Spec Ops

Transcribed by Karen Hay.

B = Birkoff      J = Jurgen      K = Kudrin      M = Michael      MA = Madeline      MO = Monitoring Operative      MR = Marco      N = Nikita      O = Operations      W = Walter



The episode starts with the camera panning around a small round white room.  We are in the 'Surveillance Room' where Nikita has been placed for observation.  She is dressed in a white tank top and pants.  As we watch her we hear the song "Smack My B****h Up" by Prodigy.  [Gee, I wonder what the songwriter was doing when he titled this song?!]  Nikita seems to propel herself around the room between exercising and lounging on the bed.  Her actions remind me of a four-year old who has been sent to her room as punishment.  Nikita is obviously better and ready to start her 'reprogramming.'


The camera pulls back and we are now viewing Nikita from a monitoring room.  Besides the Operative manning the surveillance equipment, Operations, Madeline and Michael are present.

[MA]   Her strength is returning.

[O]     Yes. ...  Not that she ever seemed what you would call weak.

[M]     I'll set up a program.

[O]     No.

[M]     She's ready.

[O]     Yes. ...  But, we've decided to let ... Jurgen handle it.

[M]     Why?

[MA]   You're the one who brought her out. ...  You're too close to the situation.  We need complete objectivity.

[O]     Jurgen ....

A man enters the room —Jurgen.  He is around thirty-five and self-contained.  You realize that this man holds some power in Section.
[O]     Are you familiar with a case history of an agent named Nikita?

[J]     I just got the file.

[O]     About six months ago she was placed in Abeyance ..., then sent on a Mission against the Freedom League.  At first, we thought she was dead.  Then we received word that she'd been taken prisoner.

[J]     You think she cooperated with the League?

[MA]   That's what we want you to tell us.  We want a complete evaluation ..., physical, psychological, and emotional.

While Operations speaks, Michael is studing Jurgen.  It's apparent that there is a 'history' between the two men.
[J]     She's mine.

[MA]   You own her.

[O]     Find out the truth.  You have one week.

Jurgen nods and turns to leave.  He and Michael lock glances.
[J]     Good to see you, Michael.
One more measured look passes between them before Jurgen leaves.


Nikita is lying face down on her bed when the door opens and Michael enters.  She immediately sits up, smiles and greets him in a happy tone, "... Michael"!  Michael slowly enters the room and circles the bed, until he is standing against the far wall, under the surveillance camera.  Nikita is hurriedly trying to spruce herself up as she talks to him (releases her hair from its knot) --

[N]     I was wondering when you'd come see me.

[M]     You were in Observation, it wasn't permitted.

[N]     Does that mean I'm out now?

[M]     As of an hour ago.

While standing at the far end of the room, Michael attaches a small white device to the wall and clicks it on.


We see the Operative manning the surveillance equipment immediately lose the picture.

[MO]   I've lost sync on five.


Michael steps up to Nikita (who is kneeling on the bed).  She immediately leans forward and reaches for Michael.  He holds her off so just her hands are against his chest.  As they talk she lightly strokes him and it is apparent that she wants to be much closer.  [It is also apparent that Michael and Nikita differ on what is foremost on their minds.]

[M]     We have two minutes. ...  Do you know of a man named Jurgen?

[N]     I've heard of him.  Special Ops.

[M]     You'll be spending some time with him.

[N]     Is that bad?

[M]     Yes.  Operation's not convinced you're telling the truth.  Jurgen's been assigned to find out for sure.

[N]     Well, I won't let him.

[M]     Its not going to be easy. ...  Supposedly you were tortured for six months.  Progress too slowly ..., you'll seem damaged; too quickly, and they'll be suspicious.

[N]     I can handle it.  (WHISPER)  When are we going to see each other?

[M]     I don't know. ...  Just be careful.

Michael backs up and disconnects the device under the camera.  The monitor immediately comes back on-line.  He gives her one more studied look, then leaves.


