Old Habits
(Transcribed by Quokka)

Written by Maurice Hurley
Directed by Terry Ingram
Chris Leavins as Gregory Formitz
Danna Christo as Danielle
Cas Anvar as Halir
Eric Fink as Amar
TL Fursberg as Erica
Jill Dyck as Belinda
Stavroula Logothetis as Kara
Cassel Miles as Pimp
Valerie Sing Turner as Assassin

Comments in [ ] ? = dialogue I didn't catch at 1:00 a.m.

[ This title is appropriately named--Michael and Nikita are back to their old habits of lying to each other. There is more
interaction than in Fuzzy Logic but it is very cold. As someone on the list said, or from one

of the interviews, this is likely the darkest episode to date -- everyone looks hard and harsh; i.e. the lighting is very stark.
Another good title might be A Dark Day in Hell. Think Werner Fassbinder films and not just because a lot of this is supposed
to take place in Northern Germany.]

Opening Scene

We see a man's boots walking up from the shoreline of a beach. The man is carrying a machine gun and he passes by an
exposed landmine and equipment until he reaches a pit where another man is digging around another landmine. The next focus
is on an Arab man and we realize that we are viewing this scene from the POV of another man.

Arabic man: "Gently".

In Section. Birkoff has the whole thing on his screen and Ops is watching over his shoulder. We are seeing all this from the magic glasses of a Section mole [ala Nikita's glasses in Third Person] .
Ops : "Can you get a better view" [?]
Birkoff: Amar - a metre to your left.
Arabic man which we will learn is Halir : "Careful where you step--you might kill us all."
We see Amar who is wearing glasses.


Walter walks in and says: "Landmines!"
Birkoff: "In the Middle East, they're everywhere. Just walk into a field and help yourself.

Back to beach. A landmine is handed carefully to Halir. Halir to Amar: "We'll use these to strike terror into the hearts of our
enemies. For a man who is willing to die for his cause can't be stopped. Don't you agree, my friend?"
Amar: "Of course."
Halir: But first we must kill all the frauds, all the impostors and all the double agents. You understand.
Halir raises a gun to the "screen" and fires. The screen goes blank.

 Ops: "Excellent. So far everything is going as planned."


Section / Briefing Room

Nikita, Michael, Birkoff, Walter and a few others at the table. Nikita has her hair down and is wearing black . Ops is
describing the Mission.
Ops: " Halir's group is called Bright Star. Their goal is to destroy all symbols of modern decadence. Their weapon of choice?
Suicide bombings--the bombs are constructed from landmines so the materials cannot be traced. Last night we sacrificed a
mole in order to protect a more important contact, Gregory Formitz, dealer in forged documents, passports, visas, press
credentials. He supplies Bright Star with fake ID's. If we control Formitz, we have a chance to stop Bright Star. We've been
brought into this one a little late so we have to play catch-up. We need any Intel. we can get. Michael, it's all yours." Ops leaves.
Nikita starts to get up and Michael stops her.
Michael: "You'll be our liaison with Formitz. Madeline has prepared a profile. You may find it useful."
Nikita looks at Michael then leaves. [She is very cold in her reaction to him and him to her--no smiles, no friendly gestures

Madeline's office.
Madeline at her computer. Formitz is on screen. He is around 30, short brown hair and glasses.
Madeline: "Formitz is from a wealthy family, intelligent, well-educated. He ranked first in his class at medical school."
Nikita: "Medical school?"
Madeline: "He dropped out three days before graduation."
Nikita: "Because?"
Madeline: "He was the younger son, a rebel. He wanted to cause his family the maximum amount of disappointment."
Nikita: "Did it work?"
Madeline: "Yes, they never spoke to him again. His alliance with terrorists arose partly as a continuing way to rebel; partly
because danger appeals to him.
Nikita: "So betraying Bright Star makes it even more dangerous."
Madeline: "Exactly."
Nikita: "So betraying us to Bright Star might, in turn, ante up the danger even further."
Madeline: "Good. Our analysis indicates there is little chance of that happening soon but as time goes on that possibility
increases. Be alert."
Nikita nods.


