Off Profile
(transcribed by Quokka) 

Written by David Ehrman
Directed by John Fawcett
Andrea Kosov : Celine Bonnier
Belinda : Jill Dyck
Hans Korda : Rene Beau Dean
Lab Technician : Robert Eaton

My comments in [ ] . ? means I missed line. Lots of music in this one--three songs in particular. I believe that the third was
Depeche Mode but was too tired to play CD's last night. Have substituted words I could get when I could hear them. [There is
a fair amount of continuity here as well as build-up to the end of Season Two]

A medical operative runs to the outside doors ready to receive a wounded Operative on a stretcher, followed by another
Operative with blood on him and his arm in a sling. Obviously the first team. Michael and Nikita follow side by side, not a
scratch on them. Operations approaches from the right and walks up to them angrily.

O=Operations ; N=Nikita; M=Michael; A=Andrea; B=Birkoff; W=Walter; Ma=Madeline

O: "Why did you abort?"
M: "We had to... we went critical ten minutes into the mission."
O: "We lost Korda. We'll have to start from scratch."
M: "Deployment was off by a factor of two. The mission profile was faulty."
A young woman with short spiky very red hair--petite with a pale face enters from the left. Think Annie Lennox. [You will
hardly recognize Celine Bonnier from Million Dollar Babies]
A : "No. There was nothing wrong with the profile." (she looks at Operations)
Michael does not look at her. He says a touch annoyed to Operations: "Who is this?"
O: "Andrea Kosov and the new mission profiler."
A: "The flaw was in your execution."
O: "Check the tapes, get this settled. You'll be going out again soon." He walks away.
Andrea walks past Michael and he follows her. Nikita watches them thoughtfully as she takes off one of her black gloves.

Michael and Andrea are watching the tape of the mission. Nikita is back behind with Birkoff? but she is watching the two of
Andrea: "Look at Sector 5. You didn't penetrate as the plan required."
M: " We couldn't. The perimeter wasn't secured."
Andrea: ? less than 30 seconds."
Michael: "That's unacceptable."
A: " We'd have captured the target."
M: "No. The window was too narrow."
A: "The window was wide enough for two agents to make an entry."
Operations walks in. " Has this been resolved yet?"
Michael looks at Andrea and his voice comes in as the camera focuses on Operations: " Not yet."
O: "Deal with it later. Right now we need a new mission design."
M walks up to Operations: " I want a different profiler. She doesn't have any field experience. Her designs are too theoretical."
A: "My designs were correct."
O: " Field experience might be useful. Michael, she's on your team for the next mission. Make the necessary arrangements."
M: "We can't protect her out there."
A: "I can take care of myself."
Andrea looks at Operations who looks at Michael and leaves. Nikita is watching all of them.
[All of these conversations are very calm and subtle. These people are used to dealing with arguments calmly but this is the
angriest I've seen Michael in his "calm" mode when not dealing with Nikita. In fact, I would say that his SIT DOWN in the first
show demonstrated that he had already fallen in love with her; i.e. she got to him. At this point, Andrea is a nuisance more than
anything and a dangerous one.]

Operatives are in a row. Includes Nikita, Michael and Andrea. As Operations starts to talk, Andrea darts a quick glance at
O: "Six weeks ago these genetic codes were stolen from a lab in Zurich. These codes could be used to manufacture designer
A: "Designer viruses?"
O: " Plagues genetically programmed to attack particular ethnic groups." (Brings up hologram of man's face full on and in profile
with Intel.) "This is Hans Korda, a geneticist connected with the group who stole these codes. The aborted mission not only
failed to capture him, it exposed our intentions. You'll leave in two hours. No mistakes this time in design or execution. Bring
back Korda." All leave.

Walter is working on a weapon and using his magnifying glass to do a delicate adjustment. Operations walks up to him.
O: "Walter, George called. Oversight believes we used the Winchester protocol in Afghanistan last month."
W: "Yeah, we did."
O: " Well, since it's been forbidden numerous times at the highest level, our position is that we didn't. George is coming here to
interview the tactical group. Birkoff has agreed to support us. We expect you CO-operation as well."
Walter is looking down back at his work again.
O: " Walter, I told you, I regret what happened to Belinda." (At the sound of her name, Walter's eyes widen and his mouth
takes on a grim line but he doesn't look at Operations.) " But it was standard procedure. It wasn't personal. Will you support
our position? I need to know I can count on you."
Walter looks at him: "I'm not sure you can."
Operations walks away slightly then turns and looks at him : "I strongly advise you to reconsider."
Walter looks at him with contempt: " What are you going to do, cancel me?....Go ahead."
Operations walks away. Walter sighs and goes back to work.

