Third Person

Transcribed by Karen Hay.

B = Birkoff      FO = Female Operative      J = Jurgen      M = Michael      MA = Madeline      N = Nikita      O = Operations      SG = Security Guard      W = Walter


The episode starts with Jurgen standing on the raised walkway overseeing Nikita in the Simulator (on the floor below) as she responds to a Virtual Reality session.  She is wearing VR goggles and uses a laser gun as she sees and decides on possible targets in the Sim.  Nikita is jumping, rolling and leaping as she dodges and returns fire.  Jurgen is running the Sim from a device in his hand.  In the middle of the Sim, Jurgen stops the program after watching one of her responses

[J]     Hold up, Nikita. ...  Why did you shoot the driver?
Nikita stops, raises her VR goggles and looks up at Jurgen.
[N]     He was a hostile.

[J]     How did you know?

[N]     Well, it had to be somebody on the grid.  Everyone else cleared.

[J]     So .., you made an indirect conclusion ....?

[N]     There was no time.

[J]     That's because you took too long.

[N]     What ..., so I was wrong?

[J]     No. ...  You got lucky. ...  Again!

Nikita gives him a small smirk as she lowers her goggles and prepares to continue.  The Simulator 'voice' announces "Sim Resumed."  As Nikita restarts the Sim the door to Jurgen's area opens and Michael enters.
[M]     Why is she in Retrain?

[J]     We're not done yet.

[M]     She's ready.

Jurgen looks over at Michael watching Nikita, and remarks
[J]     She's been ready since day one, hasn't she, Michael?
Michael returns Jurgen's gaze for a moment.
[M]     I don't know what you're talking about.
Jurgen programs something into the hand control, and the Simulator's voice states "Sim Completed."  Nikita stops, pulls off her VR goggles, and glances up to see Michael and Jurgen watching her.  Nikita and Michael exchange looks, before she gives him a small smile.  He continues to look down at her for a moment, then leaves.


Jurgen is in the Monitoring Room (that is unmanned) while he works on Nikita's evaluation.  On the monitor Nikita is in the process of preparing for some yoga exercises.  As he studies her on the screen, the monitor goes down.

[J]     Birkoff.

[B]     Yeah.

[J]     Why am I losing sync on 218?

[B]     Hold on."



Michael enters Nikita's room.  Nikita immediately rolls to her knees and says, "hello" (in a welcome tone of voice).  However, Michael is all business.

[M]     Did Jurgen say anything about us?
Nikita gives him a warning look and whispers, "Michael!
[M]     We're insulated for another minute.  Did he ask any questions ..., anything personal?

[N]     He had his chance.  I think if he was going to expose us, he would have done it by now.

[M]     He knows too much.
[Nikita's voice sounds like she is trying to 'soothe' Michael's unjustifiable (in her eyes, anyway) paranoia.]
[N]     There's no physical proof that you helped me escape the Section ..., or brought me back in.

[M]     He needs no proof to make things difficult for us.  Accelerate your performance; he'll have no choice but to release you.

[N]     But won't that draw attention?

[M]     Yes ..., to him ..., if he doesn't let you go when you're obviously ready.  ...  Make like you were doing before I entered.

Michael gives her one more studied look, then exits.  Nikita sits gazing at the closed door for a moment with a perplexed look on her face, before returning to her yoga position.


The monitor's picture returns, and Jurgen sees Nikita in the same position as before.  You hear Birkoff beep Jurgen.

[B]     Is it back?

[J]     Yeah.

You get the feeling that Jurgen knows exactly what's transpired.


Operations is briefing Michael, Birkoff, Walter and several other Operatives.  Operations' Blue Screen is showing footage of various terrorists' acts.

[O]     Each separate terrorist acts ..., each one the claim of eight different political factions ..., none of whom have any linkage to each other.  In the process of routine intelligence gathering, Mr. Birkoff has found something ... rather remarkable.

[B]     I've backtraced debris and data ...; came up with a characteristic signature.  All eight acts were the work of the same aggressor. ...  We're dealing with a mercenary Special Force.

[M]     How large?

[B]     Six.

[W]     Six ?!

[O]     That's right.  That's why they have been so hard to pin down.  They have no facilities, no infrastructure ..., they can surface ... and vanish at will.

