Transcribed by Karen Hay.

A = Arcola      B = Birkoff      E = Dorian Enquist      EC = Enquist's Camerman      EM = Enquist's Man/Men      G = Sonia's Girlfriend      M = Michael      MA = Madeline      MO = Mowen      MT = Medical Technicians      N = Nikita      O = Operations      P = Paul      S = Ken Stillman      SM = Sonia Marteen      TB = Tomas Bocci      W = Walter


Operations enters Madeline's office.  Madeline is studying something on her monitor.

[O]     Where are we on Enquist?

[MA]   Michael's on route.

[O]     Do we have it up?

Operations steps around to stand behind Madeline to look at her monitor's screen.
[MA]   Its right here.  Enquist will be here.
Operations leans closer to view the monitor.
[O]     Good.  Should be over soon.

[MA]   I'm still not convinced we're doing the right thing.

[O]     You think we should kill him.

[MA]   Yes.  He's dangerous.

[O]     What could he do?

[MA]   I don't know.  That's what worries me.

[O]     Don't worry.

[MA]   (SMALL LAUGH)  Isn't that why I'm here?

Operations locks glances with Madeline.
[O]     Not entirely.
Madeline breaks eye contact and glances back at the monitor.
[MA]   I'll just feel better when this material's off the street.
Operations leans down until his head is next to Madeline's.  Though he seems to be studying the monitor, his chin almost touches Madeline's hair.
[O]     Let me know when it's over.
When Operations makes no move to move away, Madeline forces the issue.
[MA]   You better go now.
Operations slowly straightens and leaves her office.  As he leaves he merits a long side glance from Madeline.  [I get the impression that running Section is good practice for Operations concerning trying to maintain a 'relationship' with Madeline in both instances, he knows the other side takes no prisioners.]


[I note Europe as the locale because the script indicates the non-Section scenes take place in Europe (and, to a lesser extent, Germany), not because I thought it looked 'European.']  Michael, dressed in black leather and riding a Buell motorcycle (hereinafter referred to as a "bike"), is roaring down various city streets.  It is late enough that most of the streets are almost empty of traffic.  He turns into a parking lot and pulls up beside a parked Rolls.  As Michael removes his helmet, a tinted window lowers to show the man he's meeting, Dorian Enquist.

[M]     Do you have it?

[E]     You Section people are all the same.  Right to the business.  No "hello, how's the family."  Come on, Michael, kibbutz a little.

All Enquist receives is a blank stare and the question repeated.
[M]     Do you have it?

[E]     I'm afraid you made the trip for nothing.

[M]     What's the problem?

[E]     No problem. ...  Just had a higher bidder. ...  If you want the material ..., the price has gone up.

Michael studies Enquist a moment, before drawing his gun and aiming it at Enquist's head.
[M]     We don't negotiate.
Enquist gives Michael a chastising look.
[E]     Michael ..., don't forget ... I'm "green-listed."  As much as you'd love to, you know you can't squeeze.
Michael doesn't lower his gun, but pauses, but asking:
[M]     How much do you want?

[E]     Times two.

Only now does Michael holster his weapon.
[M]     I'll got to get it cleared.

[E]     Don't dawdle. ...  You've got 12 hours.

Michael replaces his helmet as Enquist rolls up his window.  They both leave the parking lot, turning in different directions.


Operations is briefing Michael, Birkoff and several other Operatives.

[O]     Dorian Enquist is a fringe member of the terrorist community.  Supplier, fixer, informant.  Whatever needs to get done, he'll do it.  He's been on our "Green List" for years ... because of his ability ... to play both sides.  Now, recently we asked him to acquire a large quantity of Semtex, an untraceable plastique used widely in Europe.  However, it appears ... he's having second thoughts and it may end up in the wrong hands.  Birkoff, have you come up with anything?

[B]     I'm raking the groups he's done business with in the past.  If he's got a new buyer, I'll find him.

[O]     We have less than six hours ..., lets get to work.

The briefing breaks up, everyone leaving to work on their assignments.


Michael is overseeing a computer tech accessing information.  He looks up, sees someone off screen, and excuses himself.

[M]     I'll be right back.


Michael leaves the War Room and starts walking down the corridor.  Nikita is just ahead of him, obviously the 'someone' who caught Michael's attention.

[M]     Nikita.
Nikita stops and turns as Michael joins her.  She is pleasant but cool.
[N]     Hello, Michael.

[M]     We haven't talked in a while.

[N]     What's up?

[M]     We should go out. ...  Have dinner.

Nikita studies Michael's face.
[N]     I'd love to know how your mind works. ...  Are you really that arrogant that you think you can just turn me on and off at will?

[M]     Of course not. ...  I'm just being careful.