Operations is briefing Michael and several other Operatives (including an Operative named Marco) --

[O]     We received a message this morning from a contact in Hong Kong concerning a man named Kudrin.

[MR]   Wasn't Kudrin in the Freedom League?

Operations pulls up a blue screen showing surveillance tapes on Kudrin.
[O]     Yes.  He was at a base we incinerated two weeks ago. ...  Apparently, he survived.

[M]     That's impossible.

[O]     Not so.  Our contact is reliable. ...  Its very likely Kudrin's back in touch with the remnant of the League ..., so we need him alive for questioning.  Michael, put together a Team ..., you'll leave in a hour.

Michael doesn't respond —seems lost in thought.  Operations has to get his attention.
[O]     Michael ...?!

[M]     (RECOVERING)  Of course.

Michael stands and leaves the Briefing Area to assemble a Team.


Walter emerges from his gated work area and sees Nikita standing next to his work table.

[W]     Wow!  Look who's here ..., back from the dead! ...  Hi, Sugar.
Walter has a delighted smile on his face as he walks over and gives Nikita a big hug.
[W]     Uh ..., I wanted to come to see you, but they wouldn't let me.

[N]     (SMILES)  I know.

[W]     (TENTATIVELY)  The Freedom League was ..., was it bad what they did to you?

[You can tell Nikita is very uncomfortable lying to her friends about being tortured.  Therefore, she acts more restrained then she normally would.  I loved how Peta played this.  Her discomfort came over loud and clear.]
[N]     It was bad enough.

[W]     Anything I can do, you tell me.

[N]     Uh ..., I'll be fine.  But thank you.

Walter starts to select various weapons on his work table, as he adds --
[W]     So, what's next?

[N]     I'm not sure, I ..., I'm going into Rehab with a man named Jurgen.  Do you know him?

[W]     Yeah, I know him.

[N]     And ...?

[W]     I've seen him help people ...; I've seen him destroy people. ...  You can catch me later ..., there's a Mission on the pad.

[N]     What's the Mission?

[W]     One of the Freedom Leaguers survived the assault ..., could have been one of guys that worked you over! ...  We bring them back, maybe you can ... pay him back! ...  Wish us luck!

With that he smiles and retreats back through his gated work area.  You can see that Nikita is troubled over this 'news' about the Mission.


Nikita is waiting outside the room where Michael is holding a briefing with the Operatives he selected for the upcoming Mission.  Michael is the last one to leave the room, and Nikita stops him.

[M]     Michael. ...  Is it true that someone survived the assault?

[M]     A man named Kudrin. ...  Did you hear about him when you were with the League?

[N]     (THINKS)  No. ...  But he might know that I was there for only two days, instead of six months.

[M]     Right.

[N]     If he's captured and questioned by Madeline. ...

[M]     I'll take care of it.  Just make sure you handle Jurgen.

They hold a quick look, then Michael continues down the hall.


Michael and a Team of Operatives move through the crowed alleyways.  When they come to bisecting alleys Michael sends Operatives down them to check for Kudrin.  Michael suddenly sees him ahead at the end of the corridor (the camera shows Kudrin's reflection in Michael's sunglasses).  Kudrin sees Section at the same time and takes off, with Michael and the other Operatives giving chase.  They are running, pushing and barreling their way through the crowded corridors and shops (the corridors seem to open on to various shops and restaurants).  Michael is ahead of the other Operatives by a couple of seconds.  [Michael definitely looks like he's in his 'Terminator' mode.  He is wearing a different type of black T-shirt and a leather jacket.  It looks like he hadn't shaved that day, hair is pulled back and wearing sunglasses.]  As Kudrin makes a dash through a crowded restaurant, Michael pulls out his gun (that has a laser sight) and shoots him, ignoring the people scattering to get out of gun range.  You see people scream and disperse as Michael slowly approaches Kudrin, gun still drawn.  Just as he reaches him, Marco arrives.

[MR]   We were suppose to take him alive!

[M]     I had no choice.

