Inside Out

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Written by Maurice Hurley
Directed by Ken Girotti
Jenkel/Checkel (name never written): Paul Miller
Anatole Bisaroff : Martin Doyle
Gail : Tara Slone
Mowen : Roman Podhara
Andy : Joe Ross
Alga : Susan Halmann

[This is more of the cold shoulder between M and N but at least more interaction although considerably less
honesty of feeling and romance than I would have expected given the plot-- as with Old Habits, I felt too much was
piled into this show. Everyone had romantic moments except the two that you expected to have them. Some new
revelations about Ops and Madeline. A good Birkoff show. I've posted recently that it is Michael who is standing in
the way of a relationship (or Michael's mystery) and this show bears this out. Also, despite the very full show, it
seemed clipped at the end and I thought there might have been some major script changes from the original write.
At times, I thought Nikita was almost sleep-walking--she reacts so little to the circumstances but I think she is
learning to react to Michael with the same emotion he gives her which makes Madeline's remark at the end quite

A man is in the "hot seat"--he has short fair hair and he is sweating.
Torturee : "I've already told you what I know, what else do you want?"
Madeline (standing in front of him--she has on the usual classy but severe chocolate brown dress but her hair
seems longer) : " I'm not convinced the location you gave us is only used for munitions.
Torturee [this poor guy didn't even get a credit that I could see!] : "That's what they told me."
Madeline: " That and what else?"
Torturee cries: "Nothing! I swear!"
Madeline: "You're on the inside track, Mr. Renaberg, you advise them on these matters. No information has been
withheld from you. What haven't you told me."
Torturee shakes his head helplessly.
Operations walks in and Madeline looks really surprised.
Ops (impatiently to Madeline) : "Why are you still here?"
Madeline looks at Ops [she seems annoyed and shocked]: "Excuse me, I'm in the middle of something!"
Ops: "We've already got the location. I need you."
Madeline: "The Algiers mission is still prepping. I've got plenty of time. It's not as critical as this."
Ops: "That's my decision to make. I've already made it."
Madeline: "We can't send teams into Glasgow with limited Intel."
Ops: "I've told you, we have enough Intel."
Madeline: "Not in my opinion."
Ops looks at the Torturee who is gasping in his chair. He then looks back at Madeline. He takes out his rifle from
his jacket and shoots the Torturee in the chest then turns to Madeline again.
Ops: "They're waiting for you in systems." He walks out. Madeline looks angrily at him as he leaves then she

SECTION as Nikita walks in on an upper platform. She has her hair up in a twisted knot and she is wearing a black
high-collared jacket. She looks quite sophisticated. Ops and Madeline are below here on a lower platform. Neither
of them see her as they are in deep conversation.
Madeline: "I don't think that was the right call."
Ops: "It's over. Why are you still talking about it?"

Madeline: "I wanted you to know how I feel."
Ops sarcastically: "Great, now I know." He walks away. Madeline walks in the opposite direction.

Nikita goes by Michael's window, then enters his office. He is seated typing at his computer and does not look up
as she enters.
Nikita with a disc in hand: " I've got the documents. They're in E.R. I'm going to need your mission code before I
take them up to profile." She hands a disc to Michael. He remains concentrated on his work.
Michael: "Good."
Nikita walks over to his window and leans on it and looks at him: "What's going on between Operations and
Michael not looking up: " What do you mean?"
Nikita: "They had an argument."
Michael, eyes still down at his work: " Probably over the Glasgow mission."
Nikita strongly: "This was personal."
Michael: "They've known each other for a long time."
Nikita: "Before she came to Section?"
Michael, ignoring the question: " I don't know."
Nikita: "Well, I know something. They're lovers (she emphasizes the word as she looks at Michael) Maybe not
anymore but they were once." [she could be talking about her and Michael]
Michael still looks down: "What difference does it make?"
Nikita turns away and looks to her side and says softly: "It can be done."
Michael gets up from his computer and walks over to her. He stares at her intently and she looks at him.
Michael: " A lot of things can be done. It doesn't mean that they should be."
Nikita smiles at him ruefully. She doesn't accept the answer but she isn't surprised that this is exactly the kind of
answer she can expect from Michael. She takes the disc from his hand and leaves.

