Not Was
(This transcript was done by Quokka)

Written by Michael Loceff
Directed by Rene Bonniere (accents deleted as they mess up the text)
Orlando Perez = Sam Moses
Technician = Nancy Cser
Russell Burke(?) = Jonathan Cuthill
Ying Kam = Jean Yoon
Natalie = Natalie Persad
Frank = Frank Bishun
Host = Paul Gordon

My comments in [ ]
[ Great show. This is Psychic Pilgrim with real emotions. As always, when he is vulnerable, Michael seems much
younger. The "real" Michael is a very nice person but it is interesting to keep in mind that, even though his
instincts are always kicking in about Nikita, she is the person who is saving his life, this gorgeous woman who
knows all the answers, protects him, is nice to him, and kicks butt for him--anyone would be really attracted to her
in these circumstances. Ops and Madeline, at least in this episode, are not very nice at all]

Everyone looks like a professional dancer-- lots of flamboyant movement and slow sexy dancing. Michael walks
across the floor. His usual black outfit goes well here. He crosses to where a man is guarding a stairwell beside a
gold lamé curtain. As the man holds up his hand to say "No Further", Michael grabs his hand, twists it and pushes
him backward so that the man falls down the stairs and lands at the bottom, unconscious. No one observes
anything. Michael continues to stare across the crowd.
Nikita moves across the dance floor under the revolving glass ball. She has on a black top and a red snakeskin
jacket with a short black skirt elongated by gauzy material and high red heels [great for running around to escape
terrorists]. She reaches the centre of the floor and a man grabs her to dance. They do a slow sexy turn while he
hands her a disk which she quickly slips into the top of the dress. She leaves him and continues to cross the floor to
Michael. As she reaches him, they give each other a small smile and she reaches up to put her hands on his collar.
She moves one hand down his chest and he grabs that hand and moves it down further [well, that made you hold
your breath, didn't it?] until she touches the gun in his belt which she takes. She leaves him quickly and goes down
the stairwell into a room with two computer terminals. She slips the disc into the side scanner of the computer. A
print-out of names reads down.
Nikita: "Looks like it's all here."
Birkoff from COM UNIT: "Good. Destroy it."
Nikita puts a device on the side of the other terminal and the printout on the first terminal breaks up.
Nikita: "Done."
Birkoff: "Get out of there. They'll be on top of you any second."
Nikita goes behind the computers and the boxes to a door in the room. It is locked.
Nikita: "Birkoff, I can't get out!"
Birkoff: "What do you mean?"
Nikita: " The door is locked."
Birkoff looks at the computer image: "They know you're in there. Michael, Nikita's trapped. Go in.
Michael shoots one man coming up the stairs then another at the bottom of the stairs. He goes down and opens a
door and we hear "Nikita, this way." As Nikita looks up, she sees someone come up behind Michael and give him
the Vulcan nerve pinch to the neck and he slumps into the man's arms and is dragged behind the door. Nikita
shoots another man.
Nikita: "Birkoff, someone just grabbed Michael!"
Birkoff: "Don't pursue! There are too many shooters. I'm sending in backup."
Nikita stays put looking anxiously at the door where Michael disappeared.

Michael is brought into the Club kitchen in a wire framed basket on wheels . His wrists are strapped to the top of
the cage and he is wearing a black, short-sleeved T-shirt. He is awake and observing his surroundings. Orlando
Perez who is a bit of an Einstein lookalike comes up behind the cage and moves Michael's hair back to speak into
his ear.
Perez: " I see you are awake." Perez pushes a needle into Michael's neck. "We have some questions to ask you
before you are disposed of. We're curious how you found out about us." (To one of his thugs) " Get him prepared."
Michael seems to be unconscious now and is wheeled out. Perez is whistling. He goes up to a refrigerator unit
where a man is sitting naked his hands over his genitals. A woman is in the next unit crouched sideways. Both are
completely shaven. More people may be in these units but we see only these two. Perez taps the glass of the
window where the man is and he looks at Perez with a dull stare. He goes to the window where the woman is and
says: " How are you today, sunshine?" She looks at him.