[MR]   Hope you can sell that to Operations.

As Michael starts to walk off Marco leans down and feels for a pulse.
[MR]   This must be your lucky day.

[M]     What do you mean?

[MR]   He's not dead ..., not yet anyways.  Maybe he'll pull through.

Michael turns and you, once again, see Kudrin reflected in Michael sunglasses.
[M]     Bring him in.


Nikita looks through the window in the door.  She sees a large room, with stairs leading down to a wide expanse that houses only a table, two chairs and an exercise/training simulator.  A man is sitting at the table.  However, before she can knock, she hears "... its open."  Nikita enters, slowly descends the stairs and approaches Jurgen.  He is staring intently at a gameboard.

[J]     Do you know what this it?

[N]     Go.  [Chinese game]

[J]     Do you play?

[N]     No.

[J]     You should.  You'd be surprised what it can teach you.

[N]     I'm not much for games.

Jurgen appraises her for a moment (taking off his glasses), then rises and moves to stand in front of her.  [Every time he asks this next question his voice gets lower, until its almost a whisper.]
[J]     Why are you here?

[N]     They sent me.

[J]     Why are you here?

[N]     To increase my proficiency levels.

Jurgen moves closer to Nikita and stares at her intently.
[J]     Why are you here?

[N]     To become a better Operative.

Jurgen moves back to the table and replaces his glasses.
[J]     Thought you didn't like games.

[N]     I'm here because I don't want to die.

Jurgen starts drinking from a water bottle.
[J]     Good. ...  You might just live ..., if you obey one .. simple .. rule. ...  Don't tell me any more lies.
Nikita holds her hands up in the air.
[N]     The truth, the whole truth, nothing but.

[J]     That's right.

[N]     I'm not sure that's possible in Section.

[J]     No need to worry about the Section. ...  You need to worry about me.

Nikita meets his gaze for a moment, before nodding, then sitting down, rubbing her hands over her pants.  She gazes at the board, asking --
[N]     Shall we begin the session?

[J]     We just finished. ...  I'll see you tomorrow.

Nikita give him an uncertain look, then gets up and leaves.  Jurgen studies her as she walks away.


Kudrin wakes up to find himself strapped to a hospital bed, and hooked up to medical equipment.  Madeline is standing over him.

[MA]   Mr. Kudrin. ...  You've had a rough couple of days.  The doctors say you're going to live. ...  That's the bad news.  ...  There is no good news.
As Madeline moves around the bed we see Michael watching the interrogation from the observation area.
[MA]   You'll notice the pain is minimal, given the severity of your wounds. ...  That's because we've pumped you full of pain killers.  The painkillers we've used are highly addictive ..., and they work very quickly.  If the supply is cut off, you'll suffer not only the pain of your wounds, but the pain of withdrawal.  Most people find the combination unpleasant. ...  The remaining members of the Freedom League ..., where are they ...?
Kudrin refuses to answer Madeline.
[MA]   When you feel you'd like to speak with me ..., just push the button next to your hand.
With that Madeline leaves the room.


Nikita is pacing herself on a jogger located in the middle of the simulator.  She is carrying a gun.  You can tell she is exhausted.

[J]     Hostile action.
Nikita jumps off the jogger and points at simulated hostile images trying to shoot her.  She hits every target.
[J]     One-twenty.
Nikita jumps back on the jogger and starts a faster pace.
[J]     That's enough.
Nikita leaves the simulator and reaches for a bottle of water sitting on a table next to the simulator —its empty.
[J]     Sorry.  I must have finished it.
Nikita puts the bottle down and grabs a towel to wipe her face.  As she walks toward Jurgen she pulls on her jacket.  Suddenly, hands reach around her from behind.  Two Operatives are attacking.  Nikita defends herself, but is finally pinned down by one of them.
[J]     Stop!
The Operatives leave.  Nikita lies on the floor, spent.
[J]     Your report said they used neuro-shock.

[N]     Yes, that's right.

