Teaser: (The scene opens with a shot of Perry Bower, a middle-aged, slimy looking man. He is seated at his desk, in front of a window, and is speaking to 2 Asian men and a woman who appears to be their translator)

Bower:   I won't waste your time with small talk, I know you're busy.  We've got L Virus.

(One of the men opens a case containing the vials of the nerve gas)
Bower: Like other nerve gas agents in its class, L Virus combines chemically with KHSO5 . But only L Virus has a Bromine spike.(He turns his laptop around so that the others can see a chart of some sort on its screen)
Bower: That's what your little dreams are made of. What do you think?
(The woman looks up at one of the men, and then translates what he says)
Woman: This isn't proof.  This display could have been simulated in the software.
(Bower pauses a moment, then turns to the younger man who has been sitting next to him throughout this conversation.)
Bower: Andy, take Frank (the cat) into the basement.
Andy: (confused) Frank? (He picks up the cat, and leaves the room)
Bower: (standing and turning to face a large tv screen that has opened in the wall) You hired me to do two things: to get L Virus, which I did, and to pull the trigger.  If your negotiations with the government break down, your concern is whether I have the resolve to do what you're asking.
(On the screen, they watch Andy enter the basement)
Bower: After all, I'm only in it for the money.  I've known Andy for 10 years, ever since his parents died.  He's the closest thing I have to a son.
(On screen, Andy tries to open the door, finds that it is locked.  Bower holds a small remote in his hand, he looks at the screen for a moment, then pushes a little red button, causing the room that Andy is in to fill with the nerve gas.  They all watch silently as Andy freezes, turns, realizes what is happening, makes a desparate attempt to escape, and falls to the ground dead within seconds.)
Bower:  (Looking at the dead Andy) There's your signature.  Black eyes, black fingernails.   Do we have a deal?
(One of the men nods)
Bower: I hope your discussions go well.  If not, I'll be ready.

(Cut to opening credits)

(Mission briefing room.  Michael, Nikita, and Madeline are seated around the table listening to Operations go over the mission.)
Operations: 2 days ago, an experimental DX class nerve gas was stolen.  Now the fact that our government was in possession of this material is a blatant violation of the chemical weapons convention.  (He brings up a holographic screen with Bower's image on it) This is Perry Bower. (? some agency ?), Red Brigade, IRA, all of them have done business with him over the years.  He can procure just about anything.  Material, information, people.  Based on the information we've gathered over the last 36 hours,  we believe he has L Virus.  What he plans on doing with it is not known, but we think it's linked to the recent threats against the government by Red Cell.  It's a rogue faction out of North Korea.
Michael:  How much time?
Operations  L Virus has a limited shelf life.  If they're going to use it, it's going to be soon.

(Cut to next scene.  A young couple, both dressed in lots of black and leather, walk out of the airport and up to a limo.  They get in and start kissing.  Their fun is interrupted by the sound of the doors locking, and Nikita, who appears over the front seat pointing a gun at them and cracking her gum.)

Nikita:  Weapons, please.

(The White Room.  The man and woman are both tied to chairs.  Madeleine enters)

Madeleine:  In a moment you'll be separated, never to see each other again.  Understand that.  Whoever talks first will go free, the other will never see the light of day.  (She exits, and the door slams shut behind her.)

(Walter and Nikita are talking as she hands in her weapons)
Walter:  Been thinkin' about me?
Nikita:  Sure Walter, you're all I ever think about.
Walter:  You know they don't condone sexual relations between operative, but I think in our case they'd make an exception...
(He turns his laptop so Nikita can see)
I've already done the paperwork.
Nikita: (taking a closer look)'s no 'W' in 'Menange a trois'.
Walter:  I thought I ran a spellcheck!
(Nikita smiles.  Michael walks up behind her)
Michael:  How'd it go?
Walter:  Michael, do you mind? We're having a moment here. (Michael looks slightly amused) Thank you sugar.
(Nikita and Michael turn and walk away together.  Nikita turns back and winks at Walter)
Nikita:  It went fine, Michael.
Michael:  And how's everything else?
Nikita:  I didn't know there was anything else.
Michael:  Have you made friends?
Nikita: See I thought I wasn't supposed to get close to anybody.
Michael:  How's the apartment?
Nikita:  Michael, you don't have to pretend to be interested.  Everything's fine.
Michael:  I know the transition is difficult.  It was difficult for me too.
Nikita:  Really?  Somehow I don't see anything being difficult for you. (She puts on her sunglasses and turns to leave)
Guess I'll see ya later.
Michael:  You'll see me in 10 minutes.  Madeleine wants to see us.

