(Transcript by Karen Hay)

Written:                        Robert Cochran and David Ehrman
Directed:                       Joseph L. Scanlan

Adrian                          Siân Phillips
Carla                           Anais Granofsky
Steven                          Geoff Murrin
Steven's Twin                   Jim Murrin
Ames                            Roger Honeywell
Operative                       Jody Ranger

A = Adrian     AM = Ames     B = Birkoff     C = Carla
FT = Female Tech     M = Michael     MA = Madeline
MO = Male Operative     MT = Male Tech     N = Nikita
O = Operations     S = Steven     W = Walter


Nikita enters a narrow corridor partially lit with eerie green and pink
lights.  Her movements indicate she has been here before.  She stops at
one of the panels and quickly presses the handle.  When the shield rolls
up to reveal the screen and port opening, Nikita slides a CD into the
slot and downloads the information.  While waiting for the process to
finish, she seems uneasy and continually checks to make sure she's not
observed.  When the data has downloaded, she pulls the CD out and slides
the shield back down.  As she turns to leave, Nikita places the CD in
its jacket and hides it behind her back in the waistband of her pants -
clearly indicating she has accessed restricted information that she
doesn't have clearance to view.  However, when she tries to exit, she
runs into Walter entering the corridor.  It is a toss-up on who is the
more surprised.

        [N]     Walter!

Walter looks behind Nikita, as if looking for someone with clearance
that could have accompanied her.

        [W]     (SMILES)  Nikita...  I didn't know you had clearance
down here.

        [N]     Well, I - I don't. ...  I - I, just .. ah .. I was just
.. ah .. looking over an old Mission.

When Walter realizes Nikita doesn't have clearance for this level, he
looks around to make sure they haven't been seen.

        [W]     (WHISPER)  I'm suppose to report you!

        [N]     Well, um ..., do what you got to do, Walter.  I - I'll

Walter has no intention of turning Nikita in, just quickly ushers her


Adrian pulls up the information Nikita has retrieved and reviews it.

        [A]     (DISAPPOINTED)  This isn't Gemstone.

A slight look of depression settles on Adrian's face.

        [A]     (SIGHS)  How very disappointing.

Adrian is sitting reviewing the data on her computer, while Nikita
stands in front of her.

        [N]     Adrian, I don't know how much longer I can do this for.

        [A]     Nikita, we need this information.  We can't bring down
Section without it.  Don't fall apart now, please.

Nikita puts her hands in her jacket pocket as she tries to convince
Adrian that their current plan will not work.

        [N]     I can't keep sneaking into unauthorized areas ..., even
with your help.  Sooner or later my luck's gonna run out.  ...  Walter
almost reported me.

Adrian sighs as she realizes the logic of Nikita's argument.

        [A]     I had hoped to avoid this, but ..., oh, well.

Adrian rises and walks across the room.

        [A]     I suppose it can't be helped.

Adrian opens a drawer from a nearby table, pulls out a device and holds
it out for Nikita to see.

        [A]     Ever seen one of these?

The item is wrapped in plastic.  Nikita reaches out and takes it so she
can study it more closely.

        [N]     No.  What is it?

        [A]     It's a KL-6 security module.  They're not supposed to
exist outside Section.

Nikita looks back up at Adrian.

        [N]     What do we do with it?

        [A]     You simply allow it to be found.  Whoever finds it, will
have to authenticate it ..., and that will be done in the part of
Section currently regarded as most secure, and that, undoubtedly, is
where they keep Gemstone.

While Adrian thinks out loud, she walks over to a window and gazes out.

        [A]     It should be found .. on a Mission .. by someone
Operations trusts completely. ...

Adrian turns and looks at Nikita as she comes up with a name.

        [A]     Use Michael.

Nikita nods her head slightly in assent and leaves, taking the module
with her.


The station is located in a deserted and overgrown location.  The area
is both fenced off and guarded.  Michael is standing next to a Section
van when he checks in.

        [M]     Birkoff.


As usual, Birkoff is coordinating the Mission from Comm.

        [B]     You're clear to go.


Michael gives the signal and all Team Operatives close in on the
targeted area.  The Team waits until the gate is opened to let a van
leave.  An Operative (Ames) sneaks up behind the gate guard and quickly
garrotes him.  As the gate automatically begins to close, the rest of
the Team slip through - Michael and Nikita leading the way.  The Team
quietly infiltrates, Michael and Nikita heading for the main building,
while the remainder of the Team takes out all outside guards.


Michael and Nikita rush into the room, catching the guards by surprise.
Michael takes out the guard nearest the door and another who rushes in
from the next room, while Nikita shoots the remaining guard.
[Interesting silencers.  Several LFNers have noted they sounded like
Michael and Nikita were stapling the guard to death!]  When Michael
enters the switchroom to check for other personnel and set the charge,
Nikita pulls out the module Adrian gave her and places it on a nearby
shelf, where he will be sure to notice it.  Michael checks for other
personnel, then contacts Birkoff.

        [M]     Birkoff, three down.


        [B]     That's everybody.  Set the charge and move out.


Michael pulls out a charge, places it on the station's computer
switchboard and sets the timer.  He then gives the order to withdraw.

        [M]     Nikita, go.

Michael starts to follow Nikita, but stops when he sees the module.

        [B]     (VOICE)  Michael, get moving.

Michael picks up the module and studies it, as if he had all the time in
the world.

        [M]     There's a KL-6.


        [B]     (SURPRISED TONED)  In the room?  Where did it come from?


        [M]     Not from us.

        [B]     (VOICE)  That's weird.  Bring it in.


Michael joins Nikita outside just as the charge detonates.  The sky
around the switchstation lights up as the detonation shorts out the
entire satellite dish station.  [I'm curious as to why they just
crippled the station, and didn't blow it up.  Considering what
"Gemstone" noted, it could be Operations wanted to use the station at a
later time.  Either that ..., or TPTB decided the special effects to
blow it up cost too much.]


Michael walks down one of Section's main corridors, carrying the module
in a clear plastic case, and stops in front of a secured elevator.  He
taps in a code on the keypad and enters when the doors open.  As the
doors close, he codes in his destination on the keypad installed inside
the elevator.


Adrian has an infra-red schematic of Section on her computer and watches
as Michael descends in the elevator.  [Since we know Section is always
occupied ..., and Michael is the only figure noted, I wonder if Nikita
tagged him somehow.]  This way she is able to keep track of him and
inform Nikita where to go.

        [A]     Nikita ..., he's directly below the perch, four levels


Nikita is walking down a deserted, but unrestricted corridor.

        [N]     I don't have access to that floor.

        [A]     (VOICE)  I'll give you the code.

        [N]     When do I go?

        [A]     (VOICE)  Soon as Michael's done. ...

