In Between
(transcribed by Quokka)

Written by Michael Loceff
Directed by J. Scanlon

Carla = Anais Granofsky
Carlo Giraldi/Charles Sand = Stephen Berkoff
Abel Goellner = Alan Peterson
Sarris = Damon D'Oliveira
Steven = Geoff Murrin
Ellis = Barna Moricz

Michael = M

My comments in [ ] Didn't quite get it=?

[There are three surprises in this episode--one in the middle and one 3/4 of the way through and one at the
end--the first one was the most surprising event]


Operatives come in from Egress area dragging a young man, named Ellis, along. He is yelling at the operative
in front of him

Ellis: You didn't have to kill him. I'll kill you, you hear me? You're dead! You're dead! Let go of me!

Michael walks up to Madeline who is waiting for him at Egress. Her hair is browner than in Last Night and she is
wearing her chocolate dress. Michael is in customary killer black.

Ma: What happened?

M: In order to get to him, we had to kill his brother.

Ma: Really? [no, Reilly, ace of spies] Who did it?

M: Sarris.

Ma: Tell him to stay close. We've not much time.

Michael walks off.


Ellis is strapped to the chair and Madeline walks in.

Ellis yells: You're wasting your time. Why don't you kill me now cause I'm not giving you anything, you hear me?

Ma ignoring him: You've had several conversations with Abel Goellner in the last month. Tell me about them.

Ellis: You didn't have to kill my brother. You didn't have to kill him.

Ma: But we did and I'm afraid you're going to die as well.

Ellis: So why would I give you anything?

Ma: Because I'm going to give you something in return.


Sarris is following Michael down the stairs and across Section intersection. Sarris is a good-looking dark
haired man --Spanish.

Sarris: I don't understand, how can I help? [you mean the red target mark on your vest didn't give you a clue?]

M: Madeline will fill you in. (Michael looks back at him--they have been talking with Michael walking ahead)
Michael leaves.

Sarris walks up to Madeline: What do you need?

Ma: Just talk to him. Apologize for shooting his brother.

Sarris: Apologize?

Ma: Yes

Sarris sighs and walks away. [ He seemed resigned but not expecting anything--this seemed to be a particular
method of Madeline's to get the job done--there was no hint that Sarris was a problem or in abeyance but it is a


Sarris walks in hands outstretched. He seems uncomfortable and annoyed. Ellis is sitting strapped into the

Sarris: Hey, look, it was nothing personal (he shrugs). I.. I was just trying to do my job.

Ellis pulls a gun from under his arm and shoots Sarris at close range in the heart.

Madeline's legs appear behind the crumpled form of Sarris.

Ma: Abel Goellner. Tell me about him.

Ellis stares at her.


Nikita comes from behind a clouded glass door of her bathroom. Her hair is wrapped in a towel and she is
wearing a long cotton mauve robe. She goes over to her couch and puts her lower legs on it while resting the
her body on her white rug as if to do situps but she relaxes and closes her eyes instead. There is a knock at her
door. She sighs and yells Who is it?

She goes to the door and opens it. Carla is standing there.

N: Hey!

Carla: Nice to see you, stranger!

Nikita pulls her into a long hug. Carla!

Later they are sitting on the couch and Nikita has her hair in the dreadlocks look and is wearing a black top and

Carla: Yeah, I couldn't believe it! I was turning down College(? if Toronto). There you were crossing the street.

N: You should have stopped!

Carla: I tried! I yelled out the window and everyone but you turned around!

N: Yeah, yeah, yeah

Carla: Where did you go? I thought something horrible had happened.

N: No. I had to go home. My family had an emergency. [well, not a lie, exactly]

Carla: Is everything okay?

N: Uh, hm, it's fine... Carla, I want to say sorry I haven't kept in contact with you. I just couldn't.

Carla: It's no problem. I'm just happy to see you. So when did you get back?

N: About three or four months. So what about you? Why did you move out?

Carla: I met someone.

N: Oh gosh!

Carla: His name is Steven and he's a commodities broker and we live in this great loft downtown.

N: Nothing wrong with that!

Carla: He's a good guy. You'll meet him.