As Operations talks he pulls up another blue screen showing pictures of the six members of this Special Force.
[W]     I take it we've picked up a trail.

[O]     Colin Darcet, an MI-5 agent undercover with Red Cell sent a communiqué to a contact just hours before his death yesterday.  Red Cell has contracted this group for its next disruption.

[M]     Was Darcet's death related to the transmission?

[O]     We don't know yet.  All we have is some random Intel from our friends in Great Britain.  Let's pour through it and find this group, who for purposes of identification, will now be referred to as "Helix."



Operations enters and tells Madeline

[O]     Jurgen thinks we should restore Nikita to Provisional Status.

[MA]   I thought she was still some weeks away.

[O]     Take a look at these numbers.

Operations hands Madeline a small disc, which she inserts into her computer.  She quickly punches up the information and reviews it.  Operations moves to stand behind her
[O]     Her scores have spiked in the last couple of days.  Looks like she's come through the wall.

[MA]   Impressive.

Madeline's tone of voice seems to indicate she is not as impressed as Operations.
[O]     What do you think?  Should we transfer her back to Michael?

[MA]   Not quite yet.  Restore her to status ..., but keep Jurgen close.

[O]     Why?

[MA]   I don't like singularities.  If she spiked up ..., she can drop just as quickly.  Jurgen will be more sensitive to any fluctuations.

[O]     Good.

Operations moves to leave, but stops halfway to the door.
[O]     Isn't today your birthday?

[MA]   No.  Its the seventh.

[O]     (SMILES)  Today is the seventh.

Operations leaves and there is a small smile on Madeline face as she returns to work.


Jurgen has brought Nikita to her old apartment.  Before entering she briefly glances at the apartment across the hall 411 her friend, Carla's, apartment.  Once inside, she sees the only touches remaining of her previous occupation are the wall treatments, curtains and one navy blue area rug.  Nikita slowly walks around the empty room.

[J]     Must feel strange to be back.

[N]     Where are my things?

[J]     They don't leave anything.

As he tells her this, you hear a tinge of regret in his voice.  Nikita gives him one look, then wanders over to gaze out the balcony doors.
[N]     So, what about my neighbor, Carla? ...  Where am I going to tell her I've been?

[J]     Carla's gone.

[N]     What are you talking about?

A hard expression shows on Nikita's face as she walks over and confronts Jurgen.
[N]     What did they do to her?

[J]     Nothing.

[N]     I don't believe you.

[J]     She's moved, Nikita. ...  She lives with her boyfriend downtown.

While Jurgen talks, he pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and hits the autodial.  As it starts to ring he hands it to Nikita.
[J]     Here.
She puts the phone to her ears in time to hear Carla answer, "Hello. ...  Hello? ...  Hello, who is this"?  Nikita remains silent and Carla hangs up.  Nikita hands the phone back to Jurgen.
[N]     So, who's material am I?
Jurgen walks over to the kitchen counter and opens a small leather case containing all her ID [just like the one she received in "Nikita"].  As he places the phone on top of her ID, he answers
[J]     Mine.

[N]     What about Michael?

[J]     They don't want you back with him yet.  They want me to take you to completion.

[N]     When's that going to be?

[J]     They haven't told me.

There is a sad, almost haunted, expression on Nikita's face as she thinks about this.  Jurgen moves to leave, but before he does, he turns back for a moment
[J]     Nikita. ...  If you need ... anything ..., let me know.
With that Jurgen leaves.  Nikita takes off her jacket and gazes around the abandoned rooms.  She gives a small laugh and rolls the area carpet out with a kick, and kneels on the opened portion, thinking of her first days in the apartment and Michael.


Jurgen catches up to Nikita as they follow a group of Operatives heading toward the van.

[J]     So, how's it going?

[N]     Not bad.

[J]     Its been a couple of days ..., I thought about calling.

[N]     Why?

[J]     Just to talk, see how you're doing.

[N]     Why didn't you?

[J]     I got called in. ...  Would you have minded?

