Season 3 Spoilers!!!
We've finally gotten some intel on the upcoming Season.  The first four episodes are an arc, like the 3 "Jurgen" episodes last season.  These spoilers were posted at Ultimate TV, and also a few comments were posted by Chris  Heyn on the WB and Heyn's Hussies sites.   Enjoy!!!

301: Looking For Michael
The Section One group plots Nikita's death in retaliation for the Adrian incident; Nikita meets Michael's family.

 302: Someone Else's Shadow
 Nikita moves in with Michael's family as part of his deep-cover assignment to locate a notorious terrorist.

 303: Opening Night Jitters
 Michael is asked to risk his wife's life in order to set a trap for her terrorist father.

304: Gates of Hell
This one is being kept a secret, but Chris has said that the ending will leave us both crying and cheering at the same time.

Other tidbits that Chris has told us: