Open Heart
(Transcript by Karen Hay)
Written:                Elliot Stern
Directed:               Rene Bonniere

Jenna Vogler    Gina Torres
Dr. Kerlock     David Collins
Belinda                 Jill Dyck
Stanko                  Vince Guerriero
Adrian                  Alice Poon
Policeman               Ivo Sounev

A = Adrian     B = Birkoff     BL = Belinda     FO = Female Operative
J = Jenna Vogle     M = Michael     MA = Madeline
MO = Male Operative     N = Nikita     O = Operations     S = Stanko
W = Walter     WP = Woman Prisoner


A man is manacled to 'the Chair.'   The door opens and Michael enters.

                [M]     Dr. Kerlock. ...  You performed an operation six
weeks ago.

                [K]             I perform many operations.

                [M]     This one was on behalf of Red Cell.

A trapped look appears on Dr. Kerlock's face.  [Jeez, Red Cell again!  I
don't understand why they want to wipe Section out.  What would they do with
their day if Section wasn't around for them to try and wipe off the face of
the earth?]

                [K]             I can't tell you anything!  Please ...,
they'll kill me.

                [M]     So will we.

As they talk, Michael circles the doctor.  [I just realized something
interesting.  When Michael interrogates males he maintains his distance,
just keeps circling to disconcert them.  For females, however, he makes a
point of intruding in their "space."  I've noticed that he uses this
frequently on Nikita when he needs her off-balance when questioning her.
Later in this episode he uses this technique with Jenna, who seems to be
unfazed by this tactic - perhaps because she uses it herself (watch the
scenes where she is questioning Nikita).  Are women more sensitive to
intrusion in their space then men?]

                [K]             They held a gun to my head!

                [M]     You were paid $50,000.

The doctor closes his eyes and seems to wince when he hears the sum.

                [K]             If I hadn't done it, someone else would

                [M]     Who was the patient?

                [K]             A man ..., late 30's or 40's.

                [M]     Features?

                [K]             I didn't see them ..., he was sheeted.  I
saw very little.

                [M]     Skin?

                [K]             Fair.

                [M]     Build?

        [K]     Medium ..., little body fat.  That's all I know ..., I
swear!  I didn't want to die, so I agreed.

                [M]     To what?

Dr. Kerlock looks up at Michael, a guilty expression on his face.  [Another
question:  I wonder if the good doctor was canceled after this little
tete-a-tete?  Something tells me if he wasn't cancelled before the Mission,
he certainly was after!]


Michael is briefing Operations on his 'talk' with Dr. Kerlock.

        [M]     He was paid by Red Cell to place explosives and a detonator
inside someone's abdomen.

        [O]     (CHUCKLES)  They created a human time bomb.

        [M]     Yes.


        [O]     A suicide mission?

        [M]     No.  The man doesn't know its inside him.

        [O]     Identity of the carrier?

        [M]     Unknown.

        [O]     Target?

        [M]     Unknown.

        [O]     Time of detonation?

        [M]     Unknown.

Operations is not pleased with these answers.  He glares at Michael before
stalking off.  Michael understands the meeting is over and leaves.


Operations is briefing Michael, Birkoff, Walter, and two unnamed Operatives.

        [O]     What do we know about the explosive?

        [M]     It's a plastique.

        [O]     How powerful?

        [M]     Kerlock said there's enough to level a city block.

        [O]     How long do we have?

        [W]     They're using host enzymes to break down the bio-trigger,
half life of eight weeks.  The implant was six weeks ago.

        [O]     So ..., we have two weeks, at most ..., to locate the
carrier and identify the target.

        [W]     (NODS)  Mmm.

        [O]     Birkoff?

        [B]     I'm analyzing Kerlock's patient files, and using every
available Intel source to locate the target.

        [O]     In the meantime ..., we have one lead.

Operations pulls up a Blue Screen, showing a Profile on a Red Cell Soldier.

        [O]     Jenna Vogler.  One of Red Cell's ... top foot soldiers.
According to our Intel ..., she was in the room during the surgical
procedure. ...  We need to bring her in.

[I wonder 'how' they got Jenna's name.  If Jenna was in the room during
surgery, she would have been masked and gowned.  If they were so careful to
keep the patient's identity a secret, they should have been just as careful
to keep the doctor from seeing anyone that could be traced back to Red Cell.
This should have raised a Red Flag (no pun intended) to Operations that
something was not right about the Intel.  I know, I know, consider it just
another Convenient Plot Device ("CPD").]

        [M]     Do we have a location?

        [O]     Yes ..., she's in prison.

Operations disengages the Blue Screen.

        [O]     Red Cell sometimes funds itself by dealing drugs.  She was
arrested at a border crossing a month ago.

        [B]     Will the local authorities cooperate?

