Double Date
(This episode was transcibed by Quokka)

Written by Robert Cochran
Directed by Jon Cassar
Lisa Fanning=Yvonne Scio
David Fanning=Douglas O'Keeffe
Kusko=Peter Solala
Heyman=Reuben Thompson
Glik=Michael Chan
Chief Bodyguard=Matt Taylor
My comments in [ ]  [Madeline is not in this show]

SECTION  Michael and Nikita walk down the corridor and into Section's
main centre.  The music in Obsessed is playing=Number One Crush by
Garbage (thanks Orchid, for your site!).  Nikita is wearing brown
linen--darker straight skirt with tank top covered by long sleeved
linen overtop--looks very elegant.
They come to either side of a man talking to Operations.  The man
has his back to them but Nikita realizes who it is when she sees
him.  As she walks around him and over to Ops, there are flashbacks
of Fanning hitting Lisa .  Michael is watching Nikita's reaction to Fanning.
Nikita, hands on hips looking at Ops:  "David Fanning, I thought he was dead."
Fanning: "Sorry to disappoint you."
Ops:  "We decided to keep him alive.  He's Section material.
Nikita:  "What's he doing here?"
Ops: "He's going on a mission with you."
Nikita:  "Really! A psychotic murderer and a sadistic wife beater?"
Ops: "Most operatives are flawed."  He raises his eyebrows at Nikita. "In one way or another."
Nikita walks up to Ops in his face so that Fanning can't hear but
she doesn't really lower her voice.
Nikita: " I don't like him.  I don't trust him and I sure as hell don't want to work with him."
Ops calmly: "I know you have a history.  You have to put that behind
you and concentrate on the mission."
Nikita: "It's not just history.  Michael seduced his wife and I betrayed
him to Section.  He won't rest until we're dead."
Ops looks at Fanning: "Then he'll die too."
Fanning is looking at this exchange with a slight smile on his face--mostly
calm with hands in front of him and unreactive.
Nikita:  "He won't care as long as we're dead first."
Ops: "On the contrary.  Our assessment indicates he has a very strong
will to live. The mission requires that the three of you work together."
Nikita turns to leave and walks by Fanning.
As she is leaving, she hears Fanning:  "May I say something?"
Ops: "Go ahead."
Fanning:  " Regarding the past.  As far as I'm concerned, everyone
was just doing their job. (Flashbacks to Nikita beating the S"'&*
out of him). "As far as the present, I just want to stay alive."
Nikita looks at him and he glances back at her over his shoulder.
Nikita: "Really?"
Fanning:  "Really."
Nikita walks away.