[J]     It damages nerve tissue.  Sometimes its permanent.

[N]     Meaning what?

[J]     You .. may .. have already reached your maximum performance level.

[N]     It's not good enough?

[J]     No.

[N]     Then I'm going to have to try ... and be better.

As Nikita says this, she stands.
[J]     Michael's report didn't mention the neuro-shock.

[N]     Well, he wasn't there ..., I was.

[J]     He did the ... initial debriefing.

[N]     I was in pretty bad shape. ...  Then, I made ... a final report, later.

[M]     I'll see you this afternoon.



Michael and Nikita are talking in whispers --

[N]     He found some discrepancies between your report and mine.

[M]     That was deliberate.  A complete agreement would suggest collusion.

[N]     What happened to Kudrin?

[M]     They're keeping him alive.

[N]     Have they questioned him yet?

[M]     They're doing it now.

[N]     So, what do you want to do?

[M]     Wait.

Nikita stares at Michael intently.
[N]     So what are we going to do ..., you and I? ...  Something happened between us, Michael.  We can't keep pretending that it didn't.

[M]     This isn't the right time.

[N]     We may never have another time. ... We can kiss ..., we can touch. ...  There's nothing stopping us.

[M]     They'll know.  They'll see it in our eyes when we look at each other.  And it won't be long before they figure out the truth.

[N]     And they'll cancel us.

[M]     Yes.

[N]     I'd be willing to die if it meant in the meantime I could live ..., really live ..., for just one day.

Nikita moves to kiss Michael, but he turns his head sharply, saying --
[M]     Nikita, wait.

[N]     Until when?

[M]     Until you've finished Rehab.  Until their attention is somewhere else.

[N]     And after that, will there be another excuse?

[M]     I don't know.  I just know right now it's too risky.

[N]     I came back for you!  For us to be together.

[M]     That's going to be difficult now.  We'll have to be careful.

[N]     I'm tired of being careful.

[M]     Get over it!

Nikita stands back, stunned, and stares at Michael a moment, then stalks down the corridor muttering "Get Over It"!


Michael meets Madeline leaving her last session with Kudrin.

[M]     He talked?

[MA]   He gave me a location of a safe house in Munich.  It may lead to other locations.

[M]     I'll take a Team out tonight.

[MA]   That's a start, but I think he knows more.

[M]     More about what?

[MA]   About the League. ...  What else?

[M]     Nothing.

[MA]   How's Nikita?

[M]     She seems fine.  What does Jurgen say?

[MA]   Nothing, yet.

Michael and Madeline lock glances for a moment, then Michael continues down the corridor.


Birkoff has designed a 3-D hologram of the League's safe house.  Surrounding the viewing table are Operations, Michael and Marco.  Birkoff goes over the best plan of attack.

[B]     From what we've been able to extrapolate with Kudrin, our best point of entry is here.  (HIGHLIGHTS A POINT OF THE HOLOGRAM)

[O]     Where's the host system?


[O]     Room traffic?

[B]     Minimal.  But they will be there to protect the computer.

[O]     It has all Freedom League data on it ..., including their Directory.

[B]     Most of your hostile activity will be in the corridor ..., which means we can't saturate.  We set off an alarm too soon ..., they'll destroy it themselves.  I'd run it single.

[O]     Only one?

[B]     (HIGHLIGHTS POSSIBLE ACCESS POINT)  If you enter from here .., you'll get into the room with minimal resistance.

Operations looks at Marco --
[O]     You take it.
Michael breaks in --
[M]     No.

[O]     What?

[M]     I've run this pattern before.  I have a higher P.O.S.

Operations thinks a moment, then agrees --
[O]     All right.  Do it.
As Operations leaves, Birkoff give Michael additional instructions --
[B]     Once you get the Hash Table, give me a pulse.  I'll be bringing everyone in for egress. ...  If we pull this off, its more Intel in one place then we've ever seen!
You can tell from Michael's expression that he's thinking about possible information he doesn't want seen by Section.


