(Transcribed by Karen Hay)

 B = Birkoff      BA = Birkoff's Assistant      G = Gufeld      GG = Gantzway Guard      H = Hentgen      HS = Head Surgeon
  K = Kronen      M = Michael      MA = Madeline      N = Nikita      O = Operations      P = Egran Petrosian      S = Sykes
                                            W = Walter


Operations is briefing the "Red" Team.  Sitting at the briefing table are Madeline, Michael, Nikita, Birkoff and two other
Operatives, one of whom is named Sykes. As he speaks, Operations pulls up a blue screen showing the chemical matrix of a toxic

     [O]     Our sources report the development of a new strain of nerve gas called R-1.  It kills in seconds and has a self
     life three times that of its nearest competitor.  All prototypes of the gas must be destroyed.

     [S]     What's the location?

     [O]     We don't know.  We do know it's being funded by a hostile country ... through bank accounts maintained at
     an embassy in Brussels.

Operations pulls up another blue screen showing a holographic image of a large building.

     [O]     We'll infiltrate the embassy and identify the names of the scientists working on the R-1 project.  Those names
     will lead us to the project itself.  The mission is planned for tomorrow morning.  The embassy is well secured ... and
     there will be a back-up team of four Operatives ....

The briefing is interrupted by the sound of an approaching Operative, Kronen, angrily yelling at Operations.  Kronen is garbed in
combat attire.

     [K]     Enough is enough!

     [O]     What is it, Kronen?

     [K]     I HATE this place!

     [O]     What's the matter with you?  ... You're suppose to be debriefing.

     [K]     Debrief this!

Kronen pulls out a gun and manages to put two slugs into Operations before Walter, standing in his area, drops him.  Operations
falls back onto the Briefing table.  Chaos erupts.  Some Operatives leap to their feet; others remain seated (including Nikita),
stunned.  [Actually, Nikita looks like someone just hit her with a stun gun.]  Michael joins Walter kneeling next to Kronen's
body.  Madeline rushes over and leans over Operations, gently holding his head in her hands.  She briefly looks up at Birkoff.

     [MA]   Get Medical, NOW.

As Birkoff rushes off, Michael joins Madeline at Operations' side, and they trade concerned looks.


The Common Area is filled with Operatives standing around waiting to hear about Operations.  Nikita enters and joins Michael,
who is staring off into the distance.  You can briefly see Madeline standing behind him, emersed in her own thoughts.

     [N]     Any word?

     [M]     It's still too early.

     [N]     Is he dying?

Michael's expression is bleak as he answers Nikita.

     [M]     I don't know.

Michael's tone shows Nikita he is closer to Operations than she thought.

     [N]     You care, don't you?

Michael doesn't answer, but his gaze is a silent affirmation.

     [N]     So what happens now?

     [M]     Someone takes his place.

     [N]     Who?

Michael looks past Nikita and we hear approaching footsteps.  Two security guards walk in front of a third individual
Petrosian.  [This boy sure knows how to make an entrance!]  He is formally attired in light-weight coat, black suit and white
shirt that were obviously made for him [he is wearing his shirt a la Michael - top button fastened, but no tie].  He stands in
the middle of the Common Area and addresses everyone.  [I cannot show it in the transcript, but Nigel Bennett gave
Petrosian an unusual accent, where he syllabicated all his "ed's" (example:  instead of "dozed," Petrosian said

     [P]     Good afternoon.  My name is Egran Petrosian.  I will be in charge pending Operations' return.  Along with all
     of you, I deeply regret this morning's events.  I will keep you advised concerning Operations' condition as
     information becomes available.  In the meantime, he would not want our attention to be diverted from the business in
     hand.  So ..., Red Team, please remain.  The rest of you ..., back to work.

     [B]     That's us.

The crowd breaks up leaving Red Team Michael, Nikita, Birkoff, Sykes and several unnamed Operatives.  Madeline also stays

     [P]     (TO MICHAEL)  I reviewed the Mission profile on the way here.  It is inadequate.  I'm making some
     changes.  Nikita will stand down, and you will replace her with two Operatives of your own choosing.  And you
     won't leave tomorrow morning.  You will leave tonight.

Nikita's face briefly shows concern that she seems to have been singled out, but Michael doesn't even blink, just responds to the

     [M]     I'll authorize a back-up Team.

     [P]     There will be no back-up Team.

     [S]     A smaller primary unit, plus back-up, makes more sense.  That's the way Operations designed it.

Petrosian nails Sykes with a piercing glare.

     [P]     What is your name?

     [S]     Sykes.

     [P]     Well ..., Sykes ..., in case you dosed off, I have news for you.  Operations is no longer in charge.  I ... am.