        [A]     ...  You'll piggyback off the exit signal.


Nikita climbs a staircase leading to a catwalk above the main floor's
corridor.  To the right is an opening - almost a pit - in Section,
showing the levels descending as far as you can see.  [Once again, kudos
to Billy Choi for a marvelous special effect of Section.  He makes it
look almost bottomless - and you know what the 'bottomless pit' refers
to ....]


Michael walks down a secured corridor, until he arrives at an isolated
room.  The doors seem to indicate the room is heavily reinforced and
shielded.  Michael enters a code in the door keypad and enters.  The
little you can see of the room shows it filled with computer wizardry,
and deserted.


Adrian observes Michael on her computer and contacts Nikita when Michael
is in the elevator riding back up to Section's main level.

        [A]     Okay, Nikita ..., he's clear.


Nikita walks down the same secured corridor as Michael had earlier,
being careful she is not seen.  She comes to the same doors and enters
the code.


Nikita enters a small circular room.  The walls are lined with panels,
each panel indicating the subject residing inside the databank.

        [N]     I'm in.


        [A]     You'll pass a bank of blank monitors ..., then a series
of labeled ones.


Nikita walks over and starts to read the panel labels.  She passes

        [A]     (VOICE)  Find "Deep Ops."

Nikita locates the panel about half-way down.

        [N]     Got it.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Copy the file.


        [A]     It may take a while to cycle through.


Nikita opens the drawer, and places the CD she's brought with her in the
drive.  She brings up "GEMSTONE" and starts to download the data.  As
Nikita waits for the file to be copied, she looks over and sees a panel
marked "PERSONNEL."  She immediately walks over and accesses the
keyboard.  The monitor pulls up a search request.


Nikita first punches in the code, which is shown as "****," then keys in
her request.

        FILE SET <05-958-4>


Nikita is no longer giving even cursory attention to the Gemstone copy
status as she watches the computer search for Michael's name to download
the information.  Suddenly, another window appears.


The letters and the warning icon below them are all bright red.  Other
instructions appear beneath lettered in blue.

                SECURITY LEVEL <5-   >
                ERROR <984-A>
Nikita is staring at the screen in puzzlement when Adrian checks in.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Is it ready, Nikita?

Adrian's voice brings Nikita's mind back to her original purpose, and
she looks back to see that "Gemstone" has been copied.

        [N]     Yeah.


        [A]     (SMILES)  Then you're finished.


Nikita puts the CD back in its case and closes the panel.  She also logs
off the "PERSONNEL" panel.  As she walks back to the door, it is
apparent her thoughts still are occupied with the fact that Michael's
personnel information is restricted.  She gives the panel one more
backward glance as she opens the door, then leaves.


Nikita's thoughts are quickly brought back to the matters at hand when
an alarm sounds the minute she exits the room.  The sound has her
freezing in place and contacting Adrian.

        [N]     Do you hear that?

        [A]     (VOICE)  Yes, I hear it.  They've added an egress code.


Adrian is calm, ready to talk Nikita out of this situation.

        [A]     In about ten seconds, two Operatives should enter from
the Southeast.  Go the other way.

[Here is where I would have been dead in the water.  I'm lucky if I can
distinguish between right and left .., forget knowing where 'Southeast'


Nikita takes off down a corridor toward the Northwest.  [Well, as  fast
as she can considering she's wearing a tight skirt and high heels.  This
doesn't seem to make sense until you consider what an Operative finding
her in a secured area would think (if the alarm hadn't been sounded).
What person in their right mind would 'skulk' in this outfit?]  Right on
cue, Ames and another Operative hurry down a circular set of stairs and
converge on the room.  Finding it empty, they split up and start to
search the corridors.  Nikita does a pretty good job of eluding them,
but eventually slips up and lets one of the guards see her before she
can pull back out of sight.

        [N]     I've been seen.


        [A]     Just keep calm and do exactly as I say.


Nikita is rushing down a corridor as she listens to Adrian.

        [A]     (VOICE)  On your left, near the floor.  A small
indentation on the wall.  Press it, then pass through.

Nikita sees the panel, stops, leans down, and presses it.  She
straightens back up and hurries through a corridor jointure.

        [A]     (VOICE) Another one of the far side.  Press it.

Nikita again follows Adrian's instructions, then stands in the middle of
the passage, in plan sight of anyone entering from the other end.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Stay put.

The Operative searching for her turns the corner with gun drawn.  When
he spots Nikita and realizes who it is, he lowers his gun and walks
toward her.

        [MO]    What are you doing down here, Nikita?


        [A]     Say nothing.


Nikita stands mute and watches as the Operative nears.  The moment he
enters the jointure between the two panels Nikita has  pressed he is
electrocuted.  Nikita can only watch in horror as, first his body jerks
when the current hits him, then he falls to the floor dead.

        [N]     How about the other one?


        [A]     We locked him in a closed zone.  Go back to the top
level.  There's a panel across from the stairs.


After glancing one more time at the dead Operative, Nikita turns and
follows Adrian's instructions until she's back on a unsecured level.
Once there, she smoothes her clothes and hair and strolls toward
Section's Common Area, doing her best to act nonchalant.


Comm is crowed with Operatives running around trying to locate the

        [FT]    Have we localized?

        [MT]    I've got something around Segment 35.

        [FT]    The upper levels are clear. .... Send security there.

        [MT]    I'll need a JPR as soon as you can. ...

Nikita's expression as she listens to the confusion infers she has no
idea what all the excitement is about.  She sees Michael standing off to
the side and joins him.

        [N]     What's going on?

        [M]     Someone broke deep level security.

        [N]     Do they know who?

Michael says nothing, just looks across the Common Area.  Two Operatives
enter, with a cuffed Ames between them.  Ames sees a furious Operations
who has just entered the Common Area and tries to explain.

        [AM]    (PANICED)  I didn't do anything!  I was just responding
to the alarm ...

Unfortunately, Operations isn't buying his explanation.

        [O]     (FURIOUS)  You were in a closed zone!  You must have
been viewing unauthorized Intel.

        [AM]    (PANICED)  No!  The doors just snapped shut!

Operations ignores him and gives orders to the Operatives escorting

        [O]     Take him to the White Room.

Operations briefly glares at Michael and Nikita before stalking back to
his office.  Michael turns back to study Nikita's face.  Nikita notices
that Michael is now staring at her, and puts a "who'd of thunk?"
expression on her face before walking away.  Michael watches her leave,
his demeanor indicating he knows she had something to do with the
security breach, but has chosen to keep silent.


Nikita is still thinking about her thwarted attempt to find out more
about Michael.  She wanders over to Comm, standing behind Birkoff, just
outside Comm.  He hears her and briefly looks behind him.

