Soul Sacrifice

(This episode was transcribed by Sandra/Quokka)

This transcript was written from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. usually after one quick viewing per screen--what I missed
is noted by ? ; my comments are interspersed.

Writer : Michael Loceff Director: David Warry-Smith
Actors: Terry : Khandi Alexander
Schtoppel : Carlo Rota
Sullivan Bates: John Ralston
Review Woman : Jane Moffat

COMMENTARY: Although I think that Michael Loceff is the most consistent writer and has the characters down
pat, this was an episode with almost too much intrigue. It certainly has some elements of the open-ness established
in Psychic Pilgrim but it is very difficult to tell what is really the truth. You really have to read the actors'
expressions in this one and maybe I'm just getting "sectionalized" but I started mistrusting everyone again.

Two other points before I start : lots of fun with costumes on this one--Nikita had a lot of different looks and some
good comic relief from Carlo Rota--this guy has to come back--anyone who can get both Michael and Nikita to tell
him to shut up can't be all bad! Oh yes, Madeline was not in this show.

Ops is standing at his usual station looking down at the minions. Nikita comes up behind him. Ops is wearing usual
grey/black suit and Nikita is in sleeveless black top.

Ops: Hello Nikita (not looking at her but out the large window). Your six-months numbers just came in
Nikita: What are they?
Ops: Evaluations. (He looks over at her) They tell us how effective you've been on live missions. I've been
following your progress since you returned to full status.
Nikita: How am I doing?
Ops: How do you think you're doing?
Nikita: I get the job done more quickly than most (beat, looks away then back) but I do have a more unorthodox
approach something that is frowned upon by Section.
Ops: (walks up to her with slight smile on face) Not by Section by me. If you were me, what would you do about it?
Nikita: I'd give me some time off...say, the next forty years (she says this strongly)
Ops smiles: That might not be possible. Officially I will not take action against you.
Nikita: Unofficially?
Ops: I'm going to ask Michael to keep a tighter rein on you (Nikita rolls her eyes) watch for weaknesses and see if
we can help you eliminate them.
Nikita: Eliminate them (she states more than questions this as in her conversation with Madeline at the end of
Mandatory Refusal "his weakness doesn't excuse yours)
Ops: That will be all. (he walks away from her) She looks at him then walks away. She is not happy.
Credits roll.
Nikita and Terry come in with thug in tow. He is wearing a black hood.
Nikita is talking to Terry: Could have been a lot worse.
Terry: Yeah, I hate being first team on a hot op.
They come up to Michael in the doorway. He pulls off the guy's hood.
Thug: You can't keep me here. I got people.
Michael: Take him to confinement.
As Nikita and Terry are taking the guy down the corridor, they are talking.

Terry: So, what do you do on your downtime?
Nikita: Nothing special. Live.
Terry: Wanna get a bite to eat?
Nikita looks at her startled. Yeah, maybe sometime.
The thug sees this and stops quickly and gets a punch in at Nikita then he grabs Terry but Nikita recovers quickly
and kicks him down then pushes him against the wall while Terry trains her gun on him.
Nikita goes over to the com: Medical, get an ? style access ?
She looks at Terry.

Outside Nikita's red brick building. Fountain bathed in red light to Nikita's apartment. Looks very nice--lots of blue
ambient lighting. Nikita is sitting at a small glass table, plates with food (omelets? brioche?) in front of her. Terry is
pouring red wine (looks like rosé--definitely a light red)
Nikita: I'm glad you came--it's not very often I get to hang out with another operative
Terry: What about Michael? Don't you guys hang out?
Nikita looks down: Not really.
Terry: But there's a closeness, yeah?
Nikita taking a bite of food: Yeah, there's a (shrug) closeness.
Terry nods: I've been there.
Nikita: Who with?
Terry: Just another op. It was before you got here.
Nikita: So what happened?
Terry: He was grabbed during a raid. We were willing to trade him for one we picked up but Ops said no so we
killed him.'s been four years but it seems like a lifetime.
Nikita: So have you got a boyfriend now?
Terry: Well, I wouldn't really call him a boyfriend but he's okay.
Nikita: Is that inside or out?
Terry: It's always best to make friends outside the Section.
Nikita takes a sip of wine and lifts her glass to Terry: Not always. They smile and click glasses.

