LFN Gallery FAQ

This page is here to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about the gallery from which this is linked. The reason all this isn't on the main gallery page is because it would just take up too much room, and this format is easier to follow. If you have any other questions about the galleries, email me at simantha@softhome.net and I'll respond ASAP.


Q. Are these pictures official? Are you guys making money off of them?
No, they aren't official. Neither these pictures, the main site, Nightingale, nor I are in any way connected to Warner Bros. or USA Network. And no, we aren't making money off of anything on the site.

Q. Do I have to have my monitor set on certain options to see the pictures?
No, you only need to have a monitor that allows 16 million color graphics, but if the pictures look too dark, too light, or too red, you should play with the contrast/brightness toggle until they look right.

Q. Why are there so few pictures in some of the scene galleries?
One reason is the amount of web space available to me. Another reason is because I don't want to put up fluff pictures that noone cares about [ie. a gun, or a bullet hole in the wall] so I only capture the important moments, or moments where the actors look especially good. Really, the most important reason that there are so few in some scenes is because I'm not going to put up a picture that I think is less than as good as I can get it.

Q. Why are some of the pictures better/worse than others?
The quality of the pictures depends entirely on the quality of the tape. When I first taped episodes, sometimes I was lazy and taped them on the wrong speed, which stretches out the tape and makes the pictures slightly grainy. I try and fix them as best I can, but sometimes it doesn't come out looking as good as others. 

Q. When you get to the episodes where someone gets nekkid (like "Obsessed"), are you going to put up the graphic pictures?
Nope. Even though Roy showing his rear off in "Obsessed" and "Hard Landing" can be considered a part of the episode, I'm not going to show the pictures for the simple reason of respect, plus Geocities would probably kill me for showing "pornography" anyway.

Q. Do you take requests? Ie. can I just email you out of the blue and ask for a certain picture and you'll snap it for me?
Sure, it might just take me a few days to get to it since I'm in the middle of capturing the galleries, but I'll get it to you if you ask.

Q. Am I allowed to use pictures from the galleries on my web page or other projects?
Yes, but Nightingale and I would really appreciate a link to the main site and a mention in your credits, because we really do work hard to bring everyone this stuff. You don't need to email us up and as permission to use a picture, even though we'd love to hear/see what you've done with it if you feel like sharing.

Q. Are you EVER going to put up season 2 images, or even finish the season 1 batch?
I'm trying! Season 1 is going perfectly fine, I can get about 2 galleries done on a good night, but season 2 is another subject. When I do get the time to get those up, don't expect that great of quality, or that many. There will probably be about 5 or 10 pictures for an entire episode, because like I said before, I don't want to put up less than good quality pictures if I can help it. The season 2 images I do have ready are grainy, dark, and have little colored spots all over them, but it can't be helped.

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