(Madeleine's office.  Michael and Nikita are trying on the clothes that belonged to the young couple, Peter and Sage)

Madeleine:  Our guests have a meeting with Bower this afternoon.  (She hands Michael and Nikita slips of paper- maybe pictures or info about Peter and Sage?) Michael, your name is Peter.  Nikita, you're Sage.  You met through a man named Figer in Frankfurt, Germany.  You specialize in a broad range of mercenary services: attack, diversion, assassination.  You've been married for less than 2 years, and judging from the fresh scratch marks on their backs, it's safe to say the relationship is a passionate one.
(Nikita laughs)
Nikita:  Won't Bower know we're not these people?
Madeleine:  Bower's never met Peter and Sage.  They were referred to him by Figer.  Now just be careful.  Bower is extremely suspicious.  Even if you do earn his trust and cross over into his world,  he's as dangerous to his friends as he is to his enemies.
Nikita:  Meaning what?
Michael:  He's got exotic appetites, and whatever he has to do to his partners to get off, he will.
Madeleine:  He will hit on you, Nikita.
Nikita:  (putting on Sage's sunglasses) I'm cool.
Madeleine:  He could hit on you too, Michael.
(Nikita finds this amusing. Michael does not)
Madeleine:  Here. Put these on.  (She places two silver wedding bands on the desk in front of her.  Michael picks one up.  Nikita picks hers up and says:)
Nikita:  Doesn't fit.
(She places the ring back on the desk.)
Michael: (turns to her and places the ring on her finger) Here, this one's yours.
Nikita:  Do I have to love, honor, and obey?
Michael:  Just...obey.
Nikita:  That's ok, it's only 'til death do us part.
Madeleine:  Let's see you kiss.
Michael:  We'll be fine.
Madeleine:  I know you will. (She waits for them to kiss.  Nikita gives Michael a very quick kiss)  You have to become Peter and Sage.
Michael:  We will.
Madeleine:  That's everything.
(Michael leaves.  Nikita starts to go too, but then turns back to ask Madeleine a question.)
Nikita:  So, which one of them cracked?
Madeleine  They both did, of course.
Nikita:  So who goes free?
Madeleine:  You'd better get ready.
(Nikita looks down, understanding what Madeleine's avoiding her question means.  She turns and leaves the office)

(A car comes up the road to Bower's house.  The driver pulls up to an intercom speaker and announces their arrival)
Driver:  Peter and Sage to see Mr. Bower.
Voice:  Unload them.  We'll meet them at the gate.
Driver:  I don't get it. Should I wait?
Voice:  You're done.
(The driver leaves Michael and Nikita, dressed as Peter and Sage, standing there.  Nikita is wearing a short black wig.  One of Bower's men drives up in a go-cart kind of vehicle)
Man:  Who's the happy couple?
Michael:  We're here to see Bower.
Man:  Oh really?  What for?
Nikita:  We're here for the job on the kitchen.
Man:  Who says there's an opening?
Michael:  A mutual acquaintance.
Man:  Who might that be?
Michael:  Figer.
Man:  Let's go.  (He nods toward the vehicle and opens the gate.  They ride up to the house.)  After you're all settled in you can hang by the pool.  We have a full bar, videos, whatever you want.
Michael:  When do we meet Bower?
Man:  You in a hurry?
Michael:  We came here to do a job, not to watch videos.
Man:  That's too bad, we have some good ones.
(We see Bower standing out on a patio, watching them drive up.  Michael and Nikita appear behind him.  He does not turn to face them as he asks:)
Bower:  You're late.  Why is that?
Michael:  Are you Bower?
(Bower has turned around and proceeds to get in Michael's face)
Bower:  You didn't answer my question.
Nikita:  (looking Bower over)  What is it with these guys, Peter?  They all got small ones?  Or do they just act that way?
Bower:  This your wife?
Michael:  Yeah.
Bower:  She's got quite a mouth.
(Nikita smiles at this)
Michael:  Sorry we're late.  It couldn't be avoided.
Bower:  This job requires precision and execution.  Convince me you can do it.
Michael: Talk to Figer.  He knows our work.
Bower:  This doesn't feel right.  Meet Arnett (?) out front, he'll take care of your fee for coming out.
(They turn and leave, and start to walk out)
Nikita: (under her breath) Whatever...
Michael: (puts his arm around Nikita and whispers) He has no intention of letting us walk out of here alive.
(The two of them get in the vehicle and one of Bower's men starts to drive them back down the road.  About halfway down,  Nikita kicks her leg up, knocking the driver out, and takes his gun.  They run back up the hill, and we see that Bower is waiting up above, intending to shoot them.  Bower does not see them anywhere.  Nikita appears behind him and presses a gun to his head)
Nikita:  Auditions over.
Bower: (to his men) Alright, that's enough.  (To Michael and Nikita)  Welcome to the team.