In Section: Ops is facing a team of 5 operatives and has the screen up. Team includes Michael, Birkoff and one of
Vinczano's teammates. They are looking at a schematic of a building sectionalized by floor.

Ops: We've got two hostages on the third floor above a nightclub. Birkoff has a full A & E on the building and the
surrounding area. We're on a 9 hour clock. ?
Michael: What's the relative value of hostage versus target?
Ops: They're both priorities. We're dealing with a rogue entity. Sullivan Bates (a rather cute SOTW comes up on
screen-looks a bit like Bruce Greenwood from Nowhere Man and Sweet Hereafter) a former field operative who
worked his way up to regional strategist--Middle and East. He has 9 years of sensitive Intel. He wants to sell it.
Michael: What happened?
Ops: The industry found out about it and was converging when things got out of hand. Now they want us to clean
things up. Get on it.
All leave.

Nikita is coming into Walter's area and sees him descend a steel staircase with a heavy box. : Hi Walter:
Walter distractedly: Hi Sugar.
Nikita: Whatcha got?
Walter: Nothing...he won't look at her and is brushing her off.
Nikita: Walter, what's wrong
Walter: What do you mean?
Nikita: Well, I haven't seen you for over a week. I usually get a little more from you.
Walter testily: What do you want? --a floor show every time we meet? He hurries on.
Nikita backs off hurt but gathers herself and enters the systems room where she sees Terry in a heated
conversation with Michael. They don't see her at first. She overhears Terry saying : I've never asked you for
anything, Michael. Why can't you do this for me?
Michael doesn't answer. He sees Nikita and moves away.
Nikita looks at him but looks away when she sees him looking at her.
Nikita looks at Terry and Michael starts talking to Birkoff.: I'll coordinate from here. You'll be entering the
building from the NE side (he is addressing Nikita and Terry now). Work your way through the club. On the SE
corner, you'll find a stairwell. Go up there and standby.

Next scene.
A club--lots of smoke and blue lights. People dancing on different levels--real warehouse rage club. Wire cases and
hard-core S & M crowd. Meat hooks and wrapped mummy manikins plus naked dolls hanging upside down. Nikita
enters with arm around Terry. Both are dressed in leather and skimp. Nikita has on a black hat--akubra like more
than the floppy brim kind, black jacket and black shell.
Both have heavy makeup. Terry is wearing a net and nylon outfit and mauve makeup and a black boa.
Switch to room with yellow brick on the walls. It ain't OZ. Bates is there addressing two men whose wrists are
chained to meat hooks. There are two other thugs with him. The one man he is talking to has a bloody nose.
Bates: I don't understand you--all you have to do is tell me what I want and I'll let you down. You can walk outta
here. The guy just stares at him.