Nikita, Madeline and others are seated in front of Ops.
Ops: "We intercepted a Red Cell courier last night. The information he gave up under interrogation included the
location of this house in Glasgow. Birkoff?"
Birkoff: " We think it's a Red Cell outpost. Possibly a munitions store. I'm running a few scenarios now."
Ops: " Our concern is to neutralize the facility. If we can bring back live hostiles without incapacitating the team,
do it. ( A man leans forward between Nikita and Madeline--he hasn't been visible until now)
Mowen, you'll take the interior under Michael's control. He's with the profiler now."
Mowen: "Sure." They all leave.

Birkoff is talking to a dark-haired female operative: " reroute it."
Operative: "Sure, not a problem."
Birkoff sees Gail at her post. She is wearing a blue top, skirt and has longer dark red hair. He goes up to her.
"Hey, what happened last night?"
Gail is at her station also working on something [she takes lessons in evasiveness from Michael but that seems to
be all] "What do you mean?"
Birkoff: "I thought we going to do something."
Gail: "Sorry, I go home late."
Birkoff: "So, how about tonight?"
Gail: "Tonight's bad."
Birkoff: "Gail, what's wrong?"
Gail: "I really have to get this done."
Birkoff leans over her com and types in a few things: "There, it's done. Talk to me, what's going on?"

Gail looks up at him: "I'm sorry, I really like you, Birkoff, but it's not working out."
Birkoff: "Since when, you were fine this weekend?"
Gail: "It wasn't fine, not for me."
Birkoff looks embarrassed: "But what did I do wrong?"
Gail: "Nothing, it's not you, it's me."
Birkoff: "Are you seeing someone else?"
Gail: "Of course not! I just really need some time alone. "
Birkoff: " all right, so you take some time. I understand that we don't need to take any final decisions. You know, I
need time alone too. That could be fine for me too--a couple of weeks downtime."
Gail looks at him resolutely: " Birkoff, no, it's over. I'm sorry."
Birkoff looks away then walks away. He hesitates as if to say something else but stops as she continues to work.
He walks back toward his unit.

Walter is working on something as Birkoff walks in from COM.
Walter: " Birkoff, the cam's ready. There you are." (He hands it to him.)
Walter sees that Birkoff is troubled: "Hey, what's wrong, amigo?"
Birkoff: " Nothing. Is the expansion carb supposed to be grounded?"
Walter taking it back: "Oh, yeah, Huh! (Looks at Birkoff) You still haven't answered my question. Why the long
Birkoff: "Gail just dumped me."
Walter: "Whaa?"
Birkoff: "She says she needs time alone."
Walter: "Oh, yeah, love that line. Do you know who he is?"
Birkoff: " Who what is?"
Walter: " The guy she dumped you for."
Birkoff: " Ah, she wouldn't do that."
Walter: " What do you care? With your brains, and your looks, man, you don't want to be tied down, anyways."
Birkoff adamantly: " She's not seeing anyone, okay? She wouldn't lie to me."
Walter: "Yeah, of course she wouldn't. I'm sorry. It was the wrong call."
Birkoff leaves. Walter looks resigned.


Mowen from roof of building: "I'm in position."
There is a black van nearby. Nikita and Michael are in it. Michael is sitting at a com unit.
Michael: "Mowen's on his way in. Got him, Birkoff?"
Birkoff: " Yeah, I got him."
Mowen drops from the ceiling inside on a long black rope: "I'm in."
Michael: "Okay, go."
The place appears to be a chemical plant (the munitions location) lots of pipes and valves.
Mowen to Birkoff: "You picking up any warm bodies in here?"
Birkoff: "No, infrared's clear." Mowen shines a powerful flashlight around. There are dirty shelves with lab
equipment, more pipes.
Michael: "Give me some views."
There are more pipes. The place looks like Stanley Shay's (Mercy) lab after an explosion.
Mowen: "Are you getting this?"
Michael: "What is it?"
Mowen: "Debris, broken glass, carbon deposits. Looks like residue from a small explosion."
Michael: "Anything else?"