N: It's great to see you!

Carla: Yeah, you too!

Nikita goes to the stove: Want a refill?

Carla: Okay.... so what about you? What have you been doing since you've been back.

N thinking to herself: What have I been doing.

Carla: Did you get a job? Are you seeing anyone? What's going on?

N: Umm (Phone rings) Not a lot. (she picks up the phone) Hello?

M: Josephine

N in a resigned and annoyed voice: Yep.


Operations is briefing Michael, Birkoff and Nikita plus others.

O: Yesterday in Kuala Lumpur we picked up Mose Lewellis (?) a well connected deal maker who worked the
Pacific Rim. Lately he's been in touch with Abel Goellner, a man we've been after for some time. Goellner has
been destabilizing third world countries through the use of his massive financial resources. He's about to use
these resources to fund terrorist strikes against civilian populations. We need to get in with him, discover his
financial pipeline and shut him down. Michael will be leading the mission. He'll update you as soon as the profile
is set.

They leave ex for Nikita who sits there and speaks to Michael.

N: Michael, are we on standby?

M: Yes

Nikita stares down then leaves.


Michael is in a dark suit and tie and is carrying a briefcase. Nikita is also in a suit and tie except her jacket is
long and her tie is blue. Her hair is up. They follow a glamourous looking woman through a very luxurious mixed
club. The furnishings are mainly gilt, marble and burgundy. They enter a room and the woman leaves. A bald
man who is slim and distinguished looking gestures for them to sit down in very ornate chairs and they sit side
by side.

Goellner enters followed by a bodyguard. He is stout and jolly looking and seems to smile a lot and use hand
gestures. Think of a somewhat less flamboyant Charles Laughton as Henry VIII

Goellner: Ah, I see the party's already begun. (Michael stands and Goellner shakes his hand) Abel Goellner.
Pleased to meet you (he shakes Nikita's hand--she remains seated) And pleased to meet you. Would either of
you like something to eat or drink?

M: No.

Goellner: Okay. Marju(?) had very good things to say about you. (To Nikita) And you're?

M: Nikita, my attach,.

Goellner: Oh, nice! (To Michael) Well, you know what it is that I need.

M: Marju(?) said you need to transfer funds without drawing attention.

Goellner: Yes, that's right. Yes, we don't want to draw any attention.

M: If you choose to use my services, your money will be funneled into segregated offshore accounts. I stay away
from the Caribbean and other more visible hubs. I've had success in East Africa. They're desperate for hard

Goellner: What about the, uh, rate?

M: You could do better if you're willing to take the risk. I'm not. Interference is almost minimal.

Goellner rubbing his fingers together: I'm curious. How did you two meet?

N: Sorry?

Goellner to her: Is your relationship social? professional?

M: What does that have to do with our business here?

Goellner: Everything! I'm about to make a decision where I'm going to place a bulk of my assets in your hands!
What do you think of him? (he gestures to Michael)

N: He's a fair employer.

Goellner: Are you attracted to him?

Michael stands up and says calmly: I'm sorry, it was a mistake to come here.

Goellner's bodyguard walks over and puts a gun to Michael's head.

Goellner: One final question. (To Nikita) If your employer suddenly ceased to exist would you be able to get up
to speed quickly enough to do this for me?

Nikita looks at him calmly: It depends by what you mean by quickly enough?

Goellner: By next Tuesday.

Nikita pulls out a calculator/calendar: Can you give me a minute?

Goellner: Sure

Nikita punches in some numbers: Not quite... if you think you could give me two more days, then, yes.

Goellner: No, I need it done sooner.

He looks at the bodyguard: It's fine. (The guy removes his gun and Michael sighs slightly.) Your assistant is very
good but don't train her too well.

Michael: do we have a deal? (he says this a bit breathlessly)

Goellner gets up: Yes we do. If you join me in the other room, I'll show you what we're up against. (He chuckles.)

Nikita starts to follow them but Goellner's assistant stops her: Just him.

Goellner looks at Nikita: Oh, nothing sinister... just the fewer the better at this point.

Nikita nods and smiles as they leave then resumes her seat.