Ops walks in.  Nikita, Michael and others are already seated.  Fanning
is sitting there also, his hands clasped in front of him.  He is
watching Michael watch Nikita as Ops speaks.
Ops:  "Nicolai Kusko" (face comes up on holograph screen), former
head of the Romanian Secret Police.  After the Cold War, he dropped
out of sight to form his own highly-trained mercenary unit.  He's
been involved in fifty terrorist activities in the last three years.
 Recent Intel. has given us a location in Western Moldavia.  This
picturesque part of the forest is actually a mobile camp occupied by Kusko's private army.
An assault is out of the question, so we've developed an alternative.
 That's where Mr. Fanning comes in."
Fanning:  "I did a few jobs for Kusko before I came to Section.
He has no reason not to trust me."
Ops:  "We'll arrange a meeting where we'll eliminate Kusko and his
entire organization.  You'll get further details from Michael.  That's all."  Ops walks away.
Michael:  "We'll leave tomorrow morning for Station 6 so we'll get
our equipment now.  We'll reconvene at 2:00.
Everyone goes over to Walter's area where weapons are sitting out on a table.
Walter:  "Check it out."
Nikita to Walter: "No weapons for him, Walter." Everyone is selecting
the weapons on the table and no-one is looking at anyone else. Walter
walks off to one side and talks to another operative on the mission.
Fanning: "Yeah, I heard.  You know you guys have it all wrong.  I'm
not into revenge.  So what if Michael gave my wife some physical
pleasure. I wasn't 100% faithful, right?  I must say I am envious
that you two can carry on a relationship while you work together.  I think that's great."
Michael, quietly, not looking up: " Drop it Fanning."
Fanning:  "Why? Is that a touchy subject?  (Nikita looks exasperated
but she doesn't look at either of the men.) "I just think it's admirable
how you two pull it off." He walks over between Michael and Nikita
and looks at Michael. "In fact, there's a question I've wanted to
ask you, Michael, for a long time.  It's kind of a personal question
but seeing as you slept with my wife, I guess we have a lot in common
and you won't mind me asking it.  When you guys go on mission and
you're on standby, how often do you have sex?"
[guess he didn't see Inside Out. Mission 2 : Sex 0]
Nikita drops the weapon she is handling and glares ahead.
Michael turns and looks at him and says quietly: "I said, drop it."
Fanning: "Ah, I'm sorry. I'm over the line.  We'll see you guys on
the mission."  He leaves.  Nikita watches him go then walks over to Michael.
Nikita:  " I don't believe that he does not care about revenge.
We have to do something, Michael."
Michael still looking down: "He's already been taken care of.  Glik(?)
's come along as cover(?).  His real function is to watch Fanning."
Nikita:  "Watch him?"
Michael: "First sign of trouble, he's authorized to cancel him."
Nikita sighs: "Well, it's better than nothing.  I just hope it's enough."  Michael leaves.

Green light flares are set a short distance apart.  Everyone is in
black combat outfits. Michael has his hair partly back and he is carrying a machine gun.
Heyman shines a laser to three points.
Glik comes over:  "We're clear on the perimeter."
Michael: " The meet is twenty kilometers due east at 9:30."
Glik: "Fanning is going along?"
Michael: "Kusko insisted."
Nikita from behind them: " What if he doesn't come back?"
Michael:  "He'll come back.. Kusko's surveillance is sophisticated.
 From now on we'll maintain radio silence."  He walks away.
Fanning is standing in front of Nikita:  "I've got to take a leak."  He looks at Nikita:
 "Is that all right?"
Nikita:  " It's okay if I say it is."
Fanning: "Request permission to take a leak."
Nikita: "Permission denied."

Fanning and Glik walk down to where Michael is standing beside a
computer.  Nikita is in front crouched near a tree.
Fanning puts his hand out and Michael smears it with a salve.
Fanning:  " How much contact is needed?"
Michael:  " A handshake is enough to tag him."
Fanning looks at his hand: "Wow, that's pretty strong stuff!"
Michael: "The isotope will do limited damage as long as an extracting
agent is applied within twelve hours.  You should be back by then."
Fanning:  "And what if I'm not?"
Michael:  "The skin peels off your hand.  Three hours later you lose
the feeling in your arm.  Six hours after that, you're dead.  Good luck."
Fanning walks away and down through the woods to the road.  He sees
a man in an all-terrain vehicle come from one direction and a car
from another.  Kusko gets out of the car.  He is tall and slim with
fair hair and small sunglasses.  He goes up to Fanning and they start
talking.  He shakes Fanning's hand then Fanning leaves.  This is
all observed through binoculars.
Fanning walks into base camp.
Michael:  "What job did he offer you?" He hands him the extracting
agent and Fanning wipes his hand thoroughly.
Fanning:  " He offered me a hit in Brussels and one in Russia."
Michael:  "What did you say?"
Fanning putting on the salve:  " Brussels."
Michael:  "Why?"
Fanning:  " Cause it pays more and it's consistent with my cover story."
Michael:  "Good."
Fanning:  .Hey, does this stuff work?"
Michael:  "It works."
Fanning:  "Any damage?"
Michael:  " Nothing permanent."