Back to club. Nikita: We're in position, Birkoff, can you help us?
Birkoff has schematic on screen with x and square marking Section ops and Bates' thugs (guess he can tell who is
"packing heat") Yeah, be careful crossing the room. Bates has security on the floor.
Nikita and Terry kind of hop, dance , sashay across the floor, Terry in front.
Back to Bates.
Bates: All right this is the last time that I'm going to ask. Look at me. LOOK AT ME. The guy on the meathook
stares at him. The thing is that I know someone from your department has been trailing me. Do you have anything
to tell me? Anything?
Back to Birkoff.
Birkoff: There's one heading right for you, Terry. Terry gives the thug a very quick left hook.
Birkoff: There's another one right behind him. Terry takes him out too but it's all very much in motion as they
move/dance across the floor. Terry grabs a cigarette from the mouth of some "sweet young thing" and she and
Nikita, chewing gum, hip hop into the next room where they see a staircase.
Birkoff: The stairs are clear, it's the first room at the top.
Back to Bates.
Bates to one of his thugs: Kill him. Get it on tape. The thug gets ready.
Nikita plants a device on the wall near the door. Got it Birkoff?
Birkoff: Yeah. A screen comes up with the interior five people (Bates, two thugs, two hostages) in infrared (or
yellow in this case)
Michael from behind Birkoff: There's a gun on each hostage. We'll need two in the interior. Terry and Snow.
Terry: What's their position?
Michael: Through the door on the left.
Terry: Will I have time?
Michael: They're about to shoot a hostage. Get off this channel and go.
Nikita to Terry: Let's go. What's the matter, Terry? What's wrong.
Terry to Nikita: I can't do it. I can't go in there.
Michael: Nikita, get to your point so we can go in. Nikita now.
Nikita: Michael, I'm going to take Terri's place.
Michael: Why?
Nikita: She twisted her ankle on the stairwell. She's not mobile enough.
Nikita takes Terry by the shoulder and kicks her ankle. A very audible cry from Terri. Nikita hears two bangs, the
door blows, then she goes in shooting the two thugs as she rolls. Bates hurls himself though a small window and
scrambles on the dancefloor of the club then weaves himself through.
Nikita: Michael, he's gone through the window. He's back in the club.
Michael: Team 2 tighten the perimeter. What about the hostages?
Nikita feels the neck of one. They're both dead.
Michael: Status of target?
Birkoff: Out of range.
Michael takes off his com and looks grim.

Terry is leaning on Snow and Nikita comes in behind them . Michael greets them at the door.
Michael to Terry: Are you all right?
Terry: Yes, it was a stupid thing. I'm sorry, Michael.
Michael says to Snow: Take her down to Medical. He turns to Nikita: After you check in, I want to see you in my
office. He walks away. She looks at Terry who is leaving with Snow then she follows Michael.

Ops office. Ops is looking very angry. Michael comes up behind him.
Ops not looking at him: What happened?
Michael: We had a dropout after the clock started.
Ops: Who?
Michael: Terry--she sprained her ankle coming upstairs.
Ops: We were only one layer thin?
Michael: Yes.
Ops: And Bates?
Michael: We didn't get him.
Ops: Maybe I should call NSA back and tell them we're as incompetent as they are. Find Bates.
Michael leaves.

Michael is in his office sitting at his computer. Nikita comes in. Michael doesn't look up.
Michael: Sit down
Nikita closes the door and sits down. She doesn't appear to be nervous. Has a calm smile on her face.
Michael: Terry sprained her ankle.
Nikita: Yes, that's right.
Michael: Why didn't she report? He looks at her.
Nikita openly: I don't know. Maybe she thought she could shake it off.
Michael: You didn't see her?
Nikita: Not at first. I'm on charlie(?) Why don't you ask her?
Michael: I will. Right now I'm asking you. You and Terry have recently become friends. Is that right?
Nikita: What's that supposed to mean?
Michael: Terry's one of our veteran officers, one of our best. To date, she's never had an anomaly.
Nikita: Good for her. (beat) Are we done?
Michael: Yes.
Nikita gets up. 'Kay. Pauses at door. See ya.

Nikita enters Medical. Terry sits up on the cot.
Nikita: Hey. Terry: Hey
Nikita: How does it feel?
Terry: Oh, it's fine , just a little swollen.
Nikita goes over and sits on the cot. You did NOT want to go out on that mission today.
Terry: I didn't want to go out on any of them.
Nikita looks at Terry and lifts her chin. What's going on, Terry?
Terry: I owe you a thanks not an explanation.
Nikita: Terry. Terry pulls Nikita to her and they hug.
Terry crying: I'm pregnant (it's interesting as she seems to be comforting Nikita more than the other way around).