They briefly hold looks, until Sykes breaks eye contact.  As Michael leads his Team away, Petrosian turns to Nikita.

     [P]     You will be stationed with Birkoff, to provide technical oversight.

     [MA]   That function is mine or Michael's.  Nikita's not cleared for it.

     [P]     She is now.  (TO NIKITA)  I suggest you review the Mission profile ..., and use any remaining time to
     rest.  This is the first action of the New Regime.  We will all want to be at our best.

After Petrosian and his guards walk away, Madeline moves to stand behind Nikita.

     [MA]   Be careful, Nikita.

Nikita makes a small sound in her throat .almost a laugh.

     [N]     Of him ..., or of you?


Madeline is standing in the observation deck overlooking the Infirmary.  Below her, Operations is lying on a table surrounded by
the operating team.  The head surgeon joins Madeline.  [I must say this next scene shows Madeline at her best:  calm,
collected ..., and lethal!]

     [HS]     I'm sorry, but he's not going to make it.  It's just a question of how long he stays on life support.  Will you be
     making that decision?

     [MA]   I already have.  I've decided he's going to recover.  His will to live is very strong.  Your will to save him has
     to be strong, too.  (PAUSE)  I'll help you.

Madeline calmly pulls out a gun, cocks and holds it up against the doctor's head.

     [MA]   Go back inside.  (PAUSE)  Tell your colleagues to do the possible ..., then the impossible ..., and then the
     unthinkable, until he's out of danger.  Because ..., when you're finished, Doctor ..., that room will contain either four
     living men ... or four corpses.  Do you understand?

     [HS]     Okay.

[Something tells me most of the medical team were on Valium by the time Operations was out of danger - talk about a
stressful situation!]


Sykes and another Operative are crouched across the street from the Embassy's gated entrance.  You see several armed guards
patrolling the gates.

     [S]     Pattern's complete.

     [N]     (VOICE)  Time to partial window.

     [S]     Thirty seconds.


Nikita is standing behind Birkoff, where she is overseeing the Mission from his monitors.  As she paces, she helps herself to some
of Birkoff's snacks.  [Are Birkoff's eats fair game to everyone?  The boy needs to learn to start hiding the stuff.]

     [N]     Coverage?

     [S]     (VOICE)  Forty percent.

     [N]     (PAUSE)  Go.


     [S]     Michael, twenty seconds.


Michael is kneeling on a nearby rooftop, holding what looks like a small crossbow.  He aims and fires a small projectile that has a
thin cable attached.  The projectile embeds itself into one of the Embassy's chimneys.  Michael tightens the cable and attaches a
pulley.  [The music playing  is Pilgrimage's "Path to the Invisible."]


     [S]     Five seconds.


Michael briefly holds then launches himself into the air.  We see him from the Embassy guards' point of view gliding noiselessly
across the space and landing on the Embassy's roof.  [The scene has an almost beautiful stillness about it.  As we watch
Michael gliding against the night sky to the music you realize there is a light snow falling.]  He locates a near window
and removes the glass with what looks like a laser cutter.  He enters and quickly ascends a set of stairs.


     [B]     Security's pretty tight.  Wrapped around a Z-cubed function.


     [M]     Can you break it?

     [B]     (VOICE)  I can get you in ..., I can delay the alarm ..., but I can't disable it.


Birkoff works some magic on his computer.

     [N]     Go.


As Michael enters the room, Nikita gives him additional instructions.

     [N]     (VOICE)  Michael, the only thing we know is that the disk is hidden in a book.

We now see the room from Michael's perspective and realize he has entered what looks like some type of library.  [I'll bet his
mental thoughts had some 'real' creative wording.]  Michael says nothing, just walks to the furthest bookcase, pulls out a
homing device and starts to quickly scan the shelves.


     [N]     Michael, you're running out of time.

A shriek fills the air as the alarm is activated.

     [B]     There goes the alarm.

     [N]     I thought you said a minute.

     [B]     I said maybe.


Meanwhile, Sykes is watching the Embassy guards freak as they hear the alarm go off, and starts shooting to keep them from
investigating.  The guards immediately take cover and return fire.


     [B]     You've got to get him out of there, Nikita.

     [N]     (PAUSE, THEN - TO MICHAEL)  Continue to search.


Michael continues his search and a minute later locates the disk.

     [M]     I've got the disk.

     [N]     Withdraw!

Michael has just pocketed the disk when he hears guards approaching the library.


The Embassy guards reach the library and quickly enter weapons ready to an empty room and open window.


Michael descends an outside metal ladder, then secures a rope to the ladder and rappels down the Embassy wall.  As he
descends, a guard appears below him.  Before the guard can fire, Michael quickly dispatches him (while still rappelling down the
wall).  He reaches the ground and runs for the gate.  Unfortunately, he is joined by guards who are pouring out of the Embassy,
giving chase.  Michael quickly turns and (still running) cuts them down, before taking shelter behind a cement block.