Everyone is watching the computer screen where an infrared picture of Kusko and his crew is up.
Nikita:  "The whitest point is Kusko's hand?"
Michael:  "Yes."
Nikita:  "And the others?"
Michael: "Things he's touched."
Michael: "Prepare to evacuate."  The two operatives and Fanning leave.
 Nikita is wearing a black toque and she observes the computer over Michael's shoulder.
Fanning and the two operatives approach the jeep.  While Glik goes
to open the door on the other side, Fanning throttles Heyman and
then slits his throat with a knife which he then throws into the
chest of Glik when he comes around to see what's going on.  [this
was bad operations sense to me--the time when they should have known
Fanning to make a move, they were the least prepared for it]
Michael goes over to a heat-seeking missile which is ready to launch.
Kusko and his men are looking at a map on the hood of their car.
Michael launches the missile which is observed on screen as it finds
its mark and the screen goes blank.  Nikita looks a bit sick.  Michael
closes the computer and says: "Let's go."  They walk down to the
jeep, each carrying a heavy computer case plus guns.  They don't
see Fanning and the two operatives then Nikita sees a man at the
wheel.  As she checks, Fanning jumps from the back seat and grabs
Nikita and twists her around to face Michael who has his gun raised.
 Michael takes a few seconds to try to find away around Nikita to shoot Fanning but he can't.
Fanning: "Drop it man!"
Michael lets the gun fall slowly from his hand.
Fanning:  "Now we're back together again just like old times. I'd
love to chat but I've got a mission to run and you're just the man
to help me out.  You're going to get my wife back."
Michael: " I haven't seen her for awhile."
Fanning:  " Well, neither have I.  That's the problem."
Michael:  " I don't even know where she is."
Fanning: " Find her! It's poetic justice.  You took my woman, you
get her back.  And if you don't, I'm going to take yours.  You got
48 hours."  Nikita shakes her head imperceptibly "no" at Michael.


Fanning kicks the door in and walks in.  The place is quite nice.
Snowshoes on the wall, wooden furniture and a large stone fireplace.  He drags Nikita along.
Fanning:  "It's not much but I like to call it home." He pulls Nikita
by her arms tied behind her.
Nikita: "Fanning, Section's going to come after you."
Fanning: " Section's not going to know anything about this."  He
throws Nikita face down in front of the fireplace. " Who's going to tell them?"
Nikita: " Michael."
Fanning starts to kick chairs out of the way and goes over to the fireplace:
"Michael! (he takes out handcuffs and clips them to an iron ring
in the floor) "Michael knows Section doesn't bargain.  Section'd
just let me kill you." (He takes a length of chain and hooks it to
Nikita's wrist then to the floor). "and I don't think Michael'd really
want that."  He yanks on the chain securing Nikita.
Nikita:  "If we're ever brought back, he'll?/they'll come after us
whether you'd want him to or not." [I had a lot of trouble figuring
this sentence out-corrections gratefully received]
Fanning:  "I don't think he'd let them."
Nikita: "Fanning, let's be real.  How's he going to find Lisa and
bring her back here and hide the deaths of two operatives from Section
all in the space of 48 hours?" [Yep, I sure wondered about that one]
Fanning:  "Well, you know what?  I think it's going to be a really
big challenge.  Michael wants you alive so bad that I think he might
just be able to pull it off."  Fanning kicks the chair next to her and laughs:
"Are you a little jumpy?" Nikita gives him a nervous smile.