        [O]     No, its a hostile country ..., and a direct assault is out
of the question for political reasons.  Which leaves us with only one


The bus comes to a stop and the police board.  It is a spot check for
smugglers, and they immediately start inspecting passports.  Nikita is
slumped down in her seat, wearing a pair of sunglasses (as usual).  [NOTE:
Goateed man is seated behind her, wearing glasses.]  When she sees the
police, she puts her head back down and pretends to be asleep.  The
policeman that seems to be in charge looks up, notices Nikita obviously
pretending to be sleeping, and walks up to her.  He 'awakens' her by hitting
her foot with his shoe.  When she looks up he demands to see her passport
(all conversations with the police are in an unidentified language).  Nikita
smiles and hands him her passport.  The policeman looks at her passport,
then holds it in his mouth as he reaches over and removes her sunglasses.
Nikita continues to smile as she pushes back her hair, seemingly unalarmed.
The policeman pockets her sunglasses, then plucks the knapsack from her lap.
He steps back with the bag and gives another officer instructions.  That
policeman steps up to Nikita and pulls her to her feet.  He holds her arms
as a third officer 'pats her down.'  This officer feels something suspicious
and pulls up her shirt to reveal rectangular blocks of something taped to
Nikita's chest.  Nikita's expression looks almost nonchalant, as if she is
all but saying "Oops!  How did those things get taped to my waist?"


Nikita is between two policemen who are marching her towards a large barred
enclosure.  This obviously is not a prison in the United States or a major
European country, but gives the impression of a poor, Eastern European
country.  Nikita is shoved through the barred gate and inside a large,
low-ceiling room.  She has all her possessions [sans the drugs, I would
think], which is also unusual.  A door in the room's low ceiling opens to
reveal two women and a guard.  This is how the prisoners are fed.  They walk
up and hold up a tin plate in which something like a watery bean mush is

        [WP]    Hey, you!

Nikita looks over and witnesses two women attacking a couple of prisoners
waiting for their meal, taking their plates for themselves.  She watches as
they are served, and transport the food over to a curtained-off area.  As
they serve the woman seated inside, Nikita peeks through the curtains.  It
is Jenna Fogler.  Jenna looks up in time to see Nikita give her one glance
and walk away.  She stands next to a nearby wall and checks in with Birkoff
as she removes her coat.


        [N]     (VOICE) I've got her, Birkoff.


Nikita is reaching for her tin plate, when one of Jenna's 'associates,'
Adrian, steps on the plate.

        [A]     What do you think you're doing?  You want to be out here
..., you gotta pay rent.

Nikita looks up and sees Jenna observing just behind the curtains, before
focusing her attention on Adrian.

        [N]     And if I don't?

        [A]     You'll pay alright.

The two women trade looks, and Nikita seems to give in.  She smiles, digs
into her pocket, pulls an almost empty pack of cigarettes from her pocket
and holds it out.

        [N]     All I got is this.

        [TS]    That'll do ..., for a start.

However, when Adrian reaches for the pack, Nikita purposely drops the pack.
The woman gives Nikita a 'you'll regret that' look, giving a disbelieving
snort that Nikita would try something so stupid.  Adrian's confederate comes
up behind Nikita and holds her arms.  Before they can commence the
punishment though, Nikita hits the woman behind her in the face with her
elbow, then kicks Adrian in the stomach when she moves to help her comrade.
Nikita leans down and picks up her plate, the two women lying prostrate at
her feet.  As she straightens, she meets Jenna's gaze, who has watched the
entire exchange.  Jenna's face shows no emotion as she turns and withdraws
back to her cot.  Nikita bends down and snatches her pack of cigarettes from
Adrian, then sanders over and raises her plate to receive food.  She looks
down at the offering, then looks back up.  She seems to be debating whether
to give it back, but ends up smiling and walking away with the offering.
[Actually, you'd think Nikita would have acted the "frightened innocent" to
keep Jenna from becoming suspicious.  Remember, at this point, the original
Mission Profile was still in place - to grab Jenna and forcibly remove her
to Section for questioning.  The fight made it glaringly apparent that
Nikita was more than a simple drug runner.]


Birkoff is giving Operations an update on the Mission.

        [B]     I went through Kerlock's patient files.  Everyone is
accounted for.  The carrier's records must have been deleted.

        [O]     Have we at least identified the target?

        [B]     We have a source inside a Red Cell splinter group.  He says
its the United Nations General Assembly next Tuesday.

[Why do they ALWAYS rely on Intel from a Red Cell splinter group?  They're
always wrong!]

        [O]     Should help us limit the carrier pool.

        [B]     I'm compiling a preliminary database now.  Delegates,
translators, messengers, pages, waiters ...

A glance at Birkoff's screen shows the total reaching the thousands.
Operations interrupts Birkoff to get a final count.

        [O]     Numbers, Birkoff.

        [B]     Twelve thousand and counting.

Operations takes off his glasses as he realizes the job they have before


Walter is busy explaining one of his gadgets to a tall, striking older
woman.  It is apparent that they both enjoy each other's company.

        [W]     I designed it for a mission in the Ural mountains.  It
weighs a 100 grams.  Has a receiver that can pick up FM stations as far away
as Germany.

        [BL]    FM is line-of-sight only.

        [W]     I piggybacked off a D.O.D. channel.

        [BL]    Doesn't that breach Section policy?

        [W]     I'm a rebel.

Walter gives Belinda his idea of a 'sexy rebel smoldering look.'  They are
both laughing when Birkoff joins them.

        [B]     Hey, Walter.  Operations wants your report on the detonator.

