     [N]     (SIGH)  Well, all I wanted to do back then was get out.

     [MA]   And now?

     [N]     I won't lie to you ..., I'm not happy to be here. ... But, its not about getting out anymore.

     [MA]   What is it about?

     [N]     Having a better life.

     [MA]   Has Jurgen helped you come to this point?

     [N]     Actually ..., yes.  He seems to be able to ... do things that you said weren't possible.

     [MA]   Like what?

     [N]     He makes his own choices.

     [MA]   Jurgen is an unusual case.

Nikita waits for Madeline to continue, but before she can, Michael enters the room.

     [M]     We're ready.

     [MA]   Birkoff's got location?

     [M]     It's a twin location.  We'll have to use parallel Teams.

     [MA]   Who's running point?

     [N]     I'll be using Nikita.

     [MA]   ...  Then get her wired.

Madeline says this last statement with a small smile in Nikita's direction.  Nikita returns her smile before getting up and following
Michael out of the room.


Michael walks up as Walter is wiring Nikita for the upcoming Mission.  She is wearing a sleeveless vest that is wired, and holding
down the vest's front, while Walter pulls up the back to attach small listening devices directly to her back.  He places around five
small circular patches along her spine.

     [M]     Birkoff's going to be pulling off a transmission frequency ..., cover as much space as you can.

     [N]     And if I'm detected?

     [M]     We'll be in the basement.  You'll have to cover the first ten seconds alone, after that look for us ..., and stay
     out of line of fire.  (OFF HER NOD, TO WALTER)  Finish her up and get her to Access.

     [W]     Yeah ..., Okay. ...  (TO NIKITA)  How's that feel?

     [N]     Tight.

     [W]     It'll loosen up ..., as long as you can breath.


Operatives hustle down the corridor, past Michael, who stands at the entrance of the airlock.  There is a feeling of urgency.


Birkoff is keying in data on his computer while Operations watches behind him.  Birkoff briefly glances at one of the overhead
monitors — then glances back.

     [B]     Sir.

     [O]     What?

     [B]     (CONFUSED)  There's a Mission loading. ...  I don't have a location yet ..., what's going on?

     [O]     Don't worry about it. ...  Keep working.

Operations raises a remote and clicks off the monitor.  Birkoff goes back to his computations, but stops for a second to give the
darkened monitor one more quick look, before briefly shaking his head and getting back to the matter at hand.  [[I loved how
Birkoff briefly looks up at the blank screen before getting back to work.  His expression seemed to "... do I want to
know what's going on? ....   Naw."]]


Nikita comes running down the Hallway to the airlock.  Just as she and Michael are about to enter, the phone across from the
airlock rings.

     [M]     Yes. ...  Are you sure? ...  Okay.

Michael hangs the phone up and updates Nikita —

     [M]     Advance Team just arrived on site.  Target's been abandoned.

     [N]     Mission's off?

     [M]     Yes.

     [N]     I thought Advance Team already confirmed.

     [M]     No.

Michael walks back down the Hallway away from the Van Access, while Nikita watches him leave with a confused expression
on her face.  [[I wonder how long before someone let the other Operatives waiting in the van know that the Mission
was called off?]]


Walter is now in the process of 'dewiring' Nikita.

     [W]     Nothing should surprise you about this place.

     [N]     Oh ..., it's just we've never aborted during egress.

     [W]     (GIVES SMALL LAUGH)  I remember once ... heading to Italy.  We were on a plane ... we did a
     mid-game abort.  I had it all planned, too.  I was gonna take out an armory Friday morning ... and then have the
     weekend ... to see Selendra.

     [N]     Where's that?

     [W}     Not where is it ..., who is it?

     [N]     Ohhhhhhhh.

Even though Nikita is facing the opposite direction from Walter, her face has a humorous "of course" expression on it.  Unnoticed
by Nikita, Michael has approached while Walter was speaking.

     [W]     She was a Section Op by Rome, and we had ....

