(Transcribed by Karen Hay)

 A = Ackerman      B = Birkoff      D = 1st Dockworker      F = Field (Freedom League's 'Operations')      FA = Field's Aide
             M = Michael      MA = Madeline      N = Nikita      O = Operations      W = Walter      X = Xing


The episode starts with the camera slowly advancing down one of Section's main corridors to Depeche Mode's "The Love
Thieves" (last heard in MERCY).  In the background are sounds of Operatives practicing hand-to-hand.  Michael is in the
Practice Area overseeing an Instructor putting a Recruit through his paces, but his thoughts are elsewhere.  We see and hear
flashbacks as Michael relives Nikita's last Mission, interspersed with visions of Nikita as he saw her over the last year.  The
Instructor has to call Michael's name to get his attention back to the Recruit who is ready to be tested.  Michael steps up and
easily gets under the Recruit's guard with a kick to his upper leg — but he it is apparent he is only 'going through the motions.'  As
the Instructor gives the Recruit additional instructions, Michael glances to the side and seems to start as he appears to see Nikita
(wearing sunglasses and her black plastic rain jacket) walk into Section and bend down to speak with an Operative in Birkoff's
area.  As she straightens and turns to speak to Birkoff, however, Michael realizes it is only a female Operative with long blond
hair.  Again, the Instructor has to call out to get Michael's attention.  This time, however, when he repeats the same exercise with
the Recruit, Michael's inattention causes him to kick the Recruit too hard — breaking his leg.  When the Instructor informs
Michael of this he just quietly tells them "I'm sorry," and returns to his office.  It is apparent that Michael is in his own private hell.
Operations and Madeline are in Operations' office and see Michael injuring the Recruit.


     [MA]   He's still out of synch.

     [O]     Out of synch!  He's out of control.  That stunt he pulled In Liberia could have gotten everybody killed. ...
     And now he's beating up our recruits!

     [MA]   He's still not over Nikita.

     [O]     So he's taking it out on us.

As they talk Michael enters his office, closes the door and shuts his blinds.  In his office's window reflection we see the Recruit
being carried out of the Practice Area.  Madeline watches Michael close the blinds, telling Operations —

     [MA]     No, not us ..., himself.

     [O]     Its been over six months.  He's got to let it go.

     [MA]     What if he can't?

     [O]     He got over Simone ..., he'll get over Nikita.


Michael sits looking at his computer a moment before repeating a process you get the strong impression he has done many times
over the past six months — sending a message to Nikita's pager:


This is no different from all other times —



We see a pager displaying Michael's message on a table.  As the camera pans around we see the contents of a small and poorly
furnished room:  what looks like a partially carved small, wooden rocking horse on the table next to the pager; a metal basin and
washcloth; jug of water for washing; bottle of water for drinking; loaf of bread; small juice can; nuts; fruit; unopened bottle of
wine; a small hot plate; one plate on a metal tray — and several sunglasses hanging from a line strung across the room.


Operations has called a conference.  Sitting at the Briefing Table are Madeline, Michael, a female Operative, Walter, Birkoff, and
a new [to the show] Operative, Ackerman [hmmmm, another 'last name.'  I wonder if his first name is Sylvester!].
Operations is discussing the current Mission — trying to track down and immobilize the Freedom League.

     [O]     Recently there has been a barrage of terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Freedom League.  The latest
     incident came in just last night.  A tourist charter in the Aegean exploded killing all 23 passengers and crew.  We
     suspect these attacks are a response to our incineration of one of their locations six months ago.

Walter looks pointedly down the table and mockingly inserts "we all remember that"!  Operations peers over his glasses at Walter
and brusquely asks "do you have something to contribute, Walter"?  Walter adds nothing further, and Birkoff stares down at the
table.  Michael acts like nothing was said, and asks:

     [M]     Do we have new Intel of the location of their headquarters?

     [O]     That's why we're here.

Operations pulls up a Section informational blue screen.

     [O]     This is Stuart Sherrin.  The proprietor of a resort in Thailand that caters to the vices of an elite and perverse
     clientele.  Prostitution, drugs, outlawed gambling ..., he provides it all.

     [MA]   Recreation isn't Sherrin's only business.  He launders money.  Sherrin acts as a firewall to isolate terrorists
     from their transactions.  Buying weapons, contracting players.

     [A]     There are dozens of guys like Sherrin.  Why do we think he's in business with the Freedom League?