        [B]     Hi.

Nikita looks up, almost as she's just realized where she is.

        [N]     (ALMOST A WHISPER)  Hi. ...  (NORMAL)  What's happening
with Ames?

Birkoff answers while continuing to review data on his monitor.

        [B]     I don't know.  He's with Madeline though.  My guess is
he's not having fun.

Nikita walks over and sits on the desk next to Birkoff's computer.  She
then brings up what's occupying most of her thoughts.

        [N]     Birkoff, where does Michael live?

Birkoff answers while continuing to work.

        [B]     No one knows that ..., except Operations and Madeline.

        [N]     Why is that?

        [B]     That's the way it is with all Level Five Ops.

Nikita again thinks back to the screen barring access and starts
wondering out loud.

        [N]     What do you think?  An apartment in the city?

Birkoff looks up at Nikita, thinking.

        [B]     Could be .....

Before anything else can be said, Michael enters the Common Area and
gets Birkoff's attention.

        [M]     Birkoff. ..  Report to Operations.

Birkoff looks up at Michael who has joined him and Nikita in Comm.

        [B]     What's up?

        [M]     The security breach is unresolved.  There's going to be
a general inquiry.

Birkoff sighs as he gets up and leaves Comm.  Nikita looks up at
Michael, who has not moved.

        [N]     What about Ames?

Michael says nothing at first, just looks around Comm, before
concentrating on Nikita's face as he answers her question.

        [M]     He's dead.

Michael says nothing more, just exits, leaving Nikita with her thoughts.


Nikita is finally able to find a deserted corridor and contact Adrian.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Nikita, what's happening?

        [N]     They're holding a general inquiry.  What do I do?


Adrian must have just entered from the garden, because she is still
wearing her sunglasses.  She sits, thinking out loud.

        [A]     They'll use invasive testing.

        [N]     (VOICE)  What should I do?

Adrian now has a plan.

        [A]     Go to Munitions.


Nikita turns and quickly walks back to Section's main level.


Nikita carefully looks to see who's around as she crosses the Common
Area to Walter's workstation.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Is Walter there?

Nikita checks to make sure Walter is not around.

        [N]     No.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Do you see his differential calibrator?

Nikita looks around and finds it.

        [N]     Yes.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Good.  Remove the facing.

The calibrator is in a corner of his main work room.  Nikita removes the
calibrator's facing.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Now touch it.

Nikita trustingly places her hand in, but whips it back out when she is
shocked with an electrical charge.  Her tone indicates surprise that
Adrian would tell her to do this without first warning her.

        [N]     (SURPRISED)  It's a live current!


        [A]     Yes.  Put your hand inside it and keep it there.


It is apparent that the last think Nikita wants to do is put her hand
back inside.  [The way her hand seemed to hover just outside the
calibrator - almost as if her appendage had a mind of its own and had NO
intention of going back inside.]

        [N]     (UNCERTAIN)  Keep it there?

Nikita turns and looks at the calibrator's inner workings.
        [N]     For how long?


        [A]     As long as you can bear it.  The longer the better.


        [A]     (VOICE)  ... It's the only way you'll pass the test.

Nikita takes a deep breath, then grits her teeth and sticks her hand
back inside.  As the shock run through her body, she reaches out with
her other hand and holds on to a nearby railing.  [Okay, from what I saw
the calibrator was in a corner of Walter's main workroom.  That means
that anyone walking by could see Nikita if they looked in.  I can just
see it:  Op#1 - And I told Operations to ...., did you see that?  Op#2 -
What?  Op#1 - Nikita had her hand stuck in Walter's whatchamacallit and
was shocking the hell out of herself!  Op#2 - Was Michael around?  Op#1
- No, but I saw him talking to her a few minutes ago.  Op#2 - Oh, that
explains it.  Now, what were you saying about Operations?]


Nikita turn has arrived to be tested.  She is sitting in 'the chair'
with various electrodes attached to her face and fingers.

        [O]     (VOICE)  Your name.

        [N]     Nikita.


        [O]     Your rating.

        [N]     (VOICE)  Field Operative, Level Two.

Operations is pacing behind Walter asking Nikita questions, while Walter
oversees and monitors the various readings.  For Nikita, Walter is just
getting a static line.

        [W]     (PERPLEXED)  I'm not getting ... any kind of reading at
all.  Just .. noise.

Operations looks down at Walter.

        [O]     Is it the equipment?

Walter performs a quick status check on the equipment.
        [W]     No.  It's fine.

Operations refocuses his attention on Nikita, leaning down and turning
the intercom back on to continue the questions.

        [O]     Are you on active status?

        [N]     (VOICE)  Yes.

Once again, Walter gets the same reaction - no cognizant reading.

        [W]     No.  Still not working.

Operations turns and glares down at Walter.

        [O]     What's going on?

Walter looks up at Operations.

        [W]     A small percentage of Ops don't respond to I.T. testing.

Operations walks over to a nearby computer and pulls up Nikita's

        [O]     I'm showing she's been through this twice ...,

Operations leans over and hits the button to reset Walter's equipment.

        [O]     Try again.  (TO NIKITA)  Your name.

        [N]     (VOICE)  Nikita.

        [O]     Rating.

An impatient tone is starting to show in Nikita's voice.

        [N]     (VOICE)  Field Operative, Level Two.

        [W]     (SHAKES HEAD)  Nope. ...  It is possible there's been a
change in body chemistry.

However, Operations doesn't like anomalies.

        [O]     Have you noticed any change in her behavior?  Anything

Walter looks up startled, his expression seeming to say "Nikita?! ... do
something against Section"?!

        [W]     No.

However, as soon as Operations looks away, an uneasy expression appears
on Walter's face as he remembers finding Nikita down in a  restricted
area.  Operations leans down and turns the microphone to the Gambit Room
back on.

        [O]     You can go.

It is very apparent that Operations is not happy with Nikita's


Nikita slowly pulls or removes the various electrodes attached to her.
She realizes that, while she didn't fail the test, she obviously didn't
pass it either.  She now has Operations focusing attention on her.


Operations pulls off his glasses as he watches Nikita leave.  This is
one very unhappy camper.


Operations is briefing Madeline and Michael on the results of the
inquiry.  Operations must be manning the holograph computer by remote,
because there is no one at the keyboard.  Operations obviously wants as
few people as possible listening in to the briefing.

        [O]     The inquiry was ... inconclusive with respect ... to
three Operatives ....

Operations pulls up holograph photographs of the three named Operatives.

        [O]     Lajos .., Ranalt .., and Nikita.  In the meantime, we
have to assume .. our mole had help from the highest level.

Michael reveals nothing to indicate his thoughts on Nikita showing up on
this list.

        [M]     Who?