Nikita's balcony.
Terry and Nikita are on the balcony.
Nikita: So, who's the father?
Terry: Just some guy I see now and then. Nothing serious.
Nikita: Well, does he know?
Terry: What would be the point? It's not as if we could get married and raise a family.
Nikita: So what happens now? What are you going to do?
Terry: I don't know.
Nikita: Well, this can't be the first time anyone's got pregnant in Section.
Terry: No, no it's not. You know Carolyn, redhead, works in Com. About five years ago she had a baby, came back
to work, never talked about it, acted as if it didn't happen.
Nikita: What about the baby?
Terry: Nobody knows.
Nikita: Maybe it found a good home.
Terry: Maybe. Maybe something else. All I know is there's no daycare centre down there.
Nikita: This is not a secret you're going to be able to keep for long. She puts her hand on Terry's shoulder.


Ops: Bates has lost his hostages but our source informed us he still has open deals with his buyers.
Michael: What is Bates selling?
Ops: ? Identities and locations of undercover NSA agents for something called the Plimpton project. He'll mark his
price. Cost of having to take down the agents himself.
Birkoff: When Bates turned, he formed a partnership with a handful of independent brokers. They make his deals.
One of the brokers is ours. Mick Schtoppel.. We brought him in when we took down Ilya Fenko. We forged a
relationship with him and sent him back out. He gets us to Bates.
Michael: Good.

Walter's area.
Walter is packing filter tips into a gold cigarette case. He is explaining but not looking at Michael.
Walter: Smoke this down to here. You'll be able to smell it. When the fuse is lit, you'll have three seconds to get rid
of it.
Michael: And the charge?
Walter: Contained but significant.
Michael: Enough to set off an alarm?
Walter testily again. Yeah, it'll work. Like I told you. Okay?
Michael looks at him then walks away.
Michael sees Nikita. She is wearing a red bomber jacket over a white sleeveless shirt. One of the jacket sleeves is
off her shoulder and she looks relaxed.
He goes over to her and they are below Ops' area. Ops is above them.
Michael: Have you reviewed the profile?
Nikita: I haven't completed the final. I'm on my way out to Systems to do that now.
Michael: What about Terry?
Nikita: She's getting dressed.
Michael: And her ankle?
Nikita: It's coming fine. Michael stares at her.
Nikita: Is that all?
Michael looks up/over at Ops. Can I see you over there. He indicates a corner out of Ops range.
Nikita follows him. What's wrong?
Michael: I know Terry. She didn't just sprain her ankle. What's she hiding?
Nikita: Nothing that I know. What did she talk to you about?
Michael: When?
Nikita: In Systems before last night's mission. She seemed pretty upset.
Michael: She was but she didn't want to tell me. That's why I thought you might know.
Nikita: No.
Michael: If there's something going on with her that could compromise her performance then you need to tell me.
Nikita: What do you want me to tell you, Michael? I don't know what's going on but if you doubt me why don't you
just pull her off the mission?
Michael: If I pull her off, she'll undergo a complete re-evaluation. I'm asking you to tell me do I need to do that?
Nikita: I don't think that's necessary. No.
She leaves.

A long grey limo pulls around the corner of the business section in downtown. There is an elongated statue of two
heads in the background (Toronto ops could likely pinpoint this location) Costumes here. Bald headed man wearing
suit and gold shirt. Michael is wearing dark suit, blue shirt, purple tie. Terry has on a purple low-cut shell. Nikita
has on a platinum medium length wig with bangs, lots of makeup and is swathed in a white fur. Think pimps and
their girls.