Birkoff is at his computer and Walter comes in behind him with Belinda in hand.
Walter: "Birkoff, have you got a minute?"
Birkoff not looking up: " No, not really."
Walter: We want to tell you something."
Birkoff: "It will have to wait."
Walter: "We're getting married." Birkoff looks up astonished.
Walter: "I asked her last night and she accepted right away. Okay, okay, don't congratulate us or anything."
Birkoff sputters: "Congratulations! Sorry, I'm just surprised!" as they all laugh.
Walter: "Well, me too but you got to get lucky sometime."
Birkoff: "When's the big day?"
Belinda: "Tomorrow."
Walter: "We'll have to hurry, you see, because she might come back to her senses."
Belinda: "That'll never happen."
Walter: " We just wanted you to know."
Birkoff still stunned. "Congratulations." After they leave, he stares at his computer and puts his hand to his forehead.


Nikita is in a black leather jacket, black skirt and short boots and a red top. Her hair is down and she is wearing heavy eye
makeup--dark liner around eyes. She is almost immediately accosted by a blonde man slightly taller than herself [this may be
her real boyfriend, Damien Harris, looks a bit like the dancer in Soul Sacrifice]. She pushes the guy away and tells him the
"Back off." As she rounds the corner, she hears a man yelling at a girl and telling her that she can't afford to be sick. She sees a
man slap a short- blonde in a red dress with a red boa who is with a shorter dark-haired girl. She runs over and grabs the guy
and tells him to "leave them alone." As he is thrown off, he produces a knife but Nikita quickly disarms him and puts him in an armlock and throws him toward the door: "You get out and don't come back."
She turns to the girls: "You two alright?"
The blonde girl: "He'll just be worse when he comes back."
Nikita: "He won't come back." The blonde leaves but the dark-haired girl says: "Thanks."
Formitz walks into the bar and Nikita sees him. She goes up to him: "Formitz?"
Formitz: "You're my contact?"
Nikita: "That's right."
Formitz calmly: "Well, idiot, the idea is to maintain a low profile. This isn't going to work. I'm out of here."
Nikita in his face and grabbing his lapels: "Sit down."
Formitz: "Let go of me."
Nikita: "If you'd like to, sit down. If not, I'm going to give the highest profile in this neighbourhood . SIT
Formitz: "Fine but from now on, we'll tend to our business and let others tend to theirs, alright?"
Nikita: "You do business with Bright Star."
Formitz: "Yep."
Nikita: "We want copies of all ID's and credentials you provide them with."
Formitz: "Not the way it works. Their main man calls me. Tells me where to meet and when. I bring the blanks. He brings the
pictures. He watches me make the ID's then he takes them when they're done. There are no copies, except up here." Points to his forehead.
Nikita: "I need names and descriptions."
Formitz: "You know what I need?"
Nikita: "Give me your bank account information. You'll have the money within an hour."
Formitz looks distractedly around and then seems to focus on something behind Nikita: "Just like that? Oh, of course, if I'm
lying, I never get the chance to spend it, do I? [He is watching the two girls, the blonde and the brunette that Nikita rescued. They are coming on to a guy in the bar]
Nikita: "Names?"
Formitz: "I only have one so far. Ahmed Muhani, posing as a journalist."
Nikita: "Going where?"
Formitz: First stop, Beirut. After that, I don't know."
Nikita: "When?"
Formitz: " Ahmed didn't say but I got the impression very soon."
Nikita leaves as Formitz says: "See you again."


Birkoff brings up a screen: "Ahmed Muhani. Formitz says he's the bomber. From Beirut, he went to Berlin then to Hamburg.
He checked into the Milo Hotel last night."
Ops: "Cross reference the hotel with potential targets."
Birkoff does so. " Three blocks from the International Trade Centre."
Ops leaving: "I'll assemble a team. You prepare the tactical."