Walter is interrupted by Madeline requesting his presence over the loud speaker.  Michael tells Walter to go, he'll "finish up
here."  Walter was in the process of removing the patches along Nikita's spine and shows Michael where he was placing them as
he removed them.

     [W]     Put the stuff on here.

You can tell as Walter walks away that Nikita is uncomfortable with this change in events.  When Michael lightly starts to lift her
wired vest to reach the listening devices attached to her back, she impatiently pulls it off and stands with her hands folded in front
of her.  [[I loved how Peta played this scene!  Without saying a word, Nikita's body language is telling Michael he has
lost all rights to her — be it physical, emotional or mental.]]  Michael gently places one hand on her shoulder as he removes
the devices with the other.

     [N]     So, are we still on close quarter standby?

     [M]     No ..., you can leave.

Michael removes the devices — except for one, which he touches, but does not remove.

     [N]     Is that it?

     [M]     You're all set.

Michael moves to help Nikita on with her jacket, but she doesn't accept his help.

     [N]     I'll do it.

Michael backs off and leaves her to finish dressing.  Nikita surreptitiously glances around to make sure he has left.


     [N]     What a beautiful house.

     [J]     I was surprised to get your call.

Nikita walks over to a piece of modern sculpture on a pedestal near the door and runs her hand over it as she continues —

     [N]     Yeah.  It was an early abort.  They lost the location.

     [J]     I'm glad. ...  Can I get you anything?


Michael is standing in front of some type of computer monitoring device, listening in on Nikita and Jurgen as he works on the
system.  Behind Michael, Madeline is sitting at her desk, looking on.

     [N]     (VOICE)  No, thank you.

     [J]     (VOICE)  What's up?  You seem distracted.

     [N]     (VOICE)  I wanted to tell you (SIGH) that you were right.  There was something between Michael and Me.

     [J]     (VOICE)  Is there still?

     [N]     (VOICE)  I spoke with him today ....


     [J]     And ...?

     [N]     It's over.

     [J]     For him ..., or for you?


     [N]     (VOICE)  For both of us.

You can tell Michael is affected by this conversation, but he continues working as if he has heard nothing.  Madeline rises and
walks over to stand behind him.

     [J]     (VOICE)  Can I fix you a drink?

     [MA]     Let me know when you get a lock.

With that Madeline leaves Michael alone.


Nikita slowly turns to some inner music as Jurgen watches her.

     [J]     You know, it wasn't easy for me to train you.

Nikita makes a child-like jump onto Jurgen's sofa, before throwing herself down on it.

     [N]     Really?  Why was that?

     [J]     Sometimes, to get ... trainees across the line, I ... have to become their enemy.

     [N]     Well, I guess it just didn't work this time.

Jurgen lightly picks up her legs and moves to sit under them.  As he sits down he leans forward to kiss Nikita.  Nikita immediately
sits up and moves away.

     [N]     You know ..., I'm just a little ...

Jurgen puts his hands up, immediately backing off.

     [J]     No rush.

Nikita sits a moment holding a hand to her heart, taking a couple of deep breaths, before looking at Jurgen.


     [J]     (VOICE)  You ... you're not ready.

     [N]     (VOICE)  Its not that.

     [J]     (VOICE)  We can wait.

     [N]     (VOICE)  ... N-no, come here.


Nikita shares one deep kiss with Jurgen, then jumps in his lap, so she is sitting facing him.  [[Again, Peta's physical portrayal
of Nikita's discomfort with her decision is great!  All Nikita's movements are choppy, awkward — like she is forcing
her 'self' to follow through on her 'mind's' decision.]]


You can tell the increased 'sexual activity' is bothering Michael.

     [M]     Birkoff, you have synch yet?


     [B]     Almost.


     [M]     Hurry.


     [B]     It runs at five hundred mega-hertz, I can't change that.


Back at the ranch, things are certainly starting to heat up.  They are now both standing next to the sofa, and Jurgen lifts Nikita as
he removes his shirt.  [[Definitely shows dexterity on his part!]]  Nikita drops back until she is lying beside the sofa and pulls
Jurgen down on top of her.