     [B]     I backed into a couple of his offshore accounts.  Within two days of each of the last six Freedom league hits
     large deposits were made into them.  It's no coincidence.

     [O]     Operation profiles are in your PDA's.  Study them.  Transport for Thailand leaves in two hours.  All Teams to
     report to Ackerman.

This draws a look and response from Michael.

     [M]     I'm not leading the Teams?

Operations gives him a hard stare as he answers, "no."  If Operations was hoping to get a rise out of Michael, he is disappointed.
Michael just accepts the edict.  Everyone gets up and leaves except Michael and Madeline.  She waits a moment before
stating:  "you can't bring her back, Michael. ...  Stop trying."


Michael enters the resort and slowly strolls up the stairs to the bar, where he orders tea.  At the other end of the bar is a woman
standing between two men (all Asian).  As Michael pours and drinks from a small oriental cup (no handles), one of the men (Xing)
walks over to stand beside Michael, trailing his hand across Michael's shoulder as he does so.  They exchange 'small talk' in
Chinese (Cantonese dialect) [the following dialogue was supplied by two of our List members, Katherine ("KitKat") and
Maize — thank you VERY much KitKat, Maize]:

     [X]     We are very happy that you have the opportunity (chance) to do business with us tonight.  How did you meet
     my boss?

     [M]     He didn't tell you?

     [X]     He did ..., but I want you to tell me.

Michael answers this question in English — and Xing follows suit for the remainder of the conversation.

     [M]     I provide security for him ..., when he's in Northern Europe.


We see Ackerman and Birkoff listening in on the conversation.


     [X]     He does a lot of business in Finland, doesn't he?

     [M]     He's never been to Finland.  He works out of Stockholm.

     [X]     Quite right.

By now the other man (Sherrin's Gofer) has joined them.  As he and Xing speak in undertones, Michael takes this opportunity to
scatter what looks like small blunt, thick straight pins, but in reality are tracking devices, on the floor.  As Sherrin's Gofer leaves to
talk with his boss, he walks through them.


Birkoff tells Ackerman that "Michael tagged Sherrin's Gofer.  He's heading in."  Michael surreptitiously watches as Sherrin's
Gofer descends the stairs, crosses the room below and enters a guarded hallway.  As the man joins Sherrin, the tags on his shoes
gives Birkoff the following information via his computer—

     [B]     Here we go.  It looks like he's got two bodies with him.  Small ..., probably female.  Right inside the door
     there's four more ..., larger ..., probably bodyguards.

     [A]     And Sherrin's egress?

     [B]     Only one way out.

     [A]     Good.  Download the game plan to the onsite ops.

     [B]     Its done.

     [A]     Start sequencing.

Birkoff contacts Michael via his Comm Link and tells him "... Five seconds.  Twenty meters down to the entrance."  At this point
Michael is joined by two Asian women, one of whom he starts to flirt with.  Xing, still standing next to Michael, glances down and
sees trouble walk in the door (Section Operatives, heading for the guarded hallway).  Before he can raise the alarm, however,
Michael casually reaches out, throttles him and grabs his gun as Xing drops to the floor — all the while seemingly giving his
undivided attention to the women's neck.  When the Operatives get to the hallway entrance they pull their weapons and take out
the outside guard.  As they take care of Sherrin's other bodyguards, Michael slips down the hallway.  He stops next to a door,
pulls his gun out, checks the ammo clip, reloads and leans against the wall.  As Sherrin bolts out of the room past Michael, still
pulling on clothes, Michael grabs and shoves him against the far wall, places his gun next to Sherrin's head and quietly requests
"Come with me, please."


We see a waitress (only from her arms down) bring over two breakfast orders and set them down.  As she moves to walk away,
we see it is Nikita.  She gets no more than two steps before one of the men calls out, "... Hey, Sweetheart!  Come here."  Nikita
walks back and asks —

     [N]     Is there a problem?

     [D]     Yeah, I've got a problem.

     [N]     Do you want to talk about it?

     [D]     Yeah, you see, there's no butter on my toast.

     [N]     I'm sorry.  I'll get you another order.

But when Nikita moves to replace his order, the dockworker reaches out and grabs one of her arms.

     [D]     I don't like your attitude.

     [N]     Really.

     [D]     Yeah, really.

     [N]     Don't do this, please.

As she murmurs this, the man yanks her closer.  Nikita leans down, looks him in the eyes and states "you're hurting me."