Birkoff enters a crowded cybercafe and says to a young blonde guy:
"I'll take sixty minutes."  The guy hands him a disc and a glove.
Birkoff sits down at a computer next to another guy and puts on the
glove then scans the disc. A game comes up (this one reminded me
of Realms and Birkoff is good at it) Birkoff is just starting to
enjoy himself and really get into the game when a gloved hand reaches
over and presses a few keys to halt it.
Birkoff looks up astonished then sees it is Michael.
Birkoff: "You scared the hell out of me!  What are you doing here?"
Michael: " Mission's security's been breached.  Kusko's still alive."
Birkoff: " That's impossible! Satellite Intel. picked up the explosion
and our sources confirmed."
Michael a bit slower : "Security's been breached.  Kusko's still alive."
Birkoff:  "Sure, whatever you say."
Michael: " Tell Operations the team's dead except Nikita and me.
 We're on mandatory refusal until the mission's complete."
Birkoff nods.
Michael:  "Right now I need to know where Fanning's wife is.  Her name is Lisa.  Find her now."
Birkoff looks at the computer: " These things are just toys! They're just for fun."
Michael:  " Now."
Birkoff thinking aloud: " I guess I could try re-writing a disc stream.
 Piggyback on to some databases."
Michael: "Go ahead."
Birkoff starts keying in.
Michael: "You'll have to cover for me with Operations."
Birkoff:  "'til when."
Michael: "'til I get back."
Birkoff:  "You can trust me."
Michael looks at him: " If you betray me, I will kill you."
Birkoff looks up at him seriously: " That's why you can trust me."


Michael walks in.  He is wearing an open-necked white shirt under
a black jacket.  He goes to the bar and orders a milk which the bartender
gives to him. A large bald man dressed in black is guarding a door
to an upper dining area where Lisa is sitting alone.  A very large
man comes out of the room.  He is dark-haired with a tan jacket on.  He goes to the bar.
Chief Security Guard [CSG]: " Can I get an orange juice?"
Michael looks at him: "Can you do me a favour?"
CSG: "Who the hell are you?"
Michael: "Give your employer a message."
CSG: "Why?"
Michael: "Cause she knows me."
CSG: "Sure she does."
Michael: "There's something in it for you."
CSG: "What's that?"
Michael: " I'll give you back your gun." Michael leans forward and
hits the guy in the stomach and he doubles over gasping.  Michael
raises his own gun to the guy.  The other guard starts for his gun
in his jacket but sees that his chief is at gunpoint and puts it back.
Michael:  "My name is Michael, I'd like a word with her, understand?"
The CSG gets up and shakes himself.  Michael returns his own gun
to his back belt. The CSG picks up the juice and enters the room.
 Lisa looks through the glass at Michael with a shocked look on her
face.  Flashback to the "I think we're falling in love" scene and the song, Woman, in Obsessed.

HOTEL LOBBY. Michael is leaning against some pillars.  Lisa enters
in a red dress.  Bodyguards are behind her. The Obsessed song, Woman, is playing loudly.
Lisa with hands on her hips:  "What do you want?"
Michael: "To see you."
Lisa shakes her head: "Why?"
Michael: "Can we talk alone?"
Lisa: "Give us some space."  The CSG turns to the others:  "Let's go."
Lisa to Michael:  "Fine! What's the job?  What's the assignment?"
She walks past him.  "You made that clear."
Michael:  "At the time I thought that was true.  I was expected to
forget you.  I tried but I couldn't."
Lisa: "I don't believe you."
Michael:  "I came to see you."
Lisa: "It's not a job, I know it.  I can't deal with this.  This is too sudden."
Michael smoothes her hair behind her ear.  "I want to stay with you tonight."
Lisa shakes her head:  "Give me some time to think."
 Michael:  "There's no time.  I'm probably already being missed.  One night--it's all I ask."

Michael walks in followed by three guards.  Lisa has her back to
him but there are two wine glasses and red wine on the table.  The
place is very luxurious but warm, unlike Lisa's old home.  The colours
are mainly oranges and yellow.
Lisa says to the CSG:  "You can go"  All of the men leave.
Lisa to Michael:  " Would you want some wine?"
Michael:  "Whatever you're having."  She pours two glasses of the
wine and Michael takes one and holds and strokes her hand with his
other hand.  He then puts the wine down and takes her other hand
[this is very much like his approach to Nikita in Escape--this boy
has a method!] They start kissing and the scene shifts to Michael
standing behind Lisa removing her dress.  She is in sexy red lingerie
and he kisses her body and she loosens his white shirt.  Music and
candles as they continue to kiss and scene fades.