     [B]     Okay, there it is.


     [M]     Is that all we need?


     [B]     We still need to cycle the combinations ..., but we can do that on site.


     [M]     Good.

Michael immediately picks up his cell phone and hits a speed dial number.


Nikita's cell phone starts ringing.  She reaches out and picks it up on the third ring, at the same time covering Jurgen's mouth with
her other hand.  [[It was a hoot the way Nikita covers Jurgen's mouth with her hand, like "... hush, its my parents on
the phone!"]]

     [N]     Hello?


     [M]     Josephine?


     [N]     (PUASE)  (DISBELIEF)  Now?


     [M]     Yes.


     [N]     Okay.


Operations is holding a briefing with just Jurgen and Nikita.  He pulls up a blue screen of the gentleman under discussion.

     [O]     Lieutenant Commander Ronald Arka.  We believe he's the pilot of the Sukhoi that bombed the
     freighter.  He's been on leave for two weeks.  Birkoff connected him to a paymaster for the Fifth Order.

     [J]     Where is he now?

     [O]     He's stationed in Nova Scotia.  He's due to return tomorrow.

     [J]     Why do we think it's him?

     [O]     There were twenty-three Sukhoi pilots unaccounted for at the time of the incident.  Birkoff worked them all
     up ..., found linkage between Fifth Order and Arka.  (PAUSE)  Any questions?

     [J]     Is Michael leading the Team?

     [O]     No, he won't be going.  it's just the two of you and back ups.  (PAUSE)  Michael's needed elsewhere.

[[I thought Nikita's expression when she hears Michael wouldn't be leading the Team was VERY telling.  I don't think
she felt very comfortable about Jurgen heading the Mission.  Someone should tell her "... Niky, old girl, if you don't
trust him with your life, you probably shouldn't trust him with your heart."]]


A black land rover pulls up in front of Jurgen's house.  Michael and Birkoff get out and approach the house.  Birkoff indicates the
front door.

     [B]     We'll go in here.

They stop.  There is no outward sign of any security system at the door.  Birkoff opens his coat to reveal a vest loaded with
'gadgets.'  He removes some type of sensor and runs it along the outer door frame.  He stops moving it when its dial lights up with

     [B]     Here's the carrier of his backup system ....  I just got to invert it ... and wait.

After a moment the doors open and Birkoff turns to Michael with a 'what a good boy am I' smile.  [[I almost fell off the couch
when I saw his grin.  Birkoff gets such enjoyment out of all his 'toys'!]]

     [B]     Got it.

They both enter and disappear inside the house.


Operations is standing, looking out over Section.  He's smoking, restless.  Madeline enters.

     [MA]   I just heard from Michael. ...  It's done.

     [O]     Thank you.

There is a genuine look of gratitude he shows Madeline just quietly smiles and leaves.


Nikita and Jurgen pause outside Arka's hotel room, both holding guns.  Nikita takes a moment to hike her skirt up just a tad then,
after a silent countdown between her and Jurgen, kicks the door in.  Before Arka can move, Nikita is standing on the bed holding
a gun to his head.


     [A]     What?!  Who are you?!  What do you want?!  I haven't done anything!

Neither Nikita nor Jurgen speak.  They just grab Arka and leave.


The airlock opens.  Jurgen and Nikita enter behind a restrained Arka (who is flanked by two other Operatives) into Section.  As
the two Operatives lead Arka down the corridor, Jurgen turns to Nikita —

     [J]     So .....

     [N]     So ....?

     [J]     Shall we ... continue where we left off?

Operations appears at the end of the hall behind Jurgen and Nikita.

     [O]     Has he offered up anything since our last transmission?

     [J]     No.  He'll need to be squeezed.

     [O]     Before you leave, Jurgen ..., I'd like you to debrief.

     [J]     I'll do it tomorrow.

Operations' voice turns hard as he replies —

     [O]     You'll do it now. ...

Nikita looks at Jurgen when she hears the tone in Operations' voice.  Jurgen turns and stares at Operations in disbelief.