     [D]     Well, you see, I'm just trying to teach you some manners.

Suddenly, a large hand appears and pulls the dockworker's hand off Nikita's arm.  It is the owner of the cafe, Matty.  The
dockworker tries to smooth things over with Matty, by putting a hand in the air and saying "no problem."  Matty turns to Nikita
who has walked behind the counter and asks "... you want me to toss this guy out"?  Nikita looks up, shrugs and tells him to "...
Leave him be.  He'll be fine once he gets his butter."  The scene changes to later in the day.  The cafe is almost empty.  A man
enters and sits down.  As he does so you see him look out the window and watch two other men meet and stand in front of the
cafe, as if waiting for someone or something.  When Nikita brings over a menu she looks up, sees the two men outside — and you
can see her inner alarm fell that something is not right.  Before she can act, however, the man at the table reaches out and grabs
her arm.  Startled, she looks down to see him open his jacket enough to show her the gun holstered to his belt.  He tells her "... We
only want you.  Nobody else needs to get hurt."  Nikita nods her agreement.  The man gets up and Nikita walks in front of him to
the cafe door.  As she passes Matty she lightly touches his arm and tells him, "I'll be back in a few minutes."  As they walk
through the door, Nikita turns suddenly and knocks the man into the door jam.  One of his co-horts tries to rush her on the stairs,
but she kicks him so he falls backward.  Nikita leaps down the stairs, runs across the parking lot and uses a waste container as a
step to scale a wire fence.  As she comes down on the other side, however, she is met by two more men.  They grab her, place a
hood over her head, throw her in their car and drive away.


The camera shows the men leading Nikita down dark and damp corridors with only their flashlights to see by.  After a couple of
turns they enter a well-lit wide corridor where they pull off her hood.  As Nikita looks around she sees a man who's back is to her
(Field).  He turns and walks toward her.  When Field reaches Nikita he extends his hand and lifts her chin.  He stares at her a
moment, then walks away.  You next see Nikita from a camcorder's viewer (only her head and shoulders are visible).  The
camera (TV, not the camcorder) pulls back to show she is tied to a chair.  Field walks behind her, reaches out and lifts her chin so
the camcorder can see her face clearly as he narrates —

     [F]     As you can see, we have one of your Operatives. ...  No latex, no special effects.  She's been very

Field turns to the man operating the camcorder and tells him that's enough ..., send it.  He then turns back to Nikita —

     [F]     We've been trying to track you down ..., ever since the conflagration at one of our outposts.  One of my men
     saw you escape.

     [N]     What do you want?

     [F]     You.  You're very fortunate, actually.  How much longer would you have lasted out there?  Hmm?  Aliases
     ..., constantly looking over your shoulder.

At this time Field's aide approaches him, stating "he just called."

[F]     And?

[FA]   Section One knows about tomorrow night.  What do you want to do?

[F]     Go as planned.  The more Operatives they send, the greater the loss.

Nikita's eyes grow wide as she listens to this conversation.  Field motions to one of his guards standing nearby and tells him, "...
Get her dressed ...; take her to her room."  As the guard approaches Nikita she notices that he is attracted to her and gives him an
encouraging smile.


Sherrin is lying on the floor, barely conscious [impression of beached Orca comes to mind].  The camera is set up so we see
everything from his point of view.  A woman's shoe steps into the picture — Madeline.  She stands over him and courteously asks
"... Is there anything else you'd like to tell me, Mr. Sherrin"?  Sherrin is unable to do more than shake his head slightly and moan.
Madeline walks around him and out of Entry.


Madeline enters the room, joining Operations, Ackerman, Michael and Birkoff, who is manning the hologram's computer.  She
gives Ackerman a disk.  As he loads the disk into the generating computer she tells Operations —

     [MA]   Sherrin has provided Intel to his Freedom League ..., contact location and access of the Nuclear Research
     Lab in Lyons, France.  They plan to kidnap an engineer who has security clearances.

     [O]     When?

     [MA]   Tomorrow.

     [M]     Do we intercept?

     [O]     No.  We'll wait for their exits, and will pursue with an offset.  Hopefully, they'll take their hostage back to
     their command.  That's our target. ...  Birkoff.

     [B]     It's ready.

Birkoff taps some codes into the computer and a 3-D hologram of the nuclear research center appears on the table screen.

     [O]     Study this.  Ackerman, get your transport ready.  You leave in the morning.


