Fuzzy Logic
(Thanks to Quokka for this transcript)

{Episode 213 : Fuzzy Logic Written by Michael Loceff ; Directed by Ken Girotti Main Guest stars: Kris Lenche,
Dan Redican

To begin (and my comments will be in [ ] throughout the text--I also discovered that italics for dialogue does not
transcribe into the text version of this transcripti on) -- the important part esp. for Romantics is that Nikita and
Michael do not interact in this show! They are together briefly in one scene and I will put **around this --they do
not speak to each other and quite frankly I'm not sure why they were doing this job, unless, as I said in the digest, it
came under "other related duties" -- Two other general comments--despite no lovebird interaction, this is a good
show--lots on Birkoff--you get a good idea of why he is there and this is an opportunity to see some reactions from
him concerning his place in Section when he sees a younger version of h imself. The subplot on Nikita's neighbour
didn't work for me at all so I will confess to this prejudice as an excuse for not quoting direct dialogue for these

OPENING Section--in the Computer Centre.
Ops is looking down as Birkoff is rushing from one computer to another. Birkoff is wearing a black and white
T-shirt with a computer logo on it (Access? --will check it out). Ops does not look happy and with good reason as
Birkoff is going ballistic.A female operative with shorter hair than Birk off comes up to him with a disc.

Birkoff yelling: What is this?
Operative: It's the number 10 you wanted.
Birkoff: You're (not?) an idiot! Are you an idiot? I want you to cycle it through not give it to me!
Operative going away: Sorry!
Birkoff: Bonehead! (Yells at someone else) NO, we've already tried those! What's wrong with you people! Why
don't you just go home! Worthless!
The six people on the computers go back to work heads down
Birkoff: I mean it! GET OUT OF HERE! Everyone gets up and leaves.
B irkoff mutters: How many people does it take to run a program? He takes off his glasses and sighs. He is looking
at code which is running in yellow and green--nothing is happening.

Ops walks in -Madeline is seated behind her screen, usual outfit for Ops, Madeline in her chocolate killer dress.
Ops: I've been as accommodating as I can be--this has got to stop.
Madeline: We've come this far--a few hours won't make a difference.
Ops: Why can't he hand it off to somebody else?
Madeline: We've tried. Birkoff is the only one who has any idea how to approach this thing. It's an unusual code.
Ops: But is it worth holding up another dozen operations that need his attention?
Madeline: We've tried for two years to get sourced into this group. These people are extremely careful. We were
lucky to even interrupt the communications.
Ops: Fine, but where does it end?
Madeline: Give him until tomorrow morning.
Ops: No more than that. (He leaves)

Ops is back in his office. He observes Birk off getting up from his com and going to the middle of the floor around
the central unit. Birkoff squats with his elbows on his knees in a contemplative position then he lies down flat. The
camera revolves around him as we see code running as if in his mind. Birkoff gets up abruptly, goes to the com and
puts on his glasses a slight smile on his face. He keys in and the code starts to form "peaks" on the screen as the
line runs across "Decoding". As the code breaks down and completes, Birkoff yells " Yay" and then "Yes" as the
decoding is finished.

Nikita's apartment.
She is pouring tea. She is dressed casually, hair in pigtails, wearing a short blue sweater over white slacks and
sweater. There is a man--mid-30's to early 40's--teddy-bear like would be a good description. He has a screwdriver
(?) in his hand and he is telling Nikita his life story about how his first kid, the boy, is adjusting to his separatio n
but the older girl will need help, how he lost his job and his wife, Denise, has a new boyfriend but he has to unpack
boxes then hit the want ads. Nikita offers tea to the guy, "Barry" who says no then asks as he is leaving "Is
everybody in this build ing as nice as you"? Nikita replies that she wouldn't know as she hasn't met anyone else.
He thanks her again and leaves.

Ops is talking to Section members at the table, including Birkoff, Walter in bandanna and Michael. (Too close
observation but I thought that Roy looked pale and tired in this show--maybe he was up late transcribing--NOT!).
Ops: An explosion at a soccer match in Manchester, England; a car bomb at a Lima, Peru embassy ; a charter
plane down in Japan-- relatively small incidents, seemingly unrelated--linked only by the fact that we have been
unable to source them.. Birkoff: Cross correlated data on each act. Discovered that each of the detonators was
triggered by a DND satellite.
Walter: Department of Nationa l Defence?
Birkoff: That's right. Someone drilled into a friendly satellite using it for terrorist acts.
Michael: Why such small incidents if they can control the OD computers?
Birkoff: That's the scary part. Someone's beta testing the software, worki ng out the kinks.
Ops: And when they do, we can assume the actions will be much more devastating.
Walter: Well, why don't we just take out the satellite?
Ops: We have but the same techniques can be used on others.
In the meantime, Birkoff has exacted a location from the groups' last command site. (To Michael) Work up an
approach strategy.
Michael: What mode?
Ops: Bring back as many as you can. Let's find out who these people are.