(Michael, Nikita, and another of Bowers men are driving up to a warehouse)
Man:  This is it.  Here's your iteneraries.  Timeline, location, floor plan.  Memorize it.
Michael:  What are we doing?
Man:  We're going to release nerve gas into an office building.
Nikita:  Why?
Man:  You know how when you got hostages nobody really pays attention 'til you toss a body out the front door? That's why. We leave in about 12 hours.  If Bower calls you into the building you'll be wearing a gas mask.  Please don't take it off until you're back into the van.  Any questions? Rock and roll.
(Michael and Nikita go into the building.  A little later, Nikita sneaks out a window and over to where Walter is waiting in the mission van.)
Nikita:  10 o'clock tomorrow morning in the De Anza building downtown.  He's bringing gas masks.
Walter:  Got it.
Nikita:  So what's the plan?
Walter:  We evacuate the building and let him have his fun.  Good luck sugar.
(He hands her a small explosive device that is about the size of a ping pong ball. She leaves)

(Back at Section)
Birkoff:  I can see why he chose this building.  Access in and out on 3 sides, the windows are all tinted and sealed.  There's only one security guard.
Madeleine: we have a number?
Birkoff:  During peak hours, we're looking at 4, maybe 5 hundred people.  In the mornings maybe half that.
Madeleine:  Did you run a sim yet?
Birkoff:  Yeah.  The problem is, we're not sure how many canisters he plans on using.  He's certainly got enough to cover the whole building.
Madeleine:  Past performances?
Birkoff:  You want to know if he'd really toast this many people?  He's going in with the gas.  This guy's not bluffing.

(Back in Bower's van)

Bower:  (points to two of his men)  You, you. Cross over the north side of the building.  We're gonna exit on page.  Keep it clear. (The 2 men leave.  He turns to Michael and Nikita)  Grab the masks.  Peter, Sage, hang in front.  Anything comes in that doesn't look right,  you let me know.  Let's go.
(Bower gets out.  His men follow.  Michael and Nikita watch as Bower and his men go into the building.  They enter the restroom and begin unfastening the vent in the floor.  Back outside, Nikita sees a woman and child walk up to the front door.  She starts to go after them.)
Nikita:  Michael...where are our people?
Michael: (grabs her by the arm)  Wait.
(A man walks up to the woman and they start talking.  They walk away together.  Bower and his men are still in the restroom working.  A security guard comes in.)
Guard:  Excuse me...
(One of Bower's men shoots him and motions for the others to hurry up.  They finish and run out the door, leaving Bower there.  Bower places a small fan in the vent and starts to leave.  On the way out, the security guard, apparently not dead, grabs his foot and trips him.  Bower smashes his head against the wall, and falls to the ground.  Back outside, Michael and Nikita watch as Bower's men leave the building.)
Michael:  Where's Bower?
(Nikita looks up and sees that there are people banging on the windows trying to escape)
Nikita:  My God....Michael...There ARE people in there!!! (She takes a mask and runs into the building)
Michael:  Sage!! (He runs after her)
Man:  Let's get the hell outta here!
(Nikita is inside trying to get the elevator doors to open.  She bangs on the doors, then pulls the fire alarm.  The doors open and people fall out,  but she is too late.  They are already dying.  One man dies in Nikita's arms and she falls to the ground, screaming  Michael pulls her off of the man and slams her up against the wall and shouts at her)
Michael: There's nothing we can do!
(Just then Bower crawls out of the elevator.  Michael carries him out of the building and back to the van.)