Nikita is 'sleeping' on a cot when she is awakened by a flashlight flashed in her eyes.  She looks up to see the guard who had
escorted her to this room.  He shoves a gun in her face and tells her to "don't make a sound" as he fumbles to unfasten her pants.
Nikita doesn't move, just smiles and tells him —

     [N]     I can make it easier for you.

The guard gives Nikita a small smirk and pulls back his gun to see what she will do.  She gives him another small smile, seems to
pause a moment, then suddenly pulls her hand out from under her head and swipes the item she is holding against his throat.  The
guard falls back gagging, then silent.  Nikita gets up and looks out into the hallway, unwrapping the item she was holding and
dropping it on the bed next to the guard — a large sliver of mirrored glass.  As she leans over the guard to unbutton his jacket, the
camera pans back to show that a long sliver is missing from the mirror over the room's sink.  Nikita manages to escape undetected
via an unguarded vent clothed in the dead guard's jacket.  As she moves through the underbrush she sees men from the Freedom
League loading several short range missile lockers into cars.  While watching she remembers Field's talk about "... the more
Section Operatives sent, the greater their loss."


Michael and another Operative are seated in a car not far from the Lab's rear exit to the parking lot.  Once again Ackerman is
anchoring from Section with Birkoff manning the computers. Michael is watching the engineer targeted by the Freedom League
through a pair of night vision binoculars.

     [M]     The engineer's coming out.  Are there any sign of the kidnappers?

     [B]     They should be there now.

As the engineer walks down the sidewalk a car screeches to a stop in front of him, two men leap out and drag the man into the
car with them.

     [M]     They are hitting the target.  They are approaching the gate.

The kidnapper's car leaves the fenced parking lot first.  As Section's car pulls up to the guard's hut, Michael happens to glance in
his side mirror.  He sees a man holding a long object on the Lab's roof.  The long object is a rocket launcher.  Michael turns to the
driver, quietly tells him to "get out" and leaps out of the car.  The driver's side, however, is blocked by the guard's hut and both the
driver and guard are killed in the explosion.  Michael gets up and immediately takes out the man on the roof before seeking cover
behind a car and contacts Birkoff

     [M]     We've been ambushed.  Send backup.

Several Freedom League members appear and start shooting.  Michael kills them, but does not see two additional members
approach and aim their guns at his back.  He turns only when he hears gunfire, to see that someone has shot them.  Michael looks
beyond the burning car and sees — Nikita, wearing a hooded jacket and still pointing her gun.  She drops her arm and the two
gaze at each other for several seconds.  Sounds of approaching Lab guards has Michael looking away for a moment.  When he
turns back, Nikita is gone.  Michael stands looking for one more moment (almost like he's wondering if he is once again seeing a
apparition of his mind), before running to the wire fence and climbing over.  As he hits the ground on the other side he hears
Birkoff tell him to "... get to exit point Alpha.  Transport will be there in four minutes."  Still, he takes one more minute to gaze
where he had last seen Nikita before leaving.


Michael is met by Ackerman apologizing that there was not enough backup.  Michael just shrugs off the apology and continues
walking.  Operations joins them and tells him that —

     [O]     It was an inside job.  Someone got on to our frequency and knew we were coming.

     [M]     How could that have happened?

     [O]     Birkoff is working on it now. ...  Did you see anything on site?  Any anomalies?

     [M]     No.

     [O]     Something's not right.

Operations strides off, with Ackerman following, while Michael heads to his office.  Once there he closes the door and walks over
to his computer.  He doesn't even take the time to sit, just leans down and quickly keys in some commands.  Before he hits the
enter key you see Michael hesitate for a second, as if mentally preparing himself for another disappointment.  Once again you see
the words:


There is a pause as the message is sent, then, —


appears in red under his message.


There is a full moon shining in a slightly cloudy sky as Michael approaches a deserted boat.  Michael boards, looks into the cabin
and sees Nikita sitting propped against a pole holding a gun with her eyes closed.  He reaches down and purposely opens the
cabin's metal door so it makes a loud noise.