Nikita sits down at the briefing table with Birkoff (his hair is very short in this one) and at least three other officers.
Operations starts to talk.
Ops: " Last night we engaged in an operation to destroy certain records belonging to this man, Orlando Perez."
(Perez comes up on the holograph) " a first-year Red Cell tactician whose been responsible for the abductions of
several high-level players, all of whom have access to sensitive Intel. There have been no demands for their
release. We believe he's using them as involuntary sources. Birkoff?"
Nikita interrupts: "So, what about Michael?"
Ops looks at her sternly then nods almost imperceptibly at Birkoff.
Birkoff: " The information we destroyed last night was vital to Perez's operation. In order to regain it, he'll have to
subcontract to one of three data recovery experts."
Ops: " All of whom we own."
Nikita: "I asked a question." Everyone at the table looks at her shocked.
Ops: "If Michael's still alive and we are able to move him without incurring further losses, we will."
Nikita: " He should be a priority."
Ops: " I beg your pardon?"
Nikita: " If Perez is abducting agents to extract Intel. then Michael's going to become a liability. We need to
extract him."
Ops: "Or kill him."
Nikita looks down annoyed.
Ops: "Let me break this down for everybody so we're clear. We have a mandate to stop Perez and we will. As far
as Michael is concerned, he is a Class Five operative and I have no intention of sacrificing him unnecessarily. Our
profiler is working up a strategy as we speak. Your pads will be updated with your respective tacticals. This briefing
is over."
The rest leave and as Nikita goes, Ops comes up to her in her face.
Ops: " In case you've forgotten, this is a military organization [I felt as if Ops was speaking to the rest of us too!]
There is a chain of command and a protocol for speaking to superiors. I'll accept a certain leeway from time to time
when emotions run high but not always."
Nikita nods: "I'm sorry." [guess hell just froze over]
Operations leaves.

A technician, blonde older woman with glasses, is monitoring Michael's lifesigns as she is injecting drugs into a
machine. Michael is sitting on a chair with his hands strapped above his head. His shirt has been removed and two
needles attached to long steel arms are sticking in his neck and side. He is wearing a halo and looks very much like
paintings of St. Sebastian. Only the technician and Perez are in the room.
Technician: " His blood level's at 88... shall I increase?"
Perez: " No, that should be enough. Let's begin." He walks up to Michael. "What's your name?"
Michael appears to be in a daze but his eyes are steady: "Michael"
Perez: "Michael what?"
Michael: "Michael Samuelle."
[Okay, I almost lost it here--what is this? He's her brother!! Then I realized that Samuelle is either a generic last
name, like the Windsors, that Section gives its operatives or it is really Michael's last name and he has had Nikita
adapt it as a last name as she either doesn't have one and she takes the one of her trainer. I suspect the former
and also that Nikita does not know that is Michael's last name. It is curious as the rest of this conversation
supports that he is telling the truth]
Perez: "Hello Michael Samuelle, where were you born?"
Michael: "Marseilles."
Perez: "In what year?"
Michael: "1965."
Technician: "His EEG and incidence(?) are stable. He's telling the truth."
Perez: "For whom do you work?" Michael's eyes start to roll back and flutter.
Perez: "I asked you a question, Michael Samuelle, for whom do you work?"
No answer.
Perez to Technician: "What's the problem?"
Technician: "It's likely he's programmed to resist certain kinds of memory desensing."
Perez: "Can we work around it?"
Technician: "Give him another two hours and he'll be an open book."