Madeline and Operations are walking side by side.
Ma: "Obviously he still blames you for Belinda's death."
O: " I had no choice. She was in abeyance."
Ma: "You might have postponed the final order a few days."
O: "Why postpone the inevitable? Besides no-one asked him to marry someone with a weak performance level." (They are
now in Madeline's office.)
Ma: "He'll put it behind him in time."
O: "We don't have time. The investigation is proceeding."
Ma: "We could cancel him."
O: "I don't want to do that. He's been here as long as I can remember."
Ma: "And if a key member of the tactical team died just before he's questioned, it will only complicate things further."
O: "That too."
Ma: "We have a few days before George arrives. Let me work on him."
O smiles: "I'd appreciate that." [This reminded me of the clever scene setups in the movie, Room With A View such as "Where
Walter is asked to lie to George and Operations is Lying to George."]
[This shows how insular Madeline and Operations have become. Their limited options promise stagnation and this is as
dangerous as rogue operatives to an organization that must make major adjustments each day]

Nikita places a patch on her back then places another one on Andrea's back.
A: "Thank-you."
Walter comes up to Andrea as she selects a very heavy gun: "Most field operatives prefer to use a lighter weapon."
A: "I trained with this."
N: "Shooting at people isn't the same as training with holograms."
A: "Why's that?"
N: "Well, people shoot back."
A: " Not if they're dead." She leaves and Nikita smiles at Walter.

Nikita and Michael and Andrea all enter the building all dressed in black, Nikita and Michael are sporting identical sunglasses.
A security guard is sitting behind a desk. He is watching two cameras but looks up when they enter. He isn't fast enough and
Michael shoots him. Andrea takes off her coat and reveals that she is wearing the same uniform as the guard. She takes his
place and hands a security card to Michael.
A: "You're clear to go."
M: "Keep the position clean."
He and Nikita get on an elevator around the corner and descend. Andrea looks at the two cameras and sees two men lounging
in one area. The other camera shows no activity.
Michael in corridor: "Position and number of hostiles inside location?"
A: "Two guards at the entry point plus the target."
Nikita and Michael walk down the corridor guns raised and checking doors. There is a large wardrobe at the end of the
corridor and they enter to the left while inside the room, Korda is popping Alka Seltzer and watching Speed. Michael
immediately kills the two guards including the one that was hapless enough to be right behind the door. He almost kills Korda
who holds up the remote [this was funny] but Nikita grabs Korda from behind.
M to A: "We have Korda."
A: "Two guards in the stairwell heading down."
M: "They're yours."
A: "Hold and wait for my signal."
Andrea goes to the stairwell near the elevator and descends. She catches up to the guards below her and shoots them easily.
She meets Michael and Nikita with Korda. Michael is leading him up the stairs when another guard comes out and Andrea
shoots him. She is a bit taken aback but Michael flashes her an approving look.
M: "Let's go." They all ascend.

All three enter. Michael and Andrea together followed by Nikita and Korda in hand.
M to A: "Good work."
A: "It was a simple enough mission."
M: "First time under fire is never simple."
M to N: "Prepare him for interrogation." N hands Korda over to another operative and is about to follow them but she stops
when she hears Michael say [rather loudly]
M: "Would you like to join me for dinner." [For a split second I think Nikita died and went to heaven as she thought he was
speaking to her! She observes the rest of the conversation with a "I really want to hear this" on her face but neither Michael nor
Andrea look at her.]
A: "No thank you. I don't go out much."
M: " With anyone or only operatives?"
A: "With anyone especially Section operatives."
M: "We got off on the wrong foot. It was partly my fault. I'd like to make amends."
A: " It was no-one's fault. No amends necessary."
M: "No amends...only pleasure."
A: " Forget dinner, Michael. It's not going to happen."
M: "Okay." He walks in front of her then turns again. "How about a cup of coffee? I'd like to know you better."
They walk off together. Nikita looks at them and shakes her head as if to say 'I don't believe this!'