Mick Schtoppel leaning over to Terry. British accent. You are joking with this outfit right? (Obviously no-one has
taken over Madeline's old job).
Terry: What's wrong with it?
Mick: Well this kind of Section One Party, these people are sophisticated. It's going to reflect badly on me.
Terry: Is that sophisticated as in terrorist, drug addict or murderer?
Mick leans over an fingers her top: Is this a bit of spandex?
Nikita: Knock it off.
Mick: What did I say? What did I say?
Michael: Let's go over it one more time.
Mick: All right, you are team leader.
Michael: Once we're settled in I'll give you a signal. Once the decoy's set, you'll make your way to the computer .
Mick isn't paying attention. He is fingering something other than Terry's top. This new designer drug. It is so new
it doesn't even have a name yet. To Terry. Want some? She looks away.
Mick: Look, the people you're gonna meet tonight, we're going to party. If you're not, they're going to wonder that
the hell you're doing there in the first place.
Nikita: ? Schtoppel, we're party animals.
Mick: Oh right. Yeah, right baby. To Terry again. Have some?
Next scene . The party--California pool party. Most of the women are young and gorgeous and in bikinis. A waiter
is serving designer pills in martini glasses. A girl comes out of the pool. Flash to another girl in a bikini smoking a
cigar. Flash to Nikita.
Moves up Nikita's body to reveal that she too is wearing a bikini--white under the fur which is draped open around
her shoulders. She has on clear high plastic shoes and a drop collar necklace. She is dancing with two guys--Mr.
Dreadlocks in purple shirt and Mr. Shoppers Drugmart Cosmetics Club Commercial--the old Carnaby Street look
revamped. She is dirty dancing and Michael is watching her from across the pool and smoking a cigarette. There is
an appreciative look on his face and she is looking at him as she dances.
Birkoff: Michael, start the sequence.

Mick starts talking to Terri --they are close to Michael--about the weapon sequence. She leaves and says to Mick
and Michael: I'll be right back.
Mick: I'm going to miss you baby.
He says to Michael: She's a juicy one, that one.
Michael is still smoking.
Meanwhile Nikita says to her partners: Can you just wait one moment for me? Kisses them each. I'll be right back.

Terri goes up to a security guard: Is there a bathroom back here?
Guard: 2nd door.
She goes behind and into a small bathroom.
Nikita comes running up to the guard and almost past him. He grabs her: Whoa, whoa.
Nikita: Oh, excuse me, is there someplace I can powder my nose? Nikita sounds like a Hollywood starlet--her
accent is almost American
Guard indicates over his shoulder: There's someone in there.
Nikita: Well, can I just wait with you?
Guard amused. Sure . Sure.
Nikita: Nice party.
Guard: Uh huh. Guard is more interested in Nikita than the party. Nikita sees Terry leave the bathroom and go
further back.
Terry is in a small office.
Birkoff: Pull all files with a dot HV extension.

Back at the party. Mick is babbling on: This bloke says to me, do that one more time and I'll kick your head in.
Michael drops his cigarette in a large palm planter.
Nikita is still talking to the guard. I mean I did a lot of print when I was in Spain. But commercials are what I really
want to do. ? in Barcelona.
The plant goes up in flames. The guard runs over.
Birkoff: Alright we have about 20 seconds. Roll it up.
Terry comes over to Nikita who hasn't moved.
Nikita: Got it?
She hands her the disk: It's all in there.
Nikita: Let's go.
Terry: I'm not going back.
Nikita: What are you saying?
Terry: You know they'll catch up with me eventually but I can stay hidden until I have this baby and make sure it's
safe. I don't care after that.
Nikita: Terry! Terry runs away.

Michael comes up to Nikita who swallows and tries to look calm and anywhere but at Michael.
Michael: Do you have it?
Nikita: Yeah. She gives him the disk.
Michael: Where's Terri?
Nikita: She's in the bathroom.
Michael: What's she doing in there ( I would have loved it if Nikita said--she's going, pregnant women have to do
that a lot)
Nikita: She had to go.
Michael: What's going on?
Nikita looks around nervously and doesn't answer.
Michael goes to the bathroom door and says softly, Terry? Then he breaks down the door and sees an open
window with curtain fluttering.
He walks back out and takes Nikita by the arm: Let's go. This is all done calmly and determinedly.

In the car. Schtoppel, Michael and Nikita.
Nikita to Michael: Please don't call in. You know what they'll do to her. She ran because she's scared.
Michael: Of what?
Nikita: She's having a baby.
Mick: Whoa, don't look at me. I just met the bird.
Nikita grabs off her wig and throws it at Mick: Just shut up Mick.
Nikita: Michael please. She made a mistake. Just bring her back in. She's a good operative. We can talk to her.
Michael doesn't look at her. He looks very grim. He opens his cellular and dials Section.
Michael: Birkoff, give me an 2 kilometer infrared centred on the house. Schtoppel made a run for it.
Schtoppel: Good one.. Nikita looks at Michael gratefully.