A look of confusion appears on Nikita's face.
[N]     Careful?
Operations interrupts the conversation before Michael can say more.  He is standing on the stairway landing above, looking down at them.
[O]     Michael ..., can we talk?
Michael continues to study Nikita for a few seconds, before turning and answering Operations.
[M]     Yes.
Michael leaves Nikita and climbs the stairs to join Operations.  Nikita briefly watches Michael, before turning and walking away.
[O]     Birkoff found something.  Enquist has already received partial payment for the material.

[M]     From whom?

[O]     A group out of Senegal.

[Okay, here is where it gets confusing to me.  Did Enquist sell to a group out of Senegal (Western Africa) ..., or Spain?  Later, when Enquist's contact is identified, you are told he is a part of a separatist group from Northern Spain.  Which is it?  Or did Bocci's group move to Senegal because the terrorist business was better down there?  Or ..., maybe he uses his 'free time' as a consultant to newer, less experienced terriorist groups.  They should be clearer.  You can't randomly mix and match these groups, you know.  What will be fine for one group, will have another planting a bomb in your car.]
[M]     He has no intention of selling it to us at any price.

[O]     My guess is that he going to try to have us show up somewhere with the money. ...  Apparently, he thinks he can rip us off. ...  Call him and tell him we agree to pay his price.

[M]     Kill him?

[O]     Yes. ...  But, first, make sure you acquire control of the material.  That's our priority here.

They separate to set the Mission in motion.


Michael pulls into a lot surrounded by a wire fence (once again riding a bike).  As he does so, you see two other Operatives seated in one of Section's Suburbans (hereinafter referred to as "Subs") across the street.  He stops and pulls up his visor.

[M]     Birkoff, there's nobody here.


[B]     Perimeter Team A, any sight of our target?

[S]     (VOICE)  Not yet.


Enquist has managed to tap into Section's communications.  He watches as one of his men captures Birkoff's voice print and codes his computer to duplicate it.

[EA]   It's ready.

[E]     Send him.

The Assistant initiates some commands on his computer.  You hear a computerized version of Birkoff's voice.


When Michael hears it just a few seconds later, it now sounds exactly like Birkoff.

      BETWEEN 43RD AND 44TH.
Michael lowers his helmet's visor and takes off.  Team A watches in confusion as they watch him leave the lot.


Birkoff looks at his monitor in confusion as he realizes Michael has left the designated meeting area.

[B]     Michael's left his position.

[O]     Why?

[B]     Michael, why are you off mark? ...  Michael, are you there? ...  Michael?!


All you see is Michael's bike roaring the street.


[B]     I've lost him.

[O]     Get him back!

[B]     Stillman, why has Michael broken position?


[S]     I don't know.

[B]     (VOICE)  Can you call him back?

[S]     I'm trying.  His Comm Unit's down.


Birkoff quickly keys something into his computer.  The monitor shows a work-up of Michael communication link.

[B]     Michael's Comm Link's been compromised.  He must be getting commands from somewhere else.

[O]     Get him out of there!



Michael arrives at the bogus new meeting place.  As he comes to a stop, Michael realizes something is wrong.  He looks for Enquist, but all he sees is Enquist's deserted Rolls left at the end of the alley with its motor left running.  Above him, out of sight, are two snipers, loading their weapons with heavy duty ammunition (ammunition looks like miniature bombs).  Michael hears a sound and turns to see a Section Sub pull into the alley entrance behind him and stop.


[S]     (VOICE)  We've got him in visual.

[B]     Get him out!


Stillman and another Operative step out of the Sub to contact Michael.

[S]     MICHAEL!
As Stillman catches Michael's attention, one of the snipers fires at the Sub.  Stillman and the other Operative just manage to jump out of the way as their vehicle goes up in flames.  Michael quickly takes out the sniper, before gunning his motor and charging down the alley toward the entrance.  The other sniper fires, but the bomb misses Michael, exploding into the wall behind him.  Michael picks up speed, accelerating through the flames from the burning Sub, exits the alley and disappears down the street.


Operations has gathered all in-house Operatives to the War Room.  We see Nikita, Birkoff, and Walter among them.  While the other Operatives are talking among themselves, Nikita seems to be off in her own little world.