The assistant looks at her: You're an attractive woman.

Nikita looks at him surprised but then she smiles quickly: Thank you.

Assistant: I like your tie. I like a woman who knots her own tie. Shows an independent nature. (He hands her his
business card but then turns it over as he does so to reveal the written words Section One on the back)

Assistant whose name is revealed to be Giraldi: I've been waiting a long time for you.

N: I... I don't know what you mean?

Giraldi: Take it to Operations. He'll know what to do. (The voices of the others as they enter the room)

Giraldi puts his finger to his lips and whispers: Tell no-one else.

Goellner calls to Giraldi: Carlo!


Egress lock clicks open and Michael enters, his suit and tie in perfect order. Ops is standing in the doorway to
the side.

O: Did he open the books?

M: He presented a theoretical scenario. If he likes my response, he'll use me.

O: Get the data to Analysis. Have them work up a projection. Tell them not to be too precise. We want it to look

M: Of course (he leaves)

Nikita walks in, her long jacket open and her tie hanging loosely around her neck. She sees Ops and looks at
him like he is a bug under glass.

O: coldly: Is there something else?

N: Yes

O: What?

N: This. (she hands him the card but holds on to it a fraction of a second.


He scans the card and a profile of a man called Charles Sand comes up. Ops goes immediately to COM

O: Send Nikita up right away!


Nikita walks in looking great. Her hair is down and she is wearing a gray dress with black dots that really suits
her. She sees Michael: Hey.

M: You'll have to study the number Analysis gives us.

(He expects her to join him but she walks past him)

N: Sure

M: Where are you going.

N still walking: To see Operations.

M: Why?

N: Some question about Algiers.

M: That was two weeks ago.

N turns around to look at M after she is half way across the main area: I guess he's still reviewing it.

She looks at him for a second then turns and walks on.


View from below of Nikita in Ops' office--he is sitting against his table.

O: Does Michael know about this?

N: No, in fact I just lied to him. I told him I was up here to talk about Algiers.

O: Good. Don't mention this to anyone.

N: Who is he?

O: Once in awhile, someone turns up where they shouldn't.

N: Why does he know so much about Section One?

O: I don't know yet. What else did he say to you?

N: That he was waiting for us and I should speak only to you.

O: Okay. Report to duties. The only judgment you need to make is to treat anything he says as unreliable.

N: Don't you think we should tell Michael about this?

O: Not yet (he whispers urgently)

N whispering harshly: What about the integrity of our cover?

O: I've told you what to do. Don't worry. Both you and Michael will be protected.

Nikita is walking down the corridor, one sleeve of her coat pulled carelessly off her shoulder. She looks tired.

Walter comes up to her: Hey!

N: Hey

W: Heading out?

N: Yup.

W: You okay?

N: I'm fine.

W: You don't seem so fine. I'm worried about you.

N sighs: Walter, it's just this place. It just gets to me sometimes, that's all.

W: Hmm

N: I was in bad shape this time last year. I don't want to feel that way again.

W: Look Sugar. You can't change the way they treat you. The only thing you can change is the way you treat
yourself. Why don't you go out? Have a good time? Find a man?

Nikita looks at him amused then laughs.

W: See? Just thinking about it makes you feel better, right?

N: G'night Walter (I think she kisses him or pats his face here)

W: G'night Sugar.


Nikita and Carla are in Nikita's kitchen preparing food.

Carla: I don't care what you say, buying a dog's a big step, it's like having a kid together.

N: Sounds very serious

Carla: Yeah, it feels serious. He's late. I thought he would be.

N: Why?

Carla: I don't know. He's shy. I'm surprised he didn't call and cancel at the last minute.

N: I'm sure he's stuck in traffic. He'll be here.

Carla: Hey, thanks for calling. I love doing stuff in the middle of the week.

N: Me too. Phone rings three times and Nikita answers.

N: Hello? Great! C'mon up. (to Carla) He's here!

Carla: Great! (She goes out to the hall) It's about time! Look at you... all dressed up! Come here!

"Steve" walks in and it is the goatee man.

N: Hi

Steve: Hi Nice to meet you.