Mowen: "No."
Nikita from behind Michael: "Red Cell cleaned out."
Michael: "If they were ever there at all."
Birkoff: "What do you want to do, Michael?"
Michael: "Team 3, any new activity on the perimeter?"
Operative from outside: "None."
Michael: " Mowen, collect some samples then take the perimeter teams back to Section."
Mowen collects yellow dust into a vial. He is not wearing gloves.
Nikita to Michael: "What about us?"
Michael: "We'll stay here. Do some surveillance."[Considering Michael told Section he was doing surveillance in
Hard Landing, I was quite intrigued at this point]
Nikita: "For how long?"
Michael: "Until morning."
Nikita is sitting at the table and she puts her hand to her cheek and looks tired.

Ops facing Madeline.
Madeline: "There was nothing in Glasgow."
Ops: "Was there ever?"
Madeline: "That's what we're trying to find out. Mowen has collected some residue. We'll run it through. Would
you like to join me for lunch?"
Ops: "Not today." They are polite to each other but distant. Ops puts his hands in his pockets and Madeline walks

Mowen walks in with two steel boxes containing vials. He places them on Walter's workspace.
Walter: "Hey, Mowen."
Mowen: "Not much for you there, Walter."
Walter: "You've got that right." Goes to his com. "Get Jenkel [I'll use this form of spelling until verified] to
provide a tech down here, please." To Mowen: "We'll let him poke around, see what he comes up with."
Mowen: "Whatever."
Walter: "Thanks."
Mowen: "Yup."
As Mowen leaves Walter and moves toward Com, he touches his forehead as if in pain then shakes his head.

Mowen goes over to Com and sees Gail--she has her back to him and he is eyeing her appreciatively as she leans
over the com.
Mowen: "Hey, Gail, how's it going?"
Gail: "Hey, how was Scotland?"
Mowen: "Cold." [Good atmosphere for Michael and Nikita]
Birkoff comes up to them: " Shouldn't you be debriefing?"
Mowen: "What's your problem, Birkoff? You've got a bit of an attitude today!"
Birkoff: "Do I!"
Mowen: "Yeah"
Birkoff: "Well maybe that's because too many people think Com is a lounge. It's not, it's where I work."
Mowen: "Oooh" He leaves.
Jenkel walks in--he is dark-haired, good looking, mid -30's with glasses. He goes up to Gail" Hey babe!"
Birkoff is watching them and as Jenkel leans in to kiss Gail, she sees Birkoff over her shoulder just as she says: "
Howya doing babe" and she pulls away.
Jenkel realizes the situation: "Oh....yeah." He laughs. "Sorry. Howya doing, Birkoff? I got to pick up some stuff
from Walter, see you later." He leaves.

Birkoff is sitting at his computer and Gail goes over to him.
Gail: "I didn't (beat) want to..."
Birkoff: "What? Didn't want to what?"
Gail: "Hurt you. I didn't want to hurt you."
Birkoff: " You're going to hang out with Jenkel... you think that's going to hurt me?" (he laughs) " Get real."
Gail: "I'm sorry."
Birkoff: "Be sorry on your own time." (he hands her a disc) "Here, strip the noisy frames. Now."
Gail goes back to her com. Birkoff sees Mowen talking to the other female operative in COM.
Birkoff: " Are you still here?"
Mowen walks away. As he leaves, he touches under his nose and he is bleeding. He starts to turn to Gail and says
her name then he falls down on his back and starts convulsing. There is blood coming from his nose and mouth.
Birkoff: "Get Medical!"


Nikita is leaning on the table--she has been regarding the monitor while Michael is behind her, his head on the
table. She sees a German Shepherd run across a field and up to a body. She reaches behind her and
touches Michael's arm while she says: "Michael!" Michael wakes up and looks at the monitor.