[O]     As you must know by now ... we suffered a strike this evening.  Michael survives.
You see a brief flash of relief on Nikita's face.
[O]     He was tracked several hundred meters out of the incineration zone before he shed his transmitters and communication devices.  He's now in "Mandatory Refusal."  He'll assume the Section has been breached and will severe all communications until his Mission is complete. ...  The next time he contacts us it will be tell us that the Mission has been completed. ...  However, there's a further complication. ...  We downloaded an MPEG fifteen minutes ago.
Operations reaches down and turns on a computer monitor.  We see Enquist sitting in front of the camera.
[E]     (TRANSMISSION)  We had a beautiful relationship.  I'm sorry it has to end on such a downer. ...  I'm a businessman.  Don't blame me for misrepresenting myself.  I was just trying to make the best deal I could.  Now it's time for me to disappear.  It's going to take a few days ..., I can't be distracted by further attempts on my life. ...  So, call off your assassins, let me go about my business ..., and ah, when I'm done, I'll return my hostage ....
Enquist moves to the side to reveal Madeline bound in a chair.  Everyone stares, stunned, at the screen.  Operations switches off the monitor.
[O]     From now on our Mission profile has changed.  I want all resources deployed toward one end. ...  We much stop Michael!
Operations leaves the room, leaving everyone still standing in shock.


Birkoff, Mowen and Operations join several other Operatives in the War Room.

[B]     We found a link to Enquist.  Sonia Marteen.  She's his mistress.  He keeps her in a residence.
Birkoff codes something into the computer, which pulls up a hologram of the apartment where Sonia lives.
[B]     Four hundred kilometers from where Michael was last seen.

[MO]   How's that help us?

[B]     She's our only link to Enquist ... in the area.  Michael will stop there first.

[MO]   How's Michael going to find her?

[B]     He already has.  Michael's tunneled into our database under an anonymous I.D.  He insulated his location, but ..., I was able to track the files he accessed.  One of them was Marteen's.

[O]     Let's get to Marteen before Michael does.  When he arrives ..., take him out of play.

Operations turns to leave, but Mowen stops him.
[MO]   Sir ...

[O]     Yes.

[MO]   How far should we go to stop Michael?

[O]     He cannot be allowed to go through with this hit.

Mowen and Birkoff exchange looks as Operations walks away.


Nikita is trying to find out more information from Walter.

[N]     Operations is sending in a Team to kill Michael, isn't he?
Walter says nothing, just gives Nikita a "why are you asking me, you know the answer" look.
[N]     Why?  Why don't they just ... disable him?

[W]     They'll do that first, but it won't work ... not with Michael.

You can see Nikita mentally trying a better scenario than the one she's heard.
[N]     What if they send in someone he knew ..., someone he trusted?

[W]     When you go into 'Mandatory Refusal' you don't trust anyone.

Mowen enters.
[MO]   Walter ...

[W]     Yeah, what'd you need?

[MO]   We're on our way.  Check your screen, its got our inventory.

Walter checks to see what they need.
[W]     Coming up.
While Walter and Mowen study the monitor, Nikita quietly backs up and "borrows" some of Walter's equipment (we only see her slip a tracker in the back of her pants).
[W]     Okay.
Walter gives Mowen a 'thumbs up' sign and leaves to fill the list.  Nikita takes this opportunity to approach Mowen.
[N]     Mowen. ...  You guys are going out to get Michael.

[MO]   Yeah, we are.

[N]     Can you do me a favor?

Mowen turns and meets Nikita look.
[N]     Can you bring him back alive?

[MO]   Guy saved my life twice ..., I'll do everything I can.

[Notice that everyone gives Nikita the 'soon-to-be-bereaved widow' status.  Nobody is asking "why are you taking this so hard" or "I didn't know you were interested in Michael."  Matter of fact, Mowen is probably making a mental note to "'get the hell out of Dodge' if he takes Michael out."]  Nikita smiles her gratitude, reaches our and lightly taps his shoulder in thanks.  As she removes her hand you see she has placed a tracking device on his shoulder.


Enquist is making polite conversation with Madeline.

[E]     I must say you're much different than I thought you would be. ...  Whenever I deal with your subordinates, they always depict you as an "Iron Maiden," but ... you're nothing of the sort. ...  You're a beautiful young woman ..., and I want you to know that what I'm about to do to you gives me no pleasure.
[What do you want to bet the first item on her list of things to do when Madeline gets back is find out which Operative is calling her an "Iron Maiden," and send Frick & Frack over to 'spell out' what you don't discuss with Green Listees?]  As he says this, one of his assistants (Emil) brings in a small electronic machine.  He starts readying it, which includes exposing some needle-like wire attachments.  Madeline calmly looks back at Enquist.
[MA]   Why don't you just ask me what you want to know?
Enquist shoots Madeline a "get real" look.
[MA]   I thought I was just a hostage.

[E]     Yes and no. ...  What I told Operations is the truth.  I plan on disappearing after I complete this deal. ...  But it would be of immeasurable benefit to me if I could know what you know. ...  All the infinitely delightful ways you'll try to pursue me.