Ops to Birkoff: " You got something?"
Birkoff: "One of our data recovery informants was contacted by a woman named Ying Kam."
Ops: "She works for Perez?"
Birkoff: "She's being brought in now."
Ops: "Has she offered up anything yet?"
Birkoff: "No, she'll need some persuasion."
Ops goes out of COM to Madeline's area. He pushes the code in twice and hears Madeline laughing then he
knocks at the door. The door opens and Madeline and a young good-looking man come from the side of her desk.
She has a smile on her face. The man looks at Ops and says casually to him " How are you doing?" He walks past
Ops who looks at him then at Madeline.
Ops says tersely to Madeline: "Are you busy?"
Madeline nonchalantly: " No, Russell was just telling me an amusing story about his last data pickup."
Ops: " I see."
Madeline: "What's up?"
Ops: "Modem's(?) just bringing in one of Perez's people, a woman. She'll need your attention."
Madeline: "How soon?"
Ops: "Within the hour."
Madeline: "I'll be there."
Operations walks out. He hesitates at the door but doesn't turn around.

Ops is at a computer that is reading ACCESS DENIED.
Ops: "Dammit! Birkoff!"
Birkoff at his com: "Sir?"
Ops: "Get over here." Birkoff comes over.
Ops: " What the hell is wrong with this thing"
Birkoff: "What are you trying to access?"
Ops: " A file on one of our operatives."
Birkoff: "Who?"
Ops: "Russell Burke. What do you know about him?"
Birkoff: "He's in for a lot of Valentine operations."
Ops: "Really?"
Birkoff: "Yeah, women really go crazy for this guy. He's brought in a lot of hard Intel. over the last couple of years.
You want me to pull an efficiency on him?"
Ops: " No. That's fine." He leaves.

A young Asian woman is strapped to the chair. Madeline enters and walks around her. As she talks, the woman
looks afraid and worried and angry but does not speak.
Madeline: " Hello, Miss Kam. Can I get you anything? Some water? I looked at your file. You present differently
than most of our detainees. Raised in an upper middle class family, bright, very attractive but restless. You got
entangled in a relationship with Orlando Perez, a man who uses you for errands and sex.
Trust me. You do not have the strength to withstand the pain our technology can inflict. The question is simple. Will
you cooperate now or will you force me to modify you?"

Ops looks down at the central areas as Russel Burke crosses the floor and disappears.
Madeline's voice comes on: "We just got location on Perez."
Ops: " Good. Send a team."

Technician: "I just boosted the dosage. He should be ready."
Perez: "Good."
Technician: " But I can only keep him saturated for a couple of minutes. After that, he'll be too much damaged to
get anything useful."
Perez to Michael: "Let's see if you're worth keeping alive."
Birkoff to Team: "Everyone to second mark. We're closing in." Five masked operatives including Nikita enter the
building and go through side doors.
Perez: " Who do you work for Michael?"
Michael's eyes flutter and he whispers: "Section One."
Perez: "What were you doing at my club?"
Birkoff: "Your marks are up. Go!"
Agents go in and start shooting at Perez's thugs who return fire. One is hit.
Perez and Technician hear the gunfire and leave. Michael is alone still strapped to the machine with drugs injected
into him.
Nikita runs through the corridors of the club once the other operatives take point and cover her. She runs down the
stairs along a corridor. Birkoff must have been able to detect where the lab was. She stops at the door and sees
Michael and calls his name, as she pulls off her hood.
She goes up to him. He is not focusing and his eyes are fluttering. She removes the two needles and the halo. She
puts her hand to his face.
Nikita: "Michael?" He looks at her.
Nikita: "Can you walk?" She has tears in her eyes.
Michael says slowly: "I think so."
Nikita gives him a gun and puts her hand on his arm.
Michael: "What's this for?"
She looks at him with a small frown of concern. "The area's not secure yet."
A thug comes in the door and Nikita shoots and kills him.. Michael stares at the man. The gun is hanging loosely
from Michael's hand.
Michael: "Where are we?"
Nikita looks at him and says strongly: "Michael, it's me, Nikita." She pulls on his arm: "C'mon." She smiles at
him reassuringly. "Michael, let's go."
Michael looks at her and says: " Why, why do you keep calling me Michael?" She stares at him.