They are now outside in gear. Both have rifles. Michael is wearing a toque and Nikita has the hood of her parka
Nikita goes up to the body but doesn't touch it: "Blow to the head."
Ops is in his office and Birkoff is at Com.
Ops: "What is it, Birkoff?"
Birkoff: "Michael and Nikita just found a dead body on site. Should they bring it back?"
Ops: "Can you process it from there?"
Birkoff: "Sure."
Ops: "Do that. Tell them to stay put for now."
Ops turns to Madeline who is standing behind him: " You were saying?"
Madeline: " Mowen is fading in and out of consciousness for now but we're putting him on every conceivable test
that we can."
Ops: "Is there anything in his medical history that would explain it?"
Madeline: " No, he's in excellent health."
Ops: " The body they found in Scotland, can lead us somewhere?"
Madeline: "Let's hope so. I'm concerned with the amount of valuable resources we're losing to chase faulty Intel."
Ops: "I've got to get in with the agency. Keep on top of it. We'll meet later." He turns as he hears Jenkel shout.

Jenkel cross the floor and runs into COM: "Birkoff, we need an authorization now! We just found out what was
wrong with Mowen."
Birkoff: "What?"
Jenkel: "A bacteria -- an anthrax variant."
Birkoff gets on the speaker to all of Section: " We have a segmentation condition. Proceed to a containment area.
You have fifteen minutes."
Ops from above: "Birkoff, what's going on!"
Birkoff: " There is illegal contagion inside Section. We're infected."
A female computer program announces calmly: " Containment procedures in effect." The doors start to close to
COM. " Containment in effect now." The doors come down sealing off, in order, Walter then Jenkel, Birkoff, Gail
and others in COM then Ops.

Mowen is lying on a bed. He has monitors around him as well as a number of medical personnel wearing
containment suits. Mowen is also inside a containment unit.
Jenkel from COM: " Mowen's isolated. We got him under observation. The standard tests used by Medical all
showed nothing. Whatever Mowen has didn't present itself like a documented disease. Biotech stepped in . We
analyzed the data. We took samples of his blood . We found something
that was replicating at an alarming rate."
Ops: "An androgen?"
Jenkel: "Its genetically modified bacteria."
Madeline: " You think it's airborne?"
Jenkel: " We don't know. We shouldn't take a chance that it is. We should stay isolated until we know more."
Madeline: "And no one else has presented symptoms?"
Jenkel: "No."
Madeline: " We have to assume Mowen got this in Scotland and brought it back. Have Birkoff check all civilian
populations in the area and see if there's been an outbreak."
Birkoff: "I've already checked pandemics worldwide. There's nothing I've seen like this so far."
Ops: "Are Michael and Nikita still on site?"
Birkoff: "Yeah."
Ops: "Keep them there. Tell them to isolate and do a lab on both of them as well as on the dead body."
Birkoff to Jenkel: " It looks like you're going to be here awhile. Why don't you take Station 3? I'll reroute your
files down here."
Jenkel: "Thanks."
He gets up and sits at Station 3.
Gail: "We're safe in here, aren't we?"
Jenkel: " Oh yeah, the shields are impenetrable."
Birkoff: " That's a stupid thing to say. What if one of us has already been infected?"

Michael and Nikita are outside and armed.
Birkoff to Michael: "Michael, where are you?"
Michael: "Outside, doing surveillance."
Birkoff: "Don't go in the building. [Of course, Nikita is about to go in the building] Get back in the van."
Michael: "What's wrong?"
Birkoff: " Mowen's been infected. He's dying. It may have happened when he was inside."
Michael calls over to Nikita: "Nikita?"
She turns and looks. Michael: "Over here."
Michael to Birkoff: "What do you want us to do?"
Birkoff: "We need blood samples."

Michael takes a drop of blood from his finger and is testing it via a remote lab.
Nikita: "So what happens if we get infected?"
Michael: "We could die."
Nikita: " Oh"

Ops unbuttoning collar as he talks to Madeline on COM. "Update me."
Madeline: "Mowen's decline seems steady. Jenekl's still working. We don't know what we're up against."
Ops: "Any new cases?"