Madeline turns her head to study the machine being readied for her.
[MA]   An R.T. unit ..., a little archaic ..., but effective. ...  I think they still use them in a few Third World Countries.  You must have gotten it for a good price.

[E]     (SMILING - TO EMIL)  Hurry up.

Emile bends Madeline forward, unfastens her dress and starts to attach electrodes to her back.  You see a look of pain briefly appear in Madeline's eyes, before she smiles and shares some of her 'knowledge.'
[MA]   (TO EMIL)  You're a little low. ...  It should go on the C-2 vertebrae .., not C-3.
Enquist smiles, showing his appreciation for her hutspa.


Sonia and her girlfriend enter the lobby and walk toward the elevators.  Sonia is complaining to her friend about Enquist's treatment of her.  (Conversation is in German)  [Thanks to my LFN Translator, Sasha, I now have a translation of the conversation between Sonia and her girlfriend. - Thank you, Sasha.  I HATE not knowing what's being said!!]

[SM]   S**t.  He acts so childish.  Everything is only for his enjoyment.

[G]     He seems so attentive.

[SM]   It's not as good as it sounds.

[G]     Really?

They enter the elevator and the door starts to close.
[SM]   When we are alone, I'm just a replacement for ...
A gloved hand suddenly appears and pulls the door back.  The woman see Michael, who asks the women a questions in German.
[M]     Which one is (the) Sonia Marteen?


Michael exits the building, unaware it is surrounded by Section Operatives.  Mowen readies his Team to take down Michael first, with a tranq.

[MO]   He's crossing the street.  Hit him with the tranq.
Michael has just reached the other side of the street when he is hit in the arm with a tranq.  [This is obviously a CPD (Convenient Plot Device).  I mean, Michael's back was to the shooter ..., and he hits him in the forearm?!  Of course, if he was shot in the back there is no way he could remove the tranq and suck the drug out (not even for Spyboy).]  He pulls the tranq out as he takes cover between two parked cars.  He yanks open his jacket sleeve to show the wound, and sucks as much of the drug out as possible.  However, he is unable to stop all of the drug from entering his system and notices his vision blurring, but shrugs it off.  Meanwhile, Mowen tries to 'talk' Michael in and alleviate further bloodshed (mostly his own).  [Yes, we all know this is a futile endeavor, but remember, Mowen has Nikita to answer to!]
While Mowen tries to get Michael to listen, two other Operatives are approaching him from either end of the street, winding their way around the parked cars.
Michael's only answer is to take shots at Mowen and Paul.  Mowen is forced to contact Section.  [Okay, several LFNers have noted that Mowen (below) claims that he has "Ops down" when it wasn't true.  This is just where a change to part of the script wasn't consistent.  The script had Michael wounding Paul and another Operative before Mowen makes the call.  The aired version switched this to after Mowen makes the call (and doesn't make Paul one of the wounded).  Let's just all assume that Mowen has ESP.]
[MO]   Comm .., we've hit him with tranqs ..., he's not responding.  I have Ops down.

[B]     (VOICE)  Can you proceed?

[MO]   I'm switching to hard ammo.

Mowen reloads his gun with regular ammunition.  The other Operatives are slowly closing in on Michael.  He is still feeling the effects of the drug, but is still able to hit one Operative in the knee when he briefly breaks cover.  He turns, waits for the other Operative to break cover, then shoots and wounds the him.  As the second Operative falls, Michael uses this opportunity to jump up and take cover in the doorway next to his bike.  Mowen sees him and takes aim, but before he can fire, is knocked out by Nikita.  Michael has mounted his bike and started the motor, when Nikita runs toward him, trying to make him stop.
Michael raises his gun and shoots at Nikita, missing, but forcing her to take cover behind a parked car.  He races away before Nikita can regain her feet.
[N]     MICHAEL!
Nikita can only watch as he speeds away.


Operations meets the returning Team, only to almost be run over by Med Techs rushing wounded Operatives to the Infirmary.

[MT1]     Excuse me ..., coming through.

[MT2]     All right, we're on it.

[MT3]     Over here!  Over here!

Operations sees Mowen enter behind the gurneys and starts demanding answers.
[O]     What happened?!

[MO]   I ... I don't know.  We hit him with a tranq ..., he went down ...

[O]     Why didn't you get him?

[MO]   I had him in my sights, but somebody blindsighted me.

[O]     Who?!

[MO]   I couldn't see.



[O]     Was there anything else from the sight?

[B]     Just the girls.

[O]     Their status?

[B]     They're out.  Michael injected them with a pentathol compound.  It has a half-life of forty-eight hours.

[O]     Damn it!

[B]     There is something.  We had another anonymous log-in.

[O]     Meaning what?