Sykes and the other Operative are continuing to fire on the Embassy guards.


     [N]     Sykes, retrieve Michael.


Sykes notices that the guards at the gate are being reinforced.

     [S]     I can't ..., there is too much resistance.


[After this Mission, I bet all Operatives made a mental note:  If Nikita is overseeing a Mission make SURE Michael
returns.  If Michael doesn't return, make sure you aren't around (or standing behind Madeline) when Nikita finds out!]

     [N]     I repeat ..., retrieve Michael ..., NOW!


Sykes leaves the other Operative firing and races away.


Michael continues to take out all guards trying to reach him.  Suddenly, a Section Suburban comes barreling through the closed
Embassy gates.  Michael opens the back door, steps up so he is braced outside the Suburban and aims his gun at the approaching

     [M]     Go!

Michael returns fire as Sykes slams the gear into reverse and backs out of the Embassy grounds.


     [S]     (VOICE)  We're out.

When Nikita hears this she removes her Comm Link and slumps tiredly against Birkoff's desk.  The camera pulls back and we see
that Petrosian has been watching the whole proceedings.


Nikita is waiting at the entrance when the Team returns.  Sykes is too busy giving an 'earful' to Michael to notice her.

     [S]     What the hell is going on?  He's a butcher!  We lost two men today because we didn't have backup.

While Sykes stalks down the corridor, Michael briefly stops in front of Nikita.

     [N]     You all right?

     [M]     I'm fine.

Michael follows Sykes, leavings Nikita standing in front of Van Access staring reflectively down its corridor.

     [P]     Nikita.

Nikita looks up and sees Petrosian approaching her.

     [P]     Your performance today ... was superb. ...  Cool ..., objective ..., decisive. ...  Exactly what I need ... for my
     second in command.

     [N]     What about Madeline?

     [P]     Madeline ... is extraordinary.  She will continue to be useful in Psych Ops situations.  ... But, she's been with
     Operations a long time.  She's versed in his style, his methods.  What I need is my own Madeline."

     [N]     I'm not really interested in a promotion.

     [P]     No?  You prefer to go on living from day-to-day ..., risking your life on Mission after Mission ..., until one day
     your luck runs out and you are blown to pieces in some obscure corner of the earth?

Nikita softly clears her throat, clearly not enjoying Petrosian's summary of her future.  Petrosian takes one of her hands and holds
it lightly against his chest.  [You realize at once that this 'seduction' is about power, not sex.]

     [P]     There is more to life than briefings and Missions, Nikita.

Nikita thinks a moment, before nodding her assent.  Petrosian gives her a approving smile.

     [P]     Good!

Petrosian continues down the corridor, leaving Nikita to wonder if she hasn't just jumped from the frying pan into the fire.


Nikita joins Madeline, who is standing watching Operations from the Infirmary's observation deck.

     [N]     How's Operations?

     [MA]   I'm confident the doctors are doing everything they can.

Nikita gives her an "I'm glad to hear that" smile and starts to walk away, but Madeline stops her.

     [MA]   Has Petrosian offered you my position yet?

     [N]     Yes.

     [MA]   And what did you say?

     [N]     If I say no, he's going to offer it to somebody else.

     [MA]   That's not the point.

     [N]     What is the point?

     [MA]   The point is ..., you don't have what it takes to do my job. (PAUSE)  And, if you try, you'll only end by
     destroying yourself.

Madeline doesn't give Nikita a chance to respond, just walks away.  [Nikita's expression as she watches Madeline tells us
that this has done more to convince her to take the promotion than any of the mental pep talks she probably has been
giving herself.]


Petrosian pours champagne for himself and Nikita.


Madeline enters the Common Area and watches Nikita accept the glass. Petrosian hits a remote and the glassed observation area
darkens.  Madeline watches for another moment, before walking away.


Petrosian starts to outline Nikita's duties.

     [P]     In addition to taking over for Madeline, you will handle technical oversight until I can find someone I feel I can
     rely on.  It's double duty, but it can't be helped.

They both lightly touch glasses.

     [N]     No problem.

     [P]     You will answer only ... to me.  You will be my eyes and ears in Section, and you will carry out my
     instructions to the letter. ...  Now, our first priority is to ensure that there is not another Kronen in Section waiting to
     go berserk, so you will initiate a full review of all personnel evaluation procedures.

     [N]     That's already been done.

     [P]     Good.  ...  Next, I want to ensure that all activities in Section come under my ... direct ... control.  Starting
     with Walter.

     [N]     Walter?

     [P]     I'm told that he likes to work on his own ... secret ... projects.  I want to know what they are.