Walter is concentrating on Belinda, so he doesn't hear Birkoff at first.

        [W]     Huh?

Belinda realizes Walter needs to get back to work, and breaks up their chat.

        [BL]    That's okay, I've got to go anyway.

        [W]     I'll ... catch you later ..., Belinda.

After Belinda leaves, Walter briefly shuts his eyes.

        [W]     Wow!  I haven't felt like this in a long time. ...  (SIGHS)
I - I think she might feel the same way.

        [B]     Walter, the report.

        [W]     I ..., I need your help. ...  Find out ... anything you can
about her ..., something I wouldn't likely know.

        [B]     Look, I'm really busy.

        [W]     Her birthday's coming up.  I want to get her something
really special. ...  Please?

Birkoff agrees just get off the subject.  He hands Walter a computer CD.

        [B]     Fine.  Input your report.  Operations is waiting.

Walters still seems to be in a haze as Birkoff quickly returns to Comm.


Michael is outside the prison grounds crouched down next to the outer
perimeter fence.  He looks down at a gadget that is tracking Nikita's
whereabouts inside the prison.

        [M]     Birkoff?


        [B]     Chopper's standing by.  You're clear to go.


        [M]     Nikita, go.


Nikita gets up and looks around her, seeing women preparing for bed.  One of
Jenna's confederates is keeping busy instilling fear in the other prisoners
[You know, spreading cheer and good will to those in need].  Nikita waits
until the woman has returned to Jenna's curtained area, then sidles up until
she is standing next to the curtains.  She whistles softly, catching the
woman's attention.  When she comes to the curtain to investigate, Nikita
kicks her in the face, knocking the woman out.  Neither Jenna nor Adrian
comes to her aid.  Jenna is reclining on her cot, lighting a cigarette as
Nikita comes to stand at the entrance to her area.

        [J]     I've been expecting you.

Nikita stands silently gazing at Jenna as she receives instructions from

        [M]     (VOICE)  Stand by, Nikita.


Michael observes several trucks carrying troops have arrived at the prison's
front gate.

        [M]     We have an anomaly.  Twenty hostiles, two vehicles. ...
Nikita, hold your position.


Nikita is still standing at the curtained entrance, listening to Jenna.

        [J]     You got lucky today.  Don't let it go to your head.  This is
my prison.

        [N]     It's a pit.  You can keep it.


Birkoff has alerted Operations to a possible hitch in their Mission Profile.

        [O]     What's the problem?

        [B]     Military inspection.

        [O]     Can we rearrange the Tactical?

        [B]     No.  Insufficient personnel.  How do we proceed?

Operations mentally reviews the options.


        [J]     What do you want?

        [N]     I want to be left alone.

        [J]     (CHUCKLES)  Oh.  It doesn't work that way.  You obey the
rules or you don't survive.

        [N]     Your rules?

        [J]     That's right.


        [M]     Nikita, abort.


Nikita hears Michael's instructions and breaks off her stand-off with Jenna.

        [N]     I make my own rules.

        [J]     (BLOWS A STREAM OF SMOKE)  Then, we have a problem.

        [N]     (SMALL LAUGH)  No.  You have a problem.

Nikita wanders off back to her section of the wall, leaving Jenna to her own


Nikita is passing the day doing what the other women prisoners do - smoking
and wandering aimlessly around the yard.  There are very few benches and
since everyone seems to be wearing their coat - no heat.  As she meanders
around the room, Nikita looks up and notices guards above, walking the
perimeter of the yard's opening to the floor above.  She walks past Jenna
and her two 'friends' who are all leaning against a column.  Jenna looks
over at a guard who seems to be roaming the inside of the yard, and nods her
head to indicate Nikita.  The guard follows Nikita over to an indoor privy,
waits until she enters, then attacks.  All we hear are various grunts and


Birkoff is bringing Operations up to date on the Mission.  [What I want to
know is if anyone at Section checked on what initiated the military
inspection.  Boy, this episode has CPU's up the Ying yang!]

        [B]     Military inspection lasts a week.

        [O]     We don't have a week.  Can we breach during the inspection?

        [B]     No.  They have twenty-five troops dispersed around the

        [O]     Review the prison schematic.  Find another scenario.

Operations leaves Birkoff to start researching the prison.


Nikita props the guard up in the privy, exits and walks back toward Jenna.
It is obvious from their expression that none of the women expected to see
Nikita alive.  Nikita walks up and stands toe to toe with Jenna and throws
down the gauntlet.

        [N]     I guess if you want me dead, you'll just have to do it

Jenna says nothing, just walks away, trailed by her two shadows.  Nikita
goes and leans against a wall, staring up at the sun blazing through the
room's barred window.


Birkoff is prepping Operations on what his research has uncovered.

        [B]     I did a infrared scan of the prison off satellite feeds.

Birkoff pulls up a transparent schematic of the prison on an overhead

        [B]     Its built on top of an ancient structure.  Over the
centuries, a system of underground tunnels have been built.  One or .. two
paths lead outside the prison walls.

        [O]     How do we know the passageways aren't collapsed?