Nikita to Birkoff: "Okay, Birkoff, it's me. I've got Michael. How do we get out of here?"
Birkoff: "Nothing's secure yet. Can you augment a tactical?"
Nikita: "No. Michael's been sedated. I'm going to have to keep him close." She helps Michael to put on a short
leather jacket with holes under the arms.
Birkoff: " Okay, I'm going to create some space for you. Team 3, increase your wedge a few degrees."
Two of the operatives in the kitchen look at each other and proceed in. Another thug is shot in front of the three
naked hostages in the refrigerator tank. One of the hostages looks out at the action.
Birkoff to Nikita: "Okay, Nikita, there's a door 10 meters to your right down the hallway. It leads out. You'll be
clear for the next sixty seconds."
Nikita: "Okay, we've got to go now."
Michael looks at her: "I don't know who you are?"
Nikita: "You've been drugged. I don't have time to explain but I'm here to help you. These people are trying to kill
Michael: "Why?"
Nikita: "Because you're their enemy. You're an anti-terrorist operative."
Michael laughs with disbelief: " No, I'm not."
Nikita looks at him: "Who do you think you are?"
Michael says in a scared voice: " I can't remember!"
Birkoff: "I can' t keep this corridor clear. You have to get out of there."
Nikita: "You want to live. You come with me. Come on" She grabs his arm and leads him up the stairs. He follows
her to the corner where they crouch down.
Another operative: "Are you ready?"
Nikita: "Yes. Let's go." The operative shoots then is shot. Michael cringes and stays put not following Nikita yells
from her point: "Michael! Michael, get over here!"
As he is cowering in the corner, another thug comes from the door and shoots at Michael. Michael's instincts kick
in and he automatically fires the gun killing the man. He looks at the man surprised. Nikita runs up to Michael,
grabs him by the lapels and slams him against the wall [this was quite funny--payback time] She says to him: "Stay
with me. Ready?" He nods.

Ops: "How did we do?"
Birkoff: " We lost four operatives."
Ops: "And Perez?"
Birkoff: " He slipped through."
Ops: "How?"
Birkoff: "I'm not sure."
Ops: In other words, a complete failure."
Birkoff: " We haven't finished combing the scene yet but we did pick up Michael."
Ops: "When you get something substantial, call me."

Michael and Nikita walk into Section corridor. Ops is there. Nikita stops but Michael, not recognizing him keeps
Ops: "Michael?"
Michael stops and turns slowly around. Nikita looks at Ops.
Michael: "Yes?"
Ops: "We're glad you're back."
Michael: "Thank-you."
Ops: "Were you're able to extract an r.p. on Perez?"
Michael: "An r.p?"

Nikita speaks up: " His retreat point's still unknown. I think we should take Michael to Med before he debriefs.
There was quite a bit of interrogation equipment at the site."
Ops to Michael: "Are you all right?"
Michael: "Yes, just need a little bit of rest."
Nikita: "I'll take him."
Ops: "Fine."
He leaves. They continue down the corridor with Nikita's hand on Michael's elbow. Ops isn't observing them.

Ops walks in.
Madeline: "Hello."
Ops: " I have to pick a decoy for Uzbekistan. The chances of return are less than 10%."
Madeline: "I'm aware of that. So?
Ops: " I'm thinking of sending Russell unless you think he's more valuable where he is now."
Madeline: "I don't think so. Russell's a good choice."
Ops: "Good, then it's settled."
He leaves. Madeline brings up Russell's file on her screen and seems to frown at something she sees there