Nikita sets down her glass of champagne.

     [N]     I don't want to spy on my friends.

     [P]     Kronen shoots the Section Commander in plain view. ...  Sykes complains about Mission designs ..., Walter
     works on unauthorized projects.  Section is out of control.  It has to stop.

     [N]     Well, I need to feel certain that Walter won't be harmed.

     [P]     (CURT TONE)  If you want to protect your friend, Walter, you will do has you're told.

Nikita's expression shows she is starting to realize what working for Petrosian will entail.


Walter is concentrating on one of his devices at his work bench.  Nikita slowly approaches, then leans down and gives him a small
'air' kiss, startling him.

     [W]     Hmm, you scared me.

     [N]     I didn't think anything scared you, Walter.

     [W]     Get out of here.

     [N]     Still thinking about Kronen?

     [W]     Yeah.

While Walter replies, he slowly sets the soldering gun down, reflecting back to his last conversation with Kronen.

     [W]     It bothers me that I didn't see it coming.

     [N]     Nobody did.

     [W]     The day before, I was trying to brief him on the new laser sight ..., and he kept talking about his mother?

     [N]     His mother?

     [W]     "Anytime anyone in this place starts talking about Mom ..., you know he's got problems!

Nikita seems to take a mental 'deep breath,' before giving Walter one of her smiles.

     [N]     So ..., what else are you working on?

Walter looks up and grins.  You can see he is eager to share his newest project with Nikita.


The hallway is fairly active.  A number of scientists and technicians in lab coats are passing up and down the near stairway.  The
camera pulls back to show Michael in lab coat and glasses.  His badge shows the name of the company as "Gantzway Labs."

     [M]     I'm in position.


     Nikita is once again overseeing the Mission from Birkoff's area.

          [B]     Gufeld should be in the hallway in about thirty seconds.

          [N]     Sykes, report.


     Sykes is busy opening a fuse box.

          [N]     (VOICE)  Sykes?

          [S]     I'm in position.


     Michael looks up and sees Gufeld and a technician descending the stairs.

          [M]     Target in sight.


          [N]     Sykes .., disarm security.


     Sykes cuts a wire, but this only generates a spark.


          [B]     (IMPATIENT TONE)  Sykes, you opened the wrong box.

     Sykes looks up and sees the fuse box he needs further down the wall.  He hurries over and tries to open the box.


     Michael, holding a metal clipboard with a concealed compartment, approaches Gufeld as the technician he was
     speaking with leaves.

          [M]     Mr. Gufeld ...  Would you have a look at this, please?

     Gufeld reaches for the clipboard, only to face the gun Michael had been hiding inside its compartment.

          [M]     This way.


     Sykes is still struggling to open the fuse box."


          [N]     Sykes, hurry up.


          [S]     It's jammed.


          [N]     Michael, hold.


          Michael stops Gufeld in front of the secured door they need to pass through to exit the building and


               [N]     (VOICE)  Sykes.

          Sykes has finally managed to pry the box open.

               [S]     I got it.


               [N]     Go, Michael.


          Sykes starts to cut the wire, but drops his pliers and has trouble finding them in the dark.


          Unaware Sykes has not cut the alarm, Michael opens the door, setting it off.

                    (VOICE OVER INTERCOM)  Security to Three West immediately.

          Guards immediately start rushing down the hallway.


          Nikita removes her Comm Link in disgust when she hears the alarm, realizing that Sykes failed to
          disconnect it.


          Michael gently pushes Gufeld down the hallway toward the exit.  [This is going to sound crazy, but
          the music you hear during this sequence reminds me of the music used for an old British sci-fi
          series, "UFO."  I felt like any minute I was going to see a woman wearing a clingy silver
          outfit and purple wig walk down the hall.]  All around them guards are stopping workers and
          demanding to see their IDs.

               [M]     Keep walking.

          When they reach the exit, the guard on duty reaches out and tries to stop them from leaving.

               [GG]   I'm sorry, gentlemen.  No one's allowed to leave right now.

          Michael knocks the guard out by hitting him with the flat of his palm [the boy does this very well!],
          then turns quickly and shoots the advancing guard.  He then aims his gun at Gufeld and slowly backs
          them through the exit door.


          The guard outside has heard the alarm and moves to intercept them, but Michael merely knocks him
          over the railing.  As he and his hostage near the driveway, Michael's 'ride' screeches to a halt in front
          of them.  They get in and make their escape.  [I must say, Sykes must have been someone's
          "wheel man" in his previous life.]


          Petrosian is quizzing Nikita on the status of various matters as they enter the Communications Room.

               [P]     Conference in Paris?

               [N]     Briefing's at 9 o'clock.

               [P]     The meeting with Hurley?