Car turns corner. Everyone in it is looking for Terry.
Michael: Turn left here . He has the infrared on screen.
The car passes by several women.
Nikita: There she is.
Michael: Stop.
He gets out of the car and Terry sees him. She starts to run but Michael grabs her from behind.
Terry is crying: Michael, let me go. Let me go, please!
He does and they stare at each other.
Michael: Where were you going to go?
Terry: You don't understand.
Michael: Nikita told me. He walks back to the car followed by Terry. They get in and the car drives off.
Inside the car.
Nikita: Terry, I'm sorry. I had to tell him. I had no choice.
Terry is looking down.: Does Operations know?
Michael: No
Mick Schtoppel: Oh, you got to inform Section Michael.
Michael: softly. Shut up Mick.
Mick: The security implications alone are staggering (Mick doesn't know Michael very well does he? 'Shut up'
means...) Michael grabs him by his lapels and dumps him out of the moving car. Now his intell to Birkoff is correct.
At least the guy knows enough to roll. Guess this has happened a few times. That and getting his head kicked in.

Section: All three walk into Section. Nikita is back into the red bomber jacket gear. Guess she had to be or the
conversation with Walter wouldn't have happened. He's distracted not comatose.
Terry: You want me to debrief?
Michael: No. He hands the disk to Nikita. Get this to Birkoff. She leaves.
Michael to Terry. You know what you have to do. It's your move.
Nikita is walking along the hall and you hear Michael call Nikita.
He comes up behind her: So you lied to me from the beginning. He comes in front of her.
Nikita: Don't make this about loyalty to the Section, Michael, because it's not about that.
Michael: You withheld information from me.
Nikita: Yes, I did and until someone can convince me that that baby is going to be safe, I'll tell as many lies as I can
to protect it.
Michael: It's not doing anybody any good for you to do Terry's bidding especially now.
Nikita: Michael, please, do you think I'm going to be on my best behaviour so you can give Operations a glowing
report. You're a little off on how much I value my life especially if I have to live it here.
She walks away and Michael looks after her.

Nikita sees Walter. : Hey Walter, do you know where Birkoff is?
Walter barely looking at her.: How the hell should I know?
Nikita: Walter, what's the matter? Have I done something to upset you? (some ONE thing!)
Walter burns his finger on the soldering iron. That takes some sting from his attack on Nikita.He goes over to the
com: Could someone please send down some 3 strand . I've only asked for it three times.. He says offhandedly to
Nikita: Birkoff is probably in Systems.
Nikita looks at Walter puzzled then leaves. On her way over to Birkoff, she looks up and sees Michael and Ops
deep in conversation.. They don't see her.
She goes into Systems and hands the disk to Birkoff: Here you go.
Birkoff: Thank you. He sits down at the computer.
Nikita: Do you know what's wrong with Walter?
Birkoff: It's 3 years coming up tomorrow.
Nikita: What's up?
Birkoff: It's a review.
Nikita: I never heard about that before.
Birkoff: You're in the field. It's something for older ops.
Nikita: So what happens if he doesn't pass?
Birkoff: Then he's done.
Nikita: What do you mean? He's cancelled?
Birkoff: No, they'll retire him.
Nikita: What's wrong with that?
Birkoff: It's not exactly the condo in Palm Springs kind of retirement (he sees the info) Whoa!
Nikita: What kind is it?
Birkoff: They don't tell us. I've just heard rumours. It's something on Level 8. (Looks at Nikita). That's all I know.

Michael's office:
Nikita looks through the small window on his door and sees him there. She knocks and enters.
Nikita: I'm heading off. Is there anything you need?
Michael stares at her and she comes in. He keys in the privacy codes.
Nikita: So did you tell Operations about Terry?
Michael: No.
Nikita: So what happens now?
Michael: She'll have to tell him herself.
Nikita: And if she tells him, what happens then?
Michael doesn't answer.
Nikita: I mean.... what did you do when Simone got pregnant?
Michael: She never was. (So Michael Loceff decided to use the original TAG scene that Chris Heyn told us about
in War where the whole Michael's son thing was a lie..... or maybe not!)
Nikita stares at him from the door. Her eyes narrow: I thought that...
Michael looks at her: You were mistaken.
Nikita stares back: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. She goes out. This was done very calmly in a kind of should
have known but not angry or hurt that I could tell.