Birkoff is seated at the unit.  Ops is there also with his back to
him. One of the computers beeps and Birkoff goes over to it quickly.
Birkoff:  "Michael's on assignment."
Ops:  "What?"
Birkoff: " He just came in.  Mission must have been compromised.
"  The COM flashes STATUS OFF LINE.
Ops tersely: "Yesterday you said Intel. indicated complete success!"
Birkoff: "It did."
Ops:  "How long before he'll reopen contact?"
Birkoff:  "Twenty-four hours."
Ops goes over and starts to type into the computer. " I don't like this, Birkoff."
Birkoff:  "Intel. seemed reliable.  I don't know what happened."
Ops: " Screen the sources, eliminate the unreliable ones and keep me informed."
Birkoff: "Yes sir."
Ops leaves.

Lisa is lying across Michael's chest.  His shirt is open and he is looking down at her.
Lisa:  "Not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of us together."
Michael: "Me too."
Lisa: "Was it as good as you remember?"
Michael:  "Yes."
Lisa gets up and slips her dress on.  Her back is to Michael, her
dress still unzipped.  Michael sits up to button his shirt.
Lisa:  .Yes, everything's just as it was..."  she looks at him with
a hard look on her face, "except me."
Michael looks perplexed.  Three security men run in and try to grab
him.  He defends himself against two of them but the CSG pulls a
gun and the two grab Michael's arms behind him.  The CSG walks over
and punches Michael in the stomach then they start to work him over.
Lisa watching:  "How does it feel, Michael? How does it feel to be
used and betrayed?"  She gives a sign and the group continue to punch Michael in the gut.

Fanning is eating something from a can at the table.  Nikita is sitting at the stone fireplace.
Fanning:  "I'd share but I got hungry."
Nikita:  " did you know?"
Fanning:  "About you and Michael.  It didn't take a genius.  People
talk.  I think it's really beautiful." [At this point Nikita is likely
starting to hope Lisa had a pair of sharp scissors.  So...if everyone knows, and
Michael still has a hands-off approach to her, Michael's point would be???]
Nikita gathers the chain in her hand and gestures to her coat which
is slung over a chair corner: "My coat, if it's all right."
Fanning: " It's all right if I say it's all right."
Nikita laughs: "Request permission to get my coat."
Fanning: "Permission granted."
She reaches for her coat but it appears to be out of reach: "Can't reach"
Fanning puts down the can and gets up and takes the coat to hand
it to her.  Nikita grabs his hand instead and flips him over her
head to land in front of the fireplace.  She then wraps the chain
around his throat and tries to choke him but he reaches over and
grabs a burning log from the fire and hits her in the shoulder with
it.  She lets go and Fanning goes to the other side of the room.
Fanning gasping:  "That was really good, that was... good."  He chuckles.
"What the hell! Get yourself from dinner."  He throws the can at
Nikita who picks it up and glares at him.

Michael is lying on the rug against a lower wall and holding his side.
Lisa has a guard behind her.
Lisa sarcastically:  "Do you still want me, Michael?"
He looks up at her: "Yes."
She sneers: "You're brilliant.  But why don't we stop the games.  Tell me what you want."
Michael:  "You."
Lisa:  "Hmm"  She turns to the CSG:  "Go." He leaves.
Lisa: "I told you I have changed.  I'm not the innocent girl you
tricked so easily.  What's the job this time, Michael?"
Michael: "I've told you."
She walks over and stands over him: "You expect me to believe you'd
just come here suddenly after all this time because you want me?"
Michael: " Believe anything you want."
Lisa:  .You know I use to dream that you'd come back and as time
passed, I'd give up.  Why now?  Why after so long?"
Michael:  "Because David..."
Lisa fearfully: " What about David?"
Michael: " He's not dead."
Lisa:  "He's coming here?  No, I moved! I moved dozens of times!
I changed names! How could he find me?"
Michael: I did.  That's why I came--to protect you from him."
Lisa: "Why didn't you tell me?" She has tears in her eyes.
Michael: " 'Cause I didn't want to scare you.  I think one of your
bodyguards is cooperating with him."
Lisa:  "Which one?"
Michael: "I don't know.  How many are there?"
Lisa: " Ten.  Two shifts of five."
Michael: "We have to spot the weak link in your security before David does,"
Lisa: " I don't know anything about security.  That's why I hired them."
Michael:  "If you had to slip out without being seen, how would you do it?"
Lisa:" Oh, there's a service elevator that goes to third floor and
then, and then there's the stairwell. "She whispers: "I've heard
them say that's the hardest one to guard."
Michael gets up shakily, holding his ribs and goes over to the table.
 He takes out a small hypodermic needle.  Lisa comes up behind him
and strokes his back.  He turns and jabs her in her upper arm.  She
looks at him then slumps into his arm and he holds her with one arm and looks around.