Nikita leaps to her feet and aims her gun at the intruder.  At first Michael is in shadow, so you understand why Nikita's gun is
trained on him.  But as he slowly walks towards her, the fact that she knows who it is doesn't cause her to lower her gun.
Michael continues to close the distance between them, scoping out the room as he does so.  Nikita backs up until she is standing
against the cabin's bulkhead.  He seems to be looking away, but makes a sudden move and grabs Nikita's hand holding the gun.
Michael pins her to the wall by crossing both her arms in front of her.  Though Nikita is struggling to break free, he easily holds
her for a moment against the wall, before throwing her onto the makeshift bed, using his body to pin her down.  Nikita's expression
shows she has no idea what he will do next.  [For six months Michael has lived with the possibility that Nikita was dead.
Her sudden reappearance has destroyed the remaining barriers Michael had erected to keep Nikita at a distance.]
Michael studies Nikita for a moment — then leans down and starts kissing her.  You see Nikita briefly open her eyes (as if to
make sure this is Michael), before closing them and participating in the remainder of the kiss.  When Michael raises his head, you
see he is gazing at her like he's still not sure if she's a vision, before whispering —

     [M]     I thought I'd lost you.

[This is where Nikita realizes that, for once, Michael is the one emotionally vulnerable, and one push from her will
send him over the edge.  You can see Nikita remembering past hurts and choices made by Michael.  Nikita now has the
same choice he always made in the past — push and take their relationship to the next level or pull back and keep
everything 'status quo.'  Nikita, I am delighted to say, decides to 'push.']  She reaches up, grabs him by his lapels and gently
mocks him with —

     [N]     You never had me!

Michael needs no further prompting and they both commence to rectify this statement.  The scene fades from their quickly
escalating lovemaking — to Michael standing, gazing out one of the cabin's portholes.  As Nikita walks across the room to join him
the camera pulls back to show that neither are clothed.  [And another nuance is now added to their relationship.  From this
moment on Nikita seems to enjoy touching and caressing Michael whenever she can.  Up to this episode it has been
Michael who always had to have some type of contact with Nikita — a touch, a glance.  Now Nikita has added this
trait to her side of the relationship.]  When she reaches Michael she lightly trails one of her hands across his chest as she asks
"everything OK"?  Michael replies, "I'm fine," and they exchange a look and brief smiles.  Nikita also looks out the porthole, as she
asks —

     [N]     So ..., where does Section think you are?

     [M]     Gathering Intel.

Nikita continues gazing out the porthole, but Michael turns to study her as he starts to gently caress her.  A small smile that initially
appears on Nikita's face shows she enjoys his touch.  A grave expression appears on Michael's face, and he asks —

     [M]     Why didn't you let me know you were alive?

A somewhat guilty expression flirts across Nikita's face.

     [N]     I almost did ..., once.  I don't know why I didn't. ...  I put everything out of my mind....

Nikita looks into Michael's face and gives him a sad smile.

     [M]     ... Even the things I didn't want to forget.

Nikita turns and looks out at the harbor as she continues —

     [N]     Do you know that for three years all I did was dream about getting out of Section? ...  When I did, it wasn't
     what I expected.

Her expression changes to one of pain as she confesses to Michael —

     [N]     This isn't freedom....

As Nikita speaks Michael starts to gently pull her toward him — as if he realizes Nikita needs to feel his touch right now.  She
repeats the phrase once more, softly, sadly —

     [N]     ... This isn't freedom.

At that, Nikita lets Michael fold her into his shoulder.


The next morning we see a fully dressed Michael on deck looking out at the harbor when Nikita joins him.  As she sits down to fix
her shoes, Michael asks her "... What will you do now"?

     [N]     Keep moving.

     [M]     Let me help you.

     [N]     Michael ..., its better if you don't know where I am. ...  Better for both of us.

[The 'old' Michael is beginning to reappear and you can see he doesn't like the thought of being unable to see or be
with her when he wishes.]

     [M]     Come back to the Section. ...  Let me bring you in.

     [N]     Even if I wanted to, how could I?  Michael ..., they would know you'd helped me.  It can't be done.

Michael slowly moves forward until he is standing next to where Nikita is sitting and, still looking off into space, confesses to
something Nikita has always wanted, and needed, to here from him —

     [M]     After the explosion, I'd started to believe that you hadn't made it out in time. ...  I thought you were dead.
     When I saw you in Lyons, it brought me back.

A sad smile briefly appears on his face as he tells her —

     [M]     I never knew I needed you so much.

Nikita keeps her back to Michael[, but it looks like someone has lit a light inside her].  She immediately shows her
unwillingness to cut herself off from him by asking —

     [N]     So, what do we do now?

     [M]     I don't know. ...  I've got to go back.

Michael pauses for a moment to gaze down at Nikita's profile, before turning to leave.  Nikita turns and asks him one more
question —

     [N]     So ..., ah ..., who you gonna say gave you the information about the Freedom League?