They are both standing in the doorway of the Van Accessway.  You can tell Nikita is unsure how to answer.  Before she can reply, however, you hear Michael talking to another Operative.
[M]     Load Birkoff's Mission profile.
Michael walks up to Nikita and Jurgen.
[M]     Jurgen, help with the P-6's ..., we're keeping a second supply on standby.
Jurgen nods and walks down to the van's open door.  Michael then turns to Nikita
[M]     On departure, do an integrity check on the topological.
Nikita also nods and moves to follow Jurgen down the hall.  Before she can take more than a couple of steps, however, Michael pulls her back.
[M]     (LOWERED VOICE)  This is not a training session.  This is a mission. ...  I'm in charge.
Nikita's face has a perplexed expression, as she answers
[N]     Of course.
With that they both walk down the hall to the van, with the Van Accessway door closing behind them.


There is a full moon out.  [What is it with missions and full moons?  Is Section on a lunar cycle?  I would think that if you are trying to sneak up on someone, the LAST thing you want is the moon shining down on you!] It is shining down on a group of office buildings.


The Team enters a freight elevator.  Everyone is dressed in matching blue custodial uniforms (Nikita is also wearing a cap to conceal her hair). and have a pushcart loaded with cleaning and Section equipment.

[M]     Birkoff, are we detached?


[B]     Hang on.
Birkoff moves to another computer and punches in some codes.
[B]     Go."


The elevator doors open and the Team exits.  They are in a secluded service hallway.  Everyone immediately assumes the post they were assigned.  Michael takes a device from his pocket, attaches it to the hall wall and hits some keys, activating the mechanism.

[M]     Birkoff, you're on-line."


[B]     Michael, there's warm bodies up there.

[M]     (VOICE)  How many and where?

We see Birkoff's computer screen as he keys in some numbers.  Blips show up on the building's floor plan, indicating space is occupied.
[B]     I see five.  Two in, three out.  It could be incidental ..., I can't tell from here.


Michael turns to Nikita.

[M]     Get dressed.
Nikita slips off her shoes and custodial uniform.  Underneath she is clothed in a powder blue dress suit, with the skirt hiked up to accommodate the pants portion of the custodial outfit.  As she removes the cap, Jurgen pulls her accessories (purse and shoes) from the 'cleaning' cart, helps her with them, then adds the glasses with the camera connected to Birkoff's computer.  While this transformation is happening, Michael watches Nikita and Jurgen very carefully.  When she is dressed (all but putting her hair up), Michael motions with his gun
[M]     Let's go.


Nikita moves to the targeted suite of offices, now the picture of a 'professional woman.' She has arranged her hair in a professional looking bun.  She sees a man sitting at the reception desk and gets his attention

[N]     Hello.

[SG]   Can I help you?

[N]     Yes. ...  I was um ... given this address, but ah ... this isn't Colter Cosmetics, is it?


[B]     Push to infrared, Nikita."


Nikita lightly touches one side of her glasses, switching them to infrared.

[SG]   No, it isn't.  I think that's on the 23rd floor.


Birkoff scans the guard and informs Michael what he sees

[B]     He's carrying, Michael ..., vest pocket."


[M]     (INTO COM LINK)  Shoot him, Nikita.


Nikita nonchalantly reaches behind her back.

[SG]   Just let me check my directory.
As the guard reaches into his vest pocket, Nikita quickly whips her gun out and shoots him.  Michael and the rest of the Team quickly enter, guns drawn.
[M]     (INTO COM LINK)  Which way, Birkoff?

[B]     (VOICE)  Office on the right, all the way at the back.

Nikita waits at the reception desk, while Michael and Jurgen move to the targeted office.  Jurgen kneels and attaches a device that quickly burns through the lock.  While Jurgen works, Michael contacts the other half of the Team.
[M]     Back-up Team, prepare egress.
When the door is opened, Nikita enters and sits in front of the computer switching it on.
[N]     Got it, Birkoff?


[B]     No problem, let's do it.  Okay, put in the disk."


Nikita pulls a disk from her purse and slips it in.  It only takes a minute for Birkoff to access the needed information.  Nikita then pulls out the disk and the Team leaves the office suite.  The camera is positioned that you see only the Team's feet as they leave.  In the foreground is the arm of the dead guard.

Operations meets Michael as he enters

[O]     Birkoff has sifted through Darcet's Intel.  There was a name.

[M]     Who?