[B]     Michael is tracking Enquist through his next meet.  He must've found out about it through Sonia Marteen.

Operations reads what Birkoff has pulled up on his monitor.
[O]     Tomas Bocci.

[B]     He's a member of a separatist group from Northern Spain.

[O]     We need to find the location of their meet.  We'll never succeed as long as we're behind Michael, we need to get in front of him.


Michael is accelerating down the autobahn.  Behind him, Nikita is following in her car, using the tracker she 'lifted' from Mowen.


Enquist pays a visit to Madeline.  It is obvious she has had a rough night.  She is hooked up to an I.V. (could not tell whether the I.V. was running or not) and heart monitor.  Enquist's assistant is busy setting up a camera.

[E]     So ..., how is our guest today? ...  Not quite as collected as she was earlier, I suspect.

[MA]   Give me some Demerol.

[Madeline MUST be in pain.  This is the first time I've known her to 'demand' something, and not 'request' it in more courteous terms.]
[E]     You know the deal. ...  Give me what I want ..., I'll give you what you want.
Madeline says nothing, just trades looks with Enquist.
[E]     I didn't think so.  I really hate to see you in such pain.  You are a strong woman and I admire you.  I wish you wouldn't force my hand ..., it is so unnecessary. ...  Now we have to show your people you are alive and well.
Enquist moves to stand behind Madeline.  Madeline leans back in the chair and closes her eyes.  Enquist motions for his assistant to start the camera.
[E]     As you can see, we have taken very good care of her. ...  Well ..., relatively good care of her.  I'm sure she would rather be back behind her desk at Section. ...
Madeline seems to have lost consciousness.  As Enquist continues to speak you notice that the heart monitor is starting to give off irregular beats.  Enquist is unaware of anything wrong, but you can see his assistant realizes something is happening.  Unexpectedly, the monitor goes flat.  Enquist, of course, totally freaks.
[E]     SHE'S DEAD ...!
Enquist franticly checks for a pulse in her throat.
Emil rushes into the room as Enquist starts to prepare some sort of injection.  Before they can do anything, however, the monitor starts to register a heartbeat once more.  Madeline's eyes are still closed, but she realizes she has everyone's attention.
[MA]   Mr. Enquist. ...  Please unhook your equipment, I've had enough.  (OFF HIS LOOK)  If you don't ..., the next time I'll go flat, and won't come back. ...  (OPENS HER EYES)  Then you'll be unprotected.
Enquist is bordering on shock as they exchange looks.  He realizes he just lost control.  Madeline makes one more request.
[MA]   The Demerol, please.

[E]     Of course.


Operations is sitting in the War Room studying the tape of Madeline.  You get the impression he has been sitting there for some time replaying the tape.  Birkoff enters, sees what Operations is involved in and tries to ignore Operations while he retrieves some information on the system.  Operations, however, feels the need to 'share.'

[O]     I understand we've made some progress.

[B]     We've picked up a man named Arcola.  He works with Bocci.

[O]     Enquist's buyer?

[B]     (NODS)  Arcola should be here within the hour.

Birkoff starts to leave the room, but Operations can't seem to hold back the self-disgust at his perceived weakness.
[O]     Compromising a mission in response to extortion goes against everything I believe in.  Everything we do here. ...  Even if we succeed in stopping Michael, there's no guarantee we'll prevent Enquist from taking her life. ...
Operations has been staring at the tape during his conversation with Birkoff.  Birkoff is saved from dealing with an 'emoting' Operations when an Operative contacts him.
     (VOICE)  Birkoff, are you there?

[B]     Yeah.

     (VOICE)  Arcola's arrived.

Operations grabs his jacket and is the first out the door.


Operations enters as Stillman and another Operative finish strapping Arcola into the 'metal chair,' his mouth taped shut.  Operations' next actions bring new meaning to the term "fast and dirty."

[O]     (TO OPERATIVES)  Out!
As the Operatives depart and shut the door, Operations throws his jacket into a corner and quickly approaches Arcola.  Operations raises his hand to show he is holding a long, sharp stiletto.  Before Arcola can even blink, Operations drives it into his arm - up to the hilt.  Only his taped mouth keep Arcola screaming out in pain [not that he doesn't give it the 'old college try'!].  Operations leans down until he is just inches from Arcola's face.  Arcola's eyes look like they're about to fall out of his eye sockets.
[O]     I'm not going to ask you twice.  So, listen carefully.  Enquist is meeting Bocci.
Operations rips off the tape across Arcola's mouth.  [Looked very painful, but at least now Arcola has something else to think about besides the knife in his arm.]
[O]     Where ... and when?!