The windows of the room holding the computer have been blackened, but someone has drawn faces and designs in the black paint.  You can see sunlight streaming through these etchings into the room.  Through one of the designs you see Michael peering in at the sentries posted around the computer.  He enters by bursting through the window, and takes out all sentries posted around the computer.  Without hesitating a moment, he rips the computer apart with a strafe of bullets.


Michael is being reamed out by Operations for letting the League destroy the computer (not knowing that Michael destroyed it himself) --

[O]     Every one was a hit ..., the computer was yours. ...  What happened?

[M]     By the time I'd secured the room, they had destroyed the computer.

[O]     What's going on, Michael?

[M]     Nothing.

[O]     When Nikita was missing you had a rough time.  Now that she's back ..., you're having another.

[M]     It has nothing to do with Nikita.

[O]     You of all people should know the dangers ... of an emotional involvement with colleagues. ...  Is there anything you want to tell me, Michael?

[M]     No.

They hold a look as the scene fades.


Nikita walks in to start her afternoon session.  She notices that Jurgen is busy calibrating something inside the simulator and hasn't noticed her.  Before Jurgen turns around, she 'casually' lowers the zipper on her exercise suit and smoothes her hair.  She leans against the entrance to the simulator, asking --

[N]     Another firefight sim?

[J]     What else did they do to you ..., besides the neuro-shock?

[N]     Uh ..., sleep deprivation, propaganda ..., threats.  Oh, promises ...

[J]     Promises?  Of what?

[N]     Money ..., a safe haven on some island.

[J]     Sounds great.  Why didn't you accept?

[N]     Well, I didn't believe them.

[J]     They'd kill you whether you cooperated or not.

[N]     That's right.

[J]     Soooo ..., why resist?  Why not get it over with?

[N]     Why does anybody resist torture?

[J]     Most don't. ...  Why did you?

[N]     Loyalty.

[J]     To the Section.

[N]     Yes, that's right.

[J]     I told you before ..., if you want to live ..., don't lie to me.

[N]     I'm loyal ... to the Section.  That is the way we're trained, isn't it?



Michael approaches Madeline in the hallway.

[M]     Birkoff just cracked Freedom League's Directory.

[MA]   So I hear.

[M]     There's no longer any reason to keep Kudrin alive.

[MA]   He may still have some useful information.

[M]     We have all we need.

[MA]   Why are you so anxious to see him die?

[M]     He's wasting resources.

Jurgen breaks into the conversation.  He is leaning the corridor wall as Madeline and Michael approach --
[J]     Not necessarily.  Ask Kudrin about Nikita.

[M]     What about her?

[J]     He may have been in the camp when she was tortured.  He could tell us exactly what they did to her.

[MA]   Is that important?

[J]     Yes. ...  There's something ... she's not telling me.

[MA]   She's probably repressing the worst of it.

[J]     Its not repression.

[MA]   Deception?

Michael is staring intently at Jurgen while he holds this conversation with Madeline.
[J]     Anything Kudrin could tell us would be useful. ...  Unless Michael objects.

[M]     No.  Its a good idea.

[MA]     Then its settled.

Michael and Jurgen lock into a long look before Michael walks away.  [I think 'pregnant pause' is a good description of this last interaction between the two men.]


Jurgen is present when Madeline interrogates Kudrin about Nikita.  We see Michael watching from the Observation area.

[MA]   We're interested in a woman who was held in Base Camp 4.

[K]     There was no prisoner in Base Camp 4.

[MA]   That's not true. ...  She was rescued during the assault.

[K]     Impossible.

[MA]   She was held for six months.  We want to know what your people did to her.

[K]     We don't hold prisoners.  We interrogate, then dispose of them.

[MA]   Whatever was done to her, we won't hold it against you personally.  In fact, the only way that you can make things worse for yourself is if you lie.

[K]     There was no .. prisoner!  Certainly not for more than a few days!

Madeline studies Kudrin thoughtfully, then exchanges looks with Jurgen.