        [O]     Only one person alive .. knows our systems this

Operations changes the holograph and the three views of the named
Operatives change to three views of Adrian.

        [O]     Adrian.

        [M]     I thought she was dormant.

        [MA]    She suffered a stroke five years ago.  (SIGHS)  We're
considering the possibility that it was self-induced ..., and that her
convalescence was a cover for anti-Section activities.

        [M]     Why would she be doing this?

        [O]     Revenge. ...

Michael seems genuinely astonished that Adrian would turn and try to
destroy something she worked so hard to create.

        [O]     If I'm right, one of these three Operatives ...

The holograph has switched back to views of Lajos, Ranalt and Nikita.

        [O]      ... is working with Adrian.  ... (TO MICHAEL)  Find out
which one.

Michael says nothing, just nods his assent and leaves Systems.


Nikita is in the kitchen area trying to arrange several vases of cut
flowers, when she hears a knock on the door.  [This is one of the few
times I've ever seen Nikita in her apartment with no music playing.
Hmmmm, wonder if Adrian had found out about Michael possible 'visit' and
warned Nikita.  Nikita would, I'm sure, not played music so Adrian could
hear the conversation.]  She goes to the door and looks at the security
screen to see - Michael.  It is apparent that Nikita does not want to
let him in.  However, she realizes that if she doesn't answer the door,
Michael will get in anyway - either by key or kicking the door open.
She takes a moment to gather herself, then opens the door and invites
Michael in.

        [N]     (BRIEF SMILE)  Come in.

Nikita goes back to her flower arranging as Michael slowly enters and
shuts the door behind him.  Once inside, he takes a moment to look
around.  Then, while removing his gloves, he launches his attack.

        [M]     What are you trying to do?

Nikita doesn't look at Michael, just continues to arrange and rearrange
the flowers.

        [N]     (VAGUE)  What do you mean?

Michael has slowly walked around her kitchen counter so he is now
standing next to Nikita.  From the moment he first spoke, his eyes have
not left her face.

        [M]     Ames was innocent.  And you knew it from the start. ...

Nikita meets his gaze, feigning confusion.  This time its Michael who
turns away first.

        [M]     You're working with Adrian.

        [N]     Who's that?

Michael says nothing, just turns back to stare at Nikita.

        [N]     (BEWILDERED)  Why are you looking at me like that?  I'm
telling the truth. ...  I don't know anyone named Adrian.

Michael drops his gloves on the kitchen counter and moves closer to

        [M]     I want you to let me help you.

        [N]     Help me?

Nikita turns back to her flowers.

        [N]     (SMALL LAUGH)  Help me do what?

        [M]     You know what.  ...  It's gone too far, Nikita.  They
won't let this pass.

Michael has moved so he is standing close to Nikita, and now carefully
studies her profile.  He seems to be choosing his words carefully,
making sure Nikita knows the gravity of the situation.

        [M]     If there was ever a time you had to trust me ...,

This gets Nikita attention and she turns and meets Michael's gaze.

        [M]     ... its now.

        [N]     You want me to confess ..., and then lead you to Adrian.

Michael immediately jumps on this almost admission of guilt.

        [M]     I thought you didn't know Adrian.

        [N]     I don't. ...  You seem to think I do.

Nikita turns her attention once more to the flowers.

        [N]     (SLIGHTLY DISGUSTED)  Section sent you.

        [M]     Yes, they did.

While Michael continues to speak he slowly moves around Nikita to stand
on her other side.  As he walks behind her, Nikita briefly closes her
eyes, as if to gather herself for what she knows is the 'next round.'

        [M]     ...  But they don't control me. ...

Michael has reached her other side, but doesn't look at her face, just
watches as she adjusts the flowers.

        [M]     Let me help you, Nikita.  Where's the file?

        [N]     (PUZZLED)  The file?

Once more Michael moves around Nikita to stand on her left side.  And,
once more, the moment he walks behind her, Nikita closes her eyes to
gather herself.  [After watching this scene 'several' times, I wonder if
the reason Michael kept moving around Nikita was to keep her off-kilter,
much like his approach when interrogating a Section 'guest.']

        [M]     The Gemstone file you stole from Section.  ...  The one
that Ames died for.

This does get a reaction.  Nikita turns and faces Michael.

        [N]     Okay, Michael.  Now you've lost me.

Michael reaches out and holds Nikita by her shoulders, raising the
tension in the room a notch as he does this.

        [M]     You're in over your head.

Nikita holds his gaze, refusing to give in.

        [N]     Take your hands off me, please.

When Michael makes no move to let her go, Nikita tries to shake his hold
off.  Instead of letting go, Michael tightens his hold and slams her
against the refrigerator and stands so their faces are almost touching.

        [M]     Now listen to me ..., if Adrian succeeds ... every
Operative will be cancelled ..., no exceptions.  ...  They will roll up
Section like it never existed. ...  And if you think Adrian can protect
you ..., you're wrong.

Nikita briefly tries to break free, then stops when she realizes she
can't break his hold.  With Michael holding her up against the
refrigerator, their faces are inches apart, gazes locked.  There is both
a visual and oral war being waged - and neither is giving ground.

        [M]     Where's Adrian?

        [N]     I don't know.

        [M]     Where's the file?

        [N]     (EMPHATIC)  I don't know!

        [M]     (ACCUSING)  You're lying!

Nikita grits her teeth and spits out her answer.

        [N]     I .. don't .. know!

Michael studies her face for a moment, then lets her go.  However, he
doesn't move away, just continues to study her.

        [M]     (WHISPER)  Why? ...

Michael gently raises his hand and caresses the side of her face.

        [M]     (WHISPER)  ... (SIGHS)  Why?

Nikita takes a deep breath, obviously struggling with both Michael and
herself.  Michael continues to stroke her face and brush her hair back
while studying her face.  His own expression is one of sorrow.

        [M]     (DEEP BREATH)  This is your last chance. ...  Our last
chance. ...

Nikita closes her eyes, unable to look at Michael any longer.

        [M]     Where's Adrian?

Nikita struggles, then opens her eyes and looks at Michael as she gives
him the same answer.

        [N]     (WHISPER)  I don't know.

Michael doesn't stop caressing her face, but briefly closes his eyes and
says nothing for a moment while he struggles with his emotions.  Nikita
is forcing him to take a stand against her and this is tearing him apart

        [M]     (SUBDUED)  Then you leave me no choice.

Nikita studies Michael face, her eyes half-filled with tears.  Michael
doesn't meet her gaze, just concentrates on her face as if he's
committing it to memory, while briefly holding his hand against her
cheek.  Michael then reluctantly drops his hand and steps away.  He
gazes at her a moment more before leaving, forgetting his gloves on the
kitchen counter.  Nikita doesn't move, just remains huddled against the
refrigerator, eyes closed, as she listens to the apartment door close
behind him.