Michael ascends the outdoor stairs of a very impressive looking modern building with international flags flying in front of it. He is all in black with sunglasses. At the top he speaks.
Michael: "Nikita? Status."
Nikita also all in black and sunnies from an inside walkway: "The delegates are inside. There are over 100 in one room."
Michael:" They've been screened. They'll come from out here."
Birkoff on the com: "Michael, report."
Michael: " The security team hasn't seen him."
Birkoff: "He could be disguised."
Michael: "We're aware of that "
Nikita who is looking outside from her vantage point: "Greg?, check out the elderly lady with the shopping bag."
Greg?: "I'm on it."
He goes up to a short lady and she pulls out a gun and shoots him as he is saying "Excuse me , lady."
The lady is Ahmed. He starts running. Nikita yells: " Go for target." and she tears out of the building while Michael descends the
stairs. They meet at a street where Ahmed has crossed just seconds before. He is hit by a blue car but rolls and narrowly avoids being hit again. He is up and running and Nikita and Michael who haveshoved some people aside and have guns drawn [I think there were other shots and others down but I'll leave this to Carlosand the Kill Report] see him run into a small glass-walled building with GHF on the doors. It is a bus station. Ahmed ties the doors closed with wire then reveals to those trying to leave that he is packed heavily with explosives. They back off but are replaced with others frantically trying to get out. As Ahmed sees Nikita and Michael advancing, he seems to walk into the door and there is a huge explosion. The whole place blows up. Michael and Nikita look on and Nikita has a sick expression on her face. Michael says: "Let's go" but he doesn't take her arm. She follows.


Nikita walks into Section. She is all in black with a black scarf around her neck.
Birkoff comes up to her: "Nikita?"
Nikita: "What's up?"
Birkoff: "Walter and Belinda are getting married."
Nikita smiles: "That's good!"
Birkoff: "No, it's not good. Belinda is in abeyance. She's scheduled for the Rio mission. There's no way she's coming back."
Nikita: "Is there anything you can do?"
Birkoff:" I took her out of abeyance once before. Operations found out. Do you think I should tell Walter."
Nikita has her hand to her mouth but removes it as she says: "There's no point. Just let them be as happy for as long as they
can. Look, I'm going to go and meet Formitz. You're going to be on call to take down the names. Okay? okay? [Nikita isn't
being callous, she just seems to realize the futility and she seems worried for Birkoff]
Birkoff resigned: "Yeah, okay."


Walter on screen : " The bomb came from cannibalized landmines as we expected."
Ops: "What about the detonator?"
Walter: "It's another dead end. It could have come from a thousand sources."
Ops turns to Michael who is in the room also: " Did the bomber go in the bus depot as an evasive manouevre or was that his intended destination?"
Michael: " It was his intended destination."
Ops: "Are you sure?"
Michael: "It was my impression during the mission. The tapes confirmed it."

[I liked how Michael both stood up for his expertise and affirmed the proof]
Ops: "Then we're dealing with an extreme situation. They're targeting innocent people in public places. Anywhere. Anytime.
Formitz is the key more than ever. He and Nikita getting along?
Michael: "Well enough as expected. She's meeting him this afternoon."
Ops as he leaves: "Good. Keep me informed."


Nikita is sitting at a table.
Nikita: "Birkoff, he's not here."
Birkoff: " He'll show. He was late the last time too."
Nikita: " Okay, that's over and out." She gets up. " This guy needs to learn some manners. Give me his address."
Birkoff: " I thought we agreed to stay clear of his home."
Nikita: " Birkoff, give me his address."
Birkoff reluctantly: " 330 Van der Veel.
Nikita sees the dark-haired girl from before. She says: "Hey"
Girl: "Hey"
Nikita: "What's up"
Girl: "Nothing....uh, Erica, the girl I was with before, I can't find her. She never stays with a trick. That's one of her rules. And
she wouldn't break it....especially with what's been happening."
Nikita: "What's been happening?"
Girl: "Girls have been disappearing and they find them, um...
Nikita: "What? Murdered?"
Girl: "Mutilated. " She starts to cry." I mean she should have been home hours ago! She's my friend!"
Nikita: "What's your name?"
Girl: "Danielle."
Nikita: "Look, Danielle, I'm sure that Erica's going to turn up." She puts her hand on Danielle's shoulder. "It's going to be
alright." She leaves.