Michael to the Operatives (all men that I could see and NO Nikita--good thing): The building is stand alone, 4500
square metres, mostly space.
(To Birkoff at Section HQ) Birkoff, how many bodies are you reading?
Birkoff: Right now I see 12 plus transmitters and computers. It'd be nice to bring some of that stuff back intact.
Michael: Assume high density attack. We'll strike quickly. Teams 2 and 3 stay outside. We'll cover the retreat.
Team 1 goes in and runs along a corridor which seems to snake arou nd a concrete building--very much like the
building in War.
Michael: Team 1 report.
Operative: There's no-one here.
Birkoff: I'm picking up 12 bodies. Someone's there. I just sent you a mall, check it out.

The operatives go along a corridor and one of them goes up some steel stairs. He sees a mock-up in green light and
there are dummies standing around the computers. Birkoff sees it at the same time.

Birkoff: What is it?
As the operative puts out his hand to touch one of the computers, Michael, who also sees this, says: It's a trap.
There are three beeps then an explosion and Team 1 is gone.Michael looks down grimly and Birkoff sits at this
com in Section in shock.

Ops comes in: What does the analysis have to say about what they found on site?
Madeline: Everything was state of the art. No expense was spared.
Ops: Red Cell?
Madeline: No, it doesn't have their signature. Red Cell wouldn't go to the trouble to fully automate an operative.
They'd use personnel.
Birkoff comes in: It was a bogus code--probably a decoy.
Ops: Not according to our friends from N.S.A.
Birkoff: What did they say?
Ops: That the information was in the code. (He gets up from where he is seated across from Madeline and looks at
Birkoff). The data you extracted was simply an outer shell--a protective mechanism.
Birkoff: Did they get at it?
Madeline: No, they tried. It was beyond their capabilities
.Ops: This is unacceptable--there's got to be someone who can do this.
Madeline to Birkoff: Can you find us someone?
Birkoff: From the outside?
Madeline: Yes.
Birkoff: There's got to be only a handful of mathematicians who work in this area at this level.
Ops: Find them.
Birkoff: Yes sir. (He leaves).

Micheal, Birkoff, Ops and Madeline are looking at holographs as Birkoff pulls up 2 "unacceptables" a Russian
male and a North Korean female who have the technology but would be too difficult to "convert".
Birkoff: ... it's a pretty select group. I did pull one mathematician from the West but there are constraints.
Madeline: What kind of constraints?
Birkoff: He's young. His name is Greg Hillinger. Graduated from high school at 11, college at 13. Received his
PhD after 6 months. Wrote his thesis on non-linear principle components. Because he's the youngest tenure
professor in the history of the university, he's highly visible.
Madeline: What makes you think he can do this?
Birkoff: He's written several papers on statistical L-trees. It's exactly the kind of approach that's needed.
Ops: Family?
Birkoff: Actually, he still lives with his mother.
Ops: Will he cooperate with his government?
Birkoff: He's turned down the N.S.A.. Other agencies have tried to enlist him. His mother doesn't want her only
child designing weapons.
Madeline: Then we'll have to take him against his will.
Birkoff: That shouldn't be too difficult. The university sends a van to pick him up every morning. A schematic of a
house comes up on the holograph.

Nice frame red and white house in around the same area, slightly lower scale, where Nikita and Michael played
house in Psychic Pilgrim. This neighbourhood has powerful power towers right behind the house.Section Black van
is waiting. A nice looking boy of around 17 leaves the house (I'm bad on kids' ages--he could be younger). His mom
who looks like a thin version of Mrs. Cunningham (Richie and Joanie's Mom) on Happy Days. She is carrying
Greg's lunch which he forgot and berating him nicely for forgetting his gloves (typical Mom, she's without a coat
and there's snow on the ground) and telling him he needs a haircut. She says bye and Greg gets in the van.
**Greg as the doors lock automatically and he sees Michael's profile: What's going on, Jake?
Nikita pops up from the back seat.
Greg: Who the hell are you?
Nikita: Hi Greg, I'm Nikita. (The boy yells NO and starts to struggle, Michael looks back briefly but Nikita has a
strong grip on the kid) We're not going to hurt you. we're just going to take you for 24 hours. Take it easy. You'll
be gone for 24 hours. The kid is struggling but the situation is under control. **
[And this is it, boys and girls! Yup, the Big Love Scene of Fuzzy Logic! Hey, and they're in the perfect makeout
vehicle. What a waste!]