[O]     Rudolf Pontriargan.  He's a tactical implementor in Red Cell's third tier ..., also their connection to the freelance market.

[M]     Did he hire Helix?

[O]     We are going on that assumption.  As soon as we locate him, Birkoff will work up a scenario.

Michael and Operations look up as Nikita (changed back into her black Mission gear) and Jurgen appear in the doorway.  [I sure hope all Section vans come with a place to change clothes, or things might get friendlier than Section wishes!] Nikita pauses when she sees Michael with Operations, but Jurgen lightly nudges her down the hallway.
[O]     How did she do?

[M]     Everything went as planned.


Nikita and Jurgen return their equipment to Walter.

[N]     Here, Walter.

[W]     How'd it go?

[J]     These new attachments were great.

[W]     Try them on the K-4's next time.

Nikita moves to walk away, when Jurgen stops her.
[J]     Nikita.  Um ..., what are you doing now?

[N]     I'm going home.

[J]     You want to grab a coffee?

[N]     Cof-coffee?

Nikita glances quickly at Walter, who is unashamedly eavesdropping, then back to Jurgen, uncertain how to answer him.  Jurgen sees this and immediately backs off.  [Jurgen's tone reminded me of a teenager asking a girl to a soda fountain for a coke.] When Jurgen realizes Nikita is at a loss for words, he backs off, removing and polishing his glasses as he lets her off the hook.
[J]     No problem.  Some other time.
Jurgen moves to leave, then stops, turns back to Nikita, and shares
[J]     Hey.  That was good work today.

[N]     Thanks.

Nikita watches Jurgen leave, then moves and leans against Walter's work table as she gives Walter a questioning look.
[W]     It's Okay.  He's one of the good ones.

[J]     How long have you known him for?

[W]     Since he came in.

[N]     He's different.

[W]     He's in what I call 'the Five Percent Club.'

Nikita grimaces and turns her back.
[N]     Dare I ask what that may be?

[W]     Ninety-five percent of the Recruits have their souls sucked out of them the first year.  For some reason, this place doesn't get everybody. ...

Walter leans forward and whispers
[W]     He's one of us.
Nikita thinks a minute, then tries (and fails) to nonchalantly ask
[N]     Where's does Michael fit in?

[W]     Good question.

A look of sadness falls over Nikita's face as she guesses which percentile Michael belongs to.


Nikita is dressed in street clothes.  As she crosses Section's Common Area, she notices Michael talking to an Operative in Birkoff's area, and walks over to him.  Michael looks up briefly, then returns to what he was doing.

[N]     Michael. ...  Are we on close quarter standby?

[M]     No.  You can go.

Michael moves to a near table to review some data, but Nikita follows.  Her expression seems to indicate she is trying to word her next question for 'public consumption.'
[N]     So, what about you"?  (OFF HIS PUZZLED EXPRESSION)  Its just that you haven't ... ah ... been to see me since I moved back in.
Nikita doesn't look Michael in the eyes until she finishes this statement.  Michael's expression turns blank and he gives her a short reply.
[M]     I'm busy now.
Nikita glances over, sees Jurgen getting ready to leave, and swiftly makes a decision
[N]     Jurgen.

[J]     Hey.

Michael watches as Nikita walks over and speaks to Jurgen.
[N]     Uh ..., is it too late to change my mind?

[J]     Not at all.

Jurgen reaches out, takes her coat and holds it for her.  As Nikita slips on her coat, she looks over and notices Michael watching them.  [Her expression seems to say "I'm not sitting at home waiting for you any longer.  The next play is yours."]


Jurgen and Nikita are sipping coffees and talking (you can tell both individuals are at east with each other).  [Matter of fact, its very apparent that Jurgen could easily be something Michael couldn't a friend.  I can see Michael as a lover or mentor, but never a friend.] Jurgen is filling Nikita in on his early life at Section.

[J]     Well, it was a long time ago. ...  My first couple of years in the Section, I had the standard reaction.  I went through all the alpha levels ..., everything from denial to wishing I was dead ..., almost acting on it.

[N]     That's hard to believe.  You seem to let everything roll off you. ...

[J]     It hasn't always been that way.

[N]     What does that mean?


Michael is listening to their conversation via his Com Link.  [It is never noted who was wearing the bug.]