Section. Ops is briefing Michael and Birkoff.
Ops: So far what we know is this. Bates promised to deliver intell to his organization from the two NSA agents.
Unfortunately we were unable to intercept that play.
Birkoff: What we didn't know until now was what Red Cell wanted from the NSA agents. The data we retrieved
from the party gave us the answer. Both agents were privy to government codes. Our friend, Schtoppel, was able to
contact Bates. He's meeting Bates tomorrow at 15:00 hours and offering up the codes in exchange for 15 million
dollars. We'll take Bates then.
Michael: Where are they meeting?
Ops: We don't know that for a couple of hours. The mission's being finalized. Assemble your team and bring Bates
down. Alive if possible.
Michael: Of course. He leaves.

Nikita is outside a brick building on a narrow street. She has on black sunglasses and a black coat. She sees
Michael and Terry talking in a friendly way in a nearby doorway. They don't see her. Michael leaves and Terry
remains in the doorway. Nikita pulls back then leaves. A man in a beret and a Burberry scarf and glasses watches
Nikita then keys something into his personal file (the brothers strike again)

Back in Section. Nikita is at one side of the Egress door and two agents come in then Terry.
Nikita goes up to Terry: Terry, what are you doing here?
Terry: I work here.
Nikita: Didn't Michael divide the mission?
Terry: Yeah. He asked me if I wanted to sit out and I said no. I'm getting an abortion.
Nikita: Before, you said you weren't going to do that? Terry starts to say something but Michael come up behind
them and looks at Terry. She looks back and says Things change.
Nikita doesn't look at Michael, just puts on her sunnies and leaves. He looks at her.

Section inside.
Walter is sitting in a black room (BTW his garb this show is the hippie head bandanna) He has on earphones and is
listening to questions from a Review Lady --blonde, glasses, severe and a lot like Frick (or is that Frack?) Ops is
sitting beside her. I doubt that Walter can see them.
Review Lady: What s the most important day of the week?
Walter: Important for what? (well, for us, it's Sunday or Monday)
Review Lady: Just answer the questions please.
Walter: It's either Tuesday or Thursday.
Walter: Tuesday.
Review Lady: Which would you prefer to kill -- a cat or a monkey (anybody ever write the Foreign Service exams?
They're a lot like this. Also like the questions CSIS asks on security checks)
Walter: I don't know. I'd probably say...
Then Birkoff interrupts what I thought was the most important question in the whole show: Sir, they've just reached
Ops: Bates?
Birkoff: He thinks Schtoppel's delivering an NSA agent with intell.
Ops: Who's ? coming in?
Birkoff: Terry's coming in with Michael posed as security.
Ops: Keep me posted.
Walter's on to another answer: I don't know, I guess, an eyeball.

Outside locale:
Grey limo pulls up to a building. Terry and Michael get out. They go into a building with the sign: Le Grand Hôtel.
Birkoff: Michael, you're clean for entering.
Mick greets them with two thugs. Fairly certain one was one that Nikita off'd in the yellow brick room but he's here
again--maybe he has a twin, like me.
Mick: Hello loves. Come in. He's whistling and rubbing his hands together.
The thugs search Michael and Terry.
Mick: Finished boys? C'mon, Mr. Bates is waiting.
Birkoff: Okay, all teams, they're in. Start the sequence.
Nikita and the others run into the building.
Terry and Michael enter a grand empty hotel ballroom. Bates is sitting at a table and gets up.