        [A]     Excellent, Nikita.

The reason for Nikita's resolve becomes apparent.


Michael joins Operations, who is half sitting on the console next to the

        [M]     She denied everything.

        [O]     Did you search her apartment for the file?

        [M]     No.

Operations glares at Michael.

        [O]     (DEMANDING)  Why not?

        [M]     She wouldn't be foolish enough to keep it in her

Operations concentrates on Michael's face as he asks his next question.

        [O]     Bottom line, Michael.  In your opinion ..., is she the
one we're after?

Michael hesitates only a brief second before answering truthfully.

        [M]     Yes.

For just a second, Michael's eyes hold a bleak look, thinking he has
committed himself to Nikita's demise.


Adrian is sitting at her dining room table, working on her laptop, when
Nikita enters the house and joins her.

        [A]     You have the file?

        [N]     Yes.

Nikita doesn't remove her sunglasses, not wishing Adrian to see how much
it cost her to lie to Michael.  She hands the CD to Adrian and turns to
lean against one of the nearby table chairs.  Adrian removes the CD from
its case and loads it into her laptop.

        [A]     You've done the world a great service. ...

Adrian accesses the "Gemstone" file, then looks up at Nikita.  Her
manner seems to indicate that she understands what Nikita went through
emotionally to get her this file.

        [A]     Would you care to view it with me?

Nikita looks at Adrian a moment, then moves a dining room chair so she
can sit next to Adrian and view the data on the screen.  The file
contains film footage.  The first view is of a barren countryside
strafed by war.  Below the film footage data is scrolling down in green.
[Several words and numbers were lettered in yellow.  I will indicate
this by underlining all words/numbers noted in yellow.]

                $200,000,000 SWISS ACCOUNT G5-3432-346-34436 DATED /

The next footage is of a well-known terrorist.  When Nikita sees who it
is, she removes her sunglasses in disbelief.

        [N]     Saddam Hussein?

Adrian had been watching Nikita's reaction, but now turns back to the

        [A]     Yes.  Operations is keeping him in power.

        [N]     What?

        [A]     Operations wants control over as much of the world as
possible.  He'll do anything to get it.  Hussein helps him achieve this.

This was worse then anything Nikita had imagined.  She gets up and turns
to stare out a nearby window.  After a few seconds she turns her head to
look back down at Adrian.

        [N]     (DISBELIEF)  Section helped develop chemical weapons?

        [A]     Yes. ...  And deploy them.

        [N]     Thousands of people have died.

        [A]     They helped him invade, supported him during the war,
and kept him in power afterwards.

Adrian pulls up a schematic of the world, highlighting Operations'
sphere of influence.

        [A]     Operations is out of control ..., and has to be stopped.
...  His sphere of influence is expanding so rapidly that soon .., he'll
be untouchable. ..

Adrian turns her head to stare up at Nikita, needing the young woman to
realize how serious their next step will be.

        [A]     From this point on ..., either we destroy Section, or
Section destroys us.

Nikita looks down and meets Adrian's gaze, realizing that helping Adrian
could put the future of people she cares about in jeopardy.


Nikita is sitting slumped in a wing chair that is next to the dining
room table, still wearing her camel coat.  Adrian is standing next to
the chair in front of the laptop, asking for Nikita's opinion.

        [A]     So, Nikita.  What shall we do with it?

Nikita starts to think out loud.

        [N]     We could send copies to the newspapers and politicians.
That would certainly generate publicity.

Adrian starts to slowly pace around her chair as she listens to Nikita.

        [A]     And that would hurt ... who?

        [N]     Section One and everyone they deal with.
Nikita sighs, briefly shuts her eyes and leans her head back against the

        [N]     But it would also implicate a lot of other agencies ...,
some of which we may not want to hurt, so the shotgun approach is wrong.

Nikita holds her hand to her head as she tries to come up with another

        [N]     We should give it to an individual.

Adrian had been looking out the window.  This new suggestion has her
turning back to Nikita.

        [A]     Describe him.

As Nikita visually describes the man, Adrian moves to stand in front of

        [N]     He's highly placed, or has been. ...  Has contacts
around the world.

Adrian now sits on her chair's arm, concentrating on Nikita's

        [A]     (PROMPTS)  And?

        [N]     Knowledge of intelligence work ..., or enough to
understand what he's looking at for, but ... not enough so as to be
implicated in it.

Adrian briefly holds up one of her fingers.  She has the look of a
teacher who's prized student has answered a difficult question

        [A]     (PLEASED)  Exactly, Nikita.

Adrian turns and sits back in front of her laptop and pulls up a screen
that show pictures of four men.  When she has brought the data up, she
turns the screen so Nikita can see.  Nikita leans forward to get a
better look.

        [A]     There are four people who fit that description.

Under each picture is a condensed profile of each man.


Operations is briefing Michael, Birkoff and two other Operatives.  The
Blue Screen he has accessed show the same men as Adrian's screen.
        [O]     You all know who these men are.  Download current status
sheets after the briefing, you'll be updated en route.

        [M]     Which is the prime candidate?

        [O]     The sims showed no meaningful separation.  We'll have to
cover all four.


A long white limo cruises down a street in front of a large modern
office building.

        [A]     All right, Nikita. ...


Nikita and Adrian are sitting inside.  The older woman turns to Nikita.

        [A]     It's up to you now.  You know what to do.

Adrian hands Nikita the case containing the CD with Gemstone.

        [A]     Good luck.

When the limo comes to a stop, Nikita opens the door and gets out.


Nikita enters the building's outside perimeter and climbs an outside set
of stairs, constantly looking around to make sure she's not being
followed or spied on.  The stairs lead to a long causeway that runs into
the building's ground floor balcony.  As she nears the elevator bank she
sees paramedics accompanying a gurney out of the elevators.  She gets a
brief look of the patient's face and stops cold.

        [N]     Adrian, he's been taken out.

Nikita sprints down a nearby set of stairs and runs over to get a closer
look at the man on the gurney.  She can only stand and watch as they
wheel him away.

        [A]     (VOICE)  Get back, Nikita.  ... Now!

Nikita suddenly realizes Section must know of Adrian's plan ..., and
that she is very vulnerable where she is standing.  She briefly scans
the crowd for Section Operatives, before turning and running back to the


As soon as Nikita gets in the limo takes off.  Nikita hands the file
back to Adrian.

        [A]     (TO CHAUFFER)  Home, quickly.

Adrian puts the CD down.  She is holding her cell phone and starts
dialing.  Nikita can only stare out the window, not wanting to believe
what she just witnessed.

        [A]     (ON PHONE)  Carla?  Protocol Four.  Immediately.