Birkoff notes the different color patterns to the various passageways in the

        [B]     Color saturation indicates structural density.  A blue line
... traces a pathway through the maze ..., that leads under the wall.

        [O]     How stable are the configurations?

        [B]     There is no way to be certain (SIGHS), but our options are

        [O]     Proceed.


Birkoff is updating Nikita on the new Profile for the Mission through her
Comm Link.  As Nikita talks to Birkoff she slowly paces the room.  When she
passes a column you notice that Jenna's associates are keeping an eye on

        [B]     (VOICE) The primary tunnel runs directly under your feet.
It breaches the wall 11 meters north of the southeast corner, at the first
drainage grate.

        [N]     (UNDERTONE)  Tunnel access?

        [B]     Through the grate.  From there its two hundred meters to the
exit point.

        [N]     When's Recon?

        [B]     Tonight.  Confirm the pathway.

Nikita lights a cigarette to hide the fact that she seems to be talking to

        [N]     What about Jenna?  I won't be able to carry her all that

        [B]     Scenario's changed, you have to get her to come willingly.

A disbelieving look crosses Nikita's face, as she blows out a stream of

        [N]     How am I going to do that?

        [B]     Sorry, not my department. ...  One more thing.  Your Comm
won't transmit that far below ground.  We'll get you a replacement.


Michael, in 'attorney mode,' enters and checks in with the head guard,

        [S]     Identification.

Michael pulls out and shows his credentials.

        [M]     Where's my client?

Stanko motions through another door.

        [S]     Through there ..., far side ..., Visitors Area.

Michael walks through the door.  The Visitors Area consists of one long
table vivisected by screened partitions.  Visitors sit on one side,
prisoners the other and talk through the meshed screening.  There is an
opening in the bottom enabling prisoners and visitors to pass things back
and forth.  Michael takes a seat in front of Nikita.

        [M]     The Consulate sent me to handle your case.

Michael pulls several papers out of his briefcase.

        [M]     Please sign these.

Michael passes the papers and a pen through to Nikita.  She looks at then,
then starts to sign.  At the same time she surreptitiously reaches behind
her ear and removes the small dot that is Section's Comm Link.

        [M]     We're trying to arrange bail.

        [N]     How soon?

She attaches it next to a gold seal at the bottom of the page, and removes
an identical dot located on the other side of the seal.  Nikita is now
equipped to communicate with Birkoff through the thick tunnel walls.

        [M]     Tomorrow. ...  If all goes well tonight. ...  Are there any
other potential clients?

        [N]     One.  But we're not on particularly friendly terms.

Michael puts the signed papers in a folder and replaces the folder in his

        [M]     Maybe that can change.

        [N]     That could be difficult.

        [M]     I'm sure you can manage.

They trade hard looks as Nikita realizes what Michael is telling her to do.

        [M]     Until tomorrow.

Instructions given, Michael departs, leaving an ... 'miffed' Nikita staring
after him.


Operations is in his office discussing the Mission with Birkoff who is
sitting in Comm.

        [B]     I familiarized Nikita with the tunnels, but she needs to
confirm accessibility.

        [O]     (VOICE)  When?

        [B]     Tonight.  If it checks out we go live tomorrow.

        [O]     Good.

Birkoff is updating the Mission Profile when Walter hurries into his area.

        [W]     Did you get my stuff yet?

        [B]     What stuff?

        [W]     Belinda! ...  Belinda!

        [B]     I've been a little busy, Walter.

Birkoff gets up and checks something on another nearby computer.

        [W]     Hey, its her birthday tomorrow.  I need to get her something
that she really likes.

        [B]     Why don't you ask her?

Walter comes to stand in front of the computer Birkoff is still leaning

        [W]     You ..., ah ..., don't know women very well, do you?

Birkoff looks up at Walter and meets his gaze, before breaking into a grin.

        [B]     (LAUGHS)  Right now?

        [W]     (GRINS) Yeah ..., right now.

Birkoff sits down and pulls up Belinda's profile.  Once pulled up, he reads
the pertinent information to Walter.

        [B]     Let's see what we've got.  She plays the piano ...

        [W]     Nice.

        [B]     ... is fluent in Czech and Russian.

        [W]     Mmmm.

        [B]     ... broke her leg when she was twelve ..., got thrown from a

        [W]     Really .., huh ..., its great stuff.  What else?

Something Birkoff reads gives him pause.  Walter notices the change in
expression on his face.

        [W]     What is it?

Walter tries to view Belinda's profile, but Birkoff quickly darkens the

        [B]     Nothing.  That was it.

        [W]     Well ..., th .. that's enough.  Horses, right?  Horses!

An idea for a present forming, Walter rushes off.  As soon as he is out of
sight, Birkoff rereads Belinda's profile.

                TRANSFER TO ABEYANCE

Belinda has been scheduled for cancellation.  Birkoff looks up and sees
Walter run into Belinda in the Common Area.

        [W]     I guess you know I've missed you. ...

Birkoff is facing a dilemma.  Should he tell Walter about Belinda's new


Nikita overtakes Jenna as she takes a walk, giving a small whistle to grab
Jenna's notice.  When Jenna stops, Nikita keeps walking until she is
standing in front of her, and holds out a pack of cigarettes.