N: Nice to meet you. Hope you're hungry. There's plenty of food.

Steve: Great

N: Would you like some wine?

Steve: Sure

N: Help yourself.

Carla: I don't know about you but I'm starved.... let me get that

Camera focuses on Steve who looks around.

[So the first surprise, the goatee man has met Nikita and she does not recognize him. Perhaps seeing twins
playing chess might register but every time that Nikita has seen or not seen him, she has more important things
on her mind.]


Goellner, Michael, Giraldi and Nikita are seated around an oval table and Nikita and Giraldi have laptops open
on the table and are seated beside each other.

Goellner: I'm going to need those funds in position by the 13th. I have a client who is going to need them to
make a fairly large purchase.

M: I'd like to get them in place soon. I've already talked to the C.F.O. of that bank. The rates are coming down.

Goellner: Good. Good. Well, um, now what about those bearer bonds?

M: I don't think you should touch those right now.

Goellner: Really? Let's take a look. What do you think, Carlo?

Carlo: Well, let's take a look. What's your opinion on this, Michael?

M: The accounts would be too visible.

Carlo: Why?

M: Last spring, the European Bank networked into the Asian markets. That exposed all continental accounts to
routine surveillance. You could probably get away with it. I don't think you want to take that chance.

Goellner: Bright boy. He's a bright boy, Carlo.

Carlo: Oh yes, he's a very bright boy.

M: All right, we'll keep these in place and start staggering the other accounts.

Carlo: I've arranged the schedule. Would you like to see it? (he turns his PC to Nikita)

Among the numbers there is a running message : "Meet me back here at 11:30"

N: Fine, we'll go ahead and copy.


Nikita walks down a dark hallway. She has her hair up and a long white coat on. She stops at one of the
entrances and goes out on a wooden balcony that overlooks the downstairs. Carlo is seated behind her on
another balcony.

Carlo: Did you speak to Operations about me?

N: Who are you?

Carlo: You know damn well who I am. Why aren't they bringing me in?

N: I have no idea what you are talking about!

Carlo: He didn't tell you? (he muses to himself) That means either he's worried I've returned and he's being
cautious or he never intended to bring me back in.

N: What are you saying?

Carlo: What do you think you and Michael are here?

N: To move Goellner's money.

Carlo: Goellner asked me to check you out before meeting you. When I began to dig into your histories,
something began to knaw at me, a vaguely familiar pattern. It reminded me of the background I was given
before I was put into place. That's why I cleared you. (he stands up and walks over to her) Charles Sand, first
year operative. I've been out for nine years waiting for someone to bring me back in Section One.

(he smiles)

Nikita looks dumbfounded.

[There was a commercial break here and I was sure something was cut off!]


Carlo: I don't know how it was made.

N: What about the rest of the team?

Carlo: Killed during egress. [this sounds suspiciously like Nikita's egress in Mercy]

N: How did you survive all these years?

Carlo: I kept my self alive by feeding Red Cell disposable Section Intel. They wanted to kill me when I formed a
relationship with one of the soldiers who eventually went out on his own.

N: Goellner.

Carlo: Yes.

N: If what you're telling me is true, why didn't you ever try to contact the Section?

Carlo: I tried. They must have closed down my channel.

N: And now you want me to bring you back in?

Carlo: You've got to bring me back in.

N: I was told not to trust anything you said. So unless you have something hard on Goellner, there's nothing more
to discuss.

Carlo: Here take this (he hands her a disc).

N: What's this?

Carlo: Take it to COM---they'll pull off the specifics. It's the only chance of bringing Goellner down. You and
Michael can't do it alone. Trust me. (Nikita gets up) And if Operations still doesn't believe me, speak to

N: Madeline?

Carlo: She'll want to know that I'm still alive.


Ops is sitting on Nikita's couch smoking a cigaretto. She walks in and throws down her purse.

O: So you met him?

N: You could have let me know he was a Section operative.

O: What did he tell you?

N: He gave me this. (she hands Ops the disc) He claims it's the only way to get to Goellner.

O: He doesn't think our approach will work?

N: No.