Birkoff is at the computer. Nikita comes in. She is wearing a blue dress and long blue jacket.
N: "Morning Birkoff."
He doesn't look up. "Hi."
N: "You're here early." She sits down on the table beside him.
B: " The Bahrain situation is heating up. Your mission is too." [That's an understatement!]
N: "Madeline interrogate Korda?"
B: "She's doing it right now. He won't put up much of a fight. Most of these scientists are pretty lame. I'm an exception." They
smile at each other.
Andrea walks quickly by the outside corridor. She is in customary black.
N: "Did you see Michael this morning?"
B: " Yeah, he came in."
N: "Alone?"
B, not interested.: " Didn't really notice."
B to N: "What do you think of the new profiler?"
N appearing nonchalant: " Andrea? I dunno. A little arrogant, maybe."
B: "Yeah, profilers think they know it all. Maybe they do."
N: "Does she?"
B: "Too early to tell. She just transferred from Asian Section."
N: " What's her reputation?"
B: "Asia thinks she walks on water. Totally dedicated to Section."
N: "Perfect operative."
B: " That's what they say. Nothing gets to her. Nothing and nobody." [Okay, Birkoff knows more than he is revealing]

Michael walks up to Andrea who is seated at a computer. She doesn't look at him.
M: " Good morning."
A quickly: "Hi."
M: "I had a great time last night."
A: "You talked me into coffee and you managed to talk me into dinner but that's as far as it goes."
M: " Why?"
A looks up at him: "Because I like it here. Most people hate Section or pretend to but I like it."
M: "So do I. Doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves."
A: " Section isn't exactly about enjoyment. Yes, I'm aware? of the weapons and the missions. Those are real. Everything else is
an illusion. People who forget that don't last long."
M: "Everything is as real as we make it. No more, no less. It's up to us. If you change your mind, let me know." Michael walks
away and Andrea watches him go.

Madeline is reviewing Walter's tape and we hear the questions Walter was asked about the day of the week and if he'd rather
kill a cat or a monkey [which we still don't hear the answer to!]
O: "What's this?"
Ma: "The tape of Walter's three-year review."
O: "In your opinion, is he really willing to die?"
Ma: "Yes." [Well, she got one thing right in this show]
O: "There must be someway in."
Ma: "I'm working on it."
O: "What about Korda?"
Ma: "He works for a German businessman named William Glasser."
O: "Businessman?"
Ma: "It's purely a commercial venture. He intends on selling the virus to the highest bidder." [ Glasser obviously mistook
Business Ethnics 100 where you learn about designer viruses for Business Ethics 100]
O: "So we eliminate the lab before the sale can take place."
Ma: "Birkoff's working on a package. He's meeting with the team now."
Ops: "Good."

B: " Korda didn't know the location of the lab but he says Glasser calls it twice a day from a secure phone
in his office. He's hosting a charity fund raiser tonight. Two-hundred guests. Security should be focused on the main floor. That
should give us an opening."
A: "Team One will secure the perimeter. You (to Nikita), Michael and I will work the inside."
N: "What's the configuration?"
M: "I'll work with Andrea. You'll work solo. Get ready to leave. We go in an hour."

Nikita enters the room. She has on mauve sunglasses and a light blue low-cut top and blue skirt as well as a beige sweater with
B: "Nikita, twenty degrees to the left. Use the south entrance. As soon as the guard leaves, you go. It shouldn't be long."
Michael and Andrea enter from the other side of the room and start to dance.
M: "Okay Birkoff. We're in position."
Andrea puts her arms around Michael's neck and they gaze at each other intently.
B: "Nikita, the sequence is underway." Music playing has the words: "You are my angel."
Nikita walked across the floor and up the stairs. She stops halfway up and pretends to survey the dance floor. She quickly
glances at the guard: "Got it."
Then she sees Michael and Andrea dancing very closely together. She watches as Michael strokes Andrea's arm and she
seems mesmerized. [Think of a standoff between a snake and a mongoose.]
B: "Nikita, where are we."
Nikita glances up and the guard is gone.
N: "I'm going through." She goes up the stairs and enters another room with a flashlight. She goes to the desk and with her
flashlight in her mouth, glasses still on, she exchanges the phone with the one in her bag.
M from dance floor: "Birkoff, how long?" [I found this interesting--Michael wasn't prolonging this dance]
B: "Twenty seconds, we're close."