[J]     Once .., I was part of a four man cell.  We had to get a hostage out. ...  Everything was going great.  We were hitting all our marks, just like last night.  Then ..., out of nowhere, everything went black.  I didn't even hear a noise.

[N]     What happened?

[J]     Land mine.  Two feet to my left.  Killed my partner.  Sent me into a coma. ...  I came out of it three days later.  They ... ah ... they told me I'd died. ...  I don't remember any tunnels or white light, but, I was different.

[N]     How?

[J]     Everything was clear.  I ... ah ... I realized it didn't matter where I was ..., it was a state of mind.  People on the outside, they ..., they're not freer than we are.

Jurgen looks at her a minute, then asks
[J]     Nikita ..., if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions about Michael
Jurgen no sooner asks this question, when Nikita's cell phone rings.
[N]     Yeah?

[M]     Josephine.


Nikita walks in and sees no one sitting at the Briefing Table.  She looks up and notes Operations still in his office.  She turns and sees Birkoff working in his area, and walks over to him.

[N]     Birkoff, what's going on?

[B]     Uh ... waiting for a confirm on a location.

[N]     There's no briefing?  Michael called me in.

[B]     Nope.

[N]     So, we're not going out?

[B]     Not until I get this Intel.

Nikita thinks a moment, then walks over to Michael's office, who is working on his computer.  She stands in the doorway and asks
[N]     What's up?
Michael gets up and moves toward Nikita.
[M]     Why were you with Jurgen?
Nikita gives him a surprised look
[N]     That's why you called me in?

[M]     We've been through this.  He can hurt us, you shouldn't be talking to him.

[N]     I guess I don't agree with you.

As Nikita replies, Michael walks behind her to shut his door.  Her answer has him slamming the door shut [in a very controlled way, of course] and when he responds his accent is more pronounced.  [Its very apparent that Michael does not like the fact that Nikita is challenging him over this issue.]
[M]     I'm not arguing with you, I'm telling you.  Stay away from him!

[N]     Michael, you've been in Section too long.  You're paranoid about everything.  Jurgen doesn't want to hurt anybody.  He's a decent person.  Why can't you accept that?

While Nikita speaks, Michael moves until he's standing behind his computer.
[M]     Did Jurgen tell you about his past?

[N]     No. ...  Not yet.

Michael leans down and keys something into his computer.  He then steps back and invites her to
[M]     ... Have a look.
Nikita gives him a wary look, but walks around and sits at his computer.  As she reads, he summarizes for her.
[M]     Seven different identities by the time he was captured. ...  The jury didn't convict him on his first murder charge.  He convinced them he was innocent. ...  He wasn't. ...  The second time around he wasn't so lucky.

[N]     (READING FROM SCREEN)  Committed suicide while waiting to be sentenced.

[J]     Jurgen is never what he seems to be.  He reads people ..., gives them what they want ..., then destroys them.

Nikita turns and looks up at Michael.
[N]     Is that what you think?  He wants to destroy me?

[M]     If you're a hammer, you treat everything as if it were a nail.  Jurgen has only one way of seeing the world.

[N]     Well, thanks for the enlightenment, Michael. ...  Can I go now?

Michael's looks seems to indicate this was not how he thought Nikita would respond.  Nikita gets up and slowly walks walks around him to the door.  She puts out her hand to open it, then turns and asks
[N]     (PENSIVE TONE)  "I was just ... curious. ...  That night we had together ..., did it ... happen ... or ... was it ... just a dream?
Michael is affected by this question.  Before he can answer, however, Birkoff knocks and sticks his head in.
[B]     We found Pontriargan, but we're going to have to move fast.
Nikita gives him a "I know, you're busy" smile and leaves.  You can see that Michael wants to stop her, but, instead, lets her go.  Birkoff's expression is "did I miss something"?  Then,
[B]     Should I call in your Team?

[M]     No.  I'll do it.

Birkoff leaves, shutting the door.  The scene fades on Michael staring where Nikita had just stood, as if just realizing she is starting to slip away from him.


The doors are open and a loaded supply vehicle enters.  The camera pulls back and we see Michael on a nearby hill with night vision binoculars, leading the Team.  He watches the traffic going in and out.  He then contacts Jurgen (who, with the remainder of the Team, is hiding nearby).