Birkoff sees Ops walking across the floor to his area and he quickly
slips a disc into the side of his computer.
Ops: "Has Michael checked in yet?"
Birkoff:  .Right here now."
Michael's voice: " Birkoff."
Birkoff:  "Michael, I read you.  What's the status?"
Michael's voice: " Fourteen members down."
Birkoff: " Should we abort?"
Michael: " Negative, Nikita and I will proceed with the mission."
Ops:  "Michael? How was security breached initially?"
Birkoff interrupts: "Michael! Don't answer.  The transmission's being monitored."
Ops buys it:  "Did they trace him?"
Birkoff types fast:  No, I cut him off in time.  He won't call back until the mission's over."
Ops nods: "Let me know if he does."
Birkoff: "Of course."  Ops leaves.  Birkoff looks relieved and removes the disc (sim)

Fanning is loading guns: " Are you wondering what I'm going to do?
Don't bother 'cause I'll tell you. going to stay in the woods 'cause I like the isolation."
Nikita sees that Fanning has accidentally dropped a case with bullets
in it and she stands up and moves toward him.
Fanning continues: " I figure it will be great for Lisa too because
she can get used to things there."
Nikita: "Used to being a slave?  Is that what you mean?"
Fanning: "Yeah."
He sees that Nikita is standing up and yells at her:  "Sit down! Sit."
Nikita slumps into a nearby chair, her leg stretched out.
Fanning: " That's a good little doggie."
Nikita:  "You really are scum."  Fanning isn't looking at her so
she slides her leg down and moves the mats over to cover the bullet case.
Fanning:  "You know what? You're wrong.  I am a man in love.  The
first time I ever saw Lisa I knew I was to be with her and Lisa knew
she was meant for me.  Now there was a time I wanted revenge but
you know what?  If you disappear, Section'll come after me.  If I
send you back with a cover story, they won't.  They think I'm dead
and everything'll be fine and you and Michael can't exactly make
up a story not since as Michael's gone AWOL looking for Lisa, right?"
Fanning clips his gun:  "Or not."  He points it at Nikita and yells:
 "Hey, move!" She flinches back.
Fanning laughs: "You know it doesn't really matter what happens as
long as I get Lisa back and I'm going to and there isn't a damn thing
you can do about that, is there?" He reclips his gun.
Fanning: "Well, it's almost that time.  Don't go anywhere."  He leaves the cabin.
Nikita pulls back the mat and pulls the bullet case to her.

Michael is driving and Lisa is coming to.  She is wearing a long
jacket and her hair is back in a pigtail.
Lisa:  "Ah, oh, my head. What's..."
Michael: " I gave you an injection.  It will clear."
Lisa: "It's a job, isn't it? All that talk about love and protecting
me was rubbish, wasn't it?  Tell me this has nothing to do with David!
Please, you're not going to take me to him."  She tries to get out
of the car but Michael grabs her hair with one hand and flings her back in the seat.

Nikita manages to explode the bullet with a rock.  Fanning hears
it and runs back toward the cabin.  Nikita is gone and only chain is left.

The jeep drives up and Michael gets out and goes over to Lisa's side
of the car. "I have something for you."
Lisa: "What's this?"  He give her a vial with orange liquid in it.
Michael:  " Your way out."