O: That's interesting. (Nikita gets water from the fridge)

N: I don't understand, do we trust this guy or don't we?

O: Nothing's changed. I'll look at this and let Michael know how we're going to proceed.

N: What do I tell Michael when he asks where I got the disc?

O: Nothing. If there's anything useful on it, I'll funnel it to Michael myself. You were never involved.

(he starts to leave)

N: It just seems strange if he's one of ours why we're not protecting him.

O turns to her and says quietly: Just do what I tell you, Nikita. (He tries to leave smoking the cigaretto)

N persisting: He's been waiting for nine years.

O as he goes out the door: This is how it has to be handled.

Nikita leans against her counter sighing.


Michael is talking to two operatives.

M: We're going to be out of range. Use the tri-field pickups. We can't risk the chance of a dropout. Goellner will
have his eyes on the file the entire time.

Operations walks up to Michael: How is it going?

M: We should be able to access all his accounts before the day's cleanup. We'll have a complete profile ready
within the hour.

O: I need to speak to Michael alone. (The other operatives leave)

O: I've upgraded Nikita's status for this mission. She'll be reporting to me directly.

M looks disturbed: Why?

O: I've had some variables I'd like to reroute. I need you to handle the primaries.

M: Is this a singularity or is it a permanent upgrade?

O: We'll see how it goes. Do you have a problem with any of this?

M: Nikita performs best when she's scripted [I hope that wasn't a personal remark!] I don't think she's ready.

O: I disagree. (He turns to Michael) It's never easy but you're going to have to let go of her sometime, Michael.
(He leaves and Michael looks forward worried)


Nikita walks by the blinds and sees he is there typing away.

She knocks at the door and puts her head in: Michael, do you have a minute?

M: Come in. (Nikita looks at Michael's right-hand and he moves to put the scrambler on)

N: Has Operations ever asked you to do something outside mission parameters?

M: Yes

N: What did you do?

M: What do you want to know, Nikita? What will happen to you if you don't obey him?

N: I don't know why I came here. I don't have a choice. (She starts playing with Michael's---wait for it----lamp
switching it on and off) I've got to do what he wants.

M: Think it through but more importantly, you'll have to stop coming to me. (Nikita stares at him) I'm no longer
your mentor. (Camera focuses on Nikita looking at Michael strangely)


Nikita is stretched out in a chair and she is thinking. She is wearing a long black sweater and she stretches and
yawns. Birkoff walks in and she gets up so that he can sit down.

B: This had better be priority three or higher.

N: Sorry to wake you but it's important

B sighing: What are we looking for?

N: Incoming communications on document channels.

B: Friendly or hostile?

N: Friendly -- an operative believed dead--he's trying to get back in

B (awake now): Okay, over here (he moves to another computer). Alias or real name?

N: Charles Sand.

B: No. Nothing. (Machine reads No Match Found)

N: How about Giraldi?

B: No. Can I go back to bed now?

N: What if someone from the inside were trying to reroute it?

B: I need to know who?

N: Operations.

Birkoff looks at her with his no way am I going to do this look.

N: Just try it. (Machine states: Loading Archived File)

B: Wow!

N: What is it?

B: Charles Sand. First year operative, went dark on the Parsifal mission nine years ago.

N: And what's "dark" mean?

B: Someone pushed a button on this guy in the middle of the operation. It's like he was hung out to dry for no
reason. He had a perfect record.

N: What's his status?

B: That's the weird thing. He's listed as dead. There's communication from him. Every month.

N: Who received it?

B: Had to be Operations. He rerouted the communications to a sync file then trashed them. What's going on?

(Focus on Nikita)


Michael is looking over the profile and Nikita comes up to him and sits on the table. There are two operatives
behind them. Nikita is in pigtails and black T-shirt and leggings--silk.

M: Did you check in with Walter?

N: Yeah. Four teams. It seemed pretty heavy. What's going on?

M: We have new Intel. on Goellner.

N: Really? What kind?

M: It's on your panel. [Michael seems very unfriendly and pre-occupied here--he practically throws the panel at
her and she looks surprised as she is trying to be friendly for a change]

N: Where did we get the information?

