Here are the questions that we have received or could think of. If you have some questions that you want answered or think someone else might want answered, email them to Nightingale at nightingale@eudoramail.com or Simantha at simantha@softhome.net.

Q) What is LFN?
A)  LFN is La Femme Nikita. La Femme Nikita is a television show produced by Warner Brothers and USA Network. The show is about Nikita, a street rat, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Convicted of killing a cop, a crime she was innocent of, Nikita was abducted from her prison cell and brought under the cover of night to a place called Section One. There she is forced to choose between becoming an operative and accepting the fact that her life changed hands the second she was caught, or getting "cancelled". She chose to stay alive and after 3 years of training, she was given one mission, and when she was successful, she became an operative.

Q) Who are the actors?
A) The actors are Roy Dupuis as Michael, Peta Wilson as Nikita, Alberta Watson as Madeline, Matthew Ferguson as Birkoff, Eugene Robert Glazer as Operations, and Don Francks as Walter.

Q) Have the actors done any work before LFN?
A) Yes, and we will soon have a page up listing them.

Q) Can I write to the cast  and/or the show?
A) Yes, you can write to the main actors and actresses care of USA Network and/or their agencies. The list of addresses we have available are here. Please don't send them gifts of food or drink, chances are that they'd never get past the scanners. Instead, you could send them a letter telling them how much you like their work. They do read every letter, and they love to hear from fans.

Q) Has anyone from the show done any interviews?
A) Yes, Peta Wilson has done several interviews, TV, magazines, and online. We don't have a full database yet, but LJC's article page has quite a few of them. Joel Surnow, Roy Dupuis, and Peta Wilson did a online interview with Ultimate TV. It is also available in Real Audio.

Q) What did the characters do to get into Section One?
A) We know that Nikita was framed with killing a cop, sentenced to life in prison, her suicide  was faked and so she was recruited. Michael was a university student and became involved in a violent demonstration group in France, called L'heure Sanguine, meaning "The Bloody Hour". After a bombing, Michael was arrested, his death faked in prison, and he became part of Section One. Madeline's sketchy past doesn't precisely reveal how she got recruited, but we know that it has something to do with her accidentally killing her sister by pushing her down a flight of stairs during a fight for a doll. Birkoff states that he killed his family, then he retracted it to just killing his sister, but then we found out in the episode "Noise" that he never killed anyone.  It has been speculated that he hacked into something important, or that Section needed him to break a code of some sort and he ended up being recruited. Operations and Walter have kept their recruitment secret, but they're sure to give away something soon.

Q) Will there be a third season?
A) Yes! Official word is out, there IS going to be a third season!

Q) What color are Roy's/Michael's hair and eyes?
A)  Oh, touchy subject. Some people say Roy's hair is red, some people say its brown.  When confronted in an online chat direct with his fans, Roy said that there were a lot of colors, a bit of red, brown, blonde, even some white. As for his eyes.... well, thats a real mystery. His agent says they are green, but others who have seen him up close and person say gray, blue, sometimes brown.   It's just one of those questions we may never know the answer to. Also, it was just reported that Roy Dupuis has indeed gotten a hair cut, a few inches longer than a crew cut. By the by, Peta Wilson has just allegedly gotten a short haircut, and as a result of fighting lymphoma, Alberta Watson will be sporting a shorter cut in season 3 as well.

Q) Where can I find bios on the cast?
A) USA Network and Warner Brothers have bios on the cast, and we will soon have pages up for each of them.

Q) Where can I get copies of the episodes I missed?
A) The Video Surveillance Library offers tapes of episodes, interviews, and special appearances, and all you need to do is pay postage and the tape. Supplies are slow though, and all the tapes are booked well in advance, prepare to wait a few months before you get your order filled.

Q) Where can I hear what happened in the episodes I haven't seen yet?
A) You can go to the episode transcript pages. They tell the complete story.

Q) Are there any more LFN pages?
A) Yes, there are several hundred! Refer to the following question for a great links site.

Q) How can I communicate with other LFN fans?
A) There are several mailing lists and chats that have been set up for fans to discuss the show. 
Tracy's LFN Bookmarks is an excellent page devoted to LFN sites, with a section for chats, mailing lists, and news groups.

Q) Was the series really adapted from a movie?
A) Yes, the series was really taken from a French movie called "Nikita", by Luc Besson. USA Network will be showing the French film (most likely dubbed) on June 12th & 13th. Not only was Nikita good enough to survive movies and series, the movie spawned an American version called Point of No Return, and the series spawned a copycat series called Three. Three has been cancelled, hopefully LFN won't follow in its tracks.

Q) Is there a way I can find out about all the guest characters that have played on LFN?
A) Yes, we will soon have a page up listing all the guest characters in each episode, until then, you might find a page for the bigger guests by looking through the bookmarks.

Q) What are the French words the woman says in the opening and closing credits?
A) Another touchy subject. Some people say its "Cherchez la femme, cherchez la femme, dans la nuit, dans la nuit" which means "look for the woman, look for the woman, in the night, in the night", while others say it's "Cherchez la femme, cherchez la femme, mon ami, mon ami" which means "Look for the woman, look for the woman, my friend, my friend".

Q) How can I found out more about the music they use on LFN?
A) Sounds of LFN is a good place to start learning what songs played when and in what episode.  There is also a soundtrack produced by TVT records that you should be able to find in just about any music store.

Q) Will the episodes be released on VHS tape?
A)  Nobody has said anything about it yet, but hopefully they will.  If not, you can get copies of missed episodes from the Video Surveillance Library, but it takes a while for them to arrive, since the VSL gets lots of requests and only has so many people with the episodes on tape.
Q) Where is the show filmed?
A) The show is filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and surrounding locations.


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