     [O]     You heard me. ...  From now on you'll follow orders ... without question.

The last words are said in almost a whisper, but the tone is chilling.  A look of disquiet washes over Jurgen's face as Operations
leaves and he bolts for the exit, leaving Nikita behind.  She has to run to catch him.

     [N]     Jurgen ..., wait!  Is everything all right?


Jurgen and Nikita pull up to his house.  The doors are standing open.  Jurgen rushes in and races down the stairs to his computer.
Nikita is right behind him.

     [N]     I don't understand.

Jurgen is staring at the words flashing on the computer screen:

     file jmsfaa.sum  deleted

Jurgen is still staring at it, stunned, when Nikita approaches the desk.

     [J]     ... I'm dead.

     [N]     What'd you have in there?

     [J]     You asked how I could live like this ...? on my own terms? ...  I had damaging Intel that I could have used
     against them.

     [N]     Who? ...  Operations?

     [J]     It doesn't matter. ...  It kept everyone off my back.

     [N]     Why didn't they just cancel you?

     [J]     They couldn't ..., I had a fail-safe.  I distributed the damaging Intel ... among services around the world.  If I
     didn't refresh the codes every few days ..., it was scripted to automatically upload ... to the Agency.

     [N]     But you still have all the data, don't you?

     [J]     It's too late. ...  They've done damage control.  The only people who could corroborate the allegations ... are
     probably dead by now.  (PAUSE)  It doesn't make sense.  I ... had a one-sided security hold on the house ..., a
     dynamic carrier frequency.  The only way you could tap in without ... detection ... was from the inside ....

A thought hits Jurgen.  He looks at Nikita, suddenly suspicious —

     [J]     You ... were the only person I allowed in ...  They broke in hours after you were here!

     [N]     No!

Jurgen picks up a device sitting on his desk and slowly scans it over the body.  When it reaches the bug hidden on her back it

     [N]     I don't understand.

Jurgen grabs her and tries to pull her sweater off.  Nikita fights him off, hugging the opened sweater closed.

     [N]     I don't understand!

Jurgen gently lifts the back of her sweater and removes the bug, holding it out to show Nikita.

     [N]     (REMEMBERS)  The Mission.

     [J]     What Mission?

     [N]     I told you about it yesterday.  The early abort. ...  They wired me to go out.  (REMEMBERING)  Walter got
     called off.  ...  Michael finished...

     [J]     They used you.

     [N]     (APPEALING)  Jurgen ...

     [J]     Get out.

     [N]     Let me help you through this.  They can't take everything away from us.

     [J]     'Us'?  There is no 'us.'  There's not even a 'me' ..., not any more.

     [N]     Will they cancel you?

     [J]     No.  I never posed a malicious threat. ...  I just wanted to be treated like a human being, I think, ... they
     understood that.

     [N]     Its how we all feel.

[[I thought Nikita's tone here sounded like she was thinking "we ALL feel this way.  If the rest of us can survive, so
can you."]]

     [J]     I can't live that way ..., I never could.

     [N]     It won't be ... exactly as it was ...  (PAUSE)  I'm here.

     [J]     Please ..., leave me alone now.


Michael is standing behind Birkoff, who is working something up on his terminal.  Madeline approaches.

     [MA]   Did you get it all?

     [B]     The name Arka gave us connected to a software firm in Brussels.  The firm is a cover.

     [MA]   Cover or not, do they have the technology to recover the codes from the satellite?

     [B]     Definitely.

     [MA]   (TO MICHAEL)  Go.

Michael nods, then sees Nikita entering Section's Common Area.  Her look remains fixed on him as she walks up and stops,
removes her sunglasses.  Nikita says nothing, but it is obvious she needs to speak with him.  Michael briefly nods his head, and
leads the way to his office.  While they cross Madeline and Operations, from his perch, look on.  As Nikita passes Madeline, she
looks up and briefly smiles at her.  Madeline returns her smile, but her expression shows she knows exactly what Nikita needs to
speak to Michael about.