M: Operations--he sourced it from Eastern Europe. We leave in two hours.

N: Michael, we're going to kill Giraldi?

M: He's collateral.

N: Why?

M: Operations only wants Goellner alive.

N: What's the problem?

Michael looks away then says calmly: You have work to do.

N: Yeah. Right. (Michael leaves)


Nikita is at the door, her arms folded in front of her

Ma from her desk: What are you doing here? I thought you were prepping for a mission?

Nikita walks over and hands a panel to Madeline. (It's Charles Sand's profile)

Ma: Where did you get this?

N: It's an incidental on my current mission. I'd like to know who he is and why Operations wants him dead.

Ma sighs: Tell me what you know.

N: Charles Sand, first year operative, been out over nine years waiting for us to bring him in.

[at the point, I was starting to hear "My name is Constable Benton Fraser, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I
first came to Chicago on the trail of

the killers of my father and, for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I have remained attached as
liaison to the Canadian Consulate."]

Ma: And why are you here?

N: Operations claims he's lying and wants him killed on today's mission. I think that's extreme especially if he's
one of ours.

Ma: Has the mission profile been set?

N: Yes. Madeline, he said if there was a problem to speak to you. Who is this guy and why does Operations
want him dead?

Ma smiling: Doesn't look good if we can't keep track of our own people.

N: He didn't lose track.

Ma very seriously: What do you mean?

N: He's been trying to contact the Section ever since he's been out. Operation's been intercepting his

Ma: I want you to bring him in.

N: How? The profile's already been set!

Ma: Just do it. I'll deal with Operations.

N: And Michael?

Ma: Find something on site. Use it to create doubt. Tell Michael we need to bring in Sand before we kill him.

N: Madeline, who is he? (she takes back the panel)

Ma: My husband [second surprise of the evening--my sister saw this coming--I didn't]

Nikita looks at her then leaves. Madeline watches her go.


Michael is briefing the team. Nikita and Birkoff are along the back--there are at least 7 other operatives present.

M: Goellner plans to quietly acquire controlling interest in the banks of several large African economies. He will
be meeting with the leaders of rebel armies today to dispense fund for large arms transactions.

B: He'll be particularly vulnerable at this meeting. To close deals he'll have to move funds on continents in real
time. (Birkoff has his usual cool coloured holographs on the club layout and players)

M: The primary team will be responsible for getting control while he's on-line and the secondary team will bring
down the terrorists.


M to W: Did someone put scopes on the outside team in another set of Pa's for the outside point?

N: Hi! Profile's been locked.

M: Good. Get your gear and meet me in ? (he leaves)

W: They changed the optics on the scope. It will give you an extra five degrees of slop. [yes, that was slop, not

N: Do you know about Charles Sand?

W looking around: Who told you about him?

N: He's Madeline's husband, isn't he?

W: Was. He's dead--he was killed during a mission.

M: He's alive.

W: What are you talking about?

N: He works with Goellner. Operations wants him dead. Madeline wants me to bring him back alive.

W: Are you telling me that you have separate confidences with both of them?

N: Yes.

W: Oh Boy!

O from a distance away: Nikita, I'd like to talk to you.

Nikita whispers "thanks" and leaves as Walter replies "You're welcome, Sugar."

O: Have you started the profile?

N: Yes, I have

O: I expect everything will go according to plan?

N: Sure

O: Good.


Nikita is the second to last person to exit past Michael. She hesitates and he looks at her as she is looking past
him down the corridor

M: What's the problem?

Nikita puts on her sunglasses: No problem.

Michael looks to where Nikita was staring and sees Madeline standing at the end of the corridor.

[My impression here was that Michael was out of the loop--would explain his terse comments to Nikita.]


Goellner is seated around a large table surrounded by men from various African nations and flanked by their
various bodyguards. A lot of what happens is in split scenes; i.e. Goellner speaking, various faces while the
Section teams get into place--enter the building, run up the stairs etc.

Goellner: Even though your cause is just, I know you can't expect the full support of an army. The bare
necessities need to be met. I'll provide that as well as the munitions and the material (Section First team enters
the building). Once you're in power, I'll expect reciprocity [yes, Canadians can spell that really well!]. After you've
nationalized the banks, Mr. Giraldi will organize the governing boards. All financial discussions from that point
on will be initiated by us.