[M]     Jurgen, are you in position?

[J]     (WHISPER)  Yeah.  We'll we ready when they come out.

[M]     Don't wait ..., take them now.

[J]     Why run the risk?  The P.O.S. is almost as high from here, and we're not exposed.

[M]     Just do it.

[J]     What are you trying to pull, Michael?  I'll lose half my Team.

[M]     Conversation's over.  Move in.

Jurgen turns to his Team standing behind him.
[J]     You heard it.  Point one, ten seconds.
Jurgen and his men move in.  Once they enter the storage facility they are out of sight.  All we see or hear are flares and sounds of weapons going off, men shouting and screaming, and the occasional body rolling into view.  In a few minutes its over.
[J]     (VOICE)  Target's secured.

[M]     Loss?

[J]     (VOICE)  Three down, one injured.

[M]     Medical's on its way.  Bring in Pontriargan.

Before the scene fades, we see Pontriargan being escorted out of the facility.


Operations walks over and queries Birkoff.

[O]     Has he transferred, yet?
As Birkoff answers, he brings up a screen showing Pontriargan restrained to a chair (same chair and type of restraint as Ackerman in "Hard Landing") in Entry, with Madeline slowly circling him.  [What, no dorsal fin? sorry.]
[B]     A little while ago.  She's just getting some final details.

[O]     And?

[B]     Red Cell did contract Helix.  Bombing of a chemical plant in Tripoli.

[O]     Tripoli?  Good, let them do it.

[B]     What?!

[O]     Its a target we've had on our list for a while.  We'll get them on the way out. ...  See, every once in a while ..., you get lucky.

[B]     I guess.

Just then Operations is beeped.
[FO]     (VOICE)  Sir?

[O]     I'm here.

[FO]     (VOICE)  Nikita's waiting for you.


While Nikita waits for Operations in his office, she places one hand against the window, and stars pensively out over Section's Common Area.

[O]     Nikita?

[N]     Yes?

[O]     Seven months ago, I sentenced you to death. ...  How you managed to survive the Freedom League incident is still unclear. ...  But that doesn't matter now.  You've re-assimilated ... and you seem to be on the top of your game.

Operations pushes a control and we see the video of Nikita taking out the office guard.
[O]     I won't mince words. ...  I've had my doubts about you since you've joined us. ...  But if you continue to perform like this ..., we'll get along fine. ... You're back on full status.
Operations doesn't give her a chance to respond, just walks away.  Nikita's expression seems to indicate she doesn't know if she should be happy or sad that she 're-assimilated' into Section so quickly.


Nikita is crossing the Common Area when she spies Michael entering.  She turns to meet up and walk with him.

[N]     When did you get back?

[M]     About an hour ago.

[N]     How did it go?

[M]     Well. ...  What are you doing here?

[N]     Operations wanted to see me. ... I'm back on full status.

[M]     Good.

You can see that this is good news to Michael.  His expression almost seems to loosen up a bit.  Nikita is smiling at him when she looks beyond and sees Jurgen escorting one of his men (on a gurney) to Medical.
[N]     Jurgen?
Jurgen ignores Nikita.  Just walks up and gets into Michael's face.
[J]     Baker's dead.

[M]     I'm sorry.

[J]     You're sorry!  That's all you have to say?  You killed ... three ... of my men.

[M]     If we waited 'till he came out, it would have been a bloodbath.

[J]     That's crap!  You want me dead ..., do it yourself!


The next thing we see are Michael and Jurgen in Entry trying to beat each other to a pulp.  It is obvious that both men are evenly matched Jurgen is more experienced, while Michael is younger and quicker.  Outside, Nikita and Walter listen as you hear listen as sounds of bodies are heard slamming against the walls.

[N]     What are they going to do to each other?

[W]     Come to terms. ...  Sometimes its better to keep thing ... primal.

We are back inside Entry.  The battle continues until both men are lying, exhausted, on the floor.  There is no winner or loser.  Nikita is huddled outside the door when it opens.  Jurgen strumbles out first and walks down the hallway.  Michael staggers out next and walks the other way.  Both men look like they've been through hell; neither so much as look at Nikita.