Greg is in the proverbial black hood. He is flanked by Nikita and another agent. No Michael. Greg is yelling that
he is a very important person and there will be hell to pay.
Ops who comes up beside the still-hooded Greg: I'm sorry we had to do this.
Greg: Hey, go to Hell. I want to speak to the man in charge.
Ops: I am in charge
Greg: Huh, you couldn't be in charge of my crotch.Nikita looks away when Greg says this--she is either very
appalled or trying not to laugh--I suspect the latter.
Ops is not amused.
He turns to Nikita: Why hasn't he been sedated?
Nikita starts to answer and Greg interrupts: You're so smart, what are you going to do? Fill my brain with beta
blockers and ask me to solve a problem? (This is likely what Nikita was going to say in a much more diplomatic
way--yes, Ops big picture mentality could use some fine tuning--obviously Greg's smart mouth got to him) Where
am I? Stupid City?[Sorry, I missed a bit here]
Ops tells Nikita to let Madeline know that Greg has arrived and leaves. Nikita leading off a still struggling
Greg: C'mon

Nikita leads Greg in. Greg is still mouthing off.
Nikita: Wanna calm down a sec so I can take the hood off?. Nikita does so and Greg looks around. He is
impressed and goes immediately to the computer. He makes comments about the equipment and Nikita tells him
that Birkoff will be in soon.

Greg's reaction is: Birkoff? Sounds like a Nazi! Know what? You're all Nazis. I'm not going to do anything until I
talk to my Mom. Go tell that to the guy with the bullfrog in his mouth who thinks he's in charge. [poor Ops]

Madeline and Ops are observing.
Ops: What do you think?
Madeline: Let's observe him for a couple of hours then we'll have a talk. (She has her arms folded in front of her
and a smile on her face. She observes that Ops is not happy about this kid).
Ops: Tolerate only so much from this kid. If he doesn't cooperate , wear him down.Madeline smiles as Ops leaves,
then she looks at the computer.

NIKITA'S APT.Nikita is upstairs in bed. She is asleep but someone is pounding on her door (not Ops, he just walks
in; Michael never pounds, he just breaks down the door). She is wearing her undershirt and shorts and puts on a
flowered terry housecoat and yells just a minute. I didn't see any peephole. She opens the door and Barry is there.
He apologizes and she says she can't invite him in but he walks in anyways saying I won't come in. Barry is the
silently intrusive sort--every office has one. Nikita is quite polite for someone who was just woken up. Barry is
carrying a wooden jewelry box and wants Nikita to keep it for him for awhile as it has family heirlooms and his
estranged wife, Denise, is sending her lawyers over the next day to "do a discovery" and he doesn't want to lose
the contents of the box. At first Nikita refuses politely but firmly but then Barry opens the box and you see photos
and old jewels and Barry says how he has his grandmother's ring brought over from Russia in 1871 and he doesn't
want the lawyers to get it. Nikita relents reluctantly and Barry leaves saying he'll be over tomorrow to pick it up.

Madeline comes in. Greg acts bored --he's acting tired with the toys and asks Madeline when he can go.
She is easy and friendly with him: In a bit.Greg says okay then Madeline tells him Birkoff will be coming in.
Greg goes to his console: Birkoff. Seymour Birkoff. Age: 25, weight: 135 pounds, 28 system administration for
every host in this land. Shall I continue?
Madeline: We've given you access to an outer shell.Greg boasts how he can get in deeper whenever he wants to.
Madeline turns serious and scary: If you did and you happened to find something classified, you'd never go home
again, you'd never see your mother again, your life would be over. We've gone to a great deal of trouble to protect
you, don't work against us.
Greg takes her seriously: Who are you guys? F.B.I? Interpol?
Madeline reassures him that they are legitimate without saying anything . [I caught] Wouldn't take a chance that
you or your mother might object...
Greg: What if I don't do it?
Madeline: You'll do it. (She leaves.)

