Here are some of our favorite LFN links.

General LFN sites


 LJC's LFN page:
A comprehensive LFN site with an episode guide, message board, pics, intel, and just about everything else you'd want to know about LFN.

Acceptable Collateral Acres:
A really unique site, lots of nice graphics, fan artwork, original fanfic, and home of the Society of Mentally Unstable Operatives.

Helix's Inferno:
Helix is a group of operatives from Section One or the Agency who have banded together to form an internal watchdog group.  This page has fanfic, episode analyses, and character analyses, all done in a really unique way. It is also linked to  Section Zero , a listing of nearly every LFN link imaginable.

LFN Anonymous:
For all you LFN addicts out there, this is another great site to visit for intel, episode spoilers, and fun stuff like LFN quizzes.

CovertOps Homepage:
Well-designed page with mission profiles, trivia quizzes, memorable phrases, and episode transcripts. Home of the CovertOps mailing list.

Glass Curtain:
This site is in the process of being updated. I'm not exactly sure what's going to be there, but all of the old Glass Curtain stuff has been relocated to Section Underground: .  Both sites have fantastic graphics, and Section Underground is the home of the Keepers Community and the Video Surveillance Library, where you can get copies of episodes.

Susan's La Femme Nikita: The Series:
Nice site with one of the most visited message boards, a chatroom, and LFN multimedia that can't be found anywhere else. Also home of the LFN storyboards, a great place to go to write or read fanfic.

Character/Actor sites:
Roy Dupuis
The Roy Dupuis Homepage:
Formerly Dupuis Internationale, this page can be viewed in either French or English, and contains lots of info on Roy Dupuis. If you're a Roy fan, you MUST visit this page!

Royettes Headquarters:
Homepage of the Royettes mailing list, this site has pics of Roy, fanfic, and more...a really fun page for Roy fans.

Les Ombres De Michel:
Has character analyses of Michael, his relationship with Nikita, and more. Also a chat room, pics, and more.

Michael's Obeyance Pool:
Pics of Michael, Season 2 ep synopses, and articles about Roy Dupuis.

Peta Wilson
 Foofenshnoof's LFN page:
Very nicely designed site with lots of Peta pics, fan artwork, a chat room, ICQ sounds, Peta Wilson web postcards, and home of the PetaFiles mailing list.

Matthew Ferguson
Birkoff Babes Headquarters:
A must-see for Birkoff fans! Home of the Birkoff Babes mailing list, and lots of info on Matthew Ferguson.

Don Francks
Walter's Wenches:
A page for all fans of Walter/Don Francks. Has pics, fanfic, memorable quotes, etc.

Alberta Watson
The Unofficial Alberta Watson Homepage:
Has lots of info on Alberta's other films, as well as her LFN character Madeline.  Also has a message board that Alberta herself has posted to a few times.

Bruce Payne/Jurgen
Jurgen is a God:
A page for Jurgen/Bruce Payne fans.

Jurgen has no Pulse:
A really funny site for those who didn't like the character of Jurgen, but if you're easily offended by anti-Jurgen stuff, this might not be the page for you.

Eugene Robert Glazer
At this time we couldn't find any ERG/Ops links. If you have or know of any, please let us know.
Chris Heyn
Ok, so he's not one of the cast. But he still has his own fansite... to find out more about who Chris Heyn is, go to:
Heyn's Hussies: 

Other LFN Sites

La Gallerie De Coeur:
Original LFN artwork by Melissa Puzio.  Contains lots of LFN banners and collages. Also has some fanfic.

Quinn's LFN Page:
Has lots of screen captures from the episodes, as well as from films starring LFN cast members.  Also has some other nice LFN related stuff, such as the LFN cookbook and the LFN awards ballot.

Sounds of LFN:
This is THE place to go for LFN sounds and info on the music heard on LFN. Has lots of wav files of memorable quotes, as well as info on almost all of the bands whose music has been used in LFN episodes.

EZBee's La Femme Nikita Page:
An original site that has some unique views on LFN.

The Spy Grrl Network: ttp://
Not strictly an LFN page, but interesting if you like spy-related stuff.  Has info on Luc Besson's original film "Nikita", as well as the American version "Point of No Return", and LFN's Nikita and Madeline.
A La Vie: La Femme Nikita:
Has info on the "bad guys" of LFN, as well as an LFN addiction page, and other interesting stuff.

Nikita in Quebec:
This page is in both French and English, and has info on Roy Dupuis' other films/tv shows, episode guides, and a mailing list for French-speaking LFN fans.

LFN Wave Files:
Contains lots of memorable LFN phrases. (LFN Section):
This site sends lets you ask questions of LFN "experts" (Nightingale is one of them) who can answer any of your LFN related questions.

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