Michael walks with his arm around Lisa who is being pushed in front
of him.  She is yelling and struggling: "Let me go!  No you can't!"

Fanning shoots behind him then he sees Michael and Lisa in and out
of the trees and he fires above their heads.  Nikita is in the woods
and hears them also.  Lisa breaks free and runs away.  Michael and
Fanning continue to shoot at each other.  Nikita grabs Lisa as she
gets near and puts her hand over her mouth.
Nikita:  " Lisa, Lisa, listen to me!  We don't have much time!  How
did you and Michael get here?"
Lisa:  " In the jeep."
Nikita:  " Where?"
Lisa:  "I don't know!"
Nikita:  "Do you remember where the sun was?"
Lisa: " I'm not sure."
Nikita: " Lisa, please, you have to think!"
Lisa: "Behind us, to the left."  Nikita gestures in a direction and
they leave.  They descend a small hill to the jeep and get in.  Nikita
is driving and the road is clear for awhile then she sees Fanning
standing in the middle.  Before she can hit him with the car, he
shoots out the front tire [well, he is a hit man by profession] and
they careen into the woods where the jeep is grounded.  No-one is hurt.
Fanning yells: "Welcome home, Lisa."
Nikita to Lisa: " It's all right.  Don't move."
Fanning: "Get out of the car."  Lisa looks at Nikita and gets out of the car.
Nikita whispers: " Don't do it, Lisa!"
Nikita jumps out and stands between Lisa and Fanning.
Fanning:  "Lisa, get over here right now."
Nikita:  "Lisa, don't do it."
Lisa goes around her and Fanning grabs her by the neck.
Fanning still has his gun trained on Nikita: "I could kill you but
Michael would just come after me, wouldn't he?"  Michael is watching this from behind a tree.
Nikita walks toward Fanning and he turns his gun on Lisa.  Nikita stops.
Fanning:  "I let you live and he takes you back to Section like a
good little boy.  You're lucky.  I guess it's no contest."  To Lisa:
"C'mon, c'mon."  He leads her away.
After they are out of sight, Michael come out of the woods and stands in front of her.
Nikita annoyed:  "How long have you been standing there?"
Michael:  "Awhile."  He is holding his ribs with one hand.
Nikita:  "Why didn't you shoot him?"
Michael: "I knew he wouldn't kill you."
Nikita exasperated: "Lisa?"
Michael:  "She'll be fine."
Nikita looks at him then turns and walks away from him:  " I'm going to help her."
Michael:  "Nikita!" He has his gun trained on her.
Nikita looks at him incredulously: " Are you going to kill me?"
Michael matter-of-factly: " No, I'll shoot you in the leg and carry
you back.  It'll be easier for both of us if you can walk."
Nikita looks to the woods then returns to stand in front of him:
 "You know you're either insane or the coolest man who ever lived."
 [at first I thought this was 'cruelest']
Michael looks at her: "I gave her the isotope."
Nikita shakes her head.  "So she can poison him?"
Michael:  "The only way she can truly be free is to kill him herself."
Nikita: "Is that what she said or is that what you made her believe?"
Michael looks away: "Let's go."  Nikita sighs.

Lisa is walking behind Fanning in the woods.  He stops and sighs:  "What a beautiful day!"
He takes out his water bottle:  "Want some?"
Lisa shakes her head and mumbles no.  She watches as the water trickles
in slow motion into his mouth and he wipes it with his hand over
his face.  He hands the bottle toward her:  "Here, we got a long ways to go."
Lisa:  "No, I'm sure."  A vial is in her hand.  It is almost empty
of orange liquid and she drops it behind her back as Fanning moves on and she follows.

Michael is driving and Nikita is in the passenger seat beside him.
Michael is on the phone: " Of course."
Nikita:  " Do you think Operations believed you?"
Michael:  " I think so."
Nikita:  "Good so we're in the clear then.  I wonder if Lisa is in the clear?"
Focus on Michael driving the jeep.  He doesn' t answer.    END