Michael is talking to Madeline and Operations about the information he has gathered.  In response to Operations' question (same
as Nikita's) —

     [M]     Purcell, my contact in South Africa.

     [MA]   How much did it cost us?

     [M]     He was happy to trade the location for some local protection.

     [O]     Good.

Operations leans down and speaks into his desk Comm Link —

     [O]     Ackerman, get up here.  We have an attack to prepare.

When Michael moves to leave, Operations stops him by saying, "... there is one other thing, Michael."  Michael turns and faces

     [O]     Its about Nikita.

You can tell that Michael is caught unprepared and his emotions briefly show on his face.  [Madeline and Operations thinks its
because he's hoping she's alive.  WE know its because he's concerned that Section has uncovered their deception.]

     [MA]     She's alive.

     [M]     Alive?

Operations plays Section's copy of the video Freedom League had earlier taped of Nikita.  As Michael watches you can see he is
swiftly seeing the possibilities that are emerging.

     [MA]     They must have grabbed her just before the explosion.

     [O]     It explains quite a bit.  How they were able to elude us these past six months ...; how they knew about Lyons.

     [M]     How could she have known about that?

     [N]     She was equipped with receivers when she was captured.  They must have been able to use the encryption
     keys to tunnel into some of our communications.

     [M]     Are we going to extract her?

     [O]     Ackerman will make that decision once he's on site.

     [MA]     We'll try, Michael.

Michael nods his acknowledgment and leaves.  As he does, you see Operations and Madeline exchange looks.


Michael walks over to Birkoff's area, who greets him with —

     [B]     Michael, did you hear about Nikita?

Michael ignores the question, just tells Birkoff to —

     [M]     Pull up the log file for Delta Comm.

     [B]     Why?

Birkoff is suddenly made aware that the more forceful Michael is back when he is gently shoved toward his desk, and told to "...
just do it."  As he pulls up the information, Birkoff continues to speak about Nikita's reappearance.

     [B]     They think she's been leaking Intel, but that's hard to believe.  They could have gotten some mileage out of
     those receivers, but not for long.  Ackerman had me change all the codes. ...  Here you go.

     [M]     Ackerman. ...  When did he do that?

Michael looks up at Operations office, where he and Ackerman are discussing strategy.

     [B]     As soon as Operations put him in charge.  That guy doesn't trust anybody, not even me. ...  Here you go.
     Look, he has all these transmissions locked.

     [M]     Why?

     [B]     That's the way he wants it.

Michael leans down till his head is next to Birkoff and quietly tells him —

     [M]     I want you to do something for me.


Ackerman is discussing attack strategies with Birkoff, Michael and another Operative.  You notice Michael carefully studying
Ackerman.  As they talk they refer to a revolving 3-D hologram of the Freedom League's headquarters.

     [A]     Our primary objective, gentlemen, is to take out the Freedom League server. ...  Birkoff ...

     [B]     The central control is here.  The redundancy back up every 24 hours, lasts for five minutes.  That's our

     [A]     If we can destroy the computer at that time, it will bring down their entire network.

Michael doesn't raise his eyes from the hologram, but quietly asks —

     [M]     Is there a secondary objective?

     [A]     Birkoff's working up a possible location on Nikita based on the tape.  On egress, Team Three, you're
     responsible.  If you can extract her without sacrifice, fine.  If not, incinerate that wing.

     [M]     My Team will do that.

Ackerman stares at Michael, obviously not comfortable with this unexpected challenge of strategy.  He tries to reassert control by
saying —

     [A]     I need you on point.

Michael easily out-maneuvers Ackerman.

     [M]     I can do both.

Ackerman concedes, saying "... Fine."  He then continues the strategy session by pointing to various locations on the hologram —

     [A]     We will set charges here ..., here ..., and here.

Michael points to an area on the hologram.

     [M]     What about this culvert?

     [A]     What about it?

     [M]     Its a potential retreat point.

Ackerman and Michael have a brief staring contest.  By now, everyone in the meeting has realized that Michael is in the process
of reasserting his leadership control, and are watching how Ackerman handles this.  Again, Ackerman backs down, and tells
Birkoff —

     [A]     Mark it off with two synchronized charges.

     [M]     Make it four.

Another staredown between the men and, again, Ackerman accedes.

     [A]     Go ahead. ...  We'll convene at van access in five minutes.