Everyone enters. Nikita is following Michael and Andrea. She is now wearing a white sports jacket. She watches Michael and
Andrea walk off without a glance in her direction and she looks tired. Birkoff comes up to her from the opposite direction.
B: " Nikita, Madeline wants to see you in her office."
N: "Madeline? Why?"
B: " She didn't say."

Nikita enters and sits opposite Madeline who is at her computer. Nikita is across from her at a glass table.
Ma: "The mission was successful?"
N: "Yes."
Ma: "Good. Have you talked to Walter lately?"
N matter of factly: "I talk to him all the time."
Ma: "Has he mentioned Belinda?"
N: " He misses her very much."
Ma: "Does he talk about Operations? Make any comment about him?"
N: "No."
Ma: "Are you sure?"
N: "Positive. Is that all?" She gets up and starts to walk out.
Ma: "No. No, it isn't." She brings up a screen of Michael and Andrea dancing together closely and swings it around for Nikita
to see.
Ma: "You let your cam view drift for a full three seconds."
N: "No harm resulted."
Ma: "Nevertheless it was a lapse."
N pulls her lower lip up: "I'll be more careful next time." She tries to leave again.
Ma: "They work well together. They may be even entering into a relationship."
N: " I wouldn't know."
Ma: " I hope they are. For their sake and for yours."
N: " For my sake?"
Ma: " It's better for operatives to find a relationship that won't effect their work. Your passion for life is very strong, Nikita. It
enables you to accomplish things that no one else can. It can also destroy you."
N: "Now are we done?"
Ma: "Yes." Nikita leaves and Madeline looks at the screen.

Michael is lying on top of Andrea in a large bed with a white duvet. He is kissing her as music plays--her neck and her lips. At
one point she pulls his head down to her. A song is playing with the following words, single female voice:
"We always have a choice or at least I think we do
We can always use our voice. I thought this to be true.
We can live in fear
We fall below or lift ourselves above.
Fear can stop you loving. Love can stop your fear.
I'd love to give myself away but I find it hard to trust
I've got no map to find my way
Fear can stop you loving but it's not always that clear."

Michael is lying on his back and Andrea is lying beside him, her head resting in her left hand as she is looking at him.
A: " Michael, anything wrong?"
M: " Everything's fine."
A: " I think I could love you. It's Nikita isn't it?"
Michael doesn't react: "What do you mean?"
A: " You had a relationship with her. At least that's what people say. Is it true?" [Okay, maybe there is one person in outer
Mongolia who hasn't heard this besides Michael]
M: " Yes."
A: " Did you love her?"
M resignedly, not looking at her: "Does that matter?"
A: " It does to me."
M: " Yes, I loved her." He looks at Andrea.
A: "And now?"
M: "And now there's you." He puts his hand under her head and she kisses his palm then he strokes her face. [So... and now
there's you to cheat and lie and play with?]
Shot to Nikita with her hair in a white terry towel, lying on her own pillow with her eyes open. She looks restless.

Walter opens up the gate from supplies and enters his area. Nikita is there. She is wearing a black dress.
N: "Hi Walter. So... what's going on with you?"
W: " Nothing much."
Nikita comes up close and leans into him.
N: "That's not what I've heard."
Walter looks at her: "Operations wants me to lie to Oversight."
N: "Lie about what?"
W: " What difference does it make?"
N: "The difference between life and death."
Walter smiles and sits at his desk: " You of all people are telling me to lie?"
N: "No, I'm telling you to survive."
W: " Oh well, I'm not really interested in surviving anymore. What I am interested in is living. That's where the real difference is.
Hell, I've hanged around? in this place too long already."
Nikita pulls Walter's head to hers and keeps her arm around his neck.
N: " Walter, don't talk like that again."
W: "It's just like I've always said. You're one of the good ones. Don't change."
Madeline's voice comes over the intercom to Walter.
Ma: "Walter, I'd like to meet with you."
W: "Sure thing... in your office..."
Ma: " No, in the White Room." Walter looks surprised.