Formitz is at a kitchen table eating what appears to be cereal. The apartment is nice--very European. He hears three knocks
and gets up. He goes toward the door but then past it into the living room. He hears a shot and quickly ducks around the living
room corner as Nikita enters, gun drawn.
Formitz sees her: "What the hell is this!"
Nikita: "Where have you been?"
Formitz: "Occupied. You're not supposed to come to my house."
Nikita: " Yesterday, I saw forty people die--some of them children. I don't want to see that again, understand?"
Formitz: "Um, I lost track of time."
Nikita: "Well, don't be late next time."
Formitz: " Who pays for my lock?"
Nikita: " You do. You had a meeting with Halir last night?"
Formitz: "Yeah."
Nikita: "Names?"
Formitz has now advanced into his living room. It is spacious. He has a lamp and architectural/photo table and behind him, one
wall has a series of photos -- of people's (women's?) lips or eyes or hands or feet--never the whole face or body.
Formitz hands a paper to Nikita but still acts scared of her: "Three. I wrote them down yesterday."
Nikita: "When's your next meeting?"
Formitz: "He'll call."
Nikita turning to go: "You'll let me know." She sees a red scarf on the lamp stem.
Nikita: "Where did you find this?"
Formitz: "It's my sister's" Flashback to Erica in the club wearing the scarf.
Nikita: "You're lying." She turns back to face him. "It belongs to a girl called Erica. She was at the bar last night."
Formitz: "So what?"
Nikita: "So, she's missing." She walks up to Formitz.
Formitz: "Missing? What does that mean?"
Nikita: "Why don't you tell me? Where is she?"
Formitz: "I'm the only contact you have with Bright Star. Without me, you can't stop them.
Nikita grabs his lapels: " Where's Erica?"
Formitz calmly: "You want to see her?"
Nikita: "Yes."
Formitz: "Sure, why not?" He brushes Nikita's hands aside. "C'mon, you can say hi.
He leads out of the living room through a partition made of dangling negatives and photos to a small dark room. Nikita follows.
Formitz enters the room and turns on a small lamp which illuminates a development screen with three pictures of a torso. We
see the back of a nude body hanging from the far wall. He turns on another small lamp and Nikita sees it too. She has a look of
horror on her face.
Formitz: "It's not cheap or casual." He walks in front of the body. " I spend a long time selecting them. It's like I know them. It It means something, you know?"
Nikita cries and attacks him. The camera focuses on bloody surgical instruments on a tray beside the body.

Nikita comes down the stairs. Madeline is at her computer.
Nikita: "Why didn't you tell me?" She looks very grim and has tears in her eyes.
Madeline: "He's a very frightened man. Power give him the feeling of being in control."
Nikita: "I know the Section makes compromises but he's Jack the Ripper."
Madeline: "We need him."
Nikita leaning into Madeline: " Shall I tell you what he does?"
Madeline calmly: "That won't be necessary. It's simple arithmetic. We sacrifice a few lives to save hundreds. Stay focused onthe mission. Try remembering the faces of the people at the bus depot just before the explosion."
Nikita stares back at her.


Nikita is walking along the corridor. Michael descends the stairs. She sees him and calls: "Michael?
Did you know about Formitz?"
Michael walks up to her: "He just contacted us. You beat the hell out of him."
Nikita: "I can't go back there. If I do, I'll kill him." She states this grimly and matter-of-factly.
Michael comes close to her and looks at her: " You will go back. You will not kill him." He stares at her then walks away.
Nikita stares rebelliously at his back.


Nikita is in dark glasses and she walks up the grungy apartment stairs to Formitz's door. She is supporting herself and
ascending slowly and reluctantly. She knocks three times on the door. Formitz opens it. He has a bruise under his left eye.
Nikita not looking at him. She stands in the doorwell, glasses still on and says flatly: " I want to apologize for what I did. I'm
sorry--the body was just a little bit of a shock." She hands him a white envelope.
"I believe you collect stamps?"
Formitz takes them at arms length. He looks at them: "Rosen? [okay, stamp enthusiasts--help me out as to what very rare
collection this could be?] Jubilee. Very nice. Come in."
Nikita enters the apartment and removes her sunnies. Formitz goes to his lamp and examines the stamps.
Formitz: "I was right, wasn't I? It doesn't matter what I do. You need me."
Nikita doesn't answer.
Formitz sniffs: "I can't believe how great it feels having someone to tell. It makes it even better."
Nikita: "I don't want to hear."
Formitz still looking at the stamps: "I've already picked the next girl. It's that friend of Erica's--the young one."
Nikita glowers from across the room: "You leave her alone."
Formitz looks at Nikita: " No. I've already decided. See, I dreamt about it from the first time I saw them together. Now I'm
doing it." He looks back at the stamps again.
Nikita: "Don't you touch her."
Formitz: "Or what?"
Nikita stares at him.