Michael returns to his office, closes his door and sits down in front of his computer.  He quickly accesses Nikita's pager and
leaves the following message:



The Teams, headed by Ackerman, are at the van access entrance.  He tells them to load the van, he "will be right out."  He
watches as they file through the door, then strides down the corridor.  When he turns the corner, however, he runs into Michael
suited in attack gear, pulling on his gloves.  Ackerman is obviously startled, and blurts —

     [A]     Michael!

     [M]     I though we were going out.

     [A]     We are. ...  I just had to check on something.

Michael says nothing, just continues to look at him.

     [A]     Why don't you give Walter the inventory?

     [M]     I did.

     [A]     Good.

Ackerman flounders for a moment, before admitting defeat.

     [A]     It can wait.  Let's go.

As Michael follows Ackerman to the van, you see an amused expression briefly flit across his face.


Field is pressing his Aide for information —

     [F]     Any transmission from Ackerman?

     [FA]   No, nothing.

     [F]     We should have heard by now.


Section's van has reached the perimeter of Freedom League's border.  This time Ackerman and Birkoff are anchoring from the
van, not Section.  Michael leads his Team in via the same entrance Nikita escaped by.


Birkoff notes their progress when they reach the corridors leading to Freedom League's headquarters.

     [B]     First mark completed.  Go to B.


Michael's Team extends deeper into Freedom League territory.


When the Team reaches the juncture of one of the corridors, Birkoff conveys —

     [B]     Michael, they're mobilizing east.


Michael has his Team switch off their flashlights and quietly fade into the dark.  We see a lone sentry slowly patrolling one of the
corridors.  Suddenly, an arm reaches down and pulls him up by the neck.  Michael had hidden on top of some pipes running along
the ceiling.  As he pulls the guard up he zaps him with a tazer, then drops him.  The next sentry has just shut the chain link gate
separating the abandoned corridors from their headquarters when one of the Team members moves up behind and garrotes him.
The Team members also are setting charges as they infiltrate.


Meanwhile, Nikita follows the Team in using the same entrance.


Field is tired of waiting for Ackerman to contact him, so he tells his Aide —

     [F]     Keep monitoring all transmissions.  I want to know the moment he calls. ...  You can reach me on Channel

With that he walks down the corridor.  Michael's Team reaches the main hallway.  He is able to find out how many sentries are
present by using a mirror to see around the corner.  He waits a moment, then signals the other Team members to slip across the
open hallway to the columns beyond.  The last Team member across waits and gives Michael his signal to cross.  They use the
columns as cover as they slowly move in range of the sentries.  Michael is outside the computer/communications room when one
of the sentries discharges his machine gun while being garroted.  Before anyone in the room can respond Michael quickly takes
out everyone.  He sets the charges next to the computers, and lets Ackerman/Birkoff know. —

     [M]     Birkoff, Team's in position.

Michael quickly checks to make sure all charges are set, then tells his Team —

     [M]     Everyone out, now.

All Team members evacuate, but Michael stays in the computer/communication room.  We see around five or six Freedom
League guards slowly approach, getting ready to rush him.  Michael suddenly launches himself out of the room sitting in the
wheeled office chair.  As it flies across the hallway Michael uses a machine gun in each hand to strafe the waiting guards.  When
he reaches the columns he simply swings the chair around and takes out the guards hiding behind them.


The rest of the Team members reach and enter the van.  Ackerman takes a head count and asks —

     [A]     Where's Michael?

No one knows.


We find Michael walking down a corridor, searching for 'someone.'

     [B]     (VOICE)  Michael, where are you? ...  We've got to get out of here.

Michael doesn't answer and when he finds what he is searching for — Nikita hiding behind a large type of boiler — he shuts off
his Comm Link.  Nikita comes out, faces him and slowly removes her jacket.  Michael places his gun and flashlight on the boiler
and removes his gloves.  He then reaches out and cups her neck with his hand as he gently asks her —

     [M]     You ready?

A almost imperceptible nod indicates she is.  Michael hits her in the face, hard, three times, knocking her to her knees.  She grabs
a hold of his jacket and slowly pulls herself up until she's standing and can wrap her arms around his neck.  Michael holds her and
says "... enough," but Nikita shakes her head.

     [N]     No. ...  I'm not taking any chances.