Nikita has tracked Michael to an abandoned warehouse.  She draws her weapon, enters and slowly starts searching it.  She begins on the first floor, then ascends to the second.  As she enters a long room that has a wire-fence gate standing open, Michael appears behind her, holding a gun.  [It is never stated in the aired version, but the script notes that Michael just assumed someone would be able to track him, so purposely prepared this trap.]

[M]     Drop your gun.
Nikita turns and looks at Michael, trying to reason with him.
[N]     Michael ...

[M]     If you've been briefed, you'll know that I'll kill you if I have to.  Drop it.

[N]     Its me.  You know I won't deceive you.

Nikita slowly lowers her gun to the floor.
[N]     I just don't want them ... to kill you.
Michael motions for Nikita to push her gun over to him.
[M]     Over here.

[N]     They sent Mowen.

Nikita kicks her gun over to Michael, who picks it up.
[N]     They'll send others.

[M]     Did they send you?

[N]     No. ...

Nikita starts to walk toward him.
[N]     Please ..., just come back in.
Before she gets close, however, he locks her in by shutting and locking the wire frame gate.
[N]     Please.

[M]     I can't.

[N]     You know if you go through with the hit ...

[M]     I will go through with it.

[N]     Then Madeline will die.

Michael stares at Nikita a moment.
[M]     You shouldn't have come.
He walks away, leaving Nikita locked in the warehouse.


Operations is sitting playing and replying the video Enquist sent him.


Madeline still bound in a chair, obviously struggling to stay alert in spite of the drugs she has been administered.


Michael is speeding toward the upcoming meeting between Enquist and Bocci.


Nikita realizes she needs some sort of tool to pry the door open.  She notices a metal rod lying nearby on the floor.  She manages to reach it and starts chopping away at the door hinge.  Nikita is getting nowhere, but when she impatiently pulls back the rod she hears a thud.  She turns and realizes that the other end of the rod had impaled itself in the wall.  Nikita quickly chops away enough of the wall so she is able to squeeze through to freedom.


Birkoff is briefing Operations, Walter and other Operatives.  [I didn't see Mowen in this meeting, so I guess Operations doesn't feel he can trust him to stop Michael.]  He pulls up a hologram of Enquist's hideout.

[B]     I put together a layout of the enclave and surrounding area.  I used satellite and groundbase surveillance to pick up their security.  He's got a infrared barrier inside ... and video on the circumference.

[O]     Where's Madeline?

Birkoff highlights a section of the hologram.
[B]     My guess is she'll be in this part of the house.  He'll want to keep her close to the deal.

[W]     Bocci's got to come in from the West.  Maybe we can piggyback our way in.

[O]     NO!  I don't want to take any chances.  All we are there to do is to stop Michael.

[W]     What about retrieving the material?

[O]     All  we  are  there  to  do  is  to  stop  Michael.

Operations repeats the sentence slowly, as if he's speaking to a child.
[O]     Where are we on Michael's tactical?

[B]     If he executes a standard sequence ..., he'll start to contaminate the area six hours prior to the meeting, then approach on a diffusion pattern.

[O]     Michael will not follow the standard course.

[B]     Agreed.  But, he still has to approach ...

[O]     I want a grid throughout the wooded area.  Five kilometers by five kilometers.  I don't care how much personnel it takes.  I don't want a hole within ten meters wide. ...  Don't let anyone communicate with him ..., just take him out.

[W]     With all of this manpower, we should be able to do this without killing him.

[O]     That's enough, Walter!  Just do your job!

[I noted that no one's stated the obvious that it's OPERATIONS who was not doing his job.]


Enquist is again talking to Madeline.

[E]     I've been thinking ..., as soon as its over, I'm going to have to kill you.  You've known that from the beginning. ...  Unless ..., you'd like to join me.

[MA]   Thank you anyway, Dorian.

Enquist slowly walks over and leans down next to Madeline.
[E]     I'm not much of a romantic ..., but in a very short time I've grown quite fond of you. ...  I could take very good care of you, Madeline.
Madeline gives a small chuckle, then apologizes.
[MA]   (SMILING)  I'm sorry ..., I don't mean to laugh, but you have to admit ....
Enquist leans down and gives her a light kiss, but Madeline doesn't respond.  Enquist straightens up, his manner implies 'back to business.'
[E]     As you wish. ...  Your death will be painless.
Madeline's expression seems to be saying "whatever."
[E]     It's the least I can do.


Walters returns, obviously seething about his run-in with Operations.  He suddenly hears a very faint voice calling his name.

[N]     (VOICE)  Hello! ...  Walter! ...  Walter, are you there?
He looks around and realizes it's coming from one of the Comm Links, of which he has about twenty lying around his area.  It takes several seconds for Walter to find the right one.
[N]     (VOICE)  Hello, Walter..., are you there?