        [N]     These belong to you.

Jenna takes the pack and removes a cigarette .

        [N]     Must be nice having a business relationship with the guards

When Jenna lights her cigarette, Nikita purposely leans over and lights her
cigarette on the same match.

        [N]     ... real nice.  (BLOWS STREAM OF SMOKE)  How much do you pay
them to kill someone?

        [J]     Depends.  In your case ...

Jenna holds up the pack Nikita had just handed her and motions with her
fingers for Nikita to give her another pack.

        [N]     Oh ...

Nikita gives her the pack and Jenna holds them both up.

        [J]     ... Two packs of cigarettes.

Nikita smiles in amusement.

        [N]     How much would you pay to be free?

Nikita now has Jenna's undivided attention.

        [N]     I want to make you an offer.   I can get us out of here.

        [J]     How?

        [N]     (BLOWS SMOKE)  Underground tunnels, dozens of them.
(MOTIONS WITH HER HAND)  One goes right under that wall.

        [J]     There are no tunnels, it's a rumor.

        [N]     No.  I can prove it.

        [J]     Then you don't need me.

Jenna turns to walk away.  Nikita, however, lights grabs her shoulder to
stop her from leaving.

        [N]     Ah, but you know the guards ..., their schedules ...,
habits. ...  You can get us past the guards ..., I can get us through the

        [J]     Why trust me? ...  I tried to have you killed this

        [N]     (SMALL LAUGH)  Only a lunatic would pass on the chance to
get out of here.  You're a b***h ..., but you're not crazy.

        [J]     Who are you?

        [N]     (SMILES)  I run drugs ..., I got caught.  It happens.  I
won't stay caught.  I knew that if I busted I'd end up here ..., so I did my
homework.  Those tunnels are real.

Having revealed her proposal, Nikita continues walking down the aisle, Jenna
staring after her.

        [J]     (SMILES)  Huh.


Nikita and Jenna sneak into the yard.  Nikita has a flashlight, Jenna a
lantern for light.  They stop in front of the drainage grate Birkoff had
mentioned, and crouch in front of it.

        [J]     Bed check at dawn.  We have about an hour's leave.

        [N]     That's not enough time.  Let's find the way out tonight and
go tomorrow.

Nikita pulls the barred frame off and they both slip through the opening.
Once inside, they replace the grating bars.  Inside, the passageway in long
and narrow.  A square opening is across from the grate.  Nikita and Jenna
crawl through, one at a time.  The other side is the first in a series of
tunnels they will need to traverse.


Birkoff is guiding the women through the tunnels via his schematic of the

        [B]     Twelve meters to your ... right.


They climb through another opening and find themselves in front of several
tunnel passageways.

        [J]     Which way?


        [B]     Take the far left tunnel ..., and keep moving straight.


Nikita crawls through a small opening, landing next to some human skeletal
remains, causing her to jerk back in surprise.  When she stands, she is
facing - a brick wall.  There are no other openings, just the one they just
crawled through.

        [N]     There's no tunnels ..., there's just walls.


        [B]     It has to be there.


        [N]     Well, its not.

        [J]     Not what?

        [N]     Not what I expected.


Birkoff continues to stare at his computerized schematic, trying to figure
out the reasons behind the discrepancy between his program and Nikita's

        [B]     Nikita, kick the wall.


Nikita hands Jenna her flashlight so she can see what she's kicking.

        [N]     Hold that. ...  Stand back.  (KICKS WALL)  Oh, yeah!

One kick and the wall begins to crumble.  Nikita keeps kicking the wall,
until she has opened up a hole.  She pushes at the bricks and opens the hole
so they both can crawl through.

        [N]     Got it. ...  That's it. ...  Okay.

As they crawl through the hole, Nikita flashes her light in front of her and
picks up tunnel walls zig zagging into the darkness.

        [N]     I'd say this is it.

        [J]     You were right.

        [N]     Let's get back.


Back at the grate, Nikita pushes the bar frame out and crawls through the
opening.  Nikita turns to help Jenna through when she hears a voice.

        [S]     Who's there?

Nikita quickly replaces the grating.

        [N]     Stay there ..., keep quiet.

Jenna backs further into the drain and holds the lantern up to the ceiling
so that its glow will not give her away.  The guard, Stanko, approaches
Nikita, his gun drawn.

        [S]     What are you doing here?

        [N]     Nothing.

        [S]     Who was with you?

        [N]     Nobody.

        [S]     I heard voices. ...  Move!

After briefly looking around, Stanko pushes Nikita out of the inner yard.
After Jenna is sure they are gone, she removes the grate and makes her
escape back to the common room.  Meanwhile, Nikita is being pulled by two
guards down a hallway, Stanko following behind.


Nikita fights being pulled in the room, but is obviously not using all her
'talents' to keep her cover from being blown.  The room is empty.  The only
thing you see are wrist restraints fastened to the wall.  The guards drag
Nikita over and lock her into a pair.  At the same time, a third guard
slides the room's heavy metal door shut.  After Nikita is locked into the
wrist restraints, Stanko pulls up her shirt to reveal her back.  Once that
is done, he walks over and picks up a long wicked looking switch that was
leaning against the wall.  He taps it in the hand as he approaches Nikita.