With that she pulls herself out of his arms to wait for the next blows.  This time Michael hits her in her midsection.  Nikita falls to
a heap on the ground, gasping and coughing.  [Michael's expression during this action has turned vacant, as if he is
shutting his emotions off.  I've noticed this expression appears whenever he sees harm coming to Nikita that he is
unable to prevent or stop (i.e., in "Brainwash"; he had just prevented Nikita from killing the Chinese Premier, and she
had collapsed in his arms, an emotional wreak).]


     [A]     Take us out of here.

     [B]     What about Michael?

     [M]     He's run out of time.  Ignite the charges.


As Ackerman tells Birkoff to set off the explosives, we see Michael exiting the headquarters through a large culvert in a run —
carrying Nikita on his back.  They have just reached the trees when the headquarters explodes into a fireball.


Birkoff is looking at his computer screen, stunned at the thought of Michael being caught in the explosions, when the van door is
thrown open and Michael enters with Nikita.  When Ackerman sees Nikita in Michael's arms, a stunned expression appears on his

     [B]     Nikita!

Michael sits, cradling Nikita, and tells Birkoff, "... go."  All the Team members turn to look at Ackerman.  [They have, Birkoff
especially, a "your days as Team Leader are over" expression on their faces.]  Ackerman mutely indicates for them to
leave.  As the van moves Nikita turns and holds on to Michael, while shutting her eyes.


Operations and Madeline are observing Nikita, who is lying on a gurney in the Infirmary's Observation Room.  Michael is standing
behind them.

     [O]     What do you think?

     [MA]   Her body markings indicate interrogation and torture.

     [O]     Over what period of time?

     [MA]   That's what bothers me.  The bruises appear to be fresh.

     [O]     Which means she may have been cooperating until only recently.

Michael moves to stand next to them, breaking into the conversation.

     [M]     She never cooperated with them.

     [O]     Meaning what?

     [M]     They used her to divert our attention.

     [MA]   From what?

     [M]     The real source.

Michael hands them a data viewer.

     [M]     Birkoff put this together.

     [O]     ... Ackerman?

     [M]     He was a mole for the Freedom League.  They got to him last year in Singapore.  These are all the decoded
     transmissions since then.

Madeline reviews the information, then asks —

     [MA]   Where is he now?


Section Operatives attach metal fasteners to Ackerman's hands and neck that bind him to a metal chair.  Once he is restrained,
Madeline appears before him and coldly shares what his (brief) future will be —

     [MA]   For the next three days you'll be subjected to an intense debriefing.  You will cooperate with us because you
     know how things are done here.  When we're done with you, you'll be canceled.  Any questions?

Ackerman looks at her with a stoic expression and says nothing.  Seeing he has none, Madeline leaves.  [You can tell Madeline
is furious that she did not catch on to Ackerman's 'turn,' but is holding it in and showing only icy control.]


Nikita is sitting up on the infirmary gurney lightly running her fingers over her split lip.  There is a Section Medic working at the
other end of the room.  Michael joins her.

     [M]     How are you feeling?

     [N]     I'll be fine.

Michael walks over to the Medic.

     [M]     Will you excuse us, please?

When they are alone, Michael moves to stand next to Nikita.  Throughout the remaining conversation they both continually look
around and speak in low tones, knowing it is possible they are being taped.

     [M]     You'll stay in Observation for another day.  Then you'll be transferred down to Level 3.

     [N]     Three?

     [M]     Reprogramming.  You've been out for a long time.  We need to be sure ... you still meet Section's standards.

     [N]     Will I be doing that with you?

     [M]     No.  You'll be assigned to someone else.

Nikita waits a minute, then whispers —

     [N]     Are we going to be able to see each other on the outside?

Michael says nothing, just looks at her.  Nikita waits a moment, then, briefly bites her lip and whispers —

     [N]     I had a dream last night. ...  You said certain things to me ..., you revealed your feelings.

     [M]     Sometimes all we have is our dreams.

Nikita studies Michael for a minutes, then asks him to come "... closer."  Michael moves so his head is right next to her's.  Nikita
reaches out and lightly places her fingers under his chin, while telling him (still in a whisper) —

     [N]     You went to a lot of trouble to bring me back in here. ...  I want to know why.

They exchange searching looks, then Michael whispers back —

     [M]     Be patient.

With that he straightens up and leaves.  As Nikita watches him depart, she places the fingers she used to stroke Michael's chin in
her mouth — almost like she's trying to 'taste' him.  She waits a moment, then slowly gets up and walks to the door.  There, Nikita
watches as Michael strides down the hall out of sight.


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