[W]     Who is this?

[N]     (VOICE)  Walter, its Nikita.  I need your help.

[W]     Where are you?


[N]     I've got to get to Michael.  Where is he?


Walter pulls back further into his area and keeps his voice low.

[W]     You won't stand a chance!  Operations is sending in half of the Section to get him.

[N]     (VOICE)  Sending them where?

[W]     You'll get yourself killed.


[N]     Come on Walter, I'm his only chance!
Walter gives a big sigh and it is obvious he's going to give her the information.


Birkoff is coordinating the grid set up to catch Michael.

[B]     All right.  Two seventeen, I've got you on mark, we're all set.  Six and a half hours till the meet.  I want standard B and A every fifteen minutes.


Enquist is busy getting ready for Bocci's arrival, which includes checking the 'material.'  One of his assistants opens the briefcase so he can inspect the contents.

[E]     Okay, pack them up. ...  Let's go.


The woods are packed with Section Operatives.  One of the shooters, Ken Stillman, takes a position so he has a clear view of the driveway.  Nikita watches everyone setting up, before pulling out a computer device and walking toward Stillman as if she was monitoring something.  Stillman hears her and quickly turns, locking her in his sight.  [Stillman really got around in this episode!]

[N]     Hey, Ken.

[S]     Nikita! ...  What are you doing here?

[N]     Birkoff sent me out to check an anomaly.

Stillman studies her a moment, before turning and resuming his position.  Nikita moves quietly off, taking a gradual route to the house so as not to raise any suspicions.


Birkoff's monitor shows a car approaching.

[B]     This looks like Bocci.  Michael should be close behind.


Stillman trains his gun as the car passes, but there is no one following behind.

[S]     There's nobody following.


The car pulls up to the driveway's speaker.  A window slides down and Bocci checks in with Enquist.

[TB]   Hey, Dorian, it's me.


[E]     Everything all right?  You got the money?


[TB]   (SMILES)  Yeah. ...  Let's do it.
The window slides back up as the car pulls away.  Bocci leans back in his seat to reveal Michael sitting beside him.
[TB]   So, what do I do now?
Before Bocci can get another sentence out, Michael knocks Bocci out with his hand and Bocci's driver with his foot.  [Now that's what I call being limber!]  A few minutes later, the car arrives at the front entrance and stops.  A man wearing a chauffeur's hat and coat gets out and rings the bell.


One of Enquist's assistants opens the door.  Enquist is watching from a monitor and queries Michael from another room, using his comm system.  The driver's hat hides Michael's face from Enquist.

[E]     Who are you?

[M]     Bocci's driver.

[E]     What do you want?

[M]     To check out the material.

Enquist thinks a moment, then agrees.
[E]     Okay.
Michael enters, but is stopped and searched by one of Enquist's men before being escorted to the 'material.'  At the same time Nikita is planting an explosive on the hideout's outside fuse box.  Michael opens and studies the contents.  While he is doing this, Enquist enters the room behind him.
[E]     Hey, turn around. ...  Let me see your face.
Michael slowly turns and Enquist realizes he's been tricked.  Several things happen in rapid succession:
[E]     SHOOT HIM!
Michael knocks Enquist's man out before he can get off a shot and takes his gun.  As Enquist flees further into the house, Nikita triggers the explosive she had attached to the hideout's fusebox and takes out the power.


Operations joins Birkoff as soon as he hears the commotion.

[O]     Damn it, Birkoff ..., what's the matter!

[B]     Power's gone out in the house.

[O]     Do we have Michael?

[B]     Not yet.


Nikita enters the house by breaking a glass panel on a back door.  She's wearing night goggles and is able to see what is happening [which, basically, is that everyone is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off].  Enquist's men are running around, trying to shore up their defenses.

[EM]   You two, get the emergency generator and kill the hostage.  You ..., help me get this stuff out of here.
The men move down a hallway.  Nikita follows, surprising a man exiting a room off the hallway and knocking him out.  Another man appears at the hallway's entrance when he hears the commotion, but is called back before he can check it out.
[EM]   Come on!


Nikita follows the men sent to execute Madeline to the wine cellar.  One man has trained his gun on Madeline, while the other is getting ready to turn on the emergency generator.  As the lights come on, Nikita calls out, surprising and killing both men.

[N]     HEY!
Nikita rushes over and unties Madeline.  At the same time she contacts Birkoff.
[N]     Comm, can you hear me? ...  Com?


Both Operations and Birkoff hear her.

[B]     Who is that?

[N]     (VOICE)  Birkoff, it's me, Nikita.