Nikita pulls off her gloves, then wraps her arms around herself.

        [N]     My God, they got him.

        [A]     that doesn't matter now, dear.

Nikita turns her head to look at Adrian.

        [N]     What are we going to do?

Adrian makes a small motion with her hand.

        [A]     We'll talk about this later.  I have to think.

Adrian leans back and closes her eyes, obviously concentrating on
contingencies to fall back on.  Nothing is said for the remainder of the
trip, as each woman is involved in her own thoughts.


Adrian starts giving directions as soon as they walk in the door.

        [A]     We'll evacuate to an island near Portugal.  The
helicopter will be here in a minute.  In the meantime .., help Carla
strip the files.

Carla is sitting at Adrian's laptop, her back to them.  Nikita walks
over and stands next to her waiting to help in whatever way she can.

        [N]     What do you need me to do?

As Nikita leans down she looks over to see -- Carla is dead, a small
bullet hole in the middle of her forehead.  Nikita immediately turns
back to Adrian.

        [A]     Adrian!

Adrian realizes Carla is dead, then quickly turns and looks for her
other people.  They are in the next room, also dead [including,
unfortunately, our 'Where's Waldo' twins].  Their  bodies are strewn
around Adrian's dining room and den.  Nikita also realizes everyone is
dead and rushes over to Adrian.

        [N]     We have to go.

Adrian can only stand in shock, looking at the bodies.

        [A]     (SHAKES HEAD)  It's too late.

Nikita doesn't accept this answer, and starts to pull Adrian toward the
front door.

        [N]     (ALMOST A WHISPER)  We must try! ...  Please.

They have taken no more than a couple steps when the door opens and two
Operatives enter, guns drawn.  Before anything can start, a command is
given for the Operatives to back down.

        [M]     (VOICE)  Don't shoot.

Michael has been in a small room off the living room the entire time.
He now walks over to Adrian and Nikita as the other Operatives stand
with guns drawn.  Nikita stands in front of Adrian, almost like a buffer
between the older woman and Michael.  Michael says nothing, just meets
Nikita's gaze and holds out a hand.  Nikita also says nothing, just
hands Michael her gun.  As soon as she does this, the other Operatives
lower their guns.  He pockets the gun and looks behind Nikita, at
Adrian.  Again, Michael holds out his hand.

        [M]     The file.

There is nothing left to be said.  Adrian hands the file over to him.
Michael pockets the CD and turns to the Operatives standing in the

        [M]     (TO OTHER TEAM OPERATIVES)  Bring her in.

The Operatives take Adrian and escort her out the door.  Nikita still
stands mute in front of Michael, a determined, but resigned, look on her
face.  When Michael sees that the Operatives are out of sight, he holds
Nikita's gun out to her.

        [M]     Go.

Nikita doesn't believe what she is seeing and hearing.  For Michael to
let her go would put his own life in jeopardy once Operations heard of

        [N]     (DISBELIEF)  What?

Michael looks away from Nikita as he gives her this small chance at

        [M]     Outside you have a very small chance.  ...

Michael turns back and studies Nikita's Face.  Nikita is looking at the

        [M]     Back at Section you have none. ... Go, now.

Nikita looks up and meets Michael's look.

        [N]     What's the point?

Nikita shakes her head and refuses to take the gun.

        [N]     I'm not going to run.

Michael and Nikita stare at each other a moment, then Nikita turns and
leaves to join Adrian.  She stops as she reaches the open doorway, then
seems to pull herself together and marches through the doorway and
outside.  Michael is left staring at Nikita's gun in his hand, before
slowly following her.  Nikita has left him no way to help her.


Walter and Birkoff are standing together when the Team arrives.  Michael
enters first, ahead of the others, his actions indicating how he hates
bringing Nikita back in shackles.  Nikita, escorted by two Operatives
enter next, her hands shackled.  Adrian is brought in last.  She, too,
has two Operatives escorting her, but is not bound.  Birkoff and Walter
can only stare in shock as this entourage walks by, then turn and walk
in the opposite direction, wanting no part in the upcoming events.


The group enters the Common Area.  It, like all the surrounding areas,
is deserted.  The only person present is Operations, who is standing in
the middle of the Common Area.  Michael hands Operations the CD, then
moves to stand off to the side, as to the Operatives guarding Adrian and
Nikita.  Adrian walks up to Operations and meets his gaze unflinchingly.

        [O]     It's been a very long time. (SMILES) ...  Given your
relative lack of resources, you did well.

        [A]     Don't patronize me.

        [O]     (SINCERE)  I didn't mean it that way.

        [A]     My only regret is that I brought down with me a very
brave .. young woman.  (HALF TURNS TO NIKITA)  I'm sorry, Nikita.  More
sorry than I can say.  (TO  OPERATIONS)  Is it really necessary to
restrain her at this point?

Operations turns and motions to Michael.

        [O]     Yes.  The cuffs should come off.

Michael slowly walks around to stand next to Nikita.  Operations also
has moved, so he is now standing in front of her, and holds out his hand
for the key.  Michael hesitates for a second, looking down at it, before
handing it to Operations.  [I think this was very symbolic to Michael.
Once he handed over the key, it was like he was giving up whatever
handle he had over Nikita's future.]  Michael's holds Operations' look
for a moment, then turns and, once again, moves to a position just
outside the group -- as if to disavow what he was certain was to follow.
Operations walks over and briefly looks at Nikita, before releasing her.
Nikita looks straight ahead, refusing to meet Operations' gaze, a frozen
sad look in her eyes.  Operations studies her face a moment, then a look
of admiration appears on his face.

        [O]     Excellent work, Nikita.

Adrian looks over at Nikita in stunned disbelief.  This also is news to
Michael, but he manages to hide his reaction better than Adrian.  Nikita
looks over and meets Adrian's look.  It is obvious that betraying this
woman was one of the hardest things she has ever done.  Adrian stands
reeling from this revelation, before gathering herself.

        [A]     I'm impressed.  Not many people could have deceived me
.. so thoroughly.

Nikita returns to staring straight ahead, unable to continue looking at

        [A]     But at some level you knew I'm right ..., or I would
have seen through you.

        [MA]    (VOICE)  That's why we selected her.

Madeline has entered unnoticed, but she now makes her presence known.

        [MA]    Because of her ambivalence.  ...  She didn't deceive
you, so much as she allowed you to deceive yourself.

Adrian still holds some regard for Nikita, so has treated the younger
woman with respect.  Madeline obviously doesn't merit the same

        [A]     And she also allowed to achieve your life's ambition.

        [MA]    And what would that be?

        [A]     To kill Mommy, of course.

Madeline doesn't show or make a move, but you can tell the salvos Adrian
is lobbing her way are hitting the target.