               [N]     The Bosnia protocols could make that awkward.  I suggest we push it back a

               [P]     Ummm .., and the Gantzby Mission ...

               [N]     All elements satisfactory, except Sykes.  He failed to disconnect the alarm.

          A displeased expression briefly appears on Petrosian's face, but he says nothing to Nikita.

               [P]     And what about our friend ..., Walter?  Did you find out what he's up to?

               [N]     A remote surveillance mike ..., a new type, counter-synchronous ..., seems
               harmless enough.

               [P]     Excellent Nikita.  I am very pleased with your work.  However, I do have one
               more assignment for you tonight.  Volare's ..., at the east end of the park.  You know
               it?  Be there, 8 o'clock.  Dressed appropriately.  Someone will be meeting you.

          Nikita nods and starts to leave, then turns to ask Petrosian how she will recognize the person she is
          meeting.  Petrosian answers her question before she can ask it.

               [P]     ... He will ... know you.


          Nikita is leaning against the bar of an elegant night spot.  Music is playing softly in the
          background.  [Sara McLachlan's "Do What You Have To Do"]  As she stands sipping her
          champagne, Nikita unobtrusively scans the room.  She stops and stares, however, when Michael
          enters the room.  He sees Nikita and joins her at the bar.  [Loved how they shot Michael in
          'slo-mo' as soon as Nikita notices him.]

               [N]     What are you doing here?

               [M]     Petrosian sent me to meet someone.  (PAUSE)  Why?

               [N]     (PAUSE)  I imagine that its part of his 'full life' that he's promised me if I work
               for him.

               [M]     Am I under orders to places you?

               [N]     Of course ... not.  (GIVES A SMALL LAUGH)

          Nikita turns and leans against the bar, facing Michael.  She flashes him a teasing grin.

               [N]     He could make it easier for us.  We could have the chance to spend more time
               together outside Section.

               [M]     I wouldn't put too much trust in him.

          Nikita turns back to the bar and takes a sip of champagne.

               [N]     Okay ..., well ..., if I'm dealing with the devil, its because sometimes the devil is
               the only one open for business. ...  But that's not the problem, is it?  Michael, it bothers
               you that I have so much more power now.

          Nikita moves closer to Michael, until their bodies are almost touching.  Michael neither retreats nor
          advances, merely stands waiting for Nikita to finish her 'move.'

               [N]     You don't like it. ...  Maybe ..., it even makes you a little ... uncomfortable.

          Michael refuses 'to play' and simply answers her question.

               [M]     No.

               [N]     (CLEARS THROAT AND SMILES)  Shall we just have a drink?  ...  No more
               games ..., no promises, just a drink.

          The last scene of this sequence has Michael turn and reach for a glass, an introspective look on his


          Madeline enters and stands next to Operations' bed.

               [MA]   Can you hear me?

          Operations opens his eyes and nods his head slightly.

               [MA]   I'm sorry.  It should have been anticipated.  The doctors say your progress is
               slow ... but steady.

          Madeline leans down and she locks glances with Operations.

               [MA]   Live.

          Operations hears her and you can see his will shifting into gear as he drifts back to sleep.


          Nikita is following closely behind Petrosian as he walks through Section.

               [P]     I trust last night's assignment was satisfactory.

               [N]     Yes.

               [P]     Good. ...  Gufeld is in the White Room, ready for questioning.

          Petrosian stops suddenly to make a point, and Nikita almost runs into him.  An impatient expression
          briefly passes across his face and Nikita catches it.

          [P]     Interrogate ... and dispose of him.

          [N]     Of course.

          [P]     Then ..., report back.


     Gufeld is strapped to the 'Metal Chair from Hell,' looking scared.  Nikita enters.  You can tell she is mentally bracing
     herself for the job ahead.  [Really liked how Peta played this scene.  Almost every expression and movement
     shows you how much Nikita adhors what she is doing.]

          [N]     Mr. Gufeld.

          [G]     Who are you people?

     Nikita doesn't answer his question, just asks one of her own.

          [W]     You worked on something called 'R-1.'  I want the location of the research facility.

          [G]     I don't know what you're talking about.

          [N]     Mr. Gufeld, I'm in a hurry, so I'll make this quick. ...  If you don't tell me the location ..., I'll have
          to have you killed.  If you do tell me ..., I'll let you go.

          [G]     You'll let me go?

          [N]     Well, if we get what we need, there's no reason to hold you.

          [G]     The people I worked for ....

          [N]     .... Threatened to kill you if you ever told what you knew?

          [G]     Yes.

          [N]     No problem.  We'll protect you.

     Nikita can no longer meet this obviously terrified man's eyes, and turns her back on him.

          [G]     You promise?