Nikita walks in and almost collapses into a chair.  Michael closes his door, walks behind his desk, pulls a key pad out, taps in some
numbers, then closes it back.  He stands a moment looking down at Nikita.  She just looks at him, waiting for an explanation.  As
Michael speaks he moves until he is standing behind her, next to the door.

     [M]     This is never an easy job.  Sometimes unbearable ... for all of us. ... I respect Jurgen for who he is and what
     he tried to do.  But, there are certain that are absolute. ...  Jurgen could not be allowed to hold the Section hostage.

     [N]     ... How could you do this, Michael?

As Nikita says this she leans over and adheres the bug Michael left on her to his desk lamp.

     [M]     I just told you.

     [N]     Not to him ..., to me.

     [M]     It was never my intention to hurt you.

     [N]     Oh, so that makes it okay?  (PAUSE)  How far back does it go? ... My training with Jurgen ..., or ...

Nikita stops and takes a deep breath —

     [N]     When you ... brought ... me in?

Michael is standing behind Nikita, so she can't see the look of pain on his face that crosses his face when she says this.

     [N]     The night we had together?

Nikita closes her eyes, looking as it she can't bear this thought.  [[I was blown away by Roy's and Peta's acting during this
short scene!  Their lines are conveying one meaning, but their tone and body language are conveying something much
different.  Michael and Nikita are both hurting, and I think Roy and Peta both depict this beautifully.]]  Michael is
obviously affected, but before he can respond — (as in "Third Person") Birkoff knocks and enters—

     [B]     Everyone's been contacted.  Walter needs you in Inventory.

Michael turns and tells him "... in a minute."  Birkoff takes one look at Michael's expression and leaves, closing the door behind
him.  [[Again, I loved how Birkoff briefly looks at Michael's face and his expression seems to say "... do I want to know
what's going on? ....   No way, José."]]

     [N]     Well, that's the first time you've had the Section wait for me.

While Michael speaks he gradually moves from behind Nikita to stand in front of her, with the desk between them.  [[Thought
Michael's movement to stand behind the desk was very revealing.  It was like he was saying "there ALWAYS seems to
be something separating us."]]

     [M]     When you were in his house, I was listening. (PAUSE)  I had to keep my feelings separate.
     (PAUSE)  That's how I live my life, Nikita ..., split in two.  I never let anyone see the other half, but its there ...
     always part of me....

     [N]     Well, its just too little, too late. ...  I'm going to help Jurgen through this ..., if he lets me ....

Nikita picks up her coat and rises.  As she gets to the door, however, she volleys one more parting shot.

     [N]     Oh. ...  And become part of his life ....

She walks out, leaving Michael to his thoughts.


The Mission Team is heading toward the airlock where Michael stands and monitors the ingress.  For the first time, Nikita doesn't
give Michael so much as a look as she passes him, just a quick side glance after she has passed him.  Jurgen, however, stops and
trades stares with Michael.


Michael is giving last minute instructions to the Team.  Both Nikita's and Jurgen's expressions are closed, as both are involved with
their own thoughts.

     [M]     Remember, we're not looking to retrieve the satellite, just the onboard computer.  Only signal Birkoff when
     you get visual confirmation.  It's on your panel.

     [B]     Whoever gets it, hold your position ..., I'll need to do a scan.

     [M]     Once we have get a positive ID, you'll be given a second burst.  We'll do a surgical.


One of the Operatives gets out and focuses his infrared beam on the security light above the front entrance.


We see an security plan of the Lab pop up on Birkoff's screen.

     [B]     Magnetic sensor deactivated.  Proceed.


The Team enters the Lab's front entrance, shooting anyone that gets in their way.  Nikita races up the staircase as Michael covers
her flank.  Nikita turns and covers Michael as he follows her up the staircase.

     [B]     (VOICE)  Sensor circuit is closed.  You're cleared to enter.

Nikita reaches the entrance to the lab, which is guarded by laser lights.  She pulls out a clear wand, which she slowly moves in the
pathway of one of the lasers.  It reflects the laser enough to open a space to crawl through.  First Nikita, then Michael.  As they
enter the main Lab area, the lights come up, revealing a computer hook-up secured behind security shielding of some
kind.  Michael trains the camera attached to his vest shoulder on the set-up.