Michael is asleep in her bed. He has on a black sleeveless T-shirt. Nikita is sitting on the ledge between the
bedroom and the living room below. She has her hair back and is wearing a black leotard and tights.
Michael wakes up slowly, looks around and sits up, his hands folded on the covers in front of him.
Nikita: "Hi". She smiles at him.
Michael looks at her confusedly: "How long did I sleep?"
Nikita: "Not long, a couple of hours."
Michael shakes his head: "I had strange dreams."
Nikita: "Did you remember anything yet?" She gets up and walks over and sits at the end of the bed, her back to
Michael: "No. Maybe we should contact my family. They should be worried."
Nikita looks back at him: "You don't have a family, not in the ordinary sense of the word. The organization we
work for is so covert that none of us have any real identities. We're all dead as far as the outside world is
Michael: "Do I have friends?" Nikita looks at him.
Nikita: " I don't really know all that much about you."
Michael: "How long have you known me?"
Nikita: "Over three years." She looks away. "You trained me." She looks back at him.
Michael: "Why don't you know me better?"
Nikita: "It's hard to explain." She looks at him again then away.
Michael: "I must be a real jerk."
Nikita laughs: "Actually, uh, I'm very fond of you."
Michael looks at her: "I'm happy to hear that." He smiles hesitantly. ["Their" music is playing briefly]
Michael: "Yesterday, when I killed that man, I've done that before, haven't I?"
Nikita reaches back and smoothes Michael's hair on his left side.
Michael says in a scared voice: " What will happen if my memory doesn't return?"
Nikita has tears in her eyes: "They'll kill you."
Michael: "Why? Why don't they just let me go?"
Nikita: " Because they don't let anybody go."
Michael shakes his head, upset: "I can't accept that."
Nikita: "You have to."

Michael: "I may not know who I was but I know who I am. I can feel it. I'll never be treated like a caged animal."
Nikita reaches back and smoothes back his hair again.

Ops from above: "Yes Birkoff?"
Birkoff: "We've just received something about Perez from Section 7."
Ops: "What?"
Birkoff: " Someone is brokering a short range tactical system on the black market. Indicators suggest Perez might
be the buyer."
Ops: " Call Michael in and initiate a profile."

They are both wearing sweatshirt's. Nikita's is gray and Michael has on a loose white terry sweater. Nikita
is kneeling in front of Michael extracting blood from a vein in his arm.
Michael: "Why do you need my blood?"
Nikita: " Well, if there are any drugs left in your system, maybe they'll tell us something."
Michael: "You're a good friend, Nikita."
She looks at him.
Michael: "Did I say something wrong?"
Nikita: " No....(she sighs). It's just hard to get used to."
Michael: "What?"
Nikita: "You."
Michael: "Did I never tell you things like that?"
Nikita: "No."
Michael: "I can't believe it." He looks around. Music comes up from the background.
Michael: "Did we ever dance?"
Nikita gets up: "Only under orders." Michael gets up and grabs her arm.
Nikita backs off: "Ah, Michael, I don't think so." Michael takes the needle from her hand and takes her hand in
his and says softly: "Please?" Just a little bit"
Nikita: "Okay". He takes both her hands and says: "Thank you." He pulls her close so that their faces are close
and has her one hand in dance position close to their bodies and the other around her. As they dance slowly in a
circle, Nikita closes her eyes and he leans in to her and kisses her just below her eye.
[From the music I could hear, which was very soft, I caught the word "Undertow"--music enthusiasts should check
for music with that title. It sounds like Rose Chronicles--one woman's voice]
Nikita: "Please don't". She moves away.
Michael: "Why not?" They look at each other.
Nikita: "This is not who you are." He pulls her to him again and he puts his head on her shoulder. The cell phone
on the couch buzzes a couple of times and Nikita pulls away quickly again and runs to the couch and hands it to
Nikita: "It's yours!"
Michael whispers to her: "What do I say?"
Nikita: "Just agree."
Michael on phone: "Yeah, uh-huh."
Michael whispers to Nikita: "They want me to come in."
Nikita : "We've got work to do." He hangs up.

Michael walks in. He is in his usual garb with his hair back--more like Michael with Memory.
Michael: "You wanted to see me?"
Ops: "We're converging on Perez but we have a couple of options. I'd like your input."
Michael: "Of course."