     Gufeld is clutching at this promise.  Nikita briefly closes her eyes in self-disgust, before turning around, giving him a
     reassuring look - and lie.

          [N]     Of course.

          [G]     Its in Northern Iraq ..., near the Turkish border, just outside Zakhu.

     The door opens.  Nikita can't bear to look at Gufeld anymore, but before leaving, she briefly stops and tells him
     "thank you" (in a soft and regretful tone).  The camera angles changes so anyone entering or leaving the room is
     hidden.  When the door is closed, you see that Frick and Frack have joined Gufeld.  The last view we have of
     Gulfeld has him looking at these new visitors and realizing Nikita's promises were worthless.


     Nikita joins Petrosian as he moves through Section to give him an update on the upcoming Mission.  [I've just
     noticed - one of the unwritten codes of this job must be that you can't sit down.  Man, I sure hope
     Operations and Petrosian have comfortable shoes.]

          [N]     I have the location.  A Mission profile's being developed now.

          [P]     Good.

     As they pass Walter's area Nikita glances over and smiles at Walter ..., only to see him glare at her with anger and
     betrayal.  She realizes Walter knows she leaked his project to Petrosian.  Petrosian notes how this upsets Nikita and
     starts to give her a 'pep talk' [You know, "Oppressing the masses for fun and profit."]

          [P]     You can't have sympathy with another person's weakness.  You must use the weakness to
          control the person.

          [N]     Of course.

          [P]     Everyone has their weakness ..., whether it is status, love of praise, a lover, a mother ..., or
          simply the desire to go on living.  You find a weakness ..., you control the person. ...  Do you

          [N]     I think I'm beginning to.

          [P]     Good.


     Nikita joins Birkoff as he works on various computers in his area.  It is obvious that she is not welcome here
     either.  Birkoff refuses to even look at her, just continues to work.

          [N]     Birkoff.  (PAUSE)  I need a favor.

          [B]     Personal favors are against regulations.  Walter said we're all living by the book now ..., even
          "Petrosian's Little Pet.'"

     Nikita wastes no time, just throws Birkoff against one of his computers and gets in his face.  [I guess one of the
     perks at Section is that, when you lose your temper, you get to slap Birkoff around.]

          [N]     Wrong, Birkoff.  "Petrosian's Little Pet" gets what she wants ..., or what they did to Walter will
          look like a foot message compared with what I do to you if you mess with me.

     Birkoff backs down.  When Nikita sees this, she releases him and gently straightens his shirt.

          [N]     Now ..., its about Kronen.

          [B]     ... Guy who shot Operations.

          [N]     I need you to find out everything you can about his mother ..., everything.


     Nikita follows Birkoff over to a computer as he sits down and starts accessing information.

          [B]     She lives in Brazil with five kids, Kronen's siblings.  She was thrown out of work about a year
          ago ..., lived on the street.  Then everything changed.

          [N]     Changed how?

          [B]     She moved into a condo about a month ago.  Nice neighborhood, servants ...

          [N]     The money?

          [B]     Legitimate bank accounts.

          [N]     Source of the funds?

          [B]     Untraceable. ...  What's going on?

     Nikita leans over and switches off Birkoff's computer.

[N]     As far as you're concerned ..., nothing.


     [N]     The Mission's been prepped, it leaves tomorrow night.  The bioweapons plant will be destroyed in 30 hours.

     [P]     Red Team?

     [N]     Michael, Sykes, Pelham, Vronsky.

     [P]     No, not Sykes.  He has been weak for some time now.  I have decided to cancel him.

     [N]     I'll see to it.

Nikita moves to leave, but Petrosian stops her.

[P]     No ..., you will do it personally.

[N]     Why?

[P]     I have told you before, Nikita, compassion is a weakness.  You have to be able to kill without a moment's hesitation.

[N]     I've killed so many people that I've lost count.

[P]     Yes, in combat.  But this is different.  This is a man who's only crime has been a failure to live up to the standards of
Section.  I have to know that you can kill him too. ...  For me.

He walks over and opens a flat case to reveal a revolver.

     [P]     Do it the old fashioned way ..., face-to-face.

While Nikita picks up the gun and loads the clip, a bound Sykes is led across the Common Area.  As he passes under Operations'
office he looks up and locks glances with Nikita.  Once Sykes is out of sight, Nikita turns to leave - but Petrosian adds something

     [P]     And, Nikita.  (PAUSE)  Don't try to deceive me.

Nikita merely nods and leaves.


Sykes is sitting bound in a chair.  The room has a dungeon-like look to it.  Sykes watches Nikita as she approaches.

     [S]     I knew this was coming for a while now.  But I never thought you'd be the one to do it.  I always thought you
     were one of the good ones.

Nikita doesn't speak, just looks at Sykes.  Sykes takes a deep breath.