Belinda walks up to Birkoff at his computer. She is dressed to go on mission.
Birkoff: "Rio team leaves in a couple of minutes."
Belinda: "I'd like you to give Walter a message for me."
Birkoff looks uncomfortable: " Give it to him yourself when you get back"
Belinda looks him in the eyes: "You know I'm not coming back." Birkoff looks at her.
Belinda: "Tell him he's the best man I've ever known. I love him, that it's not been such a bad thing to die on the best day of
your life. You tell him that for me?"
Birkoff: "Sure."
Belinda: "Thanks." She leaves.


Danielle enters and sits down at a table. Formitz sees her and comes up behind her then faces her.
Formitz: "200 bucks for one hour. You ever made that much before?"
Danielle: "Sure."
Formitz laughs: "Liar. Let's go."
Nikita comes up to him and grabs him in an arm lock, her fingers at his throat.
Formitz: "Hey! Hey! Hey!"
Nikita: " Put your hands on her again and I'll kill you."
Formitz: "Okay, okay, okay." He pulls himself free and leaves.
Danielle: "What do you think you were doing? He was going to pay 200 bucks!"
Nikita: "Erica's dead."
Danielle: "No! Was she.....?"
Nikita: " Yes. She was murdered by that man you were just talking to."
Danielle: "Noooo.....you're a cop!"
Nikita: "No, I'm not."
Danielle: "But you'll go to the cops?"
Nikita: "I can't."
Danielle: "Why not?"
Nikita: "I just can't. Get your things and we'll go. " They argue.
Nikita: "He'll track you and he'll torture you then he'll kill you."
Danielle: "You're scaring me.
Nikita: " Good, now let's get your things and go."
Danielle: "I don't even know your name."
Nikita: "Nikita, now let's go."


The room is dark with a lot of red but is quite nice. They walk in and Nikita locks the door and goes to the window. Danielle
sits on the bed.
Nikita: "You'll be okay here."
Danielle regaining her rebelliousness: " How long am I supposed to stay here?"
Nikita: " I don't know. Until I say you can go out again. If you need money, I'll get you some."
Danielle: "Who are you?"
Nikita: "Do you have someplace to go? "
Danielle: No, I don't."
Nikita: "Parents?"
Danielle: "I'd rather die then go back to them, okay? I mean that!"
Nikita: "Alright, I'll let you choose but Danielle, you leave this room and you will die. You understand that? Promise you won't
leave until I get back. I'll get back as soon as I can."
Danielle:" Yeah, I promise."
Nikita: "Lock the door after I'm gone." Nikita looks around and leaves.


Nikita walks in: "No mission?"
Michael is looking out of his office window into Section : "No."
Nikita: "What did you call me in for?"
Michael: "Where were you?"
Nikita: " No place in particular."
Michael looks at her: " Formitz' last Intel. was accurate. One of our teams in Prague was able to prevent a bombing."
Nikita: "Good."
Michael: "We took the bomber alive. It's a woman."
Nikita: "She might lead us to Halir. We wouldn't need Formitz anymore."
Michael: "I thought you'd like to know."
Nikita: "Thanks."
Michael walks back to his desk.


Nikita goes up to Madeline who is coming out of interrogation.: "She broke?"
Madeline: "No and she won't."
Nikita: "It hasn't been that long. How can you be sure?"
Madeline: "I'm sure."
Nikita: "Well perhaps if we held off for a little while and let her remember what it's like not to feel pain then hit her with it."
Madeline: "It won't work."
Nikita: "Well, can we at least try?"
Madeline nods her head and smiles.


A woman in her late 30's, dark red hair, medium bob, is strapped in the chair. Nikita goes behind her and releases the bonds.
Nikita: " You're finished. Let's go."
Woman: "Where?"
Nikita: "To a cell."
Woman: " I'll stay here."
Nikita: "I said we're finished."
Woman: "I had a son. He was three when they came to my house and murdered him and my husband. I no longer fear pain and
I do not fear death." She spits. "They'll give me comfort then begin again worse than before. What will you do? Break every
bone in my body?" She starts to break each finger [Very graphic--you see this and worse, you hear the crunch] Nikita looks
sick. "What else do you want me to break? I'll save you the trouble." The woman shows no emotion while doing this. There are
tears in Nikita's eyes.