Madeline: "No, so far, Mowen's the only one."
Ops: "Good, maybe we caught it early enough. What about existing operations?"
Madeline: "What our substations can't handle, we're handing back to the agency."
Ops: "Keep me posted."
He looks back at the floor where he can see COM, Walter's office and Sick Bay from a distance. Mowen is
starting to convulse again. The doctors are talking "We're starting to get some activity here. Respiration rising,
heartbeat rising."
Walter: "Are you watching this, Birkoff?"
Birkoff: "Yeah, I see it."
Doctors: "Temperatures' up. B.P.'s up"
Walter: "This is not the Hong Kong flu."
Birkoff: "I know. You ever been through this before?"
Walter: "No but I did help design those shields over ten years ago. They're safe." (Mowen screams).
"Why can't they give him something for the pain?"
Birkoff: "They think it will interfere with normal body chemistry and could skew the data."
Walter: "Well, that's not going to happen to me." He gets out a gun.
Doctors: "His B.P. has gone way up. Yes, we need some backup in here stat. Get the backup here. (Mowen is
yelling and arching his back-- he convulses again and starts thrashing around in pain then he falls flat.)
Doctor: ""Patient is pronounced dead 10:15 a.m."
Birkoff: "I gotta get off, Walter. Talk to you later."
Walter: "Yeah, okay."
Birkoff sees Gail looking very upset at the monitor of Sick Bay: "Doesn't mean anything, Gail. We're going to be
Gail: "That's not what you said before."
Birkoff: " I was wrong. I shouldn't have said that. I was mad, jealous (Jenkel is looking at him too) I don't know.
Why don't you find out if they have the results on Michael and Nikita's bloodtests?"
Gail: "Okay."

Nikita is leaning up against the van inside watching Michael at the com.
Nikita: "What are you doing?"
Michael: " I'm running the fingerprints on the body we found."
Nikita: "Why don't you just download it?"
Michael: "They're using all their resources. They rerouted it back to me."
Nikita: "It must be pretty crazy back there. How's Mowen?"
Michael: " He's dead." Nikita turns her head sideways . Michael is typing away but he looks up and at her and
says intensely "Nikita."
Birkoff interrupts [Yes, good old Birkoff. Now at this point, I was ready to inject him with anthrax myself]
Birkoff: "Nikita?"
Nikita: "Yeah, Birkoff?"
Birkoff: "We've got the results on your blood. You're both clear. [So much for Michael's "death-bed" confession!]
The test results were negative."
Nikita is still not looking at Michael: "Thanks, Birkoff."
Michael: "Birkoff?"
Birkoff: "Yeah?"
Michael: "I have a fingerprint match on the body."
Birkoff: "Send it. " (Michael keys it in) He looks over at Nikita. She is still looking away from him.

Madeline is at her computer. She rubs her hand on her forehead. Com calls in.
Madeline: "Yes, Birkoff?"

Birkoff: "The man they found dead in Scotland was Joseph Azarian. He's got numerous ties to the other side."
Madeline: " As what?"
Birkoff: " Lower level stuff. Go-fer, muscle, whatever he could get. He was paid 400,000 HK dollars a week ago by
Anatole Bisaroff.
Madeline: "I know that name."
Birkoff: "He's Red Cell. His background previous to that was bioweapons."
Madeline: "They sent us in to infect an operative knowing that he'd bring it back to Section."
Birkoff: "Looks that way."
Madeline: " Are Michael and Nikita still in isolation?"
Birkoff: "No, they're clear."
Madeline: "Tell them to get to Bisaroff. He'll tell them what we're up against."
Birkoff: "They're already on route. Do you want me to move any systems on tactical support?" Silence as
Madeline turns her head away from the com to dab at blood from her nose.
Birkoff: "What do you want me to do?"
Madeline: " No, keep all systems on bio for now. " She clicks off her machine.
Ops: "Madeline?"
Madeline: "I'm here.
Ops: "Why isn't your video up?"
Madeline: "It went down a few minutes ago. I'm working on it. What's up?"
Ops: "Just heard from medical. 3 more operatives have been infected. Munitions, the clinic, systems. It's

Walter walks toward the glass partition. He sees operatives lying outside.
Walter: "How are the people in your cell holding up?"
Birkoff: " Okay."
Walter: "Is Gail with you?"
Birkoff: " Yeah, she's here."
Walter: "Maybe this will bring you guys closer together."
Birkoff: " I don't think so."