(Later, Michael and Nikita are outside of Bower's house, talking.  Nikita is sitting in the grass and Michael is leaning up against a tree.)
Nikita:  Section let those people get slaughtered.  I told Walter exactly when and where it was gonna go down.  Who are these butchers we're working for, Michael?
Michael:  Don't do this, Nikita.  You don't have all the information.
Nikita:  I don't care.  You don't stand by and watch innocent people die.  You find a solution.
Michael:  What kind of solution?
Nikita:  You grab Bower and lock him up! You don't let him walk into that building!
Michael:  Most likely Bower had a failsafe.  Instead of a dozen people dead, there'd be thousands.
Nikita:  You don't know that.
Michael: That's right.  Neither do you. Just do the job. (He walks away)

(Michael and Nikita are in Bower's house.  Bower walks down the stairs.)
Michael:  How are you feeling?
Bower:  Why did you go into the building?  Your orders were to stay put.
Nikita:  If we'd obeyed orders you'd be dead now.
Bower:  Well that's an interesting management dilemma, isn't it?  Do I reward you for disobeying me, or do I punish you for saving my life?
Nikita:  How about feeding us?  I'm starved.
Bower: (smiles) Come on, let's get acquainted.
(They follow Bower into his kitchen)
Bower: When I first hired a 5 star chef, my mother said I was excessive.  But I don't believe in cutting corners when it comes to pleasure, don't you agree?
Nikita:  (as she spins around on one of the stools)  I like Froot Loops.
Bower:  So when did you two meet?
Michael:  It was in...
Nikita:  Rio.  During carnival. The first time I remember seeing him was in my bed, the morning after.  I don't know how he got there.  We were totally wasted.  He was my only...(she leans over to kiss Michael and instead gently gives him a little nibble)  true love...
Bower:  But that's odd...because Figer told me that you were with him.  In Frankfurt.  And that he introduced you.
Nikita:  Figer's a liar and a pig.  He wishes he was with me.
Bower: (laughs) Yes, that's my friend Figer.  Come, I have something I want to show you.  You'll like it. (Nikita follows Bower out)

(Back at Section)
Operations:  Red Cell is giving us 6 hours to see to their demands.
Madeleine:  What are they?
Operations:  Releasing political prisoners, lifting the embargo, public denouncement of capitalism, the usual crap.
Madeleine:  Will they meet any of the demands?
Operations:  Not a single one.
Madeleine:  Could that change in the next 6 hours?
Operations:  No. Have we made any progress?
Madeleine:  Michael and Nikita are with Bower now.  We're not in real time contact with them, but we expect to hear from them shortly.
Operations:  Six hours.  (He leaves)

(Bower's house.  Bower comes up the stairs with one arm around an obviously drunk, giggly blond, and the other around Nikita.)
Nikita:  (calls down the stairs)  Great dinner chef!
(Bower tries to kiss Nikita, but she ducks under his arm, sits in a chair, and pushes him away with her foot.  Michael comes over and stands behind her.  Bower turns on some music, and he and the blonde start dancing.  Michael and Nikita hesitate a moment, then they begin to dance too.)
Stephanie:  (the blonde) You two look so beautiful together.
Michael:  Sage is beautiful.
Stephanie:  You must be in love.
Michael: We are.
(Bower smashes a champagne glass against the wall and laughs)
Bower:  Get me some more champagne, will ya love?
Stephanie:  You're such a pig when you want to be, which is all the  time!
(She giggles and goes to get the champagne.  Bower watches Michael and Nikita dance for a minute, then walks over and puts his arms around them)
Bower:  You're a lucky man, Peter.
Michael:  Are we done with this job?  I guess your clients got what they wanted.
Bower:  Ah, it's a total waste of time.  I knew it would be.  They're foreigners.  They don't understand that you don't get in John Wayne's face and tell him what to do.  Fanatics, you know?  They'll wipe out a thousand people and they still won't get what they want.
Nikita:  What people?
Bower:  Watch the morning news.  It's out of my hands now.  Let's not talk about money tonight, alright?  Tell me something, what do you think of Stephanie, huh Petey?
Michael:  She's all right.
Bower: (pulls Michael aside) Come here, I wanna tell you a little secret.  Ever since the first time I ever saw you, I've been wanting you to watch me have sex with your wife.  Whaddya say?
(Nikita has overheard this, and she absentmindedly twists the ring off her finger)
Michael:  Just give us the money and we're out of here.
Bower:  Oh no Petey, I hate to burst your bubble,  but 'we're out of here' isn't an option.
Nikita:  What do you want from us?
Bower:  Listen, obviously you two have some perverse idea about love and single partners.  I respect that.  So if you don't wanna do it with me, how about you do it for me?