Walter is walking to his supply area: " I'll be right with you sugar."
Nikita is still dressed in her leotard and pigtails [guess she was too occupied getting Michael ready to change
Nikita looks up at Ops and Michael. Michael is looking down at her.
Walter: "Okay, what's up?"
Nikita: "I need you to run something for me." She hands him a vial of blood.
Walter: "Yeah, what for?"
Nikita: "I don't know. Maybe some psychotropic agent. Something that can interfere with memory."
Walter: " Whose blood is it?"
Nikita: "Does it matter?"
Walter: "Well, I have to know whose baseline to pull so I can get a delta."
Nikita hesitates: "Michael's."
Walter looks at her and starts to leave. Nikita grabs his arm and Walter looks at her then nods.

Michael, Ops and Birkoff are looking at the holograph of a building.
Ops: "We don't have confirmation but there's a good chance that Perez is hiding out in a private club in
Luckenwalde [near Berlin], Germany."
Birkoff: ? .75 The problem is that if he isn't there and we go in, we'll lose our advantage."
Michael: " What's our advantage."
Operatons annoyed: " The deal. They'll know we're on to the deal!"
Birkoff: "On the other hand if we don't pick up Perez soon, we'll have to rely on our field operatives, who are
already on the scene, for their covers."
Ops: "The systems will be untraceable if we don't find Perez in the next 18 hours. We've got to make a choice.
Michael to Birkoff: " What do you think we should do?"
Birkoff: " What do you mean?"
Ops: "Michael, are you all right?"
Michael: "I'm fine. I'm just saying this is not a subjective call. We should let the computer do the analysis."
Birkoff: "An analysis. You mean a sim?"
Michael: "Yeah, a sim."
Birkoff: "I did."
Ops: "And?"
Birkoff: "According to the numbers, there's a 3% advantage to going in."
Michael: " 3%. Then we go in."
Ops: "Okay, together your team." [Obviously Michael likes to play the lone hand in euchre when the odds are
terrible and this was in keeping with his profile--Nikita coached him well!]
Nikita is waiting in one corridor but leaves. Michael walks to the centre of the area and looks around. Nikita walks
in with two other operatives who continue on their way and Michael joins her.
Michael walks down a corridor and Nikita stands at the end and crooks her finger: "Michael." He follows her. He
almost walks by his office but she goes in and he follows her. She goes to his desk and keys in the security numbers
to make the office soundproof to the rest of Section.
Michael: "What are you doing?"
Nikita: "Securing the room. Okay, now we can talk. What did Operations say?"
Michael: " I can't do this, Nikita. They're going to find out I don't know what I'm doing."
Nikita goes up to him and says calmly: "Just do what I tell you."
Michael: "But for how much longer?"
Nikita: "Walter's going to know something when he analyzes the blood."
Michael: "And if it's not in the blood?" He sighs: "I can't , I can't go through with this!"
Nikita: "Yes, you can."

Michael: "No, I can't. I've got to get out of here."
Nikita: "You'll never make it. They'll find you."
Michael: "How do you know?"
Nikita: "Take a look around."
Michael: "Well, you told me they were going to kill me anyways. I've got nothing to lose."
Nikita turns and stares at him: "I do."
Ops comes in on the intercom: "The mission is loading Michael. Michael?"
Nikita whispers: "Okay."
Michael to his com: "Okay."
Nikita: "Let's just get through this. I'll figure something out." She pats his shoulder and they leave.
[This reminded me of Brainwash except that Michael didn't get as hysterical and Nikita didn't hit him.]

Michael is in the corridor in a suit. Two operatives file past him then Nikita in a chauffeur's outfit with her hair
down. They look at each other as she walks past then he follows her into the corridor to outside.