As music plays in the background, Nikita is busy redecorating her apartment, which currently seems to be taking a sledge hammer to her bedroom walls.  [I guess she got tired of playing 'connect the dots' with the various bullet holes.] As she smashes through a wall you see her hair is in two small pigtails on her head.  She hears a knock, turns off the music and, after looking through the peephole, opens the door to Jurgen.  He is visibly bruised from last night's fight with Michael.

[N]     Hi.
Jurgen looks past Nikita and sees the chaos of her apartment.
[J]     Hi. ... What are you doing?

[N]     Oh ..., just a little redecorating.

[J]     I ... need ... to clear a few things up.

[N]     Good idea ..., come in.  Can I get you something to drink?

[J]     No thanks.

Nikita goes to the refrigerator and pulls out a bottle of water.  As taking a sip, she sits on top of her kitchen counter.
[J]     I just came by to say something ..., then I'll go. ...  I don't know the details but, I do know that you and Michael have a connection ..., and you both work very hard at keeping it private.

[N]     Obviously, not hard enough.

[J]     Sooo ..., I guess ... I was wondering ... if there's a place for me in your life.

[N]     There could be.

[J]     If?

[N]     Ah ..., Michael ... Michael showed me your file. ...  Now, I'm not judging anybody, but ....

Jurgen just laughs and starts to slowly walk around the room.
[J]     Don't even tell me. ...

[N]     What?

[J]     Who was I? ...  A serial killer? ...  A subway bomber? ...  Or did I rape my sister?

[N]     What are you saying?

[J]     Whatever Michael showed you, is exactly ... what he wanted you to see. ...  I was a Special Forces soldier.  ...  Almost everybody in our unit was killed ..., because my CO sent us on an insane mission. ...  When it was all over ..., I blew. ...  These were my best friends in the world ..., and he sent them to their death.

[N]     So ..., what did you do?

[J]     I killed him.

Jurgen thinks a moment, then turns back to Nikita.
[J]     (SIGHS)  Michael loves you, Nikita. ...  I could grow to love you. ...  But I could also live without you. ...  I'm not sure if he can.
The scene fads on a shot of Nikita's face as she absorbs this bit of information.


Michael enters and finds Madeline shaping and clipping her various bonsai trees.  [I'm not sure I'd want to have a conversation with Madeline while she's holding any kind of sharp implement!]

[M]     You wanted to see me?

[MA]   By the end of the day ..., we'll have all the Intel we're going to get on Helix.

[M]     I thought we already had the end game?

[MA]   If this were an ordinary group, that would be enough. ...  The psychological profile of these six men is a little different than we're used to.

[M]     In what way?

[MA]   They are a precision, synchronized team that has the ability to act without fear or emotion. ...  We're up against a machine.

[M]     Should I pull from Abeyance?

[MA]   No.  We need our best people.

Madeline walks around to her computer and keys in something.  Michael joins her and sees a tape of the chemical plant appear on screen.
[MA]   This is what we're up against. ...  Helix is going to cripple the facility.  We're not interrupting their tactical ..., let them take it out. ...  But we will have to be on top of them to get them as they exit.

[M]     We'll need to be inside the perimeter.

[MA]   You'll have two enemies ..., Helix and the refinery they're attacking.

[M]     It will have to be a small Team.

[MA]   Take Nikita, Anderson, Strum ... and Jurgen.

Madeline turns and notes a flash of expression pass across Michael's face.
[MA]   Is there a problem?

[M]     No.

[MA]   Because there's been entirely too much ... externalizing ... of emotion lately. ...  You can be sure Helix won't be thinking about anything but their target.

They hold a look, before Madeline turns and logs off her computer.


Nikita is leaning against Walter's work table.

[N]     Walter, what did Jurgen do to get inside Section?

[W]     I don't know ..., why?

[N]     Oh, he told me one thing ..., Michael told me another.

[W]     Don't get into it with these guys, Sugar ..., they operate on a whole other level.

[N]     Michael showed me his file.

[W]     He can show you anything he wants ..., doesn't make it true.

[N]     What, could he just modify the data?

[M]     Sure.

Walter looks up as Nikita slowly starts to moves away, and adds
[W]     I'm ... not saying Michael did anything. ...  But, if he did ..., I'll bet it was for your own good.
Nikita leaves, back at square one.