        [S]     Who was with you?

        [N]     I told you ..., no one.

Stanko doesn't ask again, just raises the switch.  We only see Nikita's face
as he begins her 'punishment' and the sound the switch makes hitting her
back.  The picture fades as Stanko hits Nikita for the third time.


Two guards drag an semi-conscious Nikita to the gated entrance of the
Prison's Common Area, drop her and leave.  Jenna and her unnamed associate
pick her up between them and bring her back to Jenna's private area.


Once inside her area, they place Nikita face down on Jenna's cot.  The pain
is so bad, Nikita has to fight to keep from screaming.  Jenna turns to
Adrian and gives her an order -

        [J]     Get the water.

Adrian retrieves a basin of water with a cloth - and is dismissed.

        [J]     Leave.

Jenna pulls up Nikita's shirt to reveal the welts left by the switch.  She
studies them a moment and then begins to gently bath Nikita's wounds.  Tears
are streaming down Nikita's face as she gulps back moans.  Jenna's face
changes as she continues to baths Nikita's back - and her right hand begins
to fondle Nikita's stomach and breast.  For a moment Nikita's guard slips,
then she regains her composure and forces herself to relax, as if she is
welcoming the woman's advances.  Jenna leans down and nuzzles the back of
Nikita's back, while murmuring soothing words.

        [J]     Shhhhh ..., okay. ...  Shhhhh.

As Nikita starts to slide into unconsciousness, the last thing she feels and
hears is Jenna leaning forward and kissing her cheek, whispering something
in her ear.

        [J]     (WHISPER)  Thank you.


Birkoff is busy, as usual, at his computer when Walter walks up behind him
and drops something on his desk.

        [W]     Open it.

It is a hard plastic case containing a computer CD.  Birkoff's eyes light up
when he realizes what he holds in his hands.

        [B]     No!

        [W]     Yes.

        [B]     Oh ..., this is awesome!  An I-440!

        [W]     First off the line ... and you can retrain the array ... as
much as you want.

        [B]     Oh, wow!  Thanks.

        [W]     No ... no, thank you.

        [B]     For what?

        [W]     For Belinda!  Things went great last night.  I gave her this
little ... rocking horse jewelry box ... and she loved it!  I couldn't have
done it without you.

[Just wanted to state that I LOVED how Matthew Ferguson played this scene!
We very rarely get to see Birkoff acting his age and it was a delight to
see.  I usually have to keep reminding myself that Birkoff is 21, not 41.]
Walter hears footsteps and looks behind him to see Belinda approaching.

        [W]     ... Speak of the devil's mistress.

        [BL]    There you are.

        [W]     Hi.

Belinda looks down and smiles at Birkoff.

        [BL]    Hi, Birkoff.

        [W]     What's up?

        [BL]    Nothing ..., I just stopped by to say "hello."

Walter looks past Belinda, sees Operations approaching and brings the
conversation to a swift end.

        [W]     (WHISPERS)  Okay.  I'll see you in a minute.

Both Walter and Belinda slip away.  As Operations walks up, Birkoff quickly
gives him a status report on the Mission.

        [B]     I'm running a list of possible carriers now.  I have it
narrowed down to 125.

Operations, however, is thinking about another Mission.

        [O]     I want to upgrade another Mission ..., the one we're running
in Kasakhstan.

        [B]     I'll pull the file.

Birkoff swings around and accesses the information from another computer.
Operations starts to give him a quick sketch of what he wants done.

        [O]     The Profile calls for an Abeyance Team of five.  They'll
draw fire while the primary Team carries out the Mission.  Send the Abeyance
Ops to Walter to get their inventory.

        [B]     What's the survival likelihood of the Abeyance Team?

Operations gives Birkoff a "that's a silly question" look, before answering.

        [O]     Zero.

Operations leaves, his thoughts already on something else.  Birkoff,
however, is left with a dilemma - Belinda's standing will automatically
place her in the Kasakhstan Mission.  He pulls up her profile and stares at
the abeyance standing flashing on the screen.  Making a decision that he
would not have even considered before knowing Nikita, Birkoff quickly
changes Belinda's status to eight (the highest level) and quickly exits her
Profile.  [I think this is the biggest change that Nikita has wrought at
Section.  Most of the Administrative Operatives look at Cold Operatives as
future cannon fodder, don't want to know them and would not go out of their
way to help them.  Nikita changed this - especially with Michael (of
course), Walter and Birkoff ... especially Birkoff.  Before Nikita came on
the scene, it sounded like Birkoff had the same type of view that you see in
a group of children - selfishness (and sometimes cruelty) that comes from
not experiencing life and turning against anything different from them.
Nikita has forced Birkoff to see the person behind the title, "Cold
Operative."  The biggest change for Birkoff was realizing that he had
changed.  He mentions this in "Fuzzy Logic."  Since most of the List members
have not seen this episode, I will stop here.]


Nikita wakes up to some type of metallic sound.  She is lying on her stomach
on Jenna's cot.  She looks up and sees Jenna stirring something in a metal

        [J]     Soup?

        [N]     Ummm.