Bates: Good afternoon
Birkoff: They're 6 out. 2 in.. 4 primaries.
Mick: I'd like you to meet a remarkable young lady, Mr. Bates. Not only she's level 4 in the Agency but she's
worked directly on the Plimpton project.
Bates: What about the codes?
Mick: Well, that's the best thing, you see....
Terry: I don't need the codes. You can log in as administration and get whatever you need.
Mick: Isn't that fantastic?
Michael makes his move. He grabs one of the thugs and shoots the other under his arm as the bullet from the other
thug kills the thug Michael grabbed. A gun appears behind Michael's head and you hear Terry.
Terry: That'll be enough, Michael. If I have to kill you to save my baby, you know I will. I'll do it.
Birkoff: What's she doing.....Take Team 2 to the north entrance. Nikita goes with Team 2.
Mick: Shrugging. Sorry Michael, a little change in the agenda.
Terry: I didn't have a choice. The Section doesn't care about new life. What was going to happen to my baby?
Michael: What do you think he (indicating Bates) was going to do?
Terry: After the baby is safe, I'll tell him whatever he wants to know. I'm sure he'll kill me.
Bates: This is all very touching.. He takes Michael's gun. But it's time to go. He lifts his gun to kill Michael.
Terry: No! The deal was no-one dies.
Mick shrugs again: Well, I know, but...
Terry: Then the deal's off.
Terry steps around Michael and levels her gun at Bates. Bates shoots Michael in the left? knee (Geez, Michael
has been kneecapped more this season then a petty Mafia informer)
Bates: Are we all happy now?
Mick: Yeah, sure, Bates, let's go....
Terry looks on startled. Michael is on the ground in some pain. Terry follows Bates and Mick out of the room.
As they enter a larger more warehouse like room, Nikita emerges from behind a door. She pulls a gun on Bates
and now he and Terry and Nikita all have guns pointed at each other (Mick must have felt left out).
Nikita: Are you going to kill me, Terry? (Nikita at this point has no way of knowing whether or not Michael is
alive--maybe Birkoff got that info to her, maybe not) Put down the gun, Bates, maybe we can make a deal.
Bates: I know all about the deals Section One makes.
Mick: Don't be such a cynic, Bates, I'll do...
Nikita: SHUT UP. I don't need you alive, Bates.
They stare at each other over the guns then Terry quickly points her gun at Bates and kills Bates.
Mick sniffs: Yeah.
Nikita walks past Terry. Terry grabs her arm
Terry: Nikita, it wasn't supposed to be this way. I was just trying to protect my baby.
Nikita won't look at her but her face is very sad.

Nikita is coming into Section.. She is wearing a short black dress, long black scarf, black boots, a long black coat
and her hair is down.
Walter comes up to her, his old self.
Walter: Hey sugar, how are you doing? Is this a gorgeous night or what!
Nikita: Hi Walter.
Walter: Want to come in an see my new nightscope?
Nikita looks at him and smiles:Maybe some other time.
Walter: I'll be here.
Nikita: Oh, I gather the review went well?
Walter pauses in the doorway of his area and turns quickly: They can't touch me. Snaps his fingers.
Nikita smiles at him.

Nikita enters Medical. Michael is on a bed and dressed in his standard undershirt--he looks exactly like Jurgen did
when Nikita visited him.
Nikita from the doorway taking off her scarf : How's the leg?
Michael: It's all right. (these people must have wooden legs--at this point I think Nikita wishes they had aimed
Nikita walks over slowly: So what's going to happen to Terry?
Michael: We'll have to wait until the baby's born.
Nikita leans on the bed, her back to him and turns to look at him :And the baby?
Michael: Who knows?
Nikita: You know I went to see Terry this morning and I saw you leaving.
Michael: And you think I'm the father?
Nikita stares at Michael: Are you?
Michael stares back at her. I thought he dropped his eyes slightly but didn't see this the second time. He says: No.
(He seems very cold and distant--this either hurt or came close to the truth. At any rate, things are back to being
very strained between them)
Nikita stares back at him then away. She swallows and looks ahead.

Nikita is walking slowly through Systems. She sees Terry flanked by two Operatives, the one is one who was with
Vinczano. Nikita has tears in her eyes as she looks at Terry who looks back sadly then is led away. Nikita looks

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