Michael and Nikita are walking outside the university.
Birkoff on com: "How close are you to Bisaroff?"
Michael: "We're on our way."
Birkoff: "If he's not there, don't wait. Go right to the secondary location."
Michael: "I know."
Birkoff: " Remember he has to be taken unharmed."
Michael: "What's your status there, Birkoff?"
Birkoff: "Not good. It's spreading Mowen might have infected everyone when the shields came down."
Michael: "Is there a way to synthesize an antibiotic in house?"
Birkoff: " Jenkel's working on it but our hope is that you and Nikita can find Bisaroff. He can get one for us."
Michael: " I'll check in as soon as I make contact."
Birkoff: "Yeah."

Ops is on cell phone. "No, George, we won't let that happen. No, the Medical operation has not been affected.
Information is being uploaded. It won't be lost."
Birkoff: "Sir, Jenkel has new information."
Ops: "I've got to go, George." (angrily) "Yes, I'll call you." Slaps down the cell phone.
Ops: "Okay, conference everyone in. Is everyone on?"

Birkoff: "Yeah."
Jenkel: "I've isolated the bacteria. The profile's on your screen ( a human body schematic appears). We're
informed it's synthetic. It was achieved through DNA shuffling. Once inside the victim, there's an explosive chain
of lethal transmissions. It reaches the brain first causing swelling. Nosebleeds and headaches are the first
symptoms. From there it spreads to other organs--lungs, liver, pancreas. We're running dozens of parallel tests to
try to combat this thing."
Madeline: "Jenkel, stop looking for a cure. We have to operate on the assumption that we can't help those already
infected. Put your people on the task of finding an inoculation."
Ops: "How long does the carrier have after initial symptoms?"
Jenkel: " Mowen was 18 hours but the rest haven't been consistent. I'd say three days is the most we can hope
Ops: "And how many people have it?"
Jenkel: " I'd say 17% of the Section, of which half contracted it in the last two hours."
Ops: "Okay, get to work. put up a stat on the half hours."
Jenkel: "Okay."
Ops: "Everyone off except Madeline." To Madeline: "You haven't been able to fix your video?"
Madeline: " No, they're still working on it."
Ops: "Hold on." To Birkoff: "Madeline's A camera is down. Can you get me in there?"
Birkoff: "Let me see. You should be on now."
Ops looks over at the camera: "Oh, my God!" Madeline is sitting at her desk and she is wrapped in a blanket.
Madeline: "I'm all right. I can still function."
Ops: "I'm sending someone from Medical right away."
Madeline: " No, you can't. It's too risky. We need those people."
Ops: "I need you."
Madeline: "No, we need everyone working at full efficiency. I'll do what I have to for at least the next six hours."
Ops: "Madeline, you....." Her com goes out.

A man in a hat and a black and white striped scarf is leaving the university. Michael and Nikita (in cap and
sunglasses) come up beside him.
Michael: "Are you Anatole Bisaroff?"
Bisaroff: "No." [silly boy]
Michael:" Will you come with us, please." (They take an arm on each side and lead Bisaroff away.)

Bisaroff: "Please, I really don't know... (Michael clicks the barrel of a gun against Bisaroff's head) I... I can't!, I
can't tell you what it is!"
Nikita: "Is there a cure?"
Bisaroff: "They have my wife and my children. If I tell anyone where the antibiotic is, they said they would...."
Nikita: "Who's they?"
Bisaroff: "Red Cell."
Michael: "Why didn't they just kill you?"
Bisaroff: "They will, eventually. There's more that they want me to do."
Michael: "Look at me." (he takes the gun away). "What if we get your family back?"
Michael to Birkoff on the com: " Birkoff, Red Cell, they have his family. We need a way around that."
Birkoff " I'll get on it." (To Gail in COM Unit:) "Gail, I want you to perform a Tutti-Harri? [Okay, that's what it
sounded like to me!] transform high resolution."
One of the operatives in COM falls to the floor.
Gail: " My God, Andy!"
Birkoff: "Sit him up! Bring him here."
Jenkel: " Raise the shields and get him out of here! He's going to infect us all!"

Birkoff: "It's too late!"
Jenkel: "I'm not breathing the same air as him, give that to me!"
Birkoff: "Don't be a jerk! Nobody's going anywhere! (Birkoff grabs Jenkel by the lapels of his jacket) "I know
you're scared. We all are. We need you to do your job., okay?
Jenekl: "Yeah."
Ops is looking at them from his post above.