(Bedroom.  Michael and Nikita are ushered in by a man with a gun, and the door is closed behind them.  Bower and Stephanie are watching them on a tv screen and eating strawberries.  Bower turns on some music)
 Bower:  OK kids, don't disappoint me.
(Michael and Nikita stand there rather hesitantly for a moment,  then Michael looks up and sees the camera that is taping them.  He slowly appoaches Nikita.  She rushes over to him and they kiss passionately.  She takes off his jacket)
Michael:  Take your clothes off.
 (Nikita starts to remove her shirt, but Michael stops her)
Michael:   Slowly.  Perform for me. (He backs away and sits in a chair in the corner, just out of sight of the camera.  Nikita slides the hat she has been wearing down over her eyes, then tosses it at Michael, who catches it.  She continues her striptease, as Michael takes out the little bomb that Walter gave Nikita earlier.  He slips it into the vent in the wall, then walks over to Nikita, lifts her up, and they both fall onto the bed)
Michael:  (whispered in between kisses) Get ready.
(The bomb goes off, shaking the house.  Bower immediately leaves to see what has happened)
Bower:  (to Stephanie) Go to your room and stay there.

(Bower runs outside but sees nothing unusual.  Michael leaves the bedroom and sits at a laptop computer, typing something.  Bower enters the bedroom, where Nikita is alone on the bed.  Bower does not seem surprised that her black wig has fallen off, revealing her long blonde hair. He approaches her)
Bower:  Where's Peter?
Nikita:  He went to look for you.  What was that, did you hear it?
Bower:  What's going on?
Nikita:  (she stretches lazily, like a cat)  Nothing....yet.  He probably won't be back for a few minutes...
(She gives Bower an inviting look.  He comes closer, and she kicks him, then does a little flip backwards on the bed.  He starts to pull a gun on her.  Michael walks up behind him with a gun.  Nikita sees Michael and hurries to get dressed)
Michael:  It's at the train station. Let's go.
Bower:  Are you crazy?  We'll die!
Nikita: No, you'll die.  We'll be wearing gas masks.

(At the train station.  They run down some stairs)

Michael:  (grabs Bower)  Where is it?
Bower:  I don't know, he's an outsider I hired.
Nikita:  Who?
Bower:  He's a kid, long blond hair, like that woven, you know, whatever you call it...
Nikita:  Dreads.  (She looks around for him.  Bower sees the kid going up a flight of stairs)
Bower: There, right there. Get these people out of here.  (Michael takes off running after the kid)
Nikita:  Everyone please get out...please...get out!!! Everyone get out!! (She fires 3 shots into the air, and people scatter She turns to Bower and circles him with the gun pointed at his head) Where is it? Where is it??
Bower:  I don't know, alright?  I swear to God.  All I know is that it's supposed to go off at 6:04.  (He looks up. Nikita turns to see what he's looking at- the train schedule.  A train is arriving at 6:04)
Nikita:  It's the track!!  (She takes off running to the track) Get out of the way!! Get out! Leave! (she fires another shot into the air.  She jumps onto the track, looks around, and finally spots the canister that holds the nerve gas.  She begins to dig it up out of the gravel on the track, and looks up to see a train coming.  She pulls it out just in time, then dives out of the way of the passing train.  She looks up, sees Michael with the blond kid, and lets out a sigh of relief at a mission successfully completed)

(Tag: back at Section.)
Madeleine:  Apparently you two were very convincing as a young couple in love.
Nikita:  I'm outta here... (She starts to leave, then hears laughter.  She turns and sees Bower talking and laughing with Operations up in the glass tower.  Madeleine walks up behind her)
Madeleine:  Shades of gray.  There's no such thing as the enemy anymore.  As long as Bower is willing to play both sides of the fence, we'll continue to do business. (she walks away)
(Nikita turns and sees Michael standing there watching her.  He leaves, and then Nikita turns around and walks furiously right up until she's under the glass tower, aims her gun at Bower, and pulls the trigger.  The gun isn't loaded, however, and she is rewarded with only the empty click.  She walks away)