     [S]     Do what you have to do, Nikita.

Nikita cocks and raises the gun, but is unable to fire.  Her hesitation starts to get to Sykes, who obviously just wants to get it over

     [S]     Do it.  (PAUSE)  DO IT!

Nikita's hand holding the gun starts to tremble.  She stops, gathers herself, and steadies her weapon.  We hear a shot and Sykes
slumps in the chair, dead.  Nikita looks down at her gun, then behind her - where Madeline is standing holding a smoking gun.  It is
obvious that Madeline fired the fatal shot.  She lowers the gun and approaches Nikita.

     [MA]   Its time we had a talk.

As Madeline speaks, she checks to confirm Sykes is dead.

     [MA]   Petrosian has to be stopped.

     [N]     Why?

     [MA]   He hired Kronen to make the hit on Operations.

     [N]     What makes you say that?

     [MA]   Kronen's mother was destitute.  Petrosian saved her.  The price was the hit.  The mother's now ...

     [N]     ... Living like a queen in Brazil.  I saw the file.

     [MA]   Good for you.

     [N]     It could have been tampered with.

     [MA]   By whom?

     [N]     Somebody who wants to turn me again Petrosian.  (PAUSE)  You, for example.

     [MA]   Petrosian's a murderer ..., and worse.

     [N]     Why should he be any worse than Operations?

     [MA]   (SHOUTS)  DON'T BE A CHILD.  If Petrosian consolidates his grip on Section, he will start a reign of
     terror like you've never seen.

     [N]     Why should I believe ... you?

     [MA]   I'm telling you the truth.

     [N]     The trouble is, Madeline, the puzzle palace you created tends to let the truth fall through the cracks.

     [MA]   The file you saw ... was real.

     [N]     Then use it to bring him down.

     [MA]   It's circumstantial ..., his friends are too powerful.  We have to find another way.  (PAUSE)  Choose,
     Nikita.  Are you on Petrosian's side or ours?

     [N]     I don't take orders from you anymore, Madeline.

Madeline adds nothing more, just gives Nikita one last look before walking away.


Nikita slowly enters the office.  As she does so, Petrosian motions for his guard to leave them alone.

     [N]     Sykes has been handled.

     [N]     Yes, I just got a message from Housekeeping.  (SIGHS)  The doctors tell me that Operations is improving.

     [N]     Yes, I hear he's going to be moved soon ..., to a hospital in Geneva.  It won't be long before he's back running

     [P]     And I'll be gone.

     [N]     And I'll be at the mercy of Madeline.

Petrosian gives Nikita a small cynical smile.

     [P]     Mercy is not exactly her strong suit. ...  Still, what is to be done?

     [N]     Kill him.

     [P]     Do you have any idea what you're saying?  Operations built Section with his OWN blood and his OWN pain,
     and you want to murder him in his sickbed.

     [N]     He is past ..., you're the future.

     [P]     (SLOWLY)  Yes.  It would be convenient for both of us if he were out of the way.  Yet, not long ago, you
     were reluctant to kill Sykes.  Now, you are ready for this?

     [N]     There's no choice, its now ..., or its never.

     [P]     Or perhaps ... you are setting a trap.  (PAUSE)

Nikita holds Petrosian's look as she tries to explain.

     [N]     You never lied to me. ...  You made promises and kept them. ...  That's not true of Operations ..., Madeline
     ..., Michael or anyone else in here.  With you, I have a chance at life.  Without you ..., I have nothing.

     [P]     In that case, you should be willing to kill Operations yourself ..., with your own hand.

     [N]     All right.

     [P]     (DEEP BREATH)  It will be best if we are not seen together in the aftermath.  I have certain arrangements
     to make ..., the sooner the better.  It must be done during tomorrow night's Mission, when everyone else is occupied.


Nikita is alone in the computer room.  She quickly keys in some commands.  Several files open and wording appears


We see a timer set for 4:00 appear on the screen.  She checks her watch, then powers the system off and leaves.


The Mission is in process.

     [M]     Hentgen.  Report.

     [H]     The final charge is set.

     [M]     Withdraw.


Once again, Nikita is overseeing the Mission standing behind Birkoff.  Every once in a while she glances behind her at a monitor
that has a timer ticking off the seconds.

     [M]     (VOICE)  Twenty seconds to detonation.

     [N]     Evacuate.

     [B]     Evacuation sequence in progress.


Shots of something really big being blown up.


     [B]     That was easy.

Just then the timer reaches the set time and alarms start going off in the Computer Area.  You see Petrosian watching everything
from Operations' office.

     [N]     Birkoff, what going on?

     [B]     I don't know.

     [N]     Well, find out!  And don't lose touch with the Team!