Ops: "Walter, status. Who's clean."
Walter: " Six segments are still holding, the rest have been infected. Three in COM, two in Systems and two on
Level 4."
Ops: " How about Michael and Nikita?"
Walter: "Birkoff is preparing a package for them. They're going to have another try at Bisaroff once it's delivered
to them."
Ops: "Let me know the moment you hear from them."
Walter: "Of course." [Post-Belinda, there isn't any real difference in the way Walter interacts with anyone in this
show esp. Ops except to say he certainly encourages Birkoff in his romance.]
Ops: "Madeline, are you there?"
Madeline: " Yes."
Ops: "How are you?"
Madeline tiredly: "I'm resting."
Ops turns back to Birkoff: "Birkoff."
Birkoff: "Yeah?"
Ops: "Open my cell."
Birkoff: "Sir, you know I can't do that." [this really reminded me of HAL in 2001]
Ops: "Yes. You can, dammit. Punch in the code, NOW!"
Birkoff: "Sir, you don't have the authority to supersede. You built in that safeguard yourself."
Ops: "Do it, Birkoff."
Birkoff: "No."
Ops: " You"re making a grave mistake, young man. I won't forget this."
Birkoff goes back to his com and Ops paces. Walter is observing all this.
Gail says to Birkoff: "Are you are that was the right thing to do?" [or can you think of a quicker way to get
Birkoff: "Yeah, it's fine. Did you download the transfer to Michael?"
Gail: "Yeah."
Birkoff: "Good."
Ops is still pacing above. He stops and takes his gun from his jacket and fires as many shots in the clip as he has at
the barrier -- the Plexiglas breaks up and Ops goes over quickly and starts kicking it in.
Gail "Oh my God!" She and Birkoff watch as Ops leaves.
Ops steps over a few bodies and uses the butt of his gun to knock out the glass over Madeline's security door
entry. He then hot-wires it enough to permit him to pull the door back and squeeze through to her office. She is
lying on the floor next to her terminal. The door springs shut behind him as Ops goes over and picks her up in his
Ops: "What can I do?"
Madeline: "You shouldn't be here."
Ops: "Of course I should. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you."
Madeline: "You always exaggerate that incident. You could have made it out just fine."
Ops: " I always thought I'd regret the things I've done. Instead, I regret the things I didn't do."
Madeline: "The pain is bad enough. Don't go poetic on me." [I may be wrong but I think this is the first
intentionally funny thing that Madeline has ever said.]
Ops pulls her head to his shoulder: "Just hold on. Michael and Nikita have Bisaroff. Maybe he has the antibiotic."
He puts his arms around her.
Madeline: "Maybe." Ops hugs her to him and rubs her shoulder to keep her warm.

Michael is sitting at a computer. Bisaroff is standing between him and Nikita who is at the door.
Michael: " Your family's free."
Bisaroff: "You're lying."
Michael: " You want to talk to her?"
Bisaroff walks over to the screen and sees a young dark-haired woman on screen.
Bisaroff: "Alga?"
Alga: " Anatole, we're all right."
Bisaroff: " Where are you?"
Alga: " They won't tell us."
Bisaroff: "How are the children?"
Alga: "They're scared but no harm has come to them.. Oh please, Anatole, just tell them what they want to know!"
Michael as Bisaroff stares at the screen. "Where's the antibiotic?"
Michael: "We have your family in a compound. We can free them or we can infect them with the anthrax you
Bisaroff looks at Michael.
Michael: "Is that what it takes?"
Bisaroff: No, don't, please! I have a private laboratory."
Nikita: "Where?"

Birkoff: "Sir?"
Ops: "Yes."
Birkoff: "Nikita and Michael just called. They've got the antibiotic. They're on their way in."
Ops: "How long?"
Birkoff: "Three hours."
Ops to Madeline: "Hold on, hold on." (She's in his arms and her breathing is very shallow.)