Ops is at a map of the world on holograph. "An embassy in Brazil. An airport in Bucharest and another in Istanbul. All within
the last four days."
Madeline: "Bright Star?"
Ops: "They're picking up the pace. We can't trust him to set the bombers. We have to get to Halir himself. What about the
Madeline: "She's very unlikely to crack."
Ops: " If we have to use Formitz, we'll have to use him quickly. They're starting to use other forgers."
Madeline: "We'll have him set up a meeting with Halir. Somewhere we can access."
Michael: "Formitz will be extremely unlikely to take that kind of risk."
Ops: "Nikita will have to persuade him. Is that a problem?"
Michael: "The relationship between Formitz and Nikita is not without difficulties."
Ops: "Why is that?"
Madeline: "She's become aware of his habit."
Ops: "She has a job to do. I would hate to feel that she's regressing, becoming sentimental again?"
Michael: "She's not."
Ops: "Then can she or can she not persuade Formitz to meet with Halir?"
Michael: "I'll go along." He leaves.
Ops to Madeline: "We'll need a contingency."
Madeline: "I agree."
Ops: "Any ideas?"
Madeline: " One or two."


Michael and Nikita sit down at either side of Formitz. He barely glances at Michael but says to Nikita:
"Your boyfriend?"
Nikita strongly: "Colleague."
Formitz: "Three's a crowd."
Nikita: "Deal with it." [Hey, that's Michael's line!]
Formitz seems to find it difficult to look at Michael.
Michael: "When's your next contact with Halir?"
Formitz: "Like I told her, he calls and tells me where to meet and what to bring."
Michael: "Next time will be different."
Formitz: "Never happen."
Michael: "You tell him you know the name of a traitor inside his organization."
Formitz: "Do I?"
Michael: "One will be provided."
Formitz: "It will be risky. He'll be heavily guarded."
Michael: "We can deal with that. You set up the meeting . We'll triple your fee."
Formitz: "You'll provide sanctuary after this?"
Michael: "Of course."
Formitz: " Now I will need certain other things as well."
Michael: "Such as?"
Formitz looking specifically at Nikita: "She knows."
Nikita: "Forget it."
Formitz smiles: "I'll give you an hour to think about over." He leaves. Nikita is staring at Michael but we don't see his reaction.


Michael and Nikita are walking in and discussing Formitz' request.
Michael: "Who was the girl? He won't cooperate unless he gets her. Where is she?"
Nikita: "I don't know, Michael. Find another way. Pay him more money. Threaten him."
Michael: "He's unstable as it is. Threats might spin him out of control."
Nikita: "Even if I knew where Danielle is, [uh, dumb move, Nikita, you gave Michael her name] "I wouldn't give her to that monster."
Michael: "I never said you should."
Nikita: "That's what you're thinking. You're going to tell me to remember the people in the bus depot."
Michael: "Do you?"
Their conversation is interrupted at a rather timely point by Madeline and Operations.
Madeline: "Nikita. Good news. The prisoner cooperated after all. Gave us a way to Halir."
Nikita: " When I last saw her, she was breaking her own bones." [finally the light comes on that not everything Madeline tells
her is gospel]
Madeline: " Should have had more faith in your suggestion. She had a rest. We brought her back in and it worked."
Nikita: " So there's no need for Formitz?"
Madeline: "Apparently not."
Ops: " You will meet a courier at 1600 in an Arab market in Berlin. We'll tag the courier and follow him to Halir. You'll remain
in Section to help Birkoff with tactical overview. Any other questions?"
Nikita looks down thoughtfully.


Nikita is walking toward Birkoff's area. She has changed to a black suit, white shirt and long red tie and her hair is back.
Birkoff comes up to her: "Nikita, come with me."
Nikita: " Birkoff, the mission....."
Birkoff: "Walter just found out Belinda's dead."
Nikita: "What!"
They run off.