Operations walks down one of the main hallways, stops at a door and types in a code on a keypad located next to the door.  It opens to reveal Madeline's new office.  It is spare —and gray, just like the rest of Section.  There are, however, personal touches that show this is Madeline's office.  [One major difference is that there is not one dressmaker's dummy or stitch of clothing to be seen.  I get the strong impression that Madeline has just been given a promotion!]

[O]     So?

[MA]   I've come to know Mr. Kudrin rather well lately, and there's a good chance he's telling the truth.

[O]     Perhaps Nikita was a prisoner, but he wasn't aware of it.

[MA]   Perhaps.

[O]     Jurgen's evaluation of Nikita?

[MA]   That's she's hiding something.

[O]     If she wasn't a prisoner of the Freedom League, then she's been outside the Section for six months ..., free!

[MA]   Yes.

[O]     So why would she come back?

[MA]   I don't know.  But it raises another possibility.

[O]     What's that?

[MA]   That Michael knows the truth ..., and he lied to protect her. ...  A bond between two agents isn't always such a bad thing.

[It almost sounds like Madeline is posing this last statement in a way to 'test the waters' of Operations' feelings concerning this possibility.  Operations leaves no doubt what his thoughts are.]
[O]     This level of betrayal would be unacceptable.

[MA]   Yes.

[O]     Get to the bottom of it, then we'll do what we have to do.

Operations starts to walk away, then turns back and asks --
[O]     Are you happy with your new office?
[Operations states this in such a way that it sounds as if he was asking Madeline how she liked the flowers he sent her!  I guess in Section you 'say it with a new office.']
[MA]   Very.

[O]     I'm glad.

[MA]   Thank you.



Nikita is in the middle of a firefight simulation, she swivels quickly, shooting her laser gun at various holographic targets which pop up at irregular intervals and locations.

[J]     All right.

[N]     How am I doing?

[J]     Your reflexes are at 90 percent, but your coordination is no better than 75.

[N]     Yeah, I can feel it.  I'm still out of sync.

[J]     So ..., we'll step up the pace.

[N]     All right.

As she leaves the simulator, Jurgen asks --
[J]     Have you started playing Go yet?

[N]     No, I haven't.

[J]     Why not?  I told you to.

[N]     I didn't realize it was an order.

[J]     In Go, every move is a cover ... for something else.

[N]     Well, I'm sure its Section's most popular pastime.

Jurgen smiles agreement.
[N]     Anything else?

[J]     No.

As Nikita turns to leave --
[J]     Oh ..., there is one thing ....
As Nikita turns back, Jurgen unexpectedly attacks.  Nikita quickly recovers and responds.
[J]     You don't seem out of sync now.


Nikita is crouched in a corner, waiting for Michael.  As he enters the hallway Nikita stands and tells him --

[N]     He knows I wasn't a prisoner.

[M]     How?

[N]     Just does.

[M]     Does he know about us?

[N]     I don't know.

[M]     I'm under suspicion, too.  I destroyed a Freedom League computer.  I was afraid it might contain data about their prisoners.

[N]     I wouldn't be in it.

Michael studies Nikita's face for a moment, then --
[M]     You asked me once what to do, and I said "wait."  I have a better answer now. ...  Get away from here.  Be free again.
A half happy/half surprised look appears on Nikita's face.
[N]     You mean it?

[M]     I mean it. ... I have a plan.  Its not perfect, but it should give you two days start, maybe more.

[N]     Me?  What about you?

[M]     I'll have to stay behind.

[N]     And if the truth comes out after I'm gone?

[M]     That's a chance I'll have to take.

[N]     You'll do anything, can't you ..., except be with me. ...  Michael, you can go to hell!  I ran once and it didn't work.  I'm not running again!

With that Nikita turns and storms away.  Before she can go more than a couple of feet, Michael stops her.
[M]     (WHISPERS)  Nikita. ...  There's another way.  It won't be easy.  It requires something from both of us. ...  I'll get Kudrin to lie to say you were a prisoner.

