The Victim

 Lets face it. Section life isn't a bowl of cherries, no matter how fantastic the clothes are, how wonderful your rent free apartment is, and how much you lust after your unbelievably delicious mentor. There's always the black part right under the silver lining.

For one there's the cold blooded killing. Who wouldnt squick after pouncing a guy one second and then watching as 'cleaners' drag his lifeless body out the door to join the pile of OTHER lifeless bodies, also of your making? Plus, you might break a nail.

Then there's the operative thing. So you get everything in life 'free' now. Big whoopey. You aren't allowed to travel, you might be called in for a mission. You aren't allowed to have a personal life, they might be captured by enemies and used against you. You aren't allowed to start a family. Could you imagine a woman in her third trimester shimmying up a air vent and through a heating grate, switching from mission garb to sexual candy evening wear, and then proceeding to seduce the guest of honor, whoever that may be? Nah. Besides, there's a rumor going around Section that Madeline would eat her young. Who's to say she wouldnt eat someone elses?

Then... and this is probably the worst one of all... there's the loneliness. Sure, you can have a friend or 7, but sooner or later, after you've abandoned them countless times when the phone rings, they're going to wonder what is up. Bye bye social life. Here are some possible conversations you might have.