Walter is loading a gun. Birkoff runs up to him and yells: "Walter, you're scaring me!" and Walter shoves him away against a
wall. Nikita tries to grab the gun away and they start struggling.
Nikita: "What are you doing?"
Walter: "He asked for it and he's going to get it."
Nikita: "Walter, you're not going to shoot Operations!" [the line is too long and the alternatives have been eliminated]
Walter: "Between the eyes--get out of my way!"
Nikita: "I' m sorry Belinda's dead. Walter, I'm sorry more than I can say. Many times you told me not to take the Section
Walter: "I don't care what I told you! It's pointless!"
Nikita: "He'll kill you too. "
Walter: "I don't care!"
Nikita: "Well I do! So does Birkoff, so do a lot of other people here! We need you! Walter, I need you! What did Belinda tell you today? Did she tell you to throw your life away? Stay here for the people that need you."
Walter is crying: " It's not fair! It's not fair!"
Operations walks into the room. Nikita is up against Walter but she quickly takes the gun out of his hand and stuffs it down her
Ops: "What's happening here?"
Nikita: "Nothing, we're just talking."
Ops looks at Birkoff: "You and Birkoff should be at your terminals."
Nikita walks away from Walter and Birkoff follows. She says to Ops: " I know, we're going now." As she leaves, she smiles at
Walter. Ops goes up to Walter but does not try to touch him: " Walter, I'm sorry about Belinda."
Walter looks at Ops between clenched teeth and says nothing. Ops gives a slight nod then walks away.
[Don Francks was wonderful in this scene. When he looks at Ops, he is almost like a wild animal barely under control--
showing his teeth in a grimace/smile/threat.]


Michael is in his business costume of black, long coat and sunnies. He is on com with Birkoff and Nikita back at Section and heis strolling through the market. We see the market activities through his eyes. He is looking for someone.
Michael: "There he is. He's on foot entering the square." Birkoff's view goes to a hooded man in a track suit.
Birkoff: "Team One. Tag him."
A man brushes by the hooded man.
Nikita: "Courier's been tagged."
Birkoff is following the man on infrared: "He's heading toward the north-east corner."
Michael follows. Nikita is watching the screen.
Halir is seated at a table in a courtyard on the other side of a large iron gate and two body guards are on either side of him. The
courier walks up to him, his back to the screen.
Halir: "Hello my friend. What do you have for me today?" He peers around the courier and Michael is standing there with two
guns drawn. He takes out both bodyguards [I was reminded of a Western movie here] . Two operatives run up behind Michael
and drag off Halir.
Michael: "We've got Halir. Perimeter status?"
Nikita: "Perimeter's clear." The courier walks by Michael and we see his face. It is Formitz. Everything that Madeline said
about the prisoner is confirmed to be a lie--one that Nikita helped to create.
As Michael walks by Formitz, he says: "You can go."
Nikita throws down her com.

Nikita comes up the stairs and sees that the door is ajar. She enters slowly into the room. The bedspread is rumpled but there
is no trace of Danielle.


Nikita is standing with her back to Michael. He is seated at his desk. She flips the blinds a couple of times then turns to him:
"Why was Formitz at the meet?"
Michael: "The original courier was detained. We substituted Formitz. A face Halir would trust."
Nikita: "Why did he agree to help?"
Michael: "More money."
Nikita: "No. Section found Danielle and gave her to him."
Michael: " He knows his way around. Perhaps he found her himself."
Nikita: "You called me in and told me about the prisoner and let me interrogate her. Meanwhile Section was looking for Danielle, isn't that right?"
Michael looks at her: "No." She turns away.
Nikita: "Madeline lied when she told me the prisoner broke."
Michael: "Madeline wouldn't bother to lie."
Nikita: "She might to keep the mission running smoothly. I want the truth, Michael, did Section give Danielle to Formitz?"
Michael as Nikita turns to look at him. "No." She stares back at him. This conversation is very like Soul Sacrifice.



Formitz enters his place. A woman is seated behind his desk at this computer.
Woman: "Halir was taken."
Formitz calmly: "My God, who took him?"
Woman: "You know." She gets up and walks toward him.
Formitz: "I don't. How would I know?"
Woman: "Because you betrayed him."
Formitz: "You're crazy."
Woman: "We have names, dates."
Formitz: "They made me do it!"
The woman shoots him twice? in the chest.


Nikita is seated at a desk staring at a terminal. Her feet are on the desk and her hands are folded in front of her. She is still in
jacket and tie. Michael stands in front of the desk.
Michael: " Formitz is dead."
Nikita: "Can't say I'm too sorry about that."
Michael: "You don't seem to be too surprised."
Nikita: "Dangerous line of work he's in."
Michael: "His death compromises our ability to deal with the remnants of Halir's organization."
Nikita: "You'll just have to find some other way."
Michael: "This is important, Nikita. I want the truth. Did you give him up?"
Nikita shakes her head and looks at him and says "No" softly.
Michael looks at her grimly then walks away. Nikita wipes her hands slowly then throws them out as if throwing water off them
as if to say .


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