Jenna pours the soup into a tin cup and brings it over.  Nikita gingerly
sits up and takes the cup, gratefully sipping the warm broth.  Jenna sits
down next to Nikita and gently baits her.

        [J]     You talk in your sleep. ...  Who's "Michael"?

Nikita hesitates a moment, not expecting this particular question - or line
of conversation.

        [N]     My brother.

        [J]     I thought he might be your boyfriend.

        [N]     (SMIRKS)  Not ... ah ..., not likely.

Jenna leans back and pulls up Nikita's shirt to look at the welts on her

        [J]     Ummm. ...  These might scar.  Too early to tell. ...

Jenna is sitting very close to Nikita, who is staring straight ahead,
purposely keeping her face blank as she sips the soup.

        [J]     I want to go with you tonight. ...  But, I need to be sure.

Jenna moves her hand to Nikita's tender back, and as she continues to talk,
tightens her grip, knowingly causing Nikita pain.

        [J]     People who endure pain ..., do it for a reason. ...  What's

Nikita manages to keep her composure and meets Jenna's suspicious stare.

        [N]     I want to get out of here!

Jenna removes her grip of Nikita's back and lowers her shirt.

        [J]     What happens when we get out?

        [N]     (SIGHS)  We cross the border as soon as we can.

Jenna continues to stare at Nikita, putting her hand over the cup to make
sure she has Nikita's undivided attention.

        [J]     That's not what I meant.

Nikita says nothing a first, just slowly starts to nibble at Jenna's hand.
Jenna moves her hand from the cup to gently trace Nikita's lips and draw her
close.  They trade several soft, but erotic, kisses.  As they separate,
Nikita gives Jenna a small cat-like smile.

        [N]     Anything's possible.


Michael and the rest of the Team are just inside the perimeter of the
prison, near one of the buildings.


Birkoff is updating Michael's pad with the Tactical.

        [B]     I'm sending the Tactical now.


        [M]     (STUDYING PAD)  I have it.


Nikita and Jenna are making their way out through the tunnels.


Birkoff is keeping track of their movements through Nikita's Comm Link.

        [B]     Michael, they've almost reached Egress.

        [M]     (VOICE)  Location?

        [B]     Fifty meters north.


        [M]     We're on our way.


Nikita and Jenna are traversing the last part of the tunnels.  They claw
their way through a bramble of bushes that are hiding the tunnel's exit.  It
is windy and cold, but neither woman notices, too high on their soon to be
reached freedom.  Jenna turns and smiles at Nikita.

        [J]     We made it!

Almost immediately you hear the sound of a chopper, and the women are
surrounded by Section Operatives.

        [J]     What is this?

Jenna only has time to give Nikita one condemning look before she is led

        [MO]    Come with me.

Michael briefly stands behind Nikita, as through to protect her from Jenna's
obvious contempt, before following the Operatives leading Jenna to the
Section chopper.


Jenna is strapped to 'the Chair.'  Michael enters.  Jenna continues to stare
straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge his presence.

        [M]     Eight weeks ago you were present at a surgical procedure.  A
human being was turned into a walking time bomb. ...

Michael slowly moves closer and closer to Jenna - purposely intruding into
her 'personal space' in an attempt to unsettle her.

        [M]     The target is the United Nations ..., within the next four
hours.  Who's the carrier?

Jenna still refuses to speak.  Michael places his hands on the chair's arms
and leans down so that his face is almost touching Jenna's.

        [M]     We will break you.

Jenna trades looks with Michael, remaining mute.  Michael holds her look for
a moment, then leaves the room.


Jenna has been drugged and fastened to a chair that has optical equipment
attached to it.  Electrodes adhere to her face and chest.  A type of optical
blinkers are positioned in front of her eyes and one of the Tech's opens the
lens, forcing Jenna to stare at a dark screen located in front of her.  When
everything is ready, the lights dim.


Operations, Birkoff, Michael and Nikita will observe Jenna's responses to a
series of pictures (or 'visuals' as Section calls them) of possible
candidates for the human bomb.

        [B]     Initiating sequence.  There are twenty-one potential
carriers we haven't eliminated.  We'll show her visuals of each candidate.
If there's recognition, we'll see it.


Photographs of the various candidates are slowly displayed in front of


        [B]     Blood pressure steady. ...  EKG steady. ...  Cortex
fluctuation steady. ...  She might as well be looking at a blank wall.


All pictures have been displayed and the lights come back up.


        [B]     That's it.  She gave us nothing.

        [M]     Play it again.

        [B]     It's pointless ..., she's too controlled.

Nikita thinks a moment, then pulls on her jacket and walks toward the door.

        [N]     Maybe I can change that.

Michael and Operations watch her leave the room.


Nikita enters, and gives directions to one of the Techs.

        [N]     Get her out of that. ...  Thank you.

The Tech removes the optical equipment then departs, leaving Nikita and
Jenna alone - except for Operations, Michael and Birkoff who are still in
the Observation Room.


As Nikita approaches Jenna, Michael moves nearer to the glass, hands in his
pockets, studying the interplay between the two women carefully.


Nikita leans down and gently removes the electrodes attached to Jenna's
head, before straightening back up.