[And, yes, you guessed it.  They are attacking during a full moon (though in this case they're going by Helix's time schedule).  I guess covert teams just prefer working under a full moon.] Michael's Team starts to move into place.  Michael is talking to Birkoff through his ComLink.

[B]     (VOICE)  I'm picking up a signal.  Michael, do you have visual?
Michael looks around and, first, sees the refinery guards.  He then picks up the Helix team stealthily making their retreat.
[M]     I've got them.  Are we clear?


[B]     Yeah, they planted the charges.  Go clean them up. ...  You have two minutes.


Michael turns to the other Team members

[M]     All right, we're live.  Let's do it.
The Team breaks up.  Michael makes the first encounter Helix One.  The man has a Schwarzenegger-like build..  Michael closes in behind Helix One and cold cocks him with his weapon.  Before he can shoot him, however, Helix One twists and knocks the gun out of his hand.  Both men are similarly accomplished and lethal as they engage in hand-to-hand combat.  Michael wins by being able to leverage his legs around the Helix One's neck and snapping it.
[M]     (COM LINK)  One down.
Michael reaches down and pulls Helix One's headset off, pops open the back and rewires with Section hardware
[M]     Okay, Birkoff, you should be hot.


[B]     Got 'em. ...  I'm jamming their channels and sending their coordinates now.


Michael looks at the coordinates Birkoff is downloading and gives the Team attack instructions

[M]     Strum, take two and five. ...  Jurgen, take three. ...  Nikita, four's right behind you.
Nikita is looking for her man, Helix Four, when he comes barreling through some stacked supplies at her.  She gets off several shots, but they hit his armored vest, so it doesn't even slow him down.  They end up fighting for possession of the knife Helix Four is holding.  Nikita finally throws him off enough so that the knife embeds itself deep in a container behind them.  When Helix Four pulls it out, his face and eyes are drenched with the chemical contents.  He falls to the ground, screaming.
[N]     Four down.


[B]     Okay, Nikita. ...  Get to exit point and wait.

[N]     (VOICE)  Anybody need backup?

[B]     No.  The last one's pinned in the silo.  Michael's got him.


Nikita runs to the exit point.  As she rounds the corner, she sees Michael aiming at Jurgen, who is running toward the silo.  Before Nikita can do more than say Michael's name and "No!", he has shot and wounded Jurgen in the leg.  Nikita starts to run to Jurgen, but Michael is sprinting for Jurgen also, and yells "Get Back ..."!  Nikita watches, confused, as Michael reaches Jurgen, helps him up and moves toward Nikita.  Nikita meets and helps them.  As they move around a corner of a building, the silo Jurgen was getting ready to enter explodes.

[M]     I couldn't get the last one out.  I had to plant a charge. ...  I tried to warn you, but your ComLink was down. ...  Birkoff, get us out of here.

[B]     Mobile Comm's waiting.

The last picture we see is the refinery going up in exploding flames.


Nikita enters.  She is wearing street clothes.  [I think she dug up Janis Joplin and stole her hat!] Jurgen looks up, sees her and smiles.  His leg is bandaged and propped up on pillows.

[N]     Hi.

[J]     Hi.

[N]     So, when are you getting out of here?

[J]     In the morning.  I'll be fine. ... Michael saved my life.

[N]     Yes, he did.

Nikita thinks a moment, then asks
[N]     I was going to the lake tomorrow.  ...  I mean ..., if you ... feel up to it ....

[J]     I'd like that.

They exchange an easy look and smile, then Nikita leaves.


Nikita is slowly ambling down the hallway to leave Section, letting her keys (that are suspended from a long chain) hit her pants' legs (making it sound like she is wearing spurs).  As Nikita passes under the Accessway bridge, Michael calls out to her.  He is leaning against one of the support columns, looking down at her.

[M]     Good work.
Nikita turns, glances back and replies
[N]     Thanks.

[M]     Where are you going?

[N]     Grab something to eat.

[M]     Want some company?

Nikita thinks a moment, looks up and, once again, blows Michael out of the water.
[N]     Not really.
She then turns and leaves.  Our last picture is Michael's face as he watches her walk away.