        [A]     You didn't have the stomach for it, did you?  Tell me,
do I make an adequate substitute?

        [MA]    Facile psychology doesn't change the fact ...that you've
lost, Adrian.

        [A]     Nor does it change the fact that when you wake up
tomorrow morning, you still be ... what you are.

Adrian briefly rakes her glance over Madeline before turning away,
making her feelings quite clear.  Operations makes the mistake of trying
to break it up.

        [O]     Shall we keep it professional rather than personal?

All this gets him is having Adrian focus on him.

        [A]     Still defending her.  I'm touched.  It doesn't bother
you that she sleeps with every young stud in Section?

Operations says nothing, but Adrian realizes she gains nothing by these
attacks and backs down.

        [A]     Yes ..., well ...

Madeline's body relaxes somewhat when she realizes that Adrian has
stopped washing her's and Operations' dirty laundry out in public.

        [A]     Congratulations, you've won at last.

        [O]     I won a long time ago.  You should have accepted it and
moved on.

        [A]     May I inquire as to the fate of my people?

Michael looks over at Nikita as Operations gives Adrian the body count.

        [O]     Eleven dead, the rest are being questioned now.

Nikita continues to ignore everyone and stare off into the distance.
It's almost as if she were trying to shut off the events occurring
around her.

        [A]     How long have you known that I was moving against you?

Operations turns and, as usual, starts to pace as he briefly summarizes
his strategy against Adrian.

        [O]     For a year.  But you kept the details well hidden.  ...
And we knew we had to destroy not just you, but  your entire
organization.  We had to draw you out.

        [A]     Just as I taught you.

There is almost a note of pride in Adrian's voice as she makes this
statement.  She may hate what she believes Operations has become, but
she still holds a regard and pride for his talents.

        [O]     Just as you taught me (SMALL SMILE).

        [A]     So ...,

Adrian slowly moves to stand near Operations.

        [A]     ... you let me recruit Nikita, and get close to my
objective .. only to fail at the last moment, forcing me to mobilize my
organization, and in doing so ..., expose it. ... Very neat.

This time Adrian's tone denotes appreciation of a well thought out plan
of attack.

        [O]     Is there anything else?

        [A]     (SHAKES HEAD) No.  I think I understand. (DEEP BREATH)
Shall we make an end of it?

        [N]     Wait.

This one word has captured everyone's attention.  Up to now, Nikita has
been treated as a useful, but minor, pawn in this chess game.

        [N]     It's not as simple as that.

Operations' face clouds over as he starts to feel the hostile vibes
emanating from Nikita.

        [O]     It's over, Nikita.

        [N]     It's over ... when I say it's over.

Michael's expression seems to indicate that he's been waiting for Nikita
to make her move.  The rest of the group may have thought Nikita's part
if this game was over, but Michael thought differently.  [I think THIS
is why he stepped out and let the others 'play,' he was just bidding his
time until Nikita showed her hand.]  Everyone else has been caught by

        [O]     I don't know what you're trying to do here, but I know
you're going to regret it.

Nikita ignores this remark and shows she has watched the experts long
enough to pick up a few of their tricks.

        [N]     The Gemstone file in your hand ..., its not the only
copy.  ...  I made a second.

This is obviously news to Adrian.  She turns and stares at the Nikita,
her impression changed once more.

        [N]     If I don't intervene within the hour, it will be sent to
every website in the world.

        [O]     No one will believe it.

        [N]     Most won't.  But questions will be asked. ...  And,
sooner or later, Section will die.

        [O]     And so will you.

Operations has forgotten that this has never been a threat to Nikita.
She thought long and hard before she put this plan into action.  To
continue working for Section, she needs to have some hard questions
answered -- NOW -- and is willing to put her life on the line to get

        [N]     You support butchers who kill their own people by the
thousands! ...  You sponsor terrorism on every single continent. ...
We're suppose to be fighting these people, not helping them!

Adrian is once more the proud parent (or grandparent).

        [A]     (SOFTLY)  Bravo, Nikita.

This gets a rise out of Operations faster than all her other digs she
threw out in anger.

        [O]     (TO OPERATIVES STANDING BY)  Get her out of here.

        [N]     She stays!

        [O]     I don't have to justify anything to you.

        [N]     Today .. you .. do.  ...  Section's on trial.  ...
Defend it.

Operations stands a moment and reviews his actions, then concedes
Nikita's checkmate.  He studies the faces of the people around him, then
walks over to the briefing table and picks up the remote.

        [O]     Yes, we scratch Hussein's back ..., and he scratches
ours ..., because the alternative is chaos.

Operations pulls up a Blue Screen of film of Hussein made during an

        [O]     We've run sims, thousands of them.  Based on the
assessments of brilliant people .. who devote their lives to this.
Without Hussein, the groups he sponsors would splinter and multiply like
viruses.  They'd be starved for funds .. and would use extreme measures
to obtain them.

Adrian's expression during this talk shows that Operations is not
telling her anything she hasn't heard before.

        [O]     Whatever restraints exist on their behavior now, would

Operations now pulls up a map of the world, and highlights areas as he
discusses the future without Hussein.

        [O]     Without Hussein, the country disintegrates in months.
In a year, adjoining countries follow ..., and the entire region by year
four.  By year six ..., a nuclear incident takes place in the Middle
East.  By year eight, three more detonations occur throughout the world
..., killing two million people directly, 20 million indirectly.

Whatever Nikita had been prepared to hear, this wasn't it.  She watches
in horror as Operations outlines the world's destruction ..., all
happening because of the removal of one fanatical leader.

        [O]     In the year ten, a man-made plague ravages Europe and
spreads to India and China.  Estimated casualties ..., fifty million
people.  After that it gets worse.

        [N]     but you can't be certain any of that will actually

        [O]     No.  But its our job to make certain .. that it doesn't.
...  Human nature hasn't changed, Nikita.  The Dark Ages were a thousand
years of .. chaos, war .., famine and disease.  You think that won't
happen again because we have .. computers .. and jet planes and cellular
phones? ...  Think again.

Operations' spiel is interrupted by Adrian's slow and steady clapping.

        [A]     How convenient that your sims and studies should justify
your need for power.

Adrian turns and briefly looks at Nikita.

        [A]     There's another side to this coin, Nikita.

Adrian walks over and joins Operations at the table.

        [A]     Assume .. Saddum Hussein stays .. in power.  By year
three, he's become so dependent on Section he has no choice but to
follow orders.  He invades the two adjoining countries and holds them.
By year six, Saddum Hussein is irrelevant.  The political structure can
survive without him.  By year ten, Section controls six percent of the
world's population and nine percent of its strategic resources. ...

Adrian slowly turns her head and looks at Operations.