[B]     Nikita, what are you doing?  Get off that channel!


Nikita is busy putting a groggy Madeline in a coat that was lying nearby.

[N]     I'm on site.  Madeline's safe.  Call off the hit on Michael, Now.


Michael steps outside to move around to the back of the house.  When he does this, he comes under Stillman's sight.  Stillman aims and prepares to fire.


Operations thinks for a brief moment, then nods his okay.


Birkoff relays the change in plans just as Stillman readies to shoot.

[B]     (VOICE)  Rescind orders on Michael.  Hostiles only.


Enquist is panicking.  He hurries down the hallway looking in all the rooms, but his men seemed to have vanished.  Enquist's rushing across his living room when he sees the chauffeur hat and coat lying in a chair.  He hears the sound of a click and turns to see Michael pointing a gun at him.  Enquist smiles and tries to make a deal.

[E]     You kill me, she dies.
Michael says and does nothing, just looks at Enquist.  Enquist starts to smile, thinking he has won again.  He's wrong Michael shoots, killing him.  As he walks over and looks down at the dead man, he hears a sound behind him.  He quickly turns and aims only to see Nikita supporting a half conscious Madeline.  He slowly approaches them and removes the Comm Unit from Nikita's ear.  As he checks in his eyes lock with Nikita's.
[M]     Target terminated.  Material secured.


Operations enters and stands by Madeline's bed.

[O]     You had quite a sleep.

[MA]   (SIGHES)  I'll be fine.

[O]     I want you to take some time off.

[MA]   No.  That's the last thing I need to do.  I just want to get out of here and get back to work.

Operations stands close to Madeline's hospital bed and studies her.
[O]     How bad was it?

[MA]   It could have been worse.

[O]     What did he do to you?

Madeline just shakes her head.  Some of the guilt Operations is feeling spills out.
[O]     This is my fault, I should have listened to you.

[MA]   No.

[O]     I should have protected you.

Madeline gives him a tired smile.  [Now, THIS surprised me.  I'm not surprised that Enquist thought Madeline would need 'protecting,' but Operations should know that this is one woman who can take care of herself.]
[MA]   It doesn't matter now.

[O]     I'm sorry.

Operations reaches out and gently takes her hand.  Madeline doesn't respond but she doesn't reject the offer either.
[MA]   This is who we are.

[O]     Yeah.

Operations gives her a small smile, and you see he is almost in tears.


Nikita enters, obviously knowing what the meeting is about.  She stands in front of Madeline's desk, obviously ready to 'take her medicine.'

[MA]   Do you know why you're here, Nikita?

[N]     I acted autonomously ..., I broke regulations.

[MA]   I thought we'd been through this enough times. ...  We serve a greater entity.  We're not here for each other.  In no scenario do we put ourselves before the unprotected public.

[N]     You've got it backwards. ...  Had Michael been allowed to proceed, none of this would have happened. ...  Enquist would have been killed, and so would you. ...  It was Operations who acted on emotion.  Because of you, he tried to stop Michael.

[MA]   His mistake doesn't justify yours.

Nikita looks at Madeline with a puzzled expression on her face.  [This is the crux of Nikita's problem with Section.  The premise Operations going all out to save Madeline was perfectly understandable and reasonable to Nikita.  It is Madeline's response that throws her off.]
[N]     His mistake?
Madeline doesn't say anything for a moment, then dismisses her.
[MA]   That's all, Nikita.


Nikita is walking through the Common Area, when she meets Michael coming from the opposite direction.

[M]     I hope you understand why I did what I did.
Nikita nods that she understands then follows through with a query of her own.
[N]     Going home now?

[M]     After I debrief, yes.

[N]     It looks like we both may have some down time.

Michael doesn't pick up Nikita's vaguely-worded invitation, just gives her a "Michael stare."  Nikita loses patience, and shows it.
[N]     Two days ago you asked me out to dinner, Michael. ...  Obviously, you've changed your mind.
Nikita moves to walk past him, when Michael does something almost unheard of explains his motives and feelings  [Michael's next line of dialogue, I believe, shows the change in their relationship.  Michael NEVER shared his emotional introspection, even to Nikita until Season Two.  This makes the third time since the new season started that Michael has tried to explain his emotions to Nikita.  To me, this denotes Michael's commitment to Nikita and his need for her to understand him.]
[M]     If it were anyone else who came after me I would have killed them. ...  I can't allow you to become my weakness.
Nikita puts out her hand and lightly touches his arm.
[N]     Of course not.
Nikita realizes he is telling the truth as he sees it.  She sees something different.  However, she says nothing, just moves away.  As she passes Operations' window, they trade looks.  It seems they both have more in common than they thought caring for an individual who refuses to feel.


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