Nikita is in the front seat as the chauffeur. Michael is wearing a blue suit and a blue striped tie which is very close
to the one from other shows. Nikita reaches back and places a com behind his ear.
Nikita: "Use this to communicate with me. It's down on Channel 3. I'll be the only one on it. Just remember to turn
off the main unit when you're talking to me. Trust your instincts." She smiles at him.
Michael goes to leave the back seat.
Nikita: "Michael". She puts the nerdy glasses on him.
Michael: "Right."
He leaves the limo. There is a man standing with his back to Michael and he is reading a paper. It is the goatee
man and he observes Michael as he leaves the car.
Michael enters the club. A man is leaving and holds the door open for him. Michael says thank you.
Club Host ( a blonde man): "Mr. Bonniere [sounded the same as the name of the director so I will assume it is] ,
welcome to the club. Mr. Marquez speaks highly of you. If there's anything you want at all, please ask."
Michael: "Thank you."
Host: "Would you like anything before you dine? A message, a game of bridge(?), perhaps?"
Michael: "Oh, I..."
Birkoff looks up at the screen: "What are you waiting for, Michael?"
Nikita's voice on the com: "Start in the library." [At this point it is difficult to keep things straight but it appears
that Michael can hear Nikita and Birkoff but not at the same time. Birkoff cannot hear Nikita but he can hear
Michael. Nikita can hear both.]
Michael: "The library."
Host: "Sir?"
Michael: " I would like to rest awhile with the afternoon paper."
Ops over Birkoff's shoulder: " What is he doing?"
Host: "Right this way, Mr. Bonniere."
Michael: "Certainly."
The goatee man exchanges his paper with that of a man who looks exactly like him and is dressed exactly like him.
[The Murrin brothers hit again]
Birkoff:(?): "Michael, why aren't you isolated?"
Michael whispers: "What?"
Nikita: "Get rid of the host. You're going to have to go alone."
Michael whispers: "Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"
Birkoff: "Tell you what earlier?" [ No, what's on third, who's on second and I don't know's on first]
Nikita: "Michael, cut your main transmitter and stem your glasses now."

Michael: "Yeah." He is going up the carpeted stairs with the host.
Host: "I'm sorry, sir?"
Nikita: "Tell him you'd like some privacy. Just ask where the library is."
Michael: "No, I'm sorry. It's been a busy day. Just tell me where it is."
Host genially: "Just up the stairs to your left."
Birkoff: "Okay, at the end of the hall, turn right." (Michael doesn't hear him and continues to the left.
Nikita: "Michael, turn your main unit back on."
Birkoff: "Michael?"
Michael: "What? I'm here."
Birkoff: " What are you doing? I said turn right."
Michael: "But he said the library was on the left"
Birkoff emphasizing his words: "You're not going to the library. That would be one of the back rooms to the right."
Michael looks back and goes where Birkoff has directed him.
Birkoff: "Everyone to 2nd mark, we're closing in. " Nikita leaps from the car and enters the club.
Michael goes up to a door. He tries the latch but it won't open.
Michael: "It's locked, what should I do?"
Birkoff slowly and impatiently: "Open it."
Nikita: "Michael, the U key, it's in your pocket."
Birkoff and Ops exchange looks as Michael fumbles with the key and finally opens the door.
He goes in and two men are playing chess in a comfortable room while the third is looking on.
One man: "How did you get in?"
Michael: "It was open."
Man: "This room is occupied."
Birkoff: " Those are his men, Michael, proceed."
Michael: "I'm looking for the library."
Man: " I don't know where the library is, okay? As someone out there."
Ops: "What is he waiting for? Shoot the damn guards, Michael!"
Perez walks into the room: " What's going on?" He sees Michael. "It's him! Shoot him."
Michael shoots two of the guards and is then shot in the side. As he goes down, he shoots a third.
Birkoff over the Com: "Abort surgical. Everyone in."
Michael crawls for a bit then slumps on his back unconscious.
Nikita surprises Perez and his guard at the top of the stairs. She shoots the guard then shoves Perez at the two
other operatives who come to meet her. "Take him!"
She runs into the room and throws off her cap. She leans beside Michael: "Michael? Michael?, it's me. Stay with
me." She starts to pull him up.