        [A]     After that, it gets worse.

Nikita is now back where she started.  She gives Operations another
chance to 'explain.'

        [N]     Operations.  ...  Is that what it's about?  Controlling
the world?

        [O]     We will control whatever we have to .., to prevent the
Dark Ages from descending again on the human race.

        [A]     Choose carefully, Nikita.  There will never be another
moment like this in your lifetime.

Nikita stands, not knowing which way to turn.  The answers to her
questions only brought up other questions.  Confused, she turns to the
one person she had counted on -- even through all the lies and

        [N]     Michael. ...  Any words of wisdom?

As usual, Michael answers her question with another question.  Making
her work through the problem herself, but giving her guidelines she can

        [M]     What have you seen with your own eyes?

Madeline sees Nikita wavering and starts pushing buttons of her own.

        [MA]    Yes. ...  Are the crimes we've committed worse than the
crimes we've prevented? ...  And the people we've brought down ..., is
the world a better place without them?

This is something that Nikita can answer.

        [N]     (REFLECTIVE)  Yes, it is.

        [MA]    Then you have your answer.

Adrian realizes Nikita is leaning toward Section and tries to pull the
young woman back to her side.

        [A]     Nikita.  Keep you mind fixed on the boarder perspective.

Adrian unwittingly gives Nikita her answer.  She seems almost tired as
she answers Adrian.

        [N]     Adrian ..., it's not as simple as you make it sound.

        [A]     You're a fool.

        [N]     Maybe ..., but if I take down Section ..., and
Operations is right ...

Adrian looks away, seeing Nikita's point of view, even if she doesn't
agree with it.  She has had to make these kinds of decision most of her
life, Nikita has not.  Nikita opens her cell phone and hits a speed
dial.  When the number is answered, she holds up a small recorder that
plays back a audio computer sequence.  That done, she turns the phone
off.  As she does this, Michael looks down, his express one of pain.  He
realizes Nikita just tossed away the only trump card she had to stay
alive.  Nikita looks up and meets Operations gaze.

        [N]     (TO OPERATIONS)  Now, it's over.

Adrian slowly walks around the briefing table, and comes to a halt in
front of Nikita.  For a few seconds, the two women stand staring at each

        [A]     You betrayed me, but the bond between us was real,
wasn't it?

Nikita says nothing, just nods her head in agreement.

        [A]     Swear you'll do everything in your power to keep Section
from becoming a place of pure evil.

Nothing more is said between them, but a promise has been exchanged, and
Adrian feels she has left Section with its own watchdog.  She turns and
looks over at Operations, then moves to stand near to him.

        [A]     Good-bye, Paul.

Operations (i.e., Paul) walks over to Adrian, the respect and feelings
for her displayed on his face.  This is not a battle he enjoyed winning.
He leans over and kisses Adrian good-bye on both her cheeks.

        [O]     Good-bye, Adrian.

Having said good-bye to the only people she cares about, Adrian leaves,
her escorts close behind her.  This done, Operations looks over at
Nikita, his anger held in check, but very apparent.

        [O]     I believe our business is finished here.

Operations, hands in his pocket, slowly leaves the Common Area.
Madeline gives Nikita a small smile before following Operations.  Nikita
turns to Michael.  They are now alone.  Even after everything that has
just occurred, the first thing on her mind is explaining her deception
to Michael at the apartment.  Nikita realizes he was being as open as he
could be with her.

        [N]     I didn't enjoy deceiving you, Michael.

Nikita walks a little closer to Michael.

        [N]     But Adrian was listening ..., it had to be real.

Both Nikita and Michael slowly walk until they are standing next to the
other.  After all that has occurred, Michael also is thinking of only
one thing -- Nikita's safety.  He holds her gaze as he tries to warn her
what's to come.

        [M]     (WHISPERING)  You have at least six hours before they
make a decision. ...  You're Level Two ..., they'll have to clear it
with Oversight.

        [N]     I told you before ..., I'm not going to run.

They are now standing very close together.  Just like their
relationship, they are facing opposite directions, but together.
Michael and Nikita both seem unable to look at the other.

        [M]     (WHISPERING)  They'll cancel you.

Nikita gives a slight nod of agreement.

        [N]     Probably.

Michael finally turns his head to look at her.  Nikita feels his gaze
and meets it, before they both look away.  Michael realizes there is
nothing more he can say, that Nikita knew this would happen before she
challenged Operations.  He slowly leans over and softly kisses her face
while wrapping his arm around her waist.  Nikita briefly closes her eyes
and puts her arm around his shoulder to gather him close.  Its as if
each is acknowledging their need for each other, without changing their
own course in life.  As Nikita hugs Michael, his eyes remain open,
staring off to a future that, at this time, he believes will be without
Nikita.  They hold the embrace a couple of seconds before Michael breaks
it off, and slowly walks out of the room without looking back.  As he
disappears into the corridor, you hear Nikita softly talking to herself.

        [N]     I'm not afraid. ...  I'm not afraid.


Operations and Madeline are discussing recent developments.  As usual,
Madeline is sitting at her desk watching as Operations paces in front of
it, hands in his pockets.

        [O]     Call in all peripheral Ops, re-evaluate an internal
exposure.  Tell Comm I want all keycodes replaced throughout with
triple-digit precision.

        [MA]    What about Adrian?

        [O]     I want you to handle it.

Madeline's expression doesn't change, but her voice indicates this is
something she'd rather not do.

        [MA]    Personally?

Operations knows she is 'asking without asking' not to handle this task,
but is adamant.

        [O]     Yes.

Madeline then comes out and voices her wish not to be directly involved
in Adrian's disposal.

        [MA]    I'd rather not.

Operations give Madeline a 'Madeline' look.

        [O]     Which is exactly why you should.

They stare at each other a moment, before Madeline assents by changing
the subject.

        [MA]    And Nikita?

        [O]     Cancel her as well.

        [MA]    I think you should reconsider that.

        [O]     Reconsider?  You must be joking.  After what you saw,
she could have destroyed us.

        [MA]    But she didn't. ...  This didn't happen .. in a
controlled environment. ...  Details will eventually leak out into the
ranks.  Her death would lend credibility to Adrian's interpretation of
Gemstone.  I'd rather deal with one recalcitrant Operative then a

        [O]     Then what?

        [MA]    Increase her Mission frequency. ...  Eventually, the
problem will take care of itself.

Operations thinks a moment, looks off into space, then reluctantly
accepts Madeline's logic by nodding his head and leaving.


Nikita is standing on her balcony, leaning on its railing while looking
off into the night.  The somberness of her mood is shown by the absence
of any music.  In the distance, you hear a phone ring.  The screen goes
black as the phone is picked up ...

        [M]     (VOICE)  Josephine.


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