Walter and Madeline are standing in the doorway. In this show Madeline was wearing the brown V-necked dress and her hair
seemed quite red and fuzzy. The camera focuses on the chair.
W: " Killing me I can understand but torture?"
Ma: " Please sit down." She smiles at him.
She walks into the room behind him with a disc behind her back.
As Walter sits, she says: "You're not going to be tortured, Walter and you're not going to be killed. Whatever you tell George
tomorrow, we'll just have to deal as best we can."
W: "Then why am I here?"
Madeline hands him the disc: " We'd like you to look at something."
W: "What's on this?"
Ma: "Play it and you'll see."
She leaves and Walter slips the disc in the machine in the arm of the chair.
Belinda appears as a hologram. Ironically the hologram creates a halo above her head.
Belinda: "Hello Walter."
Walter sits back in his chair astonished: "Belinda!"
Belinda: "Yes, it's me. I've missed you terribly but I'm back now. I hope you're glad to see me. Obviously it can't be the way it
was but we can have something together." Walter reaches out and through the image. " Do you want that Walter? I do. I love
you, Walter, and I want to do this again as often as you want. I hope we can do this again soon." Walter passes by the image.

Andrea is at the computer. She sees Michael and looks up at him: "Hi!"
M: "Do you have the security workout?"
A: "Yes, we have it on a usual package [this could have been "we have it on an unusual package"] Heartbeat ID."
M: "Only ? people with the appropriate clearance?"
A: "We already have it. It'll print his EKG digital patch."
M: "Good. Let me see the lab. Make sure the secondary egress has adequate coverage."
He goes to walk away and is keeping his distance from Andrea.
A: "I will....I'll be finished here in an hour. We could get something to eat."
M looks at her: " I'm busy."
A: "How about later?"
M: "It's a bad time right now."
A: "What do you mean?"
M: "Just what I said."
A: " Did I do something wrong?" She stands up.
M: " It's nobody's fault. Some things are not meant to be."
A: "Let's at least talk about it."
M: "We have." He leaves and Andrea looks at him with her jaw tight and her chin in the air.

Nikita is in the lotus position meditating. She has on a dark blue tank and leggings to her knees. She stretches and rises as she
hears a knock at the door. She opens it " Hi?"
Andrea walks in and Nikita says laconically "Come in."
A: "Is he here?"
N looks at her puzzedly. "Who?"
A: "You know who, Michael."
N: "No, he's not here." She crosses the room and sits on the floor across from Andrea. Andrea is wearing slacks and a long
black coat and she paces in front of Nikita's counter.
A: "He won't see me anymore. One minute everything was wonderful, the next he was cold. He doesn't want anything to do
with me."
N: "Did he say why?"
A: "No. What's going on?"
N: "I don't know."
A: "Did he get through to me just to prove he could? Is he that much of a monster? Did he do that to you?"
N: "Andrea..."
A: "It's not right. It's just not right." (Andrea is saying this with more anger than hurt and her voice is fairly calm)
N: "I pretend to understand him but he lost someone awhile ago. It scarred him. He might not want to get too close again."
A: "You're making excuses for him."
N: "I don't think so. I'm just being realistic."
A: "He can't do this. We can't let him get away with it."
N: "What does that mean?"
A: "It means we have to do something."
N: "Such as?...." The cell phone rings and Nikita picks it up.
M: "Josephine." [as with Jurgen in Third Person, I expect Michael had Andrea tagged.]
Nikita stares at Andrea and Andrea looks away.

Walter is standing outside a glass door. He sighs. Birkoff comes out of the door and Walter watches as he walks by --Walter is
not happy with Birkoff. Operations comes out after him.
O to W: "George is ready for you now." Walter says nothing. He goes in and Operations follows.

Michael is sitting across from Nikita, Andrea and another operative at a round table.
M: "I'll handle demolition, Nikita will handle egress. Since Birkoff is on the Bahrain mission, Andrea will handle tactical. Any
A: " I have a question. Who do you think you are treating me like this?"
Nikita gets up and starts to leave but Andrea grabs at her arm. " Nikita, stay. This concerns you too."
The fourth operative, a male, leaves REAL QUICKLY.
A: "You toyed with me like a cat with a mouse. I won't tolerate it."
M: "I didn't toy with you."
A: "Then what were you doing?"
M: " Investigating"
A: "Investigating what?"
M: "You."
A: "Why?"
M: "You were suspected of leaking Intel to Red Cell. I needed access to your personal files."
A: " I never leaked Intel to anybody."
M: " I know that. The suspicions were unfounded."
A: "Then you never cared for me at all."
M: "I respect you as a colleague."
A: "I see. Investigation over now?"
M: "Yes. You've been cleared." Andrea stares at him then nods and leaves.
M: "I'm sorry."
Andrea looks back as if she is about to say something but turns away and leaves.
Nikita gets up rolling her eyes.
M: "Mission begins in an hour. You'd better get ready." Nikita leaves.