[N]     How are you going to do that?

[M]     That's my problem. ...  Your problem is to take care of Jurgen.

[N]     By doing what?

[M]     Whatever it takes.



Nikita makes an unscheduled visit to Jurgen.  He is meditating in the lotus position, his back to her.  Nikita is wearing her jacket with the hood covering her head.  Her expression is serious, intent.

[J]     You're not scheduled.

[N]     I though I'd get in a little extra work, if that's all right with you.

[J]     It's fine. ...  What'll it be?

[N]     Whatever you want ..., just give it your best shot.

[J]     You sure you're ready for that?

[N]     I think so.

The camera moves so we see Nikita's back.  She is carrying an assassin-like knife tucked in the back of her pants.  Up to now Jurgen has not turned to face Nikita, but he gets up and does so now.
[J]     What did you do on the outside?

[N]     You mean ..., before I came into Section?

[J]     I mean during the six months you were supposedly held prisoner by the Freedom League.

[N]     Supposedly ...?

[J]     What were you really doing? ...  Where did you live? ...  How did you support yourself?

[N]     I don't know what you're talking about.

As they speak Nikita is slowly reaching for the knife she has hidden.  Jurgen slowly begins to advance toward her.
[J]     This is disappointing.  I was hoping you took me seriously when I told you not to lie.

[N]     I'm not lying.

[J]     You see, it felt wrong from the start.  You were repressing something, but ... not a memory.  More ..., like a secret.

[N]     You're wrong.

[J]     Am I?  I don't think so. ...  I think I got it right. ...  See, I know why you're here.

Both Nikita and Jurgen start circling each other, like two predators getting ready for a fight to the death.


Michael enters and raises Kudrin's bed so they are eye-to-eye.  You can tell Kudrin is in a great deal of pain.

[M]     What do you want?

[K]     (CONFUSED)  What?

[M]     What do you want?

[K]     To die.

[M]     I can help.

[K]     Then do it.

[M]     I want something in return. ...  If you do exactly as I say, you'll die quickly. ...  If you betray me, I'll see that you remain like this forever.

[K]     Whatever you say, just do it!



A pair of legs (clothed in pants) are walking down a hallway.  We assume its Madeline on her way to speak with Kudrin.


Hands (we assume they are Michael's) pinch off the IV and remove it from the pole.  The hands then open a small container which holds a single black pellet.


[J]     Tell me why you came back. ...  It was Michael ..., wasn't it?


A small pair of tweezers is used to lift the pellet and drop it into the IV solution, where it slowly drifts down until it is hidden at the bottom (next to the IV tube opening).


[J]     He has you under his thumb ..., just like all the rest ...!  What, you think you're the first?  Manipulating beautiful woman is his specialty! ...  You've heard of Simone?

[N]     He loved Simone.

[M]     He's never loved anyone ..., not even himself.

Nikita's tension levels are rising.  Jurgen seems to be pushing her to act, but acts unconcerned about the outcome.


Madeline enters.  You see Michael watching from the Observation Area.

[MA]   You wanted to see me?

[K]     Yes.

[MA]   I'm listening.

[K]     There was a prisoner. ...  Blond hair. ...  We used the most advanced techniques. ...  She suffered ..., but ..., gave us nothing.

[MA]   Why didn't you tell me this before?

[K]     I've told you ... now. ...  Kill me!

[MA]   I only wish I could.  But, you kept this back ..., and you may be keeping something else back, too. ...  I'm afraid we're going to have to let you live a little longer.

With that Madeline turns to leave.  As soon as her back is turned Michael takes out a small detonator and presses the button.  The small pellet explodes into Kudrin's IV solution.


[J]     He's dead inside. ...  He's made you dead, too! ...  You came to kill me because he told you to. ...  If he told you to have sex with me, you'd do that too. ...  You're his slave!
At this Nikita pulls the knife and readies to attack.