Madeline sees Birkoff at his console and goes up to him: He's ready.
Birkoff: Good.
Madeline: Remember, this isn't about who's smarter than whom.
Birkoff: I know.
Madeline: He'll challenge you. Stay above it. We have a deadline.

Birkoff comes in.
Greg: Hey, it's Birkof f! C'mon in! You know what? I wish you guys would let me in deeper because there's a lot
more I can fix here?
Birkoff: Fix?
Greg: Yeah, you had some bad configurations(?) in your modification table.Birkoff leans over to check.
Greg: Don't worry, I fixed them.
Birkoff: Let's just get to work, okay, then you can go home to your Mommy.
Greg: Soo,.... you're the guy who couldn't break the code.
Birkoff: Yeah, I haven't devoted my life to some obscure corner of technology.
Greg: (looking at the code) Principle components. Yeah, I remember that. Six months . Did that at UCLA. Learned
to surf that summer..... so what is this place?
Birkoff: Just work.
Greg: What's the matter, Birkoff? Can't you work and chew gum at the same time? What did they do? Kidnap you
No answer from Birkoff.
Greg forgets it and starts to key in components: Okay, watch this.
Birkoff is impressed. Greg gets to the code for the shell right away and makes a crack about how any idiot could
have got to this point.
Greg: Like that, huh? The function wasn't in the program (Birkoff is impressed--N.S.A. said it was). So what do you
want to know? He walks away from the console.
Birkoff: Is it finished?
Greg: Course not, Einstein's gotta cycle through
Birkoff: How long?
Greg (who has revised his opinion on the equipment) That piece of crap--12 hours.
Birkoff wants it faster and Greg replies: Not unless you've got a multi-threaded O/S .

Greg wants to be patched in to the main frame but Birkoff is reluctant until Greg taunts him about how it is safer to
have a guy like him outside the firewall and how : It's not like you're in a hurry. That does it and Birkoff goes off to
see what he can do.

Michael walks in and Madeline tells him that they have broken the code and located the command which is
operating from a small village in South Africa. She tells him to get a team ready to go.

Birkoff is at his compu ter and Nikita comes up to him: Hey, so I hear Boy Wonder came through?
Birkoff: Yeah.
Nikita: Don't mope, Birkoff. It doesn't become you.
Birkoff: You know what really bugs me? I was just like him when I was his age. Thought I had all the answers.
Nikita: But he does.
Birkoff (angry): No he doesn't! He's got everybody fooled. He's a one-trick pony.
Nikita: Okay, so when's the pony going home?
Birkoff: He's your job.
Nikita: I'm on Team?
Birkoff: You're Greg's trip home.
Nikita leaning over: Don' t worry, Birkoff. (kisses him on the cheek) You're still my favourite overachiever
[so Mikey wasn't THAT good in Psychic Pilgrim]

Nikita walks in looking for Greg. She checks the can too. No-one is home. She calls Birkoff and asks if everything
is okay. Birkoff say yes and why? Nikita says he's here, never mind then she goes tearing out of the place. Greg's
screensaver is up and flashing Gone Fishing with cute photos of a kid on a dock.

Nikita is running down corridors trying to look inconspicuous. She goes to the computer room and does a sweep of
the various sections to which Greg might have access. She finds him in the worst possible place---looking down at a
schematic for an operation--he is very visible. In seconds, she is there behind him and grabs him with her hand over
his mouth. She tells him to shut up and come with her and she puts a hood over his head. She hauls him off to a
corner of the corridor where people are unlikely to walk by. She tells him that he'll never leave if anyone finds out
where he was. When she removes her hand, Greg is his old mouthy self...says he doesn't want to leave, that this
place has 10X the technology that any other think tank would ever have. Nikita reminds him a bout his mother and
Greg replies that : If I miss her, I can find a way but that'll be awhile as I like it here and who cares if this is just
some intelligence gathering place for a multicorporation.
Greg: Aren't you forgetting something, Barbie (oooh, this guy is cruel!) I'll tell someone.
Nikita: Do so and I'll break your neck.She grabs him and tells him there is something he has to see.They go to a
place where a man is being tortured. He is wearing a Hannibal Lecter-type face frame and is strapped to a wire
contraption. Two men are prodding him with rods which are smoking. The man is screaming.Nikita (while Greg
moves closer to the one-way glass window. He is horrified.) This happens every day.Get used to it if you're going to
hang here.
Greg asks if the guy is some kind of criminal and Nikita replies: No, he works here. That's Dave, he made a
mistake and had lunch with an old girlfriend in London. They thought he'd told her about this place. He probably
didn't but they wanted to make sure, then they'll kill him. As Nikita is telling Greg this, tears are rolling down his
cheeks.Nikita hauls Greg off with the hood on and tells him she'll get him back to his room and to get his things and
we'll leave and that you'll never tell anybody anything about any of this, right? Greg shakes his head in assent.