Operations is speaking to Madeline who is seated: " Once we've secured funding for the Eastern region, we have to make sure
that we...."
Walter walks in.
Ops overlooks the breach of security: "Walter, I was going to stop by later and thank you for your co-operation. It saved us a
great deal of inconvenience."
Walter goes to Madeline.
Ma: "If you're tired of that one, we can have others made up."
W: "I erased the disc. Don't make up any others." He tosses it in front of her. He looks at Ops: "And don't EVER mention
Belinda's name again." Ops stares back and Walter looks at both of them then leaves.
Operations takes off his glasses: "If the disc didn't make him co-operate, then what did?"
Madeline smiles: " I've studied his file very carefully, reviewed his evaluations and observed his psychological profile in great
Ops: "And?"
Ma: "I don't know." [They have got to get out more]

Michael and Nikita are walking down the corridor dressed in their black combat gear. Nikita's hair is loose and Michael's is
pulled back.
N: "Have you spoken to Andrea since the briefing?"
M: "No."
N: "Maybe you should. She's more than just angry, Michael, she's dangerous."
M: "What can she do?"
N: "I'm not sure, just be careful." Michael stares at her and they go out.

A truck pulls in and Nikita and Michael run under the descending door. A container is removed.
A from her com in Section: "Perimeter team take your position."
Music comes up with words such as "Breaking you down, I'll take you down." Sounds very much like
Depeche Mode.
The container is brought into the lab area and a cylinder is removed. Technicians are wearing masks. The camera focuses on
feet as Michael takes out one of the delivery people and drags his body around the container. Michael then shoots three lab
technicians including the third which he almost doesn't shoot until the person reaches for the alarm and enters a small room. On
the screen in front of Andrea come up the words "Disarming Fail-safe." Michael punches in a code and enters the main room
where he sets a timer bomb on the wall and activates it. Andrea types something in at her terminal and the screen brings up
"Activate Fail-safe" The lights go out and the door shuts on Michael as he starts to leave.
Andrea smiles slightly.
M: "Andrea, what's happening? I'm locked in. Andrea? Andrea?" Michael is saying this fairly calmly.
Andrea removes her ear/voice and leaves the area.
M: "Nikita, I need your help."
Nikita looks around the corner and shoots three guards as she goes to Michael. She sees him through the glass window and he
says to her: "We need a heartbeat. See if any of the technicians are still alive." Nikita runs back and tries two pulses without
success. The timer shows 39 seconds. She is lucky the third time as a lab technician is moaning: " Please help me." Nikita picks
him up and shoves him into the room and up against the code. The door opens and Michael comes out. He shoots a third guard
as Nikita lets the technician drop then they run through the doors and past the lab area just getting out the door as they are shot
at by two men with machine guns who are left in the room. The room explodes in the contained lab area.

Nikita is facing Michael: " Michael, you deactivated the fail-safe on the way in."
M: "Yes."
N: "Then why did the door close behind you? Because the fail-safe reactivated. There's only one person who could do that.
Michael, she tried to kill you. What are you going to do about it?"
M: "Nothing."
N: "Why not? Because you feel guilty?" Michael looks at her then away.
He walks down the corridor quickly and Nikita calls after him: "What if she tries again!"

Nikita is in the briefing area. She is leaning back in a chair and her hair is loose behind her as she stares up at the ceiling.
Operations walks in and speaks. [and she didn't fall off backward as I would have done]
O: "Is anything wrong?"
N: "No, I'm fine." She sits up and folds her hands in front of her.
O: "Andrea's been canceled."
N: "So you know she tried to kill Michael?"
O: "Yes, we were disappointed but not surprised. We arranged a test. She failed."
N: "Test?" She looks up at him.
O: "We knew she wasn't guilty of treason but we did suspect her of being emotionally unstable. Obviously we were right." [This
brings up an interesting question about Nikita. Perhaps her cancellation came only when she was suspected of being
"emotionally unstable" in Mercy when she contemplated and attempted suicide.]
N: "So were you testing me too?" She gets up and faces Operations. " See if I'd report what I know?"
O: "We didn't need to. You would have told us."
N: "How can you be so sure?"
O: "We've been watching you very closely, Nikita. You're one of us now."
He leaves and Nikita looks in his direction with a puzzled look on her face.

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