        [N]     I can help you. ...

Jenna refuses to look or even acknowledge Nikita is in the room.

        [N]     Jenna look at me.

Jenna holds off for one more moment, before slowly meeting Nikita's gaze.

        [N]     You're going to die ..., we both know that.  ... I can make
sure its over quickly.  I don't really want to see you suffer.

        [J]     Tell me the truth ..., did you feel anything at all?

        [N]     Yes.

        [J]     Pity ..., contempt.

        [N]     Not contempt.

        [J]     Desire?

Nikita thinks a moment, then -

        [N]     Yes. ...


Both Operations and Michael are watching Nikita pit her persuasion skills
against a skilled opponent.


        [J]     (CYNICAL LOOK)  Love?

Nikita pulls back a bit, unwilling, at first, to go that far.


Michael is closely studying the two women in this "battle of wits."


        [N]     I don't know.

Jenna starts to play with Nikita, knowing she (Jenna) is holding all the
cards - until she names the carrier.

        [J]     Say it. ...  Say you love me.

Nikita hesitates, then commits.

        [N]     I loved you.

Jenna does nothing for a minute, then disdainfully spites at Nikita.

        [J]     You're a whore!

Nikita, momentarily thrown off-balance by Jenna's reaction, meets her gaze
for a moment.  Then leaves.  Nikita has realized that Jenna was just playing
with her.  She joins the men in the Observation Room.


Nothing is mentioned of her conversation with Jenna when she returns to the
Observation Room.  Michael is at the far side of the room studying Jenna's
responses to the visuals, while Operations is standing at the glass staring
at Jenna.

        [O]     Have her taken to the White Room, use neuroshock, then
re-run the sequence.

        [B]     I checked it ten times ..., she really is a machine.


Jenna is released from the chair and escorted out of the room.

        [WO]    Come with us.


As the rest watch Jenna being escorted out of the Gambit Room, Michael has
been studying the EKG of the optical sequence.

        [M]     What's this blip?

        [B]     Nothing.  It's post-sequence.

        [M]     What was she looking at?

        [B]     A blank screen.

        [M]     Run the last part of the sequence again.

Michael exits the Observation Room and enters the Gambit Room.


Once inside, he sits in the chair, holding the same position as Jenna did
during the sequence.

        [M]     Go.

The room darkens and Birkoff reruns the last part of the sequence.  When the
sequence is over the room brightens and Michael realizes he is looking at -
his own reflection in the dark viewing screen.

        [M]     She was looking at herself. ...


Michael has everyone's attention.

        [M]     (VOICE)  The blimp came because she was looking at her own


        [M]     Birkoff ..., the carrier would have a scar from the
operation.  What would it look like?


        [B]     Five centimeters long ..., left side below the rib cage.


Jenna is being escorted down a corridor to the White Room when Nikita rushes
up to them.  She quickly reaches down and pulls up Jenna's shirt enough to
see - an identical scar to the one Birkoff just described.  Jenna quickly
pulls her shirt back down and trades looks with Nikita.

        [N]     Get her to Containment ... now!

The two Operatives escorting Jenna quickly march her down to Containment,
Nikita following.  They open the heavy metal door and push her through.  As
the door begins to shut, Jenna looks up, sees Nikita - and throws her a kiss
- right as the door slams shut.


Walter and Belinda are dressed for the outside, obviously leaving on a date.
When Walter sees Operations approaching, he quickly hustles Belinda off.

        [W]     Oh-oh.  Let's get out of here ..., quick.


Operations joins Birkoff in Comm.  Birkoff is busy watching the departing
couple and doesn't realize Operations has joined him.  Operations knows
exactly what Birkoff is looking at - and why.

        [O]     You can't protect her forever ..., or him.

Birkoff is obviously thrown off with this observation.

        [B]     What do you mean?

        [O]     You know what I mean. ...  We know you tampered with her
Abeyance records. ... Don't start thinking with your heart.

Birkoff immediately crumbles.

        [B]     (SIGHS)  Sorry.

        [O]     You're too valuable to us.

Operations leaves the conversation here and walks away, letting Birkoff mull
it over.


Nikita is leaning against the wall, obviously disturbed about who was
baiting whom in this Mission when Michael joins her.

        [N]     How much time does she have?

        [M]     Not long. ...

        [N]     I thought I was manipulating her. ...  She obviously wanted
to be brought back here the whole time.

        [M]     Our Intel was faulty from the start ..., planted by Red Cell
to divert our attention from the real target ... us.  The doctor lied when
he said the carrier was a man.

Operations approaches them, and, after studying Nikita for a quick minute,
Michael leaves.

        [O]     The assignment you were given you carried out well.  The
blame lies elsewhere.

Operations starts to leave, but turns at the corridor's doorway to say one
more thing to Nikita.

        [O]     (QUIETLY)  Good work.

Operations leaves, and the look that Nikita now wears is almost despair.  In
Nikita's mind, Operations' 'thumbs up' is not what she needed to hear - that
he is commending her for adhering to the "Section way."  Also, she is left
with the stark fact that she had been manipulated by a pro (Jenna).  The
last thing you hear before the scene fades on Nikita's face is a large
muffled explosion.


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