Nikita and Greg go down a corridor and Nikita sees the agent who took Terry away in Soul Sacrifice. She stops and
turns around to see Madeline at the other end of the corridor with two more agents.

Madeline to one of the agents: Bring the boy.
Greg yells at them : No, no, leave me alone. What the hell are you doing? I just wanted to see some stuff.
Madeline to him: You already have. I tried to warn you, Greg.
Greg leaves struggling.Nikita and Madeline are alone separated by a few feet and one mean staring match.
Madeline calmly: What do we do about you now?
Nikita slowly, never breaking her stare: He's a teenage boy with an extraordinary mind. Who knows what he'll
accomplish or how many people will benefit if he lives? Wanna lock him up because that's what the rule book says?
Madeline: Your point is well taken [about Greg and Nikita] but these aren't easy decisions and I don't enjoy
making them.
Nikita: I think you do [pause]. I think you go home to bed every night hoping someone will screw up so you can
make your hard decisions.
Madeline: I'll overlook this incident for now but we will be watching you more closely. (she turns and leaves)
Nikita stares after her, tears in her eyes and shakes her head back and forth as if to say what a piece of work!

Michael is in a plane over S.A. He is talking to Birkoff and telling him that the target keeps moving and Birkoff
tells him that the sequence that Greg extracted from the code is self-modifying. There appears to be a virus as the
target isn't merely moving, it's moving 3X the speed of sound.

Nikita is washing dishes and hears sounds from outside. Someone is being beat up. She opens her door slightly to
see two rough-looking men leaving Barry's apt. The one guy says they will be back in half an hour and "you'd
better have it, Barry." Nikita closes the door and gets the box from the top of the fridge.She dumps out the
contents and starts to take the box apart.

Ops is looking at a map and Greg is brought in by two operatives.
Ops says: Thank-you
.Greg : Yeah, thanks.
Ops: That was a stupid thing you did, Greg. Unfortunately this place cannot tolerate mistakes. You've seen that.
Greg: Spare me the lecture, old folks, are you gonna let me go or not.
Ops: No, we're not.
Greg: You might want to reconsider that.
Ops: And why would I do that?
Greg: Ask Birkoff.
Ops: Birkoff?
He turns to the com and says: Birkoff.
Birkoff from below: Sir, I'm sorry, we're in the middle of a multiple anomaly.
Ops severely: What's wrong.
Birkoff: The decoded sequence is generating a virus that's bleeding into the system.
Ops looking angrily at a very smug Greg: The entire system?
Birkoff: Yeah
.Greg: I might be able to fix that.
Birkoff and Ops are talking.
Birkoff to his team: We're not receiving. Use analog. All our digital processes have been corrupted. Use NATO
bandwidth. Ops: Michael is in a holding pattern outside Johannesburg . Hillinger says he can help us if we let him
go. This is just a game to him, one we can't win. Can you get us out of this?
Birkoff: No
Ops stares at him then leaves. Birkoff goes back to work.

Barry knocks at the door. Nikita is in a brown dress and a mauve sweater and is sipping tea. She knows who it is so
she takes her time opening the door. Barry runs in and says he needs the box in a hurry. Nikita goes to her
bedroom and brings back the box but as Barry makes a grab for it, she holds him back and asks how his kids are.
Barry has bruises on his face and is holding his side. He is also sweating and is completely thrown by her question.
After she asks about the kids, Nikita says: So was that a lie too?
[and Nikita, who else lies to you, your doctor, your dentist, your librarian?]
Then she says: Barry, what are we going to do with that 1/2 kil o of heroin.Barry starts to talk fast about how he
lost his job and his family and needed money to get back on his feet, just this one time and how he got greedy and
skimmed a little.
Nikita: That's crap.Barry promises he'll give the money back. There is a knock on a door.
Nikita yells calmly: Hey guys, we're in here, we got your heroin.
Two guys open her door, both packing guns.Barry mumbles that he forgot he left the heroin with her.
Nikita chomps on her apple and says:No heroin, I flushed it down the toilet.
Barry: She's kidding, right?
The one guy trains his gun on Nikita and she says: See, you're the people who sell drugs to kids. They get
She asks the guy to put down the gun, please then she turns to Barry and says Barry, tell him to put down the gun.
As the guy looks at Barry, Nikita swings into action and knocks the gun out of his hand, takes him down then
knocks out the other guy.
Barry looks on stunned and Nikita says: Pack your bags and go now! Barry leaves quickly. Nikita picks up the
phone and dials: 357 Black. I've been exposed. Send Housekeeping.