Gail sees that Birkoff has his hands to his forehead and she goes over to him.
Gail: "Hey, are you okay?"
Birkoff: " Yeah, I'm all right."
Gail gets up and goes back to her com then she turns back to Birkoff: "Um, I wanted to explain about Jenkel [this
is the first time that I hear it pronounced more like 'Checkel.']
Birkoff: "It doesn't matter."
Gail: "No, it matters to me. (pause) He's older. It seemed romantic."
Birkoff: "I don't want to hear this."
Gail: "All I'm saying is that it was wrong. You're the one I want to be with, not him, that is, if you still want me."
Birkoff: "I don't know, Gail. I can't think about this right now. None of it is going to matter anyways if this
antibiotic doesn't work."
Gail: "Do you think it might not?"
Walter interrupts Birkoff: "Birkoff, how much longer?"
Birkoff: "Plane's on initial approach. Should be there within the hour."
Walter touches his nose and blood comes away.: "I'm feeling bad, man"
Birkoff: "Hang in there, Walter."

Madeline is lying down unconscious, her head on Ops leg. Ops is talking into a small recorder.
Ops: "Situation critical. 92% infected. 19 dead. End game procedures are in place. All relevant files will be
downloaded to a secure site. If Th. antibiotic isn't effective, I have programmed an incineration plan to contain the
outbreak." He sniffs and touches his nose--blood. He looks down at Madeline who seems to be asleep.

Birkoff at com. Beep. Walter is moving around in pain and sits down.

Nikita and Michael enter the corridor and see the barriers up.
Michael: "Birkoff, we're ready."
Birkoff: " You don't need to come in. You can leave the antibiotic" [this is where I found the network or TV guide
promos to be quite misleading as this appears to be the only time that a mention is made that Nikita and Michael
didn't have to be a part of the solution and should have just left. The promos seemed to indicate that their
indecision, or at least, Nikita's about being out of a possibly doomed Section were to be part of the plot and a
possible catalyst for romance or escape--this never happened in this show]
Michael: "You need all the help you can get. Hurry up."
Birkoff: "That's crazy. You'll be infected for sure. You don't even know if the antibiotic works yet!"
Nikita: "Open the door now."
Birkoff opens the door.

Five operatives including Nikita and Michael bring in cases of the serum which is bring green and they start
pumping it into the necks of the fallen operatives. Michael also injects Nikita and Nikita injects others.

Ops walks into Sick Bay where a number of operatives are lying on the cots. He turns right to a separate corridor
where Madeline is lying with her arm behind her head.
Ops: "Good morning."
Madeline smiles at him: "I'm thirsty." (Ops brings her orange juice from a nearby tray) "Are we back to full
Ops: "Over 98%"
Madeline: "What about Algiers?"
Ops: "It's under control." (He smiles) "I want you to rest."
Madeline: "I read the report last night. It looks like there was a fair amount of panic and emotion."
Ops: "Yes, there was."
Madeline: "Now would be a good time to re-evaluate personnel. Get rid of the dead wood."
Ops: "It's already under review. As soon as you're back, we'll proceed."
Birkoff walks in with a disc and stands at the foot of the cot.
Madeline: "Hello Birkoff."
Birkoff looks hesitantly at both of them: "I can come back."
Madeline: No, come here. What do you have for me?"
Birkoff: "The Drinkfell module."
Madeline: "Operations and I were just discussing the reactive behaviour of many of our operatives. Apparently
you were one of the only ones on the floor who kept his head."
Ops: "In fact, Mr. Birkoff exhibited more control than was even necessary for which I am grateful."
He smiles at Birkoff. Birkoff nods and leaves [I was looking for the target on his back]

Bisaroff is sitting in The Chair: "What are you going to do to me?"
Nikita and Michael are on either side of him. Nikita has on a gray suit and black top.
Nikita: "That hasn't been decided."
Michael: "We may use your talents or we may kill you."
Bisaroff: "It doesn't matter as long as my family is safe."

Nikita and Michael leave. As they are in the corridor, Nikita says to Michael: "So, what about his family?"
Michael: "It's up to Red Cell."
Nikita: "What do you mean? I thought we had them?"
Michael: "No, it wasn't really them. Birkoff simulated the MPEG. Red Cell still has them"
He leaves and Nikita looks after him and gives her head a small shake.

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