Ops and Madeline are watching Michael on tape just as he enters the room where Perez's men are playing chess.
Overheard "How did you get in?"
Ops: It's almost as if he didn't know what to do."
Madeline: " Or forgot. After Perez gave us the coordinates on the delivery system, ? pressed him about Michael."
Ops: "What?"
Madeline: "Walter found traces of some sort of suppressant at the site of Michael's containment."
Ops: "What sort?"
Madeline: " Limbic(?) suppressers."
Ops: " Memory?"
Madeline: "It's possible. It would explain the recent pattern you've been noticing."
Ops: "Michael's mind has been tampered with. How could that have escaped us?"
Madeline: "He had some help."
They look at each other and Ops nods.

Nikita walks up to Walter. She is still in the chauffeur uniform.
Walter: "How's he doing?"
Nikita: "He'll be okay. What did you find out?"
Walter: "Get this into his IV bag as soon as possible." He hands her a vial.
Nikita: "Does it work?"
Walter: "I don't know but we're running out of time. Madeline knows something's going on."
Nikita: "How long does it take?"
Walter: "Eight hours. It has to saturate."
Nikita: "Thanks, Walter."
Walter as she leaves: "Let me know."

A nurse is adjusting the IV Nikita says to her: "Will you give us a minute?" She nods and leaves
Michael is lying back on the cot and his eyes are closed. Nikita strokes the side of his head. Michael wakes up
slowly and smiles at her. Nikita smiles back.
Michael: "How did we do?"
Nikita: "We did great. How are you feeling?"
Michael: "Okay, I guess."
Nikita: "Good."
Michael: "At least so they'll know?[sorry missed this]
Nikita: "No, but they will if we don't do something soon."
Michael: "Is it going to work?"
Nikita: "I don't know." She moves to the I.V. bag and starts to add the formula.
Michael looks up at her then stares ahead.
Michael: "Have I ever told you that I love you?"
Nikita comes to his side and hesitates: "" She smiles.
Michael: "I do."
They are holding hands and she brings Michael's hand to her mouth and kisses his knuckles then she leaves.

Ops and Madeline move toward the central corridor.
Ops: "Did you follow up on Michael?"
Madeline: " Not yet. He's still too groggy."
Ops: "What's the plan?"
Madeline: "When he's strong enough, we'll test him thoroughly."
Ops: " Let them remain convinced that they fooled us."
Madeline: "Right." She sees Russell walk by.
Madeline: I thought you sent him to Uzbekistan?"
Ops: "I changed my mind."
Madeline: "Why?"
Ops: " I took a look at his panel. He's still single-sourced in some areas."
Madeline: "Good for him."
Ops turns to face her: "I'm having Christopher prepare coq-au-vin a little later. Would you like to join me?"
Madeline genially: "Not tonight. Thank-you. She walks away.
Ops looks displeased. He ascends the iron staircases and he looks down and sees Madeline and Russell walking
together. There are snatches of Russell's conversation drifting up to him. " God, he just looked at me as if
she....taking his wife... it was nothing like that at all." Ops walks away brusquely. He is not pleased. Neither
Russell nor Madeline see him above them.


Nikita is sitting on a plastic ledge at the foot of Michael's bed. She appears to have been there for some time.
Michael wakes up and she walks over to the bed. His arms are outside the bedclothes and she sits
on the side of the bed with her hands near his left arm. He tries to lift his head but he is too groggy.
Nikita: "How are you feeling?"
Michael: "I've been shot."
Nikita: "Yes, you were shot on a mission yesterday in Luckenwalde, Germany."
Michael: "Germany? No. In Amsterdam, in a dance club. You were trapped in a room. I broke position then...
Where's Operations? I need to debrief."
Nikita: " Something happened, Michael. You were grabbed in Amsterdam and taken to Perez. He did something to
your memory. You haven't been able to remember where you were for the last three days."
Michael: "Did they know?"
Nikita: "No, I protected you."
Michael: "Thank you." He looks at her like the old Michael, no smile. He has become the Section automaton
again. She briefly touches his arm then she leaves.

["Our almost instinct, almost true. What will survive of us is love." An Arundel Tomb. Philip Larkin.]