     [M]     Read it, Birkoff.  What are they doing in there?


Birkoff looks at the camera's view —

     [B]     Give me a zoom on the main console.


Michael starts to refocus the camera, when a guard appears in the doorway behind him.  Without missing a beat, Michael whips
his weapon around, takes out the guard, and returns to zooming in on the computer console.


     [B]     Yeah, that's it.  They're cycling codes.  Can you get it?


Michael moves back and fires a spray of bullets, but the security shield deflects them.

     [M]     I can't get to it.


     [B]     Well, you better do something quick, because it looks like in about ninety seconds they're gonna be
     uploaded.  Whoever's on the receiving end is going to have those codes.


Another guard tries to enter the lab area, but Nikita quickly turns, shoots him and turns back to the business at hand.  Michael
reaches into his vest and pulls out a charge.  As he attaches it to the security shield, he tells his Team —

     [M]     Everybody out.  I'm arming.

While the Team evacuates, Michael arms the explosive and follows the rest of the Team.


The Section van and Range Rover pull up in front of the Lab as the Team spills out.  Nikita, Jurgen, and, finally, Michael join
Birkoff in the van.  Birkoff is watching the countdown on his monitor.

     [M]     When's the detonation?

     [B]     Five seconds.

Everyone watches the countdown, only to see an error message flash across the screen instead of a detonation indication.

     [M]     What's wrong?

     [B]     They jammed the remote.  It's not activating the detonator.

     [M]     We'll have to rearm.  How much longer before we lose our window?

     [B]     Less than a minute.

     [M]     Can you fix it?

     [B]     It has to be done manually.

There is a moment of dead silence as they eye each other, knowing that one will have to sacrifice, then Michael turns to
leave.  As he moves, Jurgen pulls his gun out and aims it at Michael.

     [J]     Stop. ...  Let me do it, Michael. ...  I'm not going to make it anyway.

     [N]     Jurgen, no!

     [M]     Put down the gun and stay in the van.

Michael jumps out and starts to run toward the Lab.  Before he can go more than a yard, Jurgen aims and fires, putting a bullet in
Michael's leg.  Jurgen turns and gives Nikita one last look.

     [B]     You got twenty-one seconds.

Jurgen leaps out of the van and runs past Michael lying on the ground.  He races up the Lab's stairway and into the computer
lab.  There he opens the detonator and looks at the magnetic points.  He waits a second, seems to smile, then reaches down,
pushes the points together — and disintegrates as the charge explodes.  Everyone in the van sees the explosion light up the inside
of the Lab.  [[BUT, not one pane of broken glass!]]


Madeline is sitting at her desk.  Nikita and Operations are sitting across from her.

     [MA]     You've had to endure a number of difficult things since you've come back to us. ...  We all have to come to
     terms with our personal losses ..., look into our souls, find a way to cope.  We can't help you with that.  But I know
     you ... and know you'll be able to find that inner strength.

     [O]     Although we rarely do this with such a young Operative, we're willing to make an exception in your case.

     [MA]     We want you to take some time for yourself ..., anywhere in the world you'd like to go ...

Nikita just looks at Madeline, without saying a word.  Madeline gives her a small smile.

     [MA]     That will be all, Nikita.

Nikita gets up and leaves.


As Nikita slowly walks across the Common Area, Michael (on crutches) approaches her.

     [M]     Nikita.

Nikita stops and looks over at him, her face blank.

     [M]     Some of the things I said about Jurgen are not true.  I tell you this in case you have any doubt as to what kind
     of man he was.  (PAUSE)  I'm sure you don't.

Nikita gives Michael a brief look, then glances down.

     [M]     Jurgen trained me when I first came to Section. ...  I'll miss him.

Nikita slowly puts on her hat, before replying.

     [N]     So will I.

She then turns and leaves.  Our last picture is Michael's face as he watches her walk away.


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