A sound coming from Kudrin's bed has Madeline turning to see the cause.  Kudrin is starting to convulse.  She hits a button next to the bed.

[MA]   Medic to holding —now!

Before a medic can arrive Kudrin becomes still, and his heart monitor flatlines.  Out of the corner of our screen we see Michael turn and walk away.


[J]     Section will know it wasn't an accident.

[N]     I don't give a damn about the Section!

As they speak Nikita has started to lunge at Jurgen with the knife, coming closer and closer.
[J]     Neither do I! ...  Because death doesn't matter if you've truly been alive! ...  And now you're not thinking about the Section, or being canceled ..., or anything ..., except what you want ..., to put that knife deep inside my throat!  Isn't that right?!

[N]     That's right!

Jurgen suddenly stops and lets Nikita point the knife at his throat.  You can see Nikita struggling to kill him ..., but can't.  She throws the knife away and collapses on the floor, sobbing.
[J]     Congratulations. ...  You're alive again. ... As far as I'm concerned, our sessions are over.
Jurgen walks away and leaves Nikita broken on the floor.


Nikita walks over and joins Michael --

[M]     Is it over?
[N]     Yes.
But she looks beyond Michael and watches as Jurgen passes them, heading for Operations office.  We can see that both Operations and Madeline are there, waiting for his evaluation.  Jurgen gives neither Michael nor Nikita a look as he passes them.  Michael's face turns blank as he realizes what Nikita has done —or not done.
[N]     He's no danger to us.

[M]     You just signed our death warrant.



When Nikita enters, it is obvious that she has been sent for.  Both Operations and Madeline are there.

[N]     You wanted to see me?

[O]     Yes.  Your evaluation is complete.

[MA]   You should have told us the truth, Nikita. ...  Jurgen told us everything. ...  The Freedom League used forced hypnotic regression, didn't they? ...  They reduced you to a little girl again, tried to build you back up.

Nikita's expression clears as she realizes she's not about to be canceled.
[N]     Yes, that's right.

[O]     Its nothing to be ashamed of ..., especially since you didn't crack.

[N]     (IMPROVISING)  Well, I ... felt if they put me through it one more time, I might.

[MA]   The point is we could have done a better job of helping you if we'd known. ...  As it is, Jurgen says you've made it nearly all the way back on sheer willpower.

[N]     Yes.

[O]     In any event, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that a Team returned just an hour ago. ...  The last remnants of the Freedom League have been destroyed.

[N]     (NODS)  So ..., ah ..., what now?

[MA]   You'll work a while longer with Jurgen.  If all goes well, you'll be returned to active status.


[O]     Well done, Nikita.

Nikita gives them a small smile and leaves.


[N]     Forced Hypnotic Regression.  Does it even exist?

[J]     It exists.  It can destroy your emotional structure in a matter of days.

[N]     Any residual effect?

[J]     Report some nightmares, just to keep it convincing.  Then ..., in two or three weeks, come up to full proficiency, and you'll be in the clear.

Jurgen starts to walk away, but stops when Nikita calls his name --
[N]     Thanks.
Jurgen gives her a small nod and smile, then walks away.  Nikita thinks a moment, then turns and walks down the hallway to join Michael --
[N]     You still don't trust him?

[M]     Why should he protect us?

[N]     I don't know. ...  But he just did.

[M]     You've been in Section long enough, Nikita.  You should know better.

Nikita briefly turns and looks back down the hall Jurgen had disappeared into.
[N]     If he was going to betray us, he would have done it by now.

[M]     Betrayal gets him nothing. ...  But he has power over us ..., because he knows the truth and ... one day ... he'll use that power.

[N]     For what?

[M]     We'll find out soon enough.

[N]     No ..., I don't think so, Michael. ...  He's different.

[M]     Different from what?

Nikita gives Michael a long measured look, before retorting --
[M]     Different from you.
Nikita turns and leaves.  You can see that her words have affected Michael.  He briefly closes his eyes, as if to gather himself.


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