     [B]     The Team is fine.  The problem's internal.  Looks like the backup matrix might have bled into the primary
     circuits, but I don't see how.

     [N]     I'll go check on Systems.

As Nikita walks away you see Birkoff and his assistants scrambling to fix the problem.

     [BA]   You want the signal table?

     [B]     Yes, hold those. ...

Nikita glances up at Petrosian, but the office glass has been darkened.


Petrosian is watching Nikita enter Operations' room from a small portable monitor he is holding in his hand.


Nikita approaches Operations' bed, who is asleep.  She slowly lifts her hand to show she is holding a VERY large syringe.  [You
could drill for oil with this sucker!]  She positions the needle above Operations' corotid artery [at least I THINK its his
corotid artery].  However, she goes no further, just stands there frozen, staring down at Operations.


Petrosian watches as Nikita hesitates, then lowers the needle and backs away.  He angrily snaps the device shut and leaves the


     [B]     Raise me another 20 percent. ...  Somebody turn the alarm off!


Petrosian enters the Infirmary to see Nikita sitting on a stool next to Operations' bed, the hand holding the syringe lying motionless
in her lap.

     [P]     What happened?

     [N]     I couldn't do it. ...  He's lying there so helpless.

          Petrosian reaches out, takes the syringe from Nikita, turns and plunges it into Operations' neck.  He
          then turns back and gives Nikita a disgusted look.

               [P]     I was wrong about you ..., you're weak.  I will find someone else.

          Nikita calmly disagrees with Petrosian.

               [N]     No, you won't.

               [P]     You don't understand power.  You're finished.

          Nikita slowly gets up and stands next to Petrosian.  She gently raises his hand still holding the
          syringe.  As she does so she looks down at Operations.  Petrosian follows her look and realizes that
          Operations is alive and watching them.

               [N]     (WHISPERS)  Vitamin B.

          A look of consternation appears on Petrosian's face as he realizes that Nikita has duped him.  The
          Infirmary door opens to reveal Madeline standing with two Operatives.  She walks up to Petrosian.

               [MA]   You have many influential friends, Egran.  But even they won't be able to explain
               this away.

          Petrosian turns and gives Nikita one more look.  Nikita meets his gaze, before looking down at
          Operations, who is watching them both.


          Operations is sitting in a very futuristic wheelchair.  [Actually, he looks like he's about to blast off
          into space.]  He is obviously still very weak.  Petrosian is standing in front of him surrounded by two

               [P]     We did so many Missions together.  We were good.

               [O]     The best.

               [P]     I often wondered what would happen if we went head-to-head.

               [O]     Now we know.

               [P]     Still, it was close.

               [O]     Your timing was excellent. ...  I was overcommitted, careless ...

          Petrosian leans down and gives Operations a regretful smile.

               [P]     If only Kronen had been a better shot!

          They both share a chuckle.

               [P]     I don't suppose, for 'old times sake,' you could find me a deep cover assignment in
               some backwater never-to-be-heard-of-again ....?

          Operations regretfully shakes his head.

               [O]     I'm afraid not.  If word got out, discipline would be compromised.

               [P]     Then let us not prolong things. ...  Though, I do have one last request, if it is still
               the custom for one to be granted to the condemned man."

               [O]     Within reason.

          Petrosian holds out his hand.

               [P]     Shake my hand?

          Operations immediately stretches his hand out.

               [O]     With pleasure.

          They shake hands, then Petrosian is led away.  You can tell by Operations' expression that ordering
          Petrosian cancelled was very hard for him to do.  [Enjoyed how Glazer managed to portray deep
          regret without saying a word.]


          Nikita enters Section.  She is back to dressing informally, her hair down.  As she walks by Walter's
          area she waves.

               [N]     Hi, Walter.

          Walter brusquely turns his back and walks deeper into his area.  This is obviously hurtful to Nikita, but
          as she turns to walk away she is stopped by Madeline.

               [MA]   He'll forgive you eventually.  After all, in the end, you did save Section.

               [N]     Did I?

               [MA]   I think it's pretty clear.  Operations is a better choice than Petrosian.

               [N]     Better for who?

               [MA]   If you had doubts, why did you side with us?

               [N]     Petrosian was willing to give me a life ..., as much as one can have inside
               Section.  But in order to get it, I lied ..., I bullied ..., and, who knows, eventually I might
               have even ... killed in cold blood.  (PAUSE)  In other words, I found out what it's like to
               ... to be you.

               [MA]   And you didn't like it.

               [N]     No, I didn't.

               [MA]   Power is addictive, Nikita. ...  You've had a taste ..., its in your blood now.

               [N]     You're wrong.

               [MA]   You'll be back.  It's only a matter of time. ...  But there'll be one difference.
               ...  The next time ..., I'll be waiting for you.


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