Birkoff comes in: Guess you heard. They're letting you go.
Greg: Ho ho, there's a surprise! Okay, I've eradicated most of the virus. I'm not going to kill it all until I am safe.
And I suppose I don't have to tell a smart boy like you that if the virus is left unattended, it's going to come back
worse than before.
Birkoff: I know Greg, it's your world and we just live in it.
Greg: You know what? I never thought about it like that, Seymour, but you're probably right.
Birkoff throws Greg his jacket and Greg thanks him and follows him out.

Ops: Your cover story will be that you were kidnapped and later recovered by the F. B.I.
Greg: Who are the kidnappers?
Ops: Bulgarian nationalists.
Greg: It's not bad. Alright. They wanted me to help them develop a system for their gamma project.
Madeline: Before we can release you, you'll need to sign several nondisclosure statements then take a binding
oath in the presence of an international officer.
Ops: You have a problem with that?
Greg: It just depends. What's in the statements?
Madeline: I'm sure if the language's not to your liking, you won't have any problem in suggesting al ternatives we
can both live with.
Greg: Sure, I'd be happy to help you out there too.
Ops: Birkoff will be going with you. As soon as you're back home, you'll give him the corrections.
Greg: No problemo.

A van drives up. A woman yells Greg and Greg's mom comes out of the house, tearful and worried, she is flanked
by two operatives.Birkoff, Greg and two other operatives get out of the van. Birk off opens his laptop on top of the
van's hood.
Greg to Birkoff: Okay, it's so simple when you know what you're doing. Virus terminated. That's it.(He walks away
and toward Mom).
Birkoff: Not yet. He coms to the short-haired female agent in Section. Check out the file. N6.ack. Yeah, I can read
it. And our line to Johannesburg?
Operative: We're up and running.
Birkoff to Greg: See you later.
Greg as he walks away: Yeah, too bad you're stuck here. I can always use another assistant.Greg walks up to
Mom and hugs her.
Birkoff is still talking to the female operative.....? I want you to do a warm bird(?) on the entire system. If we're not
clean, we'll miss too much data. ( The operative reports that they are up and receiving).Greg sees the agents
behind him and near his Mom
Greg: What are you guys still doing here."Mom" whips off her mask, ala Michael as Madeline in Gambit, and it's
Nikita: You're going with them. I'm sorry, Greg, you should have listened.
Greg: What are they going to do with me?
Nikita: They'll take you back.
Greg: For how long? Birkoff looks at him and walks away.
Greg: God ! What about my Mom? Am I ever going to see her again?
Nikita: She won't even know we were here.Nikita puts her hand on Greg's shoulder then he is led off. She is left
alone in the driveway.

Ops comes in. Madeline is at the com.
Ops: Michael just got back from Johannesburg.
Madeline: And?Ops: The location was destroyed. We brought back hostiles.
Madeline: What about th e hardware?
Ops: They stripped it. It's just being reverse engineered.
Madeline: Who was behind it?
Ops: Just another group of insane misfits empowered by technology. Another day at the office. (They both smile).
Ops leaving: What about Hillinger?
Madeline: I'm working on an integration program.
Ops: What's his survival likelihood?
Madeline: Over 92 % actually. He's a surprisingly good match.
(Ops leaves and his expression is severe as though he rather hoped Greg would be dust).

Nikita is sitting on her couch doing one arm (right arm) weight lifting. Her hair is loose and wet--she has been
working out hard. She lets the weight drop heavily to the mat in front and she gets up and goes to the fridge where
she pulls out a carton of milk and drinks from it to finish it off. As it is dumped in her trash along with the banana
peels [a compactor is not standard ops appliance] the one side is face up and it is a photo of Greg Hillinger with the
message Have You Seen Me?