B: Okay, Michael, channel in. I'll give you the signal once he's on line.

M: First team to point

Giraldi/Charles Sand: These are your operating accounts for the next two weeks. I've put in what I believe to be
sufficient amounts. Contact me if there are any over-runs and I'll deal with it personally.

B: Okay, he's plugged in. You're clear to go, Michael.

M: First Team go.

Gunfire. Nikita goes in a ducks under the table where Giraldi is hiding--as the operatives and the bodyguards
battle it out with almost everyone on the "other side" taken down, Nikita gestures for Giraldi to run. He exits with
her [just a little too close] behind him and she yells "I've got him". Michael rounds up the operatives and he and
Goellner have a small staring match as the latter is the only "Club Member " left alive.

Giraldi/Stone runs down the stairs and into a room with a smoked glass door. Nikita follows.

Giraldi/Stone: Goellner's laptop is loaded with hot files. Get it and I'll decode it in Section.

Nikita clicks her gun and raises it to him.

Giraldi/Stone: What are you doing?

N: I've been ordered to kill you.

Giraldi/Stone: Did you speak to Madeline?

N: Yes, I did. (she points the gun directly at him)

Giraldi/Stone: Well what did she say?

Ma is at the door and speaks from behind Nikita: That will be all, Nikita. I'll take it from here. Watch the door. I'll
need a minute. (Nikita leaves)

Giraldi/Stone: Madeline.

Ma: Hello Charles. (she goes over to him and gives him her hand)

Their profiles are in the smoked glass window and Nikita sees them hug. Focus on Nikita leaning on the wall
outside the door. Nikita leans against the door breathing a sigh of relief or anticipation. She hears two shots
and jumps. Madeline exits the door and we see Giraldi/Stone's body lying crumpled behind her.

Nikita eyes tear up and she turns her head away from Madeline.

Madeline looks at Nikita calmly: It was wrong of me to put you in this position. Operations was right.

Nikita says brokenly: He was your husband. (she is crying now and not looking at Madeline)

Ma: Yes, he was.

N: How could you kill him?

Ma: There was no way to bring him back. His presence outside the Section for so many years would undermine
our credibility. And letting him go wasn't an option. He understood that.

Madeline leaves.



Madeline is seated at her computer and Operations addresses this conversation from the doorway or standing
near her desk.

O: Just read the debrief. Quite a shock. Charles never tried to contact you over the years?

Ma: No.

O: Yet it's hard to believe he switched his allegiance over to the other side.

Ma: Yes

O: Must be hard on you.

Ma: I'll get over it.

O: At least the mission was a success. We got the deal and got control over Goellner's accounts.

Ma: Good. (Operations goes to leave and his back is to Madeline) Congratulations.

O: Thanks (he looks very grim and continues on out). [Both of these people know exactly what Madeline is
congratulating Operations on] Madeline sits staring ahead as he leaves.


Carla is sitting on the couch, her head in her hands and Nikita is sitting on the floor looking at her intently.

N: Want to tell me what happened?

Carla: I went out with a few people. I came home late but only about half an hour and he went crazy! I've never
seen him like that before!

N: Did he hit you?

Carla: I...I can't go back there.

N: It's all right. You'll stay with me.

Carla: I can't! I can find a place. My life is such a mess.

N: You've been through a lot right now....It's no problem.

(The phone rings)

N: Hello?

M: Josephine

N: Yep! Thanks. [this is said in a friendlier tone than before]

Carla: You have to go?

N: Yeah.

Carla: When are you going to be back?

N: I don't know but you just stay here and relax, okay? (Nikita grabs her gray coat and purse) Make yourself at
home..... Carla? (Carla looks up) Don't call him.

Nikita leaves.

Carla reaches behind her back while she is still seated on the couch. She brings out a small phone, very much
like what is used in Section and pushes a button which dials an automatic number.

"Steve" is sitting in a park and he answers the phone.

Carla: